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   MeiDei  Jesus, Thomas Jefferson in that order......
   13 hours ago .

   StormCnter  My mother.
13 hours ago .

 1 person like this.

   MeiDei  Question: is Wrightwinger still having posting problems?
Yesterday at 16:49 EST .


Yesterday at 07:12 EST .

   Balogreene  I just want to say good-bye to everyone here. I posted something "horrible" on the Mother-site, accusing people of being stupid and ugly. I know I will be banned.

They were saying ugly things about gays and trannies. I have both in my family, and tried to explain, these people don't believe in God, we should love them, not condemn them. Maybe some day, we can convert them.

Sorry guys, but the ugliness was the final straw. I've seen a lot of ugliness on the Mother-site, but this one ripped my heart out.
June 29 at 17:17 EST .

   StormCnter  Balo, don't get ahead of events here. You won't be banned unless someone complains to the staff and the staff thinks it should happen. Usually, there is just a warning. Don't leave yet. My email address is We love you.
June 29 at 17:32 EST .

   MeiDei  Balo you can't take what is written too personally; do as I do & skip the ones you know will bring out the nasties. When people's minds are made up they won't entertain facts - so why bother - why feed the trough. Besides, outside forces want to bring this site down & their trolls will win if you leave.
June 29 at 17:36 EST .

   MeiDei  I just read your double post Balo - not horrific.
June 29 at 17:53 EST .

   Iacta alea est  I agree w/ Stormy....don't get ahead of things.
June 29 at 18:15 EST .

   Bettijo  Someone please educate me. How do you post on the Mother Site? I have posted to lots of the articles I found on the Lucianne.Com. Is that posting on the mother site?

Anyway, Balo, don't run away. We need you. Seriously!
June 29 at 18:21 EST .

   StormCnter  Bettijo, do you mean you want to post articles on It's not hard, I promise. Email me and I'll help.
Tuesday at 05:51 EST .

   Bettijo  No, I do not want to post articles. Thanks anyway. I just want to read what Balo posted.
Tuesday at 17:02 EST .

   Gerty  Miss Balo--I've been away and computer-free for a few days. Please do not leave! I enjoy your posts and would be sorry if you go.
Tuesday at 19:33 EST .

   StormCnter  Bettijo, go to the Search function at the top of's home page. When the Search screen comes up, type in Balo. Then be sure to put a check mark in the box to Include Replies. Click Search Articles and you will get anything that has "balo" in it. Scroll down for the list of replies and you will find what you are looking for.
Yesterday at 05:39 EST .

   Bettijo  Balo, I cannot find anything "terrible" on your post.
18 hours ago .

   Mr. Know-It-All  Is there an alternative Lucianne site that is designed for mobile devices?

With all the scripts and ads and stuff that the main page is always pushing, my Kindle fire reloads the page every 10 seconds, making it unreadable on that device. Very annoying.
June 29 at 08:59 EST .

   Mildred  Just tried to post a response and it reloaded before I could finish and it deleted everything. I'm outta here until I get my new laptop set up. The ads on this site cover up the articles and I can't block them on my Surface. Let us know if there is any improvement.
Monday at 22:36 EST .

   Fireball27  I really wonder what it is that Obama has on Judge Roberts. Today the Judge is saying the court can't do what they did on the gay marriage issue. Exactly the opposite of what he said yesterday about Obamacare. It's sure strange and appears that the Judge is being blackmailed.
June 26 at 10:34 EST .

   2 people like this.

   NotaBene  Roberts was blackmailed. Robert and his wife illegally adopted two children. It is all over the internet. You can google Roberts illegally adopted children. He sold us to protect his family.

Here is a link:
June 26 at 11:09 EST .

   Bettijo  I am unable to post my Justice Roberts comment here. What in the world does this mean? I only have English words in my post. I don't know HTML.

Invalid Use of HTML Tags in the Header. We only accept the following Tags in the Header (?br??b??i??u??sqot??/b??/i??/u? ) !
June 26 at 16:58 EST .

   Balogreene  Bettijo, I do know HTML, and if you copied another on-line article, and tried to paste it in, you might have gotten something HTML inadvertently.
June 26 at 18:54 EST .

   StormCnter  I don't think Roberts is being blackmailed. I think he is simply not the "balls and strikes" jurist he told us he would be on the court. The New York Times tried hard to get the adoption records unsealed while Roberts was being considered for the Court, but was unsuccessful. They were never able to show any illegality about the adoption. The theory arises from the fact that Ireland does not allow private adoptions or any adoption to non-residents. The Robertses have a home in Ireland and roots there, but they weren't really residents. The children went from Ireland to South American where the adoption process was begun and completed. Since the birth mothers were apparently fine with the adoption process, there was little for the Times to uncover or for anyone to blackmail Justice Roberts with. The blackmail idea is just an idea. I'm as disappointed in him as anyone, but I believe Occam's Razor applies here. The simplest and most obvious reason for his votes is that he was never the justice we anticipated.
June 28 at 09:01 EST .

  3 people like this.

   Linder  I agree with SC. Justice Roberts is a huge disappointment. Dems can always count on their appointees to vote the party line....Reps, not so much.
June 28 at 14:39 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Mr. Know-It-All  And some folks insist we must vote for a republican POTUS because of the importance of SCOTUS appointments. Yet look how few of those actually turn out for the good.

We need a POTUS with the stones to find more Scalias and Thomases to nominate, but none of the wishy washy establishment types would be willing to brave the storm of leftist criticism if he did so.
June 29 at 09:05 EST .

 1 person like this.

   StormCnter  Remember that Roberts was not GWB's first choice, but he had been warned by the Dem Senate that getting anyone approved would be tough. If you remember, the Dems and the NY Times tried diligently to sufficiently trash both Roberts and Alito that they could not be confirmed. Alito is a wonderful jurist, Roberts has been a disappointment. GeorgeW wanted Alberto Gonzales on the Court and he would have been a fine conservative Judge, but the Dems were worried about his stance on abortion and made it clear he had no chance. With a GOP controlled Senate after a 2016 GOP presidential win, it should be easier to get the best SCOTUS nominees approved.
June 29 at 10:38 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Bettijo  “Roof is a monster. I don’t really think it’s a stretch to call him a terrorist. The fact that Roof cited certain groups and/or ideologies in his rambling screed of a “manifesto” neither implicates them nor excuses him. But he didn’t receive training from ISIS, religious indoctrination from Islamic “ministers” like Louis Farrakhan and Anjem Choudary, nor weapons from disgraced ex-attorney General Eric Holder. If Islam isn’t to blame for Islamic terrorism, then any group or archaic symbol the Democrats have targeted certainly is not culpable for Roof’s terrorism. The alternative scenario holds that if Roof’s actions can be blamed on — say — the “Stars and Bars,” then Muhammad has some serious explaining to do.” –Ben Crystal
June 26 at 08:16 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Alice  Yes.
June 26 at 09:48 EST .

   Alice  What is the Six Flags company going to do?

Five of the original and a white flag in place of the Confederate flag?
Oops, maybe I meant sunflower yellow flag... gotta keep this correct, after all. Innocuous, innocuous, just whispering.

Or Six Flags might pay legal and advertising expenses to change the name to Five Flags Plus?

The rush to erase honoring our history, warts and all, smacks of Mao's China and Stalin's Russia/USSR.

All my ancestors were ruined by the War and migrated to Texas around 1870 from other states in the South. None of the family ever celebrated the Confederacy in my lifetime, and I heard no stories about it. So I cannot say I have ever been attached to the flag, and often it has been an embarrassment.

But the demands about the Confederate battle flag are making me think things like 'USSA' instead of 'USA.' I'm half expecting leftists to try to starve people they don't like the way Stalin did millions in Ukraine.
June 25 at 22:45 EST .

   1 person like this.


June 25 at 08:35 EST .

   3 people like this.

   Bettijo  This goes with Miss Balo's post below, but I had to start a new thread to include the image.

I was born in Mississippi, raised in Georgia where I now live. My great grandfather, Col. Arthur E. Reynolds, served in the Confederate army and has a monument of him in Vicksburg, MS. I had never heard there was more than one Confederate flag. After Balo's post below, I went Googgling. She is right. There are lots of flags. The one in the upper left corner is the official Confederate States flag. It has seven stars to represent the seven original Confederate states. Across from it is the Confederate Battle Flag. The soldiers found it confusing for the Confederate flag to be so similar to the American flag (this was by design ) so they needed a flag to carry into battle which was completely different from the American flag. Now, you have had your history lesson for today. ;- )

   June 25 at 08:01 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Balogreene  Interesting isn't it? Yet, the Battle flag is the only flag anyone remembers.

Daddy's paternal family was from the low-country of SC. Highway 17, somewhere North of Hilton head used to be "Green's Highway", back when we left the e off the end. It ran along one side of their Horse Plantation. His paternal grandmother was also from the area, her father had a small rice plantation (3 slaves ), and was the business manager for the Hayward family (big in SC politics.

I have the text of several letters from her father to Mr. Hayward, explaining the freeing of the slaves, and by name where each was. He told Mr. Hayward "our boys", not soldiers were at the Salkahatchie trying to defend the area from Sherman who was moving in. He also explained he moved the women and old folks, as well as his own family to his summer place. The Yankees found them, took the rice, the food, and the donkeys, leaving empty wagons.

Dad's mother's family is from Savannah (he was born in Eatonton ). They owned a home and some land on the Sea Islands off the Georgia Coast. Their land, and home were taken by the Johnson administration and given to former slaves (not theirs, her father was a Factor (trader ) on the wharfs ), as reparations.

Our family lost everything to that "evil" Sherman, LOL. Then, they all went ahead with their lives, and continued to support and fight for their country.
June 25 at 20:40 EST .

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