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   Carterzest posted on Main Page The Lobby  I lost my favorite screensaver at work when my machine was upgraded and I am fairly certain I got it from these pages. It was a fish eye lens closeup of a chubby squirrel. I reposted it many times in many threads and for the life of me cannot find it. Google images=0, Lucianne Gallery=0. Anyone know the picture that I am talking about and have a copy of it ;- )
Thanks in advance for your help.
May 1 at 17:01 EST .

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May 1 at 17:28 EST .

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   Carterzest  Thanks, but as I stated, I'd already searched all of those and still did not find it. even tried searching multiple ways: Fish Eye Lens Squirrel up close, Squirrel close up....
May 1 at 17:39 EST .

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   Carterzest posted on Main Page The Lobby  I was disguisted watching Saturday Night Live which was hosted by Jaime Foxx last night. His opening monologue was a skit called "How Black is That" where he sang his praises of everyone from oBumma to Jay-Z.
I just have to ask, if a white host did a skit "How White is That", we would be seen as racist. There is a small clip without the oBlamer comments on YouTube now, but, I can assure you that this will be a top story and linked on the Main Wall in the morning. You can stream the episode at watchsaturdaynight dot net. Just amazing. Thanks, I feel better for sharing.
December 9 at 03:48 EST .

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   Carterzest  Monologue: Some hosts approach the monologue stage as if approaching a firing squad. Foxx has no such confidence problems, owning things from the second he appears. “How Black Is That?” turns into a catchphrase, referring not only to Jay Z’s ownership in the New Jersey Nets, his role in “Django Unchained”, and Obama’s re-election. “The first four years was the white side of him,” Foxx assures the audience.
December 9 at 04:35 EST .

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   Balogreene  Silly me, but why do you even watch SNL. I loved it in the 70s, but what I've seen of it for at least 20 years is disgusting and preachy. Then again, I quit watching TV almost a year ago, so I'm not an expert.
December 9 at 08:23 EST .

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   Carterzest  Democracy in action, 6 people/6 TVs' on 12 hour night shift, one cable box. Not my first choice. After the opening monologue, my TV went off. I totally agree with your sentiments on SNL. Moments of goodness are few and far between anymore and it is not worth watching, unlike the days of yore. All of the links are scrubbed this morning, but this youtube will give you the gist.
December 10 at 04:37 EST .

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