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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  I hope the Trump people look at this site. If they do I have a suggestion for them. If, as the old saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words" please have Mr. Trump show pictures of the rotten democrat run cities in America. Show the pictures of the ILLEGALS smuggling drugs across the border. Show the absolute mess the ILLEGALS leave behind where they have crossed the border. Ask the greenies how they like seeing that mess! Start showing what we are actually talking about.
I once saw two pictures side by side. You were to look at the pictures and tell which one was bombed by an atomic bomb. One of the cities was American, and the other was in Japan. One of the cities was Detroit. Guess which one looked like a bomb hit it? Start showing pictures NOW!
August 23 at 15:45 EST .

   Fireball27  Something else I've been thinking about. Why isn't the main stream media asking Obama what he thinks of the Hillary running of the State Dept.? You know, how he told her not to involve the Clinton Foundation with his administration, and she did it anyway? Call out the media, again for not doing their job. They can't have an answer other than they don't think it matters. Call them out!
August 25 at 15:22 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Anyone hear the Rush phone call with the 13 year old on Friday? He told Rush his social studies teacher told his class, socialism and communism is a better form of government. The kid challenged the teacher by telling him anyone can get ahead in America if they work for it. He said he set out to prove it by making an app called Never Hillary. It's a pop up game like whack a mole, tap Hillary's face and she says one of her stupid comments. Anyway it costs .99 cents on I-tunes. Rush has a link from his web site. I was going to buy it but it is only for Apple, not android. Let us help the kid show his teacher a thing or two about America! Communists and socialists have to wall people in. People risk their lives to get TO America.
August 8 at 17:51 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Man I'm getting so tired of this baloney from Obama and the liberals. Why wouldn't you want to be sure those who come to vote are legally allowed to do so, if you weren't going to cheat? Racism? Huh? You have to have I.D. to sign up for any government assistance. Or do they allow you to sign up without I.D.? I don't think so. Maybe the media will investigate this. But they are probably too busy reporting on Trump using a fork and knife on his fried chicken.(I do too, if it's greasy or too hot ) I hope someone will show the media and Obama the video of the lady that said she voted for Obama 6 times. Maybe that is what conservatives are talking about? Don't let them steal this election.
August 5 at 16:11 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Well, well, I guess Mr. Khan of DNC convention fame is getting tired of the spotlight! I think a little digging into his past and present day activities have proved to make the heat a little tough to stand. I wonder if any of the media will report why Mr. Khan agreed to speak at the convention against Trump? "Money, money, money, its a rich mans world." Hat tip to ABBA.
August 2 at 01:09 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  Trump just can't shut up.

This flap started because Trump can't control his mouth. He blabbed off and let the media set the narrative. At this point, the actual truth only matters to a few --like those of us here.

The Cruz bashing --that was a three day flap that Trump could have used for getting himself elected instead of running his mouth about an event --the Cruz non-endorsement, that has no bearing whatsoever on the election.

Now he's walked into this flap because he can't control his mouth, and once again, the media is smearing him. He's got no one to blame for this but Donald Trump. He gave the media the hammer so they're using it. It's what they do.

Idiotic hair and an uncontrolled blabber mouth is not a campaign for president. If he doesn't start actually campaigning for the office, we're all going to be addressing Mrs. Clinton as Madame President come January, 2017.
August 2 at 10:18 EST .

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   MeiDei  Mr. Khan, an immigration lawyer, is a strong supporter of Sharia law. He has connections to the Clinton's &recently took his law firm's website off line .. this is a story hat has legs.
August 2 at 17:49 EST .

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   4Justice  Please...someone help me. What did Trump supposedly say to the Khans that was so horrible???? I know he made a comment that maybe the wife wasn't allowed to speak, but that doesn't sound insulting to me. So, what did I miss???
August 2 at 19:59 EST .

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   HopeandGlory  You didn't miss anything Justine . . . Trump was just making a point that "maybe" Muslim women have no voice, seeing as the Mother never spoke about the loss of her son . . . and, of course he's correct, they don't.
August 2 at 21:22 EST .

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   Fireball27  Mr. Khan is just another liberal hack, using his son's memory as a tool to attack Trump. Mr. Trump rightly pointed out the mom said nothing, and he wondered if she was allowed to speak, since she is a Muslim, and was wearing the headscarf as an obedient Muslim woman wears. The liberal media is trying to play this up to say Mr. Trump "attacked" the "Gold Star Family". Remember when they were trying to say Mr. Trump didn't care for women? Now they are attacking him for questioning how the wife of the speaker was treated. Mr. Trump is really going to give it to the media now! Get your popcorn now! This is going to be quite a show.
August 3 at 00:03 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  The truth doesn't matter.

The media has salted the earth with land mines and Trump stepped on one.

The vast majority of voters don't get their news or opinions at Lucianne and Hot Air and Breitbart, et al.

The vast majority of voters don't have a clue that the only two "fallen heros" that the Left has ever given a flip about are Cindy Sheehan's son, and the Muslim spawn of Mr. Khan and his silent wife.

If Hillary and her ilk can't use a dead soldier for political gain, they could care less about the soldier.

We know that. The average voter doesn't.

I just want Trump to get his mouth under control and campaign for the office of the presidency and stop responding to the Dangling Bait that the media drops in front of him.

I don't care if he goes after Hillary or any other Leftist in the strongest possible way, that what I want him to do. Just don't walk into any more traps that the Left sets for him.
August 3 at 08:58 EST .

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   Calvinesq  While I agree that Trump got trolled and should have not set himself on fire over this, the media is in full attack mode.

In other words, the media will find anything and blow it up to hurt Trump.

The big story on the local CBS news station is that Trump has another "controversy" for accepting the purple heart handed to him by a veteran. Khan is making hay out of this and the media is giving him full volume over Trump's draft deferments. Khan does not deserve a pass on any of this - but, he's not running for office. (Therefore, Trump should ignore him. )

While Trump needs to get better, it won't matter much given the media's proclivity to attack anything that will stop Hillary from taking the presidential oath of office.

We, here at Lucianne, can do little about it. I just hope the American people will see that the media is treating them as stooges in pursuing their agenda.
August 3 at 10:02 EST .

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   4Justice  Ok, thst what I thought. As I said on a post the other day, it's all hypocrisy from the left. It is a massive perception management and manipulation campaign, like they did with the TEA Parties and everything else (including the attacks on Cruz ). Unfortunately, Trump falls into their traps because they know exactly what buttons to push.
August 3 at 12:48 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  I just want him to get on track and stay there.
August 3 at 16:47 EST .

   Balogreene  Me too FlatCityGirl. I hate reading my Facebook, my friends are conservatives, but so many family are blindly following Hillary, I want to scream.
August 4 at 17:50 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Went to see Hillary's America today. What a great picture of what Hillary and the left are up to. A good history lesson for the uninformed. So much of what the left thinks is true, is exactly the opposite. Urge everyone you know to go see this movie. We owe it to Denesh Desousa to make this a huge success. He was a modern day political prisoner. Of course the media doesn't want to inform anyone about this. Spread the word.
July 23 at 00:26 EST .

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   Fireball27  Spelled his name wrong! It's Dinesh D'Souza. We have to have his back people. They aren't going to take this movie very well. Remember the Clinton body count! Good luck Dinesh.
July 23 at 15:00 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Just got back from the theater, WONDERFUL. It was a packed house, but the people that need that education won't go or if they did, would not believe it.
July 23 at 17:18 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Fireball27  Hey Escaped, I think the people that need to see this will believe it, we just have to get them to see it! If only a few go to see it, then they will be able to pass on what they learn. We need to help pass the word, maybe by making some ads against Hillary using scenes from the movie. We can challenge the liberals to look up what they don't believe, that way they will see the truth. Tell them, don't believe me, look this up, or see the full movie. They will get an education!
July 24 at 15:49 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Here is another example of Media Malpractice. CNN reports, with a headline that reads "Navy jet falls off carrier during landing". Reading that headline one would picture a jet rolling down the deck and falling into the sea. Well you would be wrong. If you watch the video, you will see, with your own eyes, an AWACS propeller driven airplane roll along the deck. A catching cable snaps and the plane keeps going. At the end of the deck the plane goes over and dips towards the sea, and then powers up and away. No real problem, no lost lives, nothing sensational, but CNN gets to lie about what happened.
July 11 at 15:27 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  News today about a little girl raped by Syrian refugees in Twin Falls Idaho. Media has been covering it up. A big cover up. It happened at the beginning of June. Today is the first I heard about it. How about you? Minors involved so they claim it is sealed. Lets see if the media will do anything with it coming out now, and how it shows their bias.
June 20 at 19:06 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Tulsa  Snopes has extensive info. Snopes has rated the artcle 'mostly false'. No rape. No knife. No murder. Not Syrian, but are middle eastern. Here is the link. You decide.

All immigration should stop, imo. All of it. We should begin reversing it. We must determine how to track and remove visa overstays or stop issuing visas.
June 20 at 23:49 EST .

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   Namma  During the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover ordered all illegal aliens deported...all of them...because they were taking jobs away from Americans. Harry Truman deported over 2 million illegal aliens. So there were jobs for our soldiers returning from WW2. In 1954 Dwight Eisenhower deported 13 million MEXICANS. Known as operation Wetback. It can be done. We have more technology now to find these people in this country.
June 21 at 09:05 EST .

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   Calvinesq  Tulsa: I used to visit Snopes often, but now hardly ever. They have a very liberal bias that comes through more and more. The bigger question - if the story has its factual weaknesses, why isn't the media investigating to get the story right in the first place?
June 21 at 10:51 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  I'm with you, Cal. I have noticed the Leftward drift on Snopes.

Tulsa and Namma both nailed it: all immigration should stop!
June 21 at 11:22 EST .

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   Trackman999  Snopes is not reliable. Left wing.Try asking if obama said he visited 57 states,..........Iknow he said it,I heard it. Snopes makes excuses about it.Try a question you know the answer to,read what Snopes has to say.
June 21 at 14:52 EST .

 1 person like this.


It appears the story is being spread by anti-Syrian...pls read above link..too many words.

Snopes is owned by husband and wife Canadians. They don't vote and don't donate to political campaigns, If I can believe the search 'Is Snopes reliable?' I seldom go to Snopes.
June 21 at 17:30 EST .

 1 person like this.

   FlatCityGirl  Snopes rated the article "mostly false."

Here's the actual truth:

Police Chief Craig Kingsbury of Twin Falls, Idaho, confirmed Monday that three Sudanese and Iraqi boys allegedly sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl, and that two of them have been sent to a detention center after allegedly brutalizing the American child.

The suspects — two of whom are 10 and 14 years old — have been in Twin Falls for less than two years, he said, according to an Idaho TV station, KIVI-TV ABC 6. The news site used the word “rape” while the police chief said “sexual assault.”

The news site also rushed to say no Syrian refugees were involved in the case without explaining why or how Iraqis and Sudanese came to live in the Idaho city, or why it’s in the interests of Americans to invite foreigners’ alien culture into their communities.

June 22 at 10:50 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Heard something on the radio tonight I think is worth passing along. One of the young women who was shot in Orlando, was able to contact her mom on the phone. She told her mom to come and get her, and that she had been shot in the arm. The girl hid under some of the other victims, and it looked as if she would make it out alive.

Unfortunately she didn't. She bled to death. No one there did any first aid. How many of us "older" folks have been taught first aid? Most of us, I'd say. Now days I don't think they teach it. Common sense, stop the bleeding! Please discuss this situation with your loved ones. Ask the grandkids what they know about first aid. That poor mom didn't think her daughter would be in too bad of shape. If only someone would have tied off her arm, and stopped the bleeding. We have to be ready, so look for exits, think about what you would do if something goes down. Someone's life may depend on your actions.
June 16 at 02:37 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  I don't know whether first aid was even possible in this instance. The gunman was barricaded in the club, and as I understand it, he was keeping everyone "pinned down," and it's doubtful that anyone who had tried to aid the wounded would have survived. Anyone who got up or moved around would have been a sitting duck for the gunman.

The cops didn't even try to breach the building until three hours after they arrived.

In lots of photos I saw of the able-bodied escorting the wounded, I saw tourniquets and what looked like wadded up clothing covering wounds. One photo in particular, there were two men carrying a third who had a tourniquet on his upper thigh.

First aid training is always a good idea, I just don't know who effective it would have been in this case.
June 16 at 13:52 EST .

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   Fireball27  Maybe it wasn't. However she was able to contact her mom. So maybe she could have stopped or slowed the bleeding herself if she knew how. That's my point. Make sure your loved ones know what to do. Even if they have to do it on themselves.
June 16 at 15:40 EST .

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   Lonestar Jack  Why didn't Mama tell her to make a tourniquet if possible?
June 17 at 17:56 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Got my copy of the movie "Travis a soldier's story" yesterday. All I can say is WOW! Anyone think they have a hard row to hoe? Take a look at Travis Mills for all the inspiration one would ever need. Please go to Travis' site and order this movie. The money raised goes toward helping our warriors with their recovery. Travis is really remarkable. After only 5 weeks, 5 WEEKS, he walked in a 5K race! All four limbs mostly gone, and he does something so tough in such a short time! Warning!, you must watch this movie with a box of tissue at your side. I don't care who you are. Please visit Travis' foundation web site as well.
May 22 at 18:46 EST .

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   Fireball27 posted on Main Page The Lobby  Would someone who has connections to any of the Republicans running please ask them to start fighting against the left? One thing we can point out, (should be Trump ) is the damage being done on the border by the illegals. Trash is thrown all over the place. One picture of that and maybe some minds will be changed. Also someone please point out how Obama was a member of the New Party, a bunch of leftists who's goal was to take over the Democrat party. If more Democrats were to find out how they have been played by Obama and his ilk, maybe they will see what he meant about transforming America. Turning it Socialist/Communist. Google, New Party Obama Chicago. Several articles. Thanks.
February 12 at 15:17 EST .

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