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Escaped commieny

   Escaped commieny posted on Main Page The Lobby  THANK YOU LUIS, IT WORKED THIS TIME, ec
April 9 at 11:20 EST .

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   Gerty  Go get 'em, Miss EC!
April 10 at 09:01 EST .

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   Escaped commieny posted on Main Page The Lobby

barf bag would not be enough, get out the big black yard bags
April 1 at 18:53 EST .

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   Gram77  Yuk, just Yuk!
April 1 at 19:21 EST .

   Surfhut  I work for a small, successful, family-owned business. One of the hats I wear is the HR hat. Watching this press conference sent me into disgust and anger I've not felt very often in my nearly 60 years of life.
April 1 at 20:02 EST .

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   Safetydude  I'm a part time truck driver for a produce warehouse in SW Florida.

We deliver to several school districts, restaurants, country clubs, retirement homes, etc between south Tampa, Bradenton, Sarasota, Fort Myers and Naples. Our school buisness is seasonal, as is much of our restaurant buisness, which slacks off in the summer.

Our full time drivers know they will have a cut in hours and income, in the summer, the "off season", but they will make up for it in the winter. Not any longer...

Now here we are at the end of the 'season' and we are hiring more drivers. Why, you ask? Because ALL drivers will now be part-time employees.

The company thinking is that we can affoard to pay for more drivers if we don't have to provide fulltime benefits, aka health insurance to them.

Obamacare has forced the company to make some very cut-throat decisions to survive.

when I use 'we and us' it's because I'm a company employee, not part of management.
April 1 at 21:29 EST .

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   Escaped commieny posted on Main Page The Lobby  have had nasty storms here, but just talked to DH and dead fish and ducks on the bridge to Mobile, trying to get in touch with Ms Charlotte Vale in Alabama
March 29 at 21:13 EST .

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   Gram77  I forget where everyone is. Are you talking tornadoes? While in the kitchen I partially heard the weather station in the other room and they were talking about tornadoes. Mother Nature is so wild this winter. Just got an email from family who live in an eastern suburb of Cleveland and they are getting ready for more snow. Hope you are OK.
March 29 at 22:09 EST .

   Rake King  Surf's area may be renamed "Earthquake Alley"
March 30 at 08:10 EST .

   Gram77  Not good!
March 30 at 09:19 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  confirmation from channel 13, a tornado did hit Lake Nona, Orlando last night. glad that Gram and Phooey are south of us
March 30 at 12:19 EST .

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   Escaped commieny posted on Main Page The Lobby  good grief, what say you

Nancy says biggest bang for the buck,here is money from your paycheck to them
Jaun is nuts
March 29 at 20:06 EST .

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   Escaped commieny posted on Main Page The Lobby  I use windows XP professional, my antivirus says is off in April but I am getting alerts from Essentials now and can't get my email
March 29 at 18:57 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  Microsoft ended updates and support to XP some time ago. I liked it, hated Vista, but Windows 7 I LOVED! That was before I got my Mac. If you want to stay with Windows, I definitely suggest upgrading to 7. From everything I've read, Win 8 is another venture into Vista.
March 30 at 07:40 EST .

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   Attercliffe  I've had it with Microsnot. I don't want to go through yet another change. Mr A just received his Linux certificates and at some point I'm going to nag him into replacing Microsoft with Linux on my various laptops. That way, by the time I get REALLY non compos mentis I'll still have some recall on Linux. In the meantime (after I finish taxes, today I hope, aaargh! ), I'll be searching the web for suitable assistance with XP conversion. Apparently, it's all over on April 8, according to the MS pop-up nudge I received today.
March 30 at 11:36 EST .

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   Uno  I use both a PC and a Mac. The PC has Windows 7 and for the most part it works OK, but it is buggy. There isn't a week that goes by where something funky happens to it. It is also my second computer with Win7 on it so it isn't the hardware, plus the IT dept will tell you it's just Microsoft. The Mac OTOH works flawlessly. Not a hickup... and fast... and over 4 years old. I hear the same story with other Mac users as well.
I think one of the things that really bothers me about Microsoft is their long history of willingness to drop a buggy, unfinished OS on the unsuspecting public with absolutely no shame. The just destroys any confidence in their abilities to design a new product.
We have WinXP running on a few computers doing dedicated tasks and we just turn off the automatic Windows updates. They keep running without change month after month just fine, but they are not on the internet either. For something used on the internet we routinely re-load Windows after a year to clean them out and start over. That way seems to work the best.
March 30 at 12:02 EST .

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   Clipped wings  The only way to go is with a Mac. No problems. We have Windows at work and it's going back into a primitive country each day that I am there. A while back, they tried to "upgrade" to Vista, but had to get rid of it since all the computers crashed almost every day. No problems and over all you save time and money with the Mac.
March 30 at 18:57 EST .

   Hammock  I'm getting ready to go linux too. I had a couple linux boxes before and they're fine. Microsoft's problems pale in comparison with what Adobe did. You can't buy Photoshop anymore, only a "subscription" to Photoshop so you can be bled and bled. It's about time for me to learn Gimp on linux.
April 1 at 23:17 EST .

   Escaped commieny posted on Music  50's and 60's
March 22 at 15:48 EST .

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   Escaped commieny posted on Movies & Reviews  Has anyone watched Finding Graceland ? It was a free Crackle movie this afternoon about an Elvis impersonator ( doesn't look anything like him ) but solves a young man's guilt.
was a nice break from house cleaning, LOL
use my ROKU for TV after telling cable to take a hike
March 22 at 15:35 EST .

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   Flaming Sword  EC, you got a ROKU too ? I've had mine a few months and I am thrilled with it. Have you found any hidden gems in the offered stations yet? I like the old time radio one too, it comes in handy when I'm housecleaning and can listen but not watch. I never watch TV anymore.With a ROKU and Amazon prime, who needs it?
March 23 at 15:42 EST .

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   Escaped commieny posted on Main Page The Lobby  tomorrow marks a year since we lost our dear cap marine, Kevin. I have many emails too personal to post but I hope you all say a prayer for our dear parted. Don't know anyone that had 9 pages of tribute. Ramona sent me a 2 disc CD of the memorial, my email is on the mothership
March 14 at 17:27 EST .

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   Phooey  Thank you, Ec; you will touch the hearts of many by reminding us.
March 14 at 18:04 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  I should not type when crying. "Departed". Phoo, you have my email. My computer is fixed,need to pick it up, still on the DH machine but can get my mail. L/EC
March 14 at 18:49 EST .

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   NotaBene  CAP Marine Tet 68 was a great man. Once he sent us his chronicles of when he was in the Philippines training to become a pastor on a motorcycle. They were very touching. A great human being. Requiesquiat in pace dear friend, you are missed.
March 15 at 03:08 EST .

  7 people like this.

   MissBlue  I've been away and was ignorant of the departure of Cap Marine Tet, whose comments I greatly admired. I am so sorry to lose him.

When Aggie 57 passed away, I counted upwards of 150 tributes to him. Barbarian Heretic, his Aggie friend, and I admitted to weeping as we read them. MissBlue
March 15 at 22:29 EST .

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   Escaped commieny posted on Politics  oldie but a reminder
   March 11 at 13:21 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  OOOOPs, I didn't mean to ''flag'' it, I meant to vote it UP with ''like'' So sorry. Can I take it back? I thought that meant that I flag it to LIKE it. Was my face RED! SORRY!!!
3 hours ago .

   Escaped commieny posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  yeah, so it goes
   March 11 at 13:20 EST .

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