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   Ersatzluci posted on Computers &Tech Issues  I just helped by DS with a computer problem that I'd like to share in case it helps someone else. After about 3 years of use, she complained that her computer was slow "sometimes." After getting on the phone with her and talking though the usual diagnostics (she: I did defrag, I have anti-virus, etc...), it turned out that her C: drive was 99% full, yet her D: drive was 99% free! She downloads lots of family pictures from her digital camera and they all ended up in 'MyPictures' She's in the process of moving (not copying) her pix to D: and will later burn them off to a CD.

Just a word to the wise: monitor your disc space and if it gets below 20% free, then do something about it!
January 27 at 22:53 EST .

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   Loosbolt  16GB flash drives can be had for around 30 bucks and they will store a grip of pictures. Plug it into a usb port then download pics from a camera directly to the flash drive and you're good to go. To easily share simply plug it into a friend/relative's 'puter and download the whole birthday occasion/wedding/bachelor party etc in a snap. Easy to burn pics to a CD/DVD off one of these things too. Obviously anything over about 600 MB will have to be burned to a DVD...
January 28 at 23:09 EST .

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   Loosbolt  In addition, download/install then run CCleaner on a regular basis to clean a whole bunch of junk off your HD that takes up a whole bunch of space:
January 28 at 23:12 EST .

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   Shooter1002  There are external HDs available in the terabyte range for under $100. A TB device can hold more than 1,500 CDs worth of pic and MP3 data.
Keep data off your C: Unfortunately most consumer desktops are sold with one HD which is quickly filled with JPGs, MP3s and new programs. The PC slows down promptly. Ideally, a relatively small (less than 250GB) C: with Windows on it and a second large HD for data should be configured.
January 29 at 06:23 EST .

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   Loosbolt   Great point about the external HD's Shooter1002. Many (most?) of these external HD's come with software allowing users to make auto backups of their PC's data on a customized schedule. If something goes haywire the restoration process is a snap. I recently purchased a 500 GB external at Sam's Club for $60 and it works like a charm.
January 29 at 21:08 EST .

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   Shooter1002  My kid has a 1TB external. She is not computer literate technically and couldn't care less. If she had to do anything to backup her PC, she wouldn't do it, she's just too busy. This thing automatically backs up her entire HD every day while she's at work, a perfect $75 solution.
January 30 at 12:59 EST .

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   Ersatzluci posted on Veterans' Page & Militaria  USAFA 1967 grad, USAF 1967-74. I was in "space stuff" (Apollo 7-12, DSP) until I voluntarily left the USAF to become an entrepreneur in 1974. Little did I know that being a "rocket scientist" was a lot easier than running a private business! I would not trade my military career for anything. One cannot go wrong with a military career, if you know where you are headed. I was simply headed in a different direction in 1974 and I do not regret that either.
   November 9 at 04:01 EST .

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   Ersatzluci posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Those amongst us familiar with cat (even the domestic kind) behavior know that if one introduces something new into their environment, their main imperative is to figure out immediately what it is: friend, foe, food, prey or nothing important. I had purchased one of those useless, but entertaining "executive toys" for my desk, a 3-axis, chrome plated spinning "whazzit". I decided to see what my two cats, Seven (Calico) and Leeloo (orange tabby), thought of it. Here's one picture of several of their encounter with the new "spinner thing." The fact that it moved in crazy ways and was brightly reflecting the light in changing patterns made it all the more interesting to them. Leeloo eventually knocked it off the counter onto the floor and since it did not smell edible, their interest soon waned. I was hysterical watching and photographing their exploration and triumph. Gotta luv our fuzzy friends!
   November 6 at 04:19 EST .

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   Waving flag  Remember the #1 Rule of cat "ownership": If it exists in the universe it belongs to the cat.
November 6 at 10:09 EST .

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   Paget51  Great picture! Cats are so entertaining. :)
November 6 at 12:49 EST .

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   Ersatzluci posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Introducing Seven (left) and Leeloo. They are sisters named after female science fiction characters, Seven-of-nine from ST:Voyager and Leeloo from "The Fifth Element."
   November 4 at 18:45 EST .

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   Thewarden  Always nice to have a pair--they always have more fun. Looks like they're about to get into trouble!
November 5 at 14:34 EST .

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   Ersatzluci posted on Main Page The Lobby  Got logged in no problem now.
   November 4 at 18:39 EST .

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