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   Gerty posted on Coffee Klatch  Just read on Drudge that Issis has threatened to take Obama. WOW!
May 16 at 18:04 EST .

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   Gram77  Whoa!! Got to get to Drudge and see what's cooking!!
May 17 at 10:25 EST .

   Gerty posted on Coffee Klatch  Unaccustomed as I am of bloviating (ahem! ), I should like to publically thank Miss Bettijo. The information you provide here on the Connection has helped me in so many ways and on a variety of levels. Thank you for the time you take to keep us informed.
May 4 at 07:33 EST .

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   Bettijo  Thanks, Gerty. Please tell me if I over-do it.
May 4 at 10:00 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Main Page The Lobby  Many of us must be watching Fox News as it covers the social atrocity now taking place in the city of Baltimore.

What is going on with those people at FNC?

Hauling out the ubiquitous Geraldo--aging buffoon that he is--is, at best, annoying.
Masked faces and contorted voices do not make the information highway a comfortable ride!

Come on, Fox News, you're better than that!
May 2 at 06:39 EST .

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   Bettijo  I agree with you, Gerty. Fox News was totally disgusting last night. I could not watch it. Even Megan Kelly was awful. That mechanized (or whatever ) voice was grating on my nerves. I turned it off. Disguised guests are as bad as "anonymous sources," not authentic, not necessarily to be believed.
May 2 at 07:18 EST .

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   Mildred  Geraldo is the only one who wants to do this stuff and it's not in anyone else's contract. Geraldo will go anywhere at any time in order to be on TV. Bettijo, you are absolutely right about Megyn Kelly. Haven't watched in quite awhile. The aging 'lady of the night' in teeny-bopper clothes and funny hair routine is getting old--no pun intended. It happens to all the TV personalities when they begin to believe all the p.r. Too bad. She is intelligent and could be better.
May 3 at 12:11 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Coffee Klatch  Oh happy day!! The hummingbirds have arrived in the Mid-Hudson Valley of NYS as of noon fifteen today.

The Lord is good!
May 1 at 18:21 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Pet Peeves  There are so many things that have changed due to the communications revolution...BUT...none so annoying as the ability to ignore a phone call!!

I am aware of daily-day-to-days pressures on people. I do not spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone because of hearing difficulties. I enjoy conversations with the many members of my family. Yet, the phone call keeps ringing and no one answers! Why!?!

The best answer I can get to that question is another fact of the communications revolution. Everyone has his/her own phone. "If my phone ain't ringin', it ain't for me!!"

Note to self: Contact attorney--contemplating serious changes in will.
April 29 at 10:54 EST .

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   Bettijo  Gerty, I, too, have a hearing disability. I am totally deaf in my left ear and have severe hearing loss in right. I wear a hearing aid in right hear, but they cannot fit me for one in my left. It is so bad that I avoid using the phone for business purpose and just plain forget it if the customer service representative is in Pakistan or English is his second language.

I saw a phone advertised that really caught my attention and I ordered it from manufacturer (do not order for third party ). I just LOVE it. It is CapTel 840i manufactured by Ultratec and made for hearing impaired individuals. It has a screen about 6 or 7 inches square which prints out what the person on the other end of the line is saying (like closed caption TV ). It has answering machine which also makes use of the screen if the caller leaves a message. It has large buttons, clearly marked buttons for "Flash," "Redial," "Mute," and "Tone." You can adjust the volume with button and light below keypad. It stores numbers in a phone book or you can manually dial them. It keeps a history of incoming calls (caller id ) until you delete them. I have had it about a year and don't know how I ever got along with out it.

I paid $99.99 for it and a representative of the company delivered it and helped me set it up and taught me how to use it.

On the few occasions I have had a problem (very rare ) or a question, I have a button which says "Customer Service," which I press and am immediately connected to a live human being! Imagine!

I wholeheartedly recommend this for anyone with a hearing disability. And, as I said, I love mine. (The company should hire me as their spokesman! )
May 2 at 13:54 EST .

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   Bettijo  That should be "from a third party." One more thing, it comes with an instruction manual written in English (not technogobble ) which is easy to read and follow. Something else you need to know before buying one, it has to plug into an electrical outlet, the phone jack, AND connects to your computer with a USB cable.
May 2 at 14:00 EST .

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   Balogreene  If I don't know the number, I don't answer the phone. Even on the "Do Not Call List", we get a lot of unsolicited calls, both on the land line and the cell.

This morning I got a call from a number I did not know (0730 ). I checked the message, it was the dentist I wanted to start seeing. I called back, made an appointment, and added them to my list of known numbers. Now, I will answer their calls.
May 6 at 20:44 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Pet Peeves  I don't know how my friends here on the Connection feel about Walmart but I love it---especially since we have one in a delightful little village just over the State line. The store is vermin free (in more ways than one ) and the help are just that---helpful in every way!

So, what am I doing here on the "Pet Peeves" wall?

Evidently, the powers that be for Walmart are engaging in a little bit of bait and switch which I did not appreciate today!

Rows and rows of merchandise were lined up in various parts of the store. A huge sign was posted above each of these aisles labeled CLEARANCE. As I viewed the items from row to row, I noticed several I had purchased at a prior visit to this same store and the price of the item was exactly the same. Now, that's strange, I thought. Why are they here on the clearance shelves? Doesn't 'clearance' carry the connotation of 'marked down'?

Yes it does---unless you are in Walmart's!! They have taken the low road and opted for the exact meaning of 'clearance'. That is, stuff they want to clear out of the store! And that does not mean any discount on the original price!

Be aware, people. If one or two of the article are marked down, it will clearly be shown. If not, you won't find out until check-out...or worse, when you get home!

PS I pointed this out to one of the lovely office people and DID receive a 10% discount on an item I was buying---for my 'inconvenience'.
April 10 at 19:17 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  A little story here: I was green as grass, about 19 and had a job in the house-ware dept of a high end dept. store, Fowlers. We had pressure cookers on the shelf for 19.99, they put an ad out for these advertised for 29.95 on sale for 19.95, I went upstairs to ad and said hey wait, we are only going 4 cents off, I was told sit down, shut up or lose your job. Blinkers off, no more Mayberry for me.
April 11 at 11:40 EST .

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   MeiDei  Along with your experience EC, those outlet stores sell merchandise made especially for them, more so than overstock from their regular retail stores. It's not necessarily a "bait & switch" - it's mostly to keep the shelves full & customers interested.
April 20 at 10:36 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Coffee Klatch  A HAPPY EASTER to all on the Connection! You people are the best!

Gerty and Family.
April 4 at 13:37 EST .

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   Gram77  Thanks, Gerty, and a Happy Easter to you! It's special this year. For the second time in all my many years, my birthday falls on Easter along with my grandson.
April 4 at 17:07 EST .

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   Gerty  Oh, Gram--this is beautiful! We get to wish you a very Happy Birthday too!! The very best to you and your grandson.
April 4 at 20:33 EST .

  8 people like this.

   Gram77  thanks!
April 5 at 08:48 EST .

  11 people like this.

   Balogreene  Wow Gram, your birthday, and Jesus' rebirth, what a great day!
April 5 at 22:39 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Coffee Klatch  Hesitate to take Miss EC's entry off first on the wall, but I really need to know:

How can you tell if you are being overcharged at the Dentist? Evidently, it is unprofessional to post fees. For that matter, how do you know that you really need the work?

Sounds like I've been bitten by the paranoia bug, but, it's more likely my wallet has been bitten!!
March 28 at 11:04 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Don't get me started ! I had a dentist for close to 15 yrs that gave me a 'workup' estimate for $23,000 to re do my 4 front teeth.
I went to my sister in laws dentist and the bill is 5,300 plus this guy found some cancer cells under DH's tongue, caught that in time. 'Course Sharon's DH had just retired and they bought a new boat, and I wasn't even invited for a trip !!!! I have wondered how many dupes paid for that boat.
March 28 at 13:10 EST .

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   Gram77  There is not enough time or space to speak of my dental history, however, I was treated well and the cost for what needed to be done was in line compared to what I hear people paying in other areas here in florida. Basically: Root canals are approximately $1200.00. Where I live if you able to pay cash they knock off $150.00. Crowns are 8/900.00 and extractions are $300.00. I am in the Bradenton/Sarasota, FL area and charges remain the same, however, I have a friend in the Cleveland area that had 2 root canals done and paid nearly $4,000.00. These charges here can be questioned at the Board that takes complaints about all dentists in the areas. Hubby and I tell everyone we could travel about the world 10 times with the money that has been put into my mouth. If you really want to talk money, I inquired into implants. One tooth is 6,000.00, just a plain old bridge is 3,000.00 And unfortunately I am not aware of any good dental insurance.
March 28 at 18:11 EST .

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   MeiDei  Gram: check out this informational website for Florida:
March 31 at 08:23 EST .

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   Gerty  Thank you Miss EC and Gram---I thought something was wrong. Now, what to do about it.
March 31 at 14:32 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Pet Peeves  I don't know if I will ever learn my lesson ~but~ buying on line is such a convenience!

I also don't know if I should mention names, so I won't. Suffice it to say, buying from a company who is in China and deals ONLY from China is not a good idea. They have you over a barrel. Trying to return an item--no matter how good the reason--is an expensive lesson in futility!

Evidently, they have a different idea of what is 'truth in advertising'. They also seem to have a totally different sizing system, perhaps more suited to the Asian stature. Finally, this particular company (widely advertised throughout the internet and facebook ) has adopted the lowest methods of treating consumers from their American counterparts!
Summary: I finally got a refund through Paypal but it took two and a half months and $55 (the cost of returning the item to CHINA ). Don't care! Learned an expensive lesson. Will not ever buy anything directly from China again.
March 25 at 14:06 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Well Miss Gerty it is not just China ! I have been buying from Puritan Pride vitamins for years and yesterday received an email for a $15. credit automatically applied to my order. I use their website for research and specials and placed my order for $175., when the receipt printed there was no credit, so I called, Jennifer said call back in 30 minutes, the order hasn't processed, so I waited, called back and was on hold for over 10 minutes. I called again, this time for 'place an order' instead of customer service, well they transferred me for another wait, finally they said they would give me 5% off the next order, my response THERE WON'T BE A NEXT ORDER AND CANCEL THIS ONE
March 26 at 18:30 EST .

  8 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  I used Puritan instead of my favorite Life Extention Foundation for the price, but I guess you get what you pay for. They aren't cheap even with the membership discount, but I know where they live in Maitland and Fort Lauderdale and trust them, so I will pay the higher price for the quality and customer service.
March 27 at 16:40 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  I've baught a couple of things fromebay and amazon...and not realizing that it's being shipped from china. That fact sometimes is not obvious. Well, after waiting 2-3 MONTHS to receive them....I clearly forgot I ordered these things....and they are ever junkier than the junk we get here!!! I do wish that there was a way that these websites would WARN shoppers that the junk is literally coming on a slow boat from china. since then i really am critically nosy about where these products are coming from. It would be nice if they all had a place that we can PERMANENTLY mark off stuff from china so that we don't make that mistake again.
April 5 at 11:46 EST .

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   Gerty posted on Coffee Klatch  And a Happy Birthday to Hikergal!
March 23 at 05:36 EST .

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   Balogreene  Am I crazy, or have I not seen much of Hikergal lately?
March 23 at 20:14 EST .

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   Gerty  I get to "see" her on facebook, Miss B.
March 24 at 15:42 EST .

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