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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Someone please help me understand. The mantra I heard is we will make the illegals "get in the back of the line". Can someone please tell me at what point there is a "back" of the line? Is it just behind the 1,000,000th person legally trying to enter? If so, does that mean they are cutting in front of the 1,000,001st person trying to enter legally? I know it sounds so "moderate" and p.c. to say "back of the line", but is there really such a thing? I doubt it. The so called line is never ending, and anyone wanting to gain access to this wonderful country should have to do so legally. Please point this out to the people spout this nonsense. Just my take on this, but I'm really tired of the p.c. bovine scat!
July 1 at 23:51 EST .

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   Gerty  While I cannot help you understand, I can join in your evaluation and frustration of the situation!
July 2 at 05:31 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Man I am hot right now!!! Charlie Rangle said "he doesn't think anyone is going to lose sleep over Benghazi". On the Mother site, I posted a note to Charlie. I said tomorrow is Mother's day so maybe Charlie should ask all the Mothers of diplomats stationed around the world if they will lose any sleep worrying about how our government is protecting their children. Ugh!
May 10 at 17:59 EST .

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   Flaming Sword  You aren't as hot as I am about his statement. Not nearly. I hope life gives him what he so richly deserves. Scum.. No other word fits.
May 10 at 18:03 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Over a year ago, I mentioned here on the Connection, that my wife and several other "lunch ladies" were upset with what they were being forced to serve the kids per Mrs. Obama's involvement. Today there is an article on "The Blaze" that explains what has happened. My wife retired one year earlier than she was intending to because of this. Having to serve what the administration was putting forth was just too much. She was proud of the food they used to serve and our school district was one of the top two in our state. Then came the Obama's. Imagine working your whole career, trying to put out the best product and succeeding, and have someone come along and make your job miserable, and put out garbage. 37 years and the last one was, well the last straw.
So sad. At least the students are speaking out. And they are seeing who did this to them.
April 6 at 16:46 EST .

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   Surfhut  If you are subsidized by the federal government, you must live by the federal government's mandates. States must learn to live on their own dime and tell the feds to take a hike. Period and Amen.
April 6 at 18:29 EST .

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   Phooey  Amen Sister ! When the States wake up and reclaim their power, then, comes the healing.
April 6 at 20:29 EST .

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   Safetydude  The twenty-eight words of the Tenth Amendment make it very clear what the Federal Government can and cannot do.

Would there be somebody to stand up and declare that what the the Fed's are doing is extra-Constitutional, that person could be our savior !!!
April 6 at 21:15 EST .

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   Lonestar Jack  Gov Rick Perry told Obamacare to stuff it. It costs us a little money but not one ounce of pride.

We Texans are like tthat.
April 8 at 06:40 EST .

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   Phooey  Well said, Lonestar Jack !However, freedom loving people live throughout this land.... this is an uphill battle.
April 8 at 11:54 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  Safetydude, they overstepped those boundaries eons ago, even pre-1900!
April 9 at 00:10 EST .

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   Safetydude  Agreed Top, and we as American Citizens and voters have allowed it.

Maybe it's time for a change.

I don't think Thomas Jefferson actually wanted a revolution every tweny years but he did write something like ...'the tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Paitriots and Tyrants'...

When do we reach that tipping point?

I hope the Obama administration is that tipping point and there will be, at least, a small change this November.


I agree that Texans are like that.

This is not something limited to Texas. Rick Perry may be the Steward of Texas but the President, along with Congress, is supposed to be the Steward of the whole country. And the President's job is to see that there is a country to hand over to his successor.

I don't think two-hundred-million Americans will fit in Texas. We need to save the whole country.

Maybe 'Big Sis' was right when she feared Veterans.
April 9 at 21:54 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  I'm having nothing but trouble trying to read articles on the mother site. Pop up ads for updates keep popping up, not allowing you to stay on the article. If you X them out, and get back to the article you were reading, by the time you find the last line you read, the pop ups come up again. I checked with my IT guys, and they said it was the web site. So please Lucianne, get this fixed.
March 3 at 19:33 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  Someone on this site suggested to install Adblock Plus....and it WORKS!!! Not one popup since then. Thank you to whoever that was. Maybe you should give it a go. I was getting popups on every website to the point I could hardly see the page. Since then not one popup.
March 3 at 23:31 EST .

  18 people like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  Here's the link ...
March 3 at 23:34 EST .

  21 people like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  ooops, the whole link didn't get on one line. Be sure to include the complete thing...
March 3 at 23:37 EST .

  19 people like this.

   StormCnter  Adblock Plus is free and the installation is just a matter of a couple of clicks.
March 4 at 08:00 EST .

  18 people like this.

   Mildred  I use it and at the time of installation I had to install the version for the browser you have. It works great with Explorer but with Chrome you frequently need to block individual ads. But it works and is great.
March 4 at 08:54 EST .

  19 people like this.

   Iraengneer  The adblock works fine on my desktop (Windows 8.1 ) and my Android tablet running the newest FireFox. On my new (and previous ) Android smartphones (Samsung ), using the embedded browser, it's a never-ending series of what is approximating a highjack. And it is ONLY on the Main site and here. I hit the "back" rather than the popup's "cancel" option (I don't trust these vile bums ) and it keeps coming back. USED to have the problem on the tablet before the latest FireFox update, even had one occasion on the Main Site here that actually did a full system reset on me! Sent the info to Luis, six months ago. Perhaps I'll get a response some day Real Soon Now. The problem has not gone away, that is certain. Earlier problems seemed to be related to the awful over-use of misbehaving JavaScript routines. Enough already!
March 5 at 14:23 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  To "enhance" minority entry into media ownership, the government wants to have monitors in newsrooms. Remember when they wanted to "enhance" minority home ownership? That worked out so well, didn't it?
February 20 at 12:41 EST .

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   Fireball27  Rush is mentioning this right now. Minority media ownership is the stated reason for government involvement in the news business. They just have to make sure minorities have the chance to own media companies. Of course that wouldn't mean Conservative minorities.
February 21 at 12:53 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Are the Republicans going to make identity theft legal? They seem to want to go along with "immigration reform", but there is no mention of the identity theft these people have been employing in order to work ILLEGALLY in the United States. Why doesn't anyone bring this up? What will happen to the Social Security Accounts of the people who have had their account number used by an illegal? How do they plan on giving these illegals credit for the money they have been paying into someone else's Social Security Account? Ask everyone and anyone you know if they know the answer to this question.
February 6 at 13:20 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  If any of you read or hear about the couple in Portland Oregon, that "refused" to bake a cake for a gay couple, know that the whole story is gay propaganda. The couple baked cakes for anyone that ordered one. They did object to "decorating" one for a gay wedding. It was a regular wedding cake, and the gay couple could have added the "gay decorations element" to the cake themselves. The gay couple wanted to make news by claiming discrimination. If someone wanted a cake with decorations that are otherwise offensive, say with dismembered bodies, or sexual scenes on it, should they have to make that too? This is their issue. They don't want to decorate a cake in a manner they find objectionable. The government is trying to force them to do it. This is how I understand this issue. If you sell decorated cakes, do you have to make whatever a customer wants? What if the couple refused to decorate a cake with the KKK shown burning crosses on lawns? Would the government still make them do it? This is the question.
January 20 at 13:43 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Anybody read the articles about the illegal alien lawyer in California? I have read some stories and comments and none happen to mention that no matter that he is here illegally, he has had to have been committing identity theft as well. Everyone seems to skip over that part of the saga. Who's Social Security Number has he been using? Is it yours? The liberal members of the press never mention or ask about the SSN. How can he possibly work in the U.S. even if he has a law degree? Isn't it fraud to use a SSN that doesn't belong to you? How can an "officer of the court" commit crimes openly and get away with it? These "reporters" are pathetic.
January 3 at 19:21 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Merry Christmas from me to all of you very special people. We are making a difference, and more and more people are awakening. Happy 2014!
December 25 at 14:20 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Jokes  What do you have when there are 100 tractors circling the McDonald's in Iowa?

Prom night!
December 21 at 19:48 EST .

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