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   Hikergal posted on Coffee Klatch  my katy and her Kaniah
   June 5 at 21:22 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Rollingcow  Wow! Lovely daughter and adorable grandbaby. Sort of reminds me of my own family, we have a rainbow of colors religions and we all, somehow fit together pretty well.
Mrs. Cow
June 5 at 21:26 EST .

   Hikergal  Mrs. C half of my grand babies can check every box of race the other half are not aisian/pacific islander but every thing else
June 5 at 22:11 EST .

   Surfhut  Beautiful. I don't know what else to say except BEAUTIFUL, and I hope you can post more pics some day. Kiss that baby for Aunt Surfie.
June 5 at 22:35 EST .

   Evajeanne  Now that's a little one going somewhere with purpose!
June 5 at 23:30 EST .

   Paget51  Hikergal, What a beautiful daughter and grandbaby! You are blessed. :)

My new son-in-law is a handsome man. He is half black, and the rest of his relatives are German, English. Daughter is Norwegian/English, and neon white like me. Poor thing, she burns whenever she is out in the sun. I'm looking forward to being a grandma someday. In the meantime, I sure like being a virtual auntie to all these darling babies!
June 5 at 23:58 EST .

   FL Homeschool Mom  wow, thanks for sharing, Hikergal. Your daughter is beautiful and she passed that on to her baby. You must be so proud.
June 6 at 09:30 EST .

   Hikergal posted on Coffee Klatch  I have been thinking about "our" Charzi and Miss Tori I am blessed to have 4 sisters and when my 2nd daughter was born my 1st thought was "thank you Lord Jenn has a sister"so I went to and couldn't choose one. I know I would not be who I am without my sisters both my real sisters and my cyber sisters.
June 5 at 12:03 EST .

   Surfhut  My big sister passed away a few years ago. I don't know how my little sister and I would have made it through without each other. Also have a girlfriend from childhood who is my sister. And now I'm blessed with cyber sisters!
June 5 at 12:28 EST .

   Surfhut  When my husband died, I was a complete wreck. My sister flew out from OKC to be with me and help me get everything done. The second I saw her when she stepped off the airplane, I knew everything was going to be OK. And it was. I love you, Treesie!
June 5 at 12:39 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Rollingcow  I grew up about a mile from my SIL, she's been my friend forever and is a sister in the true sense of the word. She has five sisters I've know for almost as long and can't seem to rid of, nosy gals aways butting into my business and irritating me to no end. Hmm, guess I've got sisters after all.
Mrs. Cow
June 5 at 13:16 EST .

   Hikergal  Mrs. C yes you do!!
June 5 at 13:21 EST .

   Surfhut  Plus you have cyber sisters, Mrs. Cow! I want to break out in that song We are family. I've got all my sisters with me !
June 5 at 13:31 EST .

   Hikergal  Surfie at every wedding my sisters and I reguest that song and dance even the Baptist that thinks dancing is sinful! if it is a new lady being added t the family after the 5 of us start we bring her in and then it gets fun!
June 5 at 13:57 EST .

   Surfhut  HG, we do the same thing at our weddings! So much fun, even the old gals jump in after they've had a glass.
June 5 at 15:00 EST .

   Rollingcow  I guess I think it goes without saying that everyone here is my sister-except Phooey who is a brother.
Mrs. Cow
June 5 at 21:30 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Hikergal posted on Main Page The Lobby  

This is for the geeks like me who love how new technology allows us to see the past.A historically accurate rendering of DC in the beginning as best as can be done now.
May 31 at 11:38 EST .

   Magdalene  Guess I'm a geek. Loved it, thanks for posting, HG!
May 31 at 17:16 EST .

   Belwhatter  Thanks so much - absolutely fascinating.
May 31 at 19:41 EST .

   Paget51  Very intersting! Amazing what they can do these days!
June 1 at 01:16 EST .

   Hikergal posted on Main Page The Lobby  some gave all
   May 30 at 10:40 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Labrador Heaven  They clearly are war mother and/or sister. It never ends. Closure is just a nice word for nothing of any consequence, really. It makes others feel better to say it as an end point to sentence that makes them feel better. The real loss is shuffled endlessly into the deck of life cards, but you never forget or are allowed respite, holiday or not.

And today, our hostess is still reminded of loss. Josh did the same as any soldier - plodding in an endless loop down to The Pit to save what he could, retrieve what he could if possible, and continue right into fall-over exhaustion, day in and out. Rescue, Recover and Revenge. And he reminded businesses along the way how to *properly* fly the American flag in the midst of that crisis and disaster. We miss Josh terribly, and honor him today as well. Newcomers may not know of those terrible days on this board, but go back and read the archives on, or ask on the board.
May 30 at 12:10 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Hikergal  They are Gold Star Mothers or Gold Star Wives .Their loved one died on active duty.
May 30 at 12:30 EST .

   Linder  Utterly poignant!
May 30 at 13:05 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Hikergal posted on Main Page The Lobby  I found the Kazoos practice starts now performance to begin when ever.We also need some members to man the Der-Da-Ders ( otherwise known as empty TP rolls) please feel free to join in
Happy Birthday Magdalene!

   April 11 at 16:18 EST .

   Hikergal  I wouldn't have been able to without your gracious help DONAL the posting picture thing had me hung up till you helped me. Now let's party!!
April 11 at 16:29 EST .

April 11 at 16:40 EST .

   Magdalene  I love a kazoo or two!
April 11 at 16:46 EST .

   Hikergal  It's all Surfie's fault!!! With all the stuff we deal with and ponder on a daily basis taking the time to celebrate and laugh with friends keeps us balanced. Thanks Magdalene for giving us the chance to celebrate with you. A big thanks to the wonderful Ms. Luci for allowing this fun to go on!!
April 11 at 16:56 EST .

   MsCharlotteVale  I'm not much on noise stuff. If you'll look closely to the right, I'm over in a corner discussing conspiracy theories with some poor, unfortunate soul who's trapped by my charisma. hahaha.
April 11 at 21:02 EST .

   Hikergal posted on Main Page The Lobby  from my cousin in the Mid-East this morning on Facebook " hope that you all in the US demand to be treated like adults and have access to al jazeera--will sure help you learn more about what's going on in the middle east!
I Want My Al Jazeera : Information Clearing House: ICH" I love her she is family after all but wooowee!! It isuseful to see what the other side thinks.
April 6 at 10:40 EST .

   Hikergal posted on Main Page The Lobby  What do you say if we hire these guys to help obama with his golf game?
   April 2 at 10:54 EST .

   Rollingcow  What pretty kitties. I don't think these are the kind of cats Obimbo hangs with.
Mrs. Cow
April 2 at 11:21 EST .

   Hikergal  I was thinking he would either be too scared to play or it would speed up his game.The down side is he might make another decision and things would get worse.
April 2 at 11:23 EST .

   FL Homeschool Mom  I took a nap with my 3 year old (who got up at 5 am this morning) and dreamed about one of those kitties trying to get in my house and get my dogs!
April 2 at 16:57 EST .

   Waving flag  Can I pet them?
April 2 at 18:32 EST .

   Ole buzzard  Obimbo hangs out with the two legged variety a la felinus valerius .
April 2 at 19:15 EST .

   Hikergal posted on Main Page The Lobby  this may belong on the gardening wall but I thought it was very interesting. Ramps are a VERY VERY pungent plant and when eaten they exude thru the skin so that you get strange looks questioning your health habits.I tought this might help clear up "Stinky" Obama.The plant called Chicagou in the language of native tribes was once thought to be Allium cernuum, the nodding wild onion, but research in the early 1990s showed the correct plant was the ramp. and that is what Chicago was named for a stinky plant!!!
March 31 at 15:23 EST .

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   Hikergal  It's hard to explain I need t figure how to attach an image but if you Scroogle Ramps the wiki entry is very good
March 31 at 15:38 EST .

   Betty Jean  I just figured he emitted waves of arugula, nicotine, cocaine (don't know if you can smell that or marijuana) and hatefulness.
March 31 at 16:23 EST .

   Hikergal  thanks Donal I got it on the Garden wall .Ramps smell like food writer Jane Snow once described it, "like fried green onions with a dash of funky feet,"
March 31 at 16:30 EST .

   Olhokie64  Hikergal, what part of West Virginia are you from? I believe only West Virgians knew about ramps. They smell and taste awful. i know what they look like and do not want to see a picture of ramps.
March 31 at 16:32 EST .

   Hikergal  I'm originally from NY state but live in NC when I hiked the Appalachian Trail I was introduced to them. They can bee found any where along the hills of the east. When you eat re-hydrated food all the time fresh stuff is nice and after a day on the trail they didn't smell to bad and they seemed to help keep the bugs away (the non-hikers too LOL)
March 31 at 16:56 EST .

   FL Homeschool Mom  Have you ever been around someone who ate a gyro? My husband had one for lunch one day and I could still smell it on him the next morning. I told him the next time he eats it he can just sleep on the couch. Yuck!
March 31 at 17:38 EST .

   Ynaught  Gyro? We have them often and I have never noticed any smell.
March 31 at 18:11 EST .

   FL Homeschool Mom  He picked it up in Orlando -- I don't know what was in it, but it was strong!!
March 31 at 18:26 EST .

   MsCharlotteVale  Heavy seasonings come out of your pores. I won't go into anecdotes but it's the truth.
March 31 at 19:08 EST .

   Wrightwinger  I have never eaten them, but ramps are relatives of wild onions and wild garlic. They have a very powerful effect on the human systems especially the sweat glands and the breath and other end. Jim Comstock, former editor of "The West Virginia Hillbilly" newspaper once mixed ramp juice with his ink, and mailed a bunch of newspapers to former WV residents who had moved to other states. The Post Office was not pleased! I suspect it is an acquired taste, and entire towns indulge together in ramp festivals to spread the wealth, and the local perfume. Richwood is the Ramp place to be in the spring.
March 31 at 20:46 EST .

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   Hikergal posted on Main Page The Lobby  something fun for our Seattle friends
March 31 at 14:29 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Paget51  Hilarious, and spot on! Wouldn't you agree Donal?
March 31 at 14:52 EST .

   Ole buzzard  Well, DONAL, it's kind of like Alaska. It has four seasons, too: Winter, June, July, and August.
March 31 at 19:36 EST .

   Hikergal  I was thinking it was the polar opposite of New England, if you wait a few minutes the weather will change . But I thought consistency was something every one wanted!!!/s
love ya'll
March 31 at 22:07 EST .

   MirJoy posted on Hikergal  HG - put a new post about Prayer Wall - refined it a bit so maybe it might still work. I think it is on my Wall.
February 23 at 14:13 EST .

   4 people like this.

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