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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Let's hope the people Ms. Clinton sent e-mails to, are scared enough to give those e-mails up. Maybe we should start asking "who is going to go to jail to save Hillary"? I don't think there are too many who are willing to go to the mat for her. Who is going to cover up for Hillary? Let's make that the question heard all over the internet! Put the heat on!!!
March 6 at 03:12 EST .

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   MeiDei  Just read this from TCTH re: her emails, domain or who owns/runs various tie-ins. Very curious.
March 6 at 06:30 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Don't you just love the new Net Neutrality rules? Some people do, and I find it mind blowing. Over 300 pages of new rules, none of these idiots have seen, and they are all for it! Don't they remember the "we have to pass it to see what's in it" Obamacare bill?
February 28 at 15:33 EST .

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   Uno  As I have often said: Welcome to the New Communism of unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing, out-of-control, dictatorial “regulation” where the convoluted, wrap-around, pretzel-logic of Leftist Liberal “Utopia” can find you guilty of just about anything if they look hard enough!
March 1 at 13:28 EST .

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   Gerty  Amen.
March 2 at 07:22 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Happy Thanksgiving to all my L.Dotter friends and their families. We are all so lucky to live in the U.S. People like you are the reason this country is so great. I often wonder about other countries, and why they are so backward. My friend was from East Germany, and the city he grew up in was over 1000 years old! We sent him off to meet his maker wearing the Proud to be an American T-Shirt he loved. I'm proud to have known him. If any of you have seen the movie "Night Crossing" you will understand what life was like for him and his family in East Germany. That movie is a true story about a family trying to escape to the west in a homemade hot air balloon. My friend got his family out in 1976. It was almost impossible, but he made it happen.
November 27 at 20:01 EST .

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   Gerty  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too! Husband and I were stranded at home with 8 in. of snow over 1 in. of ice but managed to make it 'special' anyway.
November 27 at 20:14 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Please people, don't let the media get away with the amnesty story they are putting out. Remind people the ILLEGALS are not just here ILLEGALLY, they are committing IDENTITY THEFT. Even the President says they are working here, but doesn't mention they have to be committing IDENTITY THEFT if they are. IDENTITY THEFT and FRAUD! Ask the media if the ILLEGALS are using THEIR Social Security Number. Most people won't know their S.S.N. is being used, at least until they file for Social Security. People on Social Security have had their accounts screwed up by ILLEGALS because income has been reported on their account, when the account holder has not worked. Just try to get that straightened out!
November 21 at 13:40 EST .

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   Hollyhock  My son had his SS# used to open a bank acct in California.

Yes, it is identity theft and fraud just like it is fraud for people to vote who are not citizens. Voter fraud is a felony. Folks who have been convicted of felonies should be denied citizenship.

Sorry about the delete but I had to fix my bad spelling.
November 21 at 15:01 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  The city of Houston is going after 5 pastors for what they preach in their sermons. They are claiming the pastors are Homophobic, and need to be taught a lesson about being more progressive. Guess what group is not being called out. That's right none of the 10 mosques in the greater Houston area are being asked to change their stand on homosexuality. How about that!
October 15 at 23:59 EST .

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   Lonestar Jack  I might add -- or insurrection in the name of Allah
October 21 at 09:55 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Hey everyone it's October!!! Time for the new Obamacare insurance rates to start showing up in the mail. I received mine! Up, yes, up, 25.9%!!! I will be waiting to hear all the liberals start to howl when they get theirs. I hope they get what they deserve.
October 2 at 18:16 EST .

   22 people like this.

   Balogreene  Sorry Fireball27. All I worry about at this time of year is the Virginia Personal Property Tax (on cars and others ) due the 5th.
October 2 at 22:52 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Here is a good question for your liberal friends. It will point out the difference between liberals and their "feelings" and conservatives and their "logic".
The city says "homeless people are people too, and deserve a hot shower". We therefore will offer vouchers for showers to be taken at the city pool. A city police officer visiting the city pool notices "known criminals, up to and including registered sex offenders" as well as drug offenders at the pool. Now ask your liberal friends if they would send their children to that pool? Of course they would! Homeless people are people too! Conservative logic says the liberal city compassion has ruined summer for the kids. This has happened in the city of Seaside, Oregon. Reported today in the Eugene Register Guard.
July 31 at 13:19 EST .

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   Fireball27  The city of Seaside brought this program to an end after being in effect for 2 years!
July 31 at 13:25 EST .

  23 people like this.

   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Just got home from seeing the movie "America". It is worth going to see. I haven't been to a movie in years. This is because I refuse to line the pockets of the Hollywood leftists. I went to see this movie to support the telling of the truth of what America is really about. I urge everyone to go and see it for themselves.
July 25 at 19:26 EST .

   31 people like this.

   Rake King  Many of my friends have said the same, they are conservatives.
July 26 at 08:30 EST .

  26 people like this.

   WAN2  As both sides continue to draw into themselves, is civil war inevitable? Was Jefferson right--blood needs spilling? Or do we get boiled up like frogs on a stove?
July 26 at 08:57 EST .

  23 people like this.

   Linder  F-27...I don't do movies either and for the same reason...but will see this one.
July 26 at 19:28 EST .

  23 people like this.

   Fireball27  Thanks Linder. I learned quite a few things from the movie. One thing being the first woman to make a million dollars in the U.S. was a black woman. She made, and sold door to door hair care products for black women.
July 26 at 20:04 EST .

  27 people like this.

   Pickle1  If you haven't seen "Heaven is Real"; please see it. My husband I thought it was one of the best movies we have seen in quite a while. Also not a movie goer.
July 27 at 22:22 EST .

  24 people like this.

   Alice  Yes, D'Souza's 2014 America movie is worth seeing! It is interesting and informative. And if anyone here has watched videos of the Sopranos enough to remember, you'll smile when young Anthony Soprano's history book's author Zinn gets raked over the coals.

Pickle1 is right -- Heaven is Real is really good too! It is lovely.

My husband and I do not boycott the leftists' movies, but 99% of them are dreck aimed at young people. Crude comedies, boring explosion-chase action, and warped dramas with no redemption. We think life is hard enough and many problems tedious enough -- why pay to see more of that?
July 28 at 12:02 EST .

  27 people like this.

   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Someone please help me understand. The mantra I heard is we will make the illegals "get in the back of the line". Can someone please tell me at what point there is a "back" of the line? Is it just behind the 1,000,000th person legally trying to enter? If so, does that mean they are cutting in front of the 1,000,001st person trying to enter legally? I know it sounds so "moderate" and p.c. to say "back of the line", but is there really such a thing? I doubt it. The so called line is never ending, and anyone wanting to gain access to this wonderful country should have to do so legally. Please point this out to the people spout this nonsense. Just my take on this, but I'm really tired of the p.c. bovine scat!
July 1 at 23:51 EST .

   22 people like this.

   Gerty  While I cannot help you understand, I can join in your evaluation and frustration of the situation!
July 2 at 05:31 EST .

  22 people like this.

   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Man I am hot right now!!! Charlie Rangle said "he doesn't think anyone is going to lose sleep over Benghazi". On the Mother site, I posted a note to Charlie. I said tomorrow is Mother's day so maybe Charlie should ask all the Mothers of diplomats stationed around the world if they will lose any sleep worrying about how our government is protecting their children. Ugh!
May 10 at 17:59 EST .

   26 people like this.

   Flaming Sword  You aren't as hot as I am about his statement. Not nearly. I hope life gives him what he so richly deserves. Scum.. No other word fits.
May 10 at 18:03 EST .

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