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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  I feel terrible that I never got a chance to get back to everyone about my Little One. That is my kitty that had been shot in the arm and his bone was shattered. Well, he completely healed and he still thinks he is a monkey and flies through the trees as if nothing ever happened. I would love to see his x-ray now. I wonder what the bone looks like. It is a real miracle how he mended!! I thank God for saving my Little One. He is a terrific kitty.

So much has happened since then. We sadly had to put our dog if 17 years, Wolfy (Siberian Husky and Wolf mix ) to sleep. And just a couple months ago, we had another little kitty come to stay with us. I had just won her trust a few weeks ago and got her to the vet for antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection. But she got sicker (must have had other issues ) after a couple weeks and it as decided to have her put to sleep--which I regret now. I almost think that it would have been better to have just let her die peacefully in the closet than have traumatized her at the end at the vet's. They couldn't find a vein and put a catheter in her neck. It was horrible. She was a tiny little thing (just 3 lbs ). I really won't ever do that again unless I know for sure the animal is really suffering terribly. I think God would have quietly taken her if I had just left her in the closet. So sad...
March 11 at 19:54 EST .

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   Balogreene  So sorry. We recently had to put our greyhound to sleep, it was the most horrific experience ever. Since I've done it peacefully and gently many times, at the same Vet's office, this time I complained. I was traumatized, she was traumatized. I totally understand your feelings, but G-d really does have a purpose, even for teeny kitties who need us to help them get through.
March 13 at 21:23 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  Kitty's got a gun... Kitty's got a gun... The man in Oregon had kicked the wrong kitty's got a gun... (hee hee, couldn't help myself! )
March 11 at 19:43 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  Just a short update on Little One. We are trying to see if UC Davis will work with us to repair Little One's leg for the same cost as the vet was going to charge for amputation. Please say a prayer that they will work with us. Here is Little One cuddling with Silver. It is clear he misses flying through the trees but he is exploring all the nooks and crannies of the house right now. I can't stop him from jumping around--even on top of the refrigerator!! He is such a trooper! Love that little guy!!

I also want to say thank you to AnEagle for your kind words and wonderful support! I know you must be part of the family! Thank you everyone for your prayers and support!!! You guys are the best!!

   August 26 at 19:30 EST .

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   Belwhatter  We had a kitty just like your Little One - black and white moggies have an indomitable spirit - he's a real trooper. hope you have good news soon.
August 30 at 03:24 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  As many of you know, I recently had brain surgery and was off work for a few months. Well, when it rains, it pours. I have just been evicted by my slumlord (who had sent that biker to threaten us last December ) because we refused to pay rent until he fixed the house up to code. In the meantime, one of my kitties, Little One was shot by a high-powered pellet gun (I think it was by the Guatemalan guys renting in the back who are in league with the slumlord to get rid of us ). Anyway, we are trying to raise money to get Little One's leg fixed before it has to be amputated. I can't afford either surgery right now. Please visit’s-leg-and-li
(or )to find out more. Thanks

   August 22 at 15:50 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  J, sent it on to local cat rescue lady, to get it on her extensive list, L ( and will send some help )
August 22 at 18:13 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  OK, don't do paypal but was able to donate as 'guest' so, everybody, don't hesitate to help Janine.
August 22 at 18:36 EST .

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   4Justice  Thank you so much, L!! It seems another wonderful person also graciously donated. Maybe someone connected to you or your friends? Anyway, I have faith that something good will prevail. Bless you!!
August 22 at 20:43 EST .

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   Belwhatter  Hoping for the tide to turn in your favor - sounds like you need something to go well for you and kitty.
August 23 at 03:28 EST .

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   4Justice  Thank you so much Belwhatter! I really appreciate your help. And Hikergal, your prayers mean everything to me. I know the power of prayer. I wouldn't be here today if it hadn't been for someone upstairs looking out for me. Thank you all again. We are making a little progress. I have faith that God will take care of Little One and bring him back to health. Bless you all!!!
August 23 at 16:26 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  I just want to say I am so blessed to be alive now. I had an abcess in my brain They removed it just minutes before it broke
May 25 at 18:50 EST .

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   Bob913  You need a few laughs after that. Here are I hope a few.
Good that the doctor did a tuneup.
Now do you like vegetables?

Man plays guitar during brain operation

What musical instrument did you play during yours?

Did the doc play tricks on you during the operation like poke your brain in different spots to see if your left arm goes up or your right foot wiggles? : )

Bob913: How can you write if you haven't got a brain?

4Justice: I don't know... But some people without brains do an awful lot of writing... don't they?

Dorothy er.. Bob913: Yes, I guess you're right.
May 25 at 20:02 EST .

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   Hollyhock  Dear 4 Justice, sounds like this was an emergency situation. Thanks to our Father in Heaven for sparing your life and the chance to live out your destiny. You are right that life is a blessing. Praying that you completely heal and return to your old self.
May 25 at 20:15 EST .

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   Gerty  Me too!
May 25 at 21:15 EST .

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   Phooey  4Justice, by telling your story to this community you have openly expressed your gratefulness to your Creator. It was the correct thing to do. May you heal quickly and continue to lead a blessed life.
May 25 at 22:25 EST .

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   Montanabound  Thank God, 4 Justice. How did they find it?
May 26 at 01:11 EST .

  6 people like this.

   Uno  There's nothing like being able to talk about it afterwards! Get well soon.
May 26 at 07:10 EST .

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   Surfhut  Great news. Will keep you in my prayers.
May 26 at 07:59 EST .

  7 people like this.

   4Justice  Thanks, folks! I am doing better. Hey, I may have a hole in my head now, but I still don't understand Democrats!! Hope to go home soon and get back to! I miss you guys. Scary stuff going on now...
June 10 at 15:09 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  I am so terribly sad today to hear that Kevin is no longer with us. He was such an inspiration and always had great words of wisdom. He will be sadly missed. For so long I had meant to get together with him for coffee since he lived so close to me. But I always got too busy and never got around to it. Now, I deeply regret that I missed out. So often we miss out on the ones we love and care about because we let the little things of everyday life take over and distract us from what is important. Now, I have lost a friend and will never have the opportunity to have a coffee with him and share a few moments because I let the chance go by.

God bless you, Kevin. We will miss you very much. Thank you for everything you gave to us and for your constant vigilence at a time when so many have given up. You were definitely one of a kind and we were blessed to have you in our lives for this short time. Rest in peace, dear friend. We will see you later at the reunion in Heaven. Love, JanineC
March 28 at 16:26 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  ( J, does this mean you think Heaven looks like Tennessee? the last place all the dotters had a reunion, hey could be, waiting to hear from Gabula, she does have a heavenly Tn garden ) trying to cope
March 28 at 17:08 EST .

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   4Justice  Maybe! I have heard it is beautiful there. : ) I is hard. I am still in shock.
March 28 at 17:24 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  Happy Chinese New Year!! Happy Year of the Snake!! The firecrackers are going off all over San Jose for over ten minutes straight sounding like boiling oil but very loud! It must be they are hoping for a more prosperous year than the last 4.
February 10 at 03:14 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  Merry Christmas, everybody!! We may not always agree, but I love each and every one of you!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!! : ) - JanineC
   December 25 at 00:48 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  4J, I sent you an email, but I have 3 addresses for you, hope you got it. L
December 25 at 06:25 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Blessings  I didn't get a chance to let folks know but the issue with the thugs threatening our lives (at the request of the landlord ) blew over without incident. We got a reprieve until the 15th of January. So, I need to get a bid on a house soon. It won't close by the 15th, but at least we can say it is in progress. So, thank goodness no violence came to be. Thank you to those who showed concern. Hopefully, we will find a home to buy soon. I guess that is one benefit of California having such a bad economy...I can finally afford to buy a house for the first time in my life. A lot of houses are still ridiculously priced at $700k -$900k. But there are some still under $200K. I will just need to commute a long way. No more 10 minute commute!
   December 24 at 09:27 EST .

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   Straitpath  Keep us posted, 4Justice; one thing I have noticed over the years is that HeavenlyFather helps families get homes.
January 7 at 23:11 EST .

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   Lana720  I w2ant to find a buyer for my small place so we can finally be in only one house. Hard to move in this economy - only married a year and a half - TODAY!
January 30 at 19:39 EST .

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   4Justice posted on Main Page The Lobby  California's new voting rules are proving to be idiotic just as I expected. Now they have open ballots and it is splitting the votes in weird ways. Now runoffs can be between two democrats. Also, I am seeing situations where several people in the same party will end up splitting the votes equally among them and then the other party can end up with the greater majorities because they have less people running and thus end up winning the top slots even though they could have less overall votes than the first party. It is insane!!!!!!
June 6 at 03:47 EST .

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