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   MadMac posted on The Range 2nd Amendment  The husband/wife dynamic is not always conducive to hands-on instruction. I would advise (as others here) getting a couple good lessons under your belt from someone other than your husband. Ask for suggestions at your local gun store. We invoked the services of local DoJ instructor, and it was the best "gun money" we ever spent.

In addition, you need to spend some time reflecting about how/when you would be willing to take someone else's life. To us, that was the biggest hurdle. The rest are just mechanics.

Here's what Missus Mac carries:

   March 8 at 09:38 EST .

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   Paget51  Madmac, Yes, that is a dilemma. I can't imagine myself actually shooting someone. On the other hand, I think I could do it if I was protecting a loved one.

We live in a safe neighborhood, but who knows about the future? Hubby says anyone breaking in would likely take off if they heard our security alarm go off. But I said, well, what if they don't leave? To ease my worries, as I'm alone at night when he is on night shift, he got the gun and a laser site. He said when they saw the laser light, they would know I was serious. He also thought he could just take me out to a shooting range, and teach me himself. I said I wanted to take a class. So, thanks again for suggestions. I like your wife's gun. If I ever get comfortable around guns, I'll ask hubby to buy me one of my own.:)
March 8 at 15:08 EST .

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   MadMac  I tell others considering a gun to think long on hard on how and when they would use it. Know the laws for self-defense in your state. Talk to your pastor. rabbi, or priest if you choose. If you cannot envision shooting someone, get a taser or preferably, a big, nasty dog.

I don't rely on my firearms to scare someone off. That's not their purpose. They have only ONE purpose. That's to use as an absolute last resort when faced with imminent death or grave bodily harm to me or my family. That's the legal standard. Everything else is details.

My wife has a similar situation when I travel. Since we have no children, she locks our bedroom door. If someone were to break in, she presses the emergency 911 call button on her phone while arming herself. If the intruder wisely leaves, they leave. We will not shoot even a burglar over our insured possessions - even if legally justified. However, if anyone attempts to breach the door, she has fifteen rounds of hollowpoint ammunition ready to fly with a spare magazine. ANY attempt to breach that door is a threat to her (or my) life.

If we are awake and on the main floor, our state allows us to use deadly force if someone tries to forcably enter our secured home.

When we carry concealed, the gun is only on us for that absolute last resort. We have never even had to draw, and never want to.

Owning firearms requires you to be trained and knowledgable in their use and (especially) their safety requirements. But knowing WHEN to use them is key.
March 8 at 19:49 EST .

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   Paget51  That's good information; thank you. I just read this to my husband, and he agrees with you. However, he thinks I'm over-reacting because he says no one would break into our home with a gun, as they would just want to grab stuff and run. I also wouldn't shoot people over my possessions. They can have them. But I don't want them to hurt me or my husband. I think I should be prepared for any scenario, no matter how unlikely.

I won't touch our gun until I'm trained. Until then, our barky dog will continue to be my alarm. And once I am trained, I hope I never have to use it.
March 8 at 21:45 EST .

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   MadMac  Statistically, most burglars are working while average citizens are working. As your husband states, they just want your stuff and don't wish to be caught. Most are also not armed, because they can get off easy for simple breaking and entering, but if they are armed, the charges and sentencing is much harsher.

That said, it's not the cat burglars and petty thieves I am armed against. Just two years ago, a young man rang the doorbell of a retired couple just a few blocks away from us. We live in a VERY nice neighborhood. He was bloodied from an altercation of some sort. Mr Good Samaritan opened his door to the youth, and was rewarded by being immediately assaulted.

After nearly beating the 62 year-old man to death with a statue he grabbed in the foyer, the assailant chased the wife into the yard where he beat and sexually assaulted her. The neighbors had to stand in horror while dialing 911 hoping a man with a gun would show up in time. The police were not able to get there in time.

You husband is right - IF this is just a night burglar looking for your TV of silverware. What if it's not just a burglar?

That's the week we became armed citizens.

Neither my wife nor I feel it will happen to us. We pray it won't. We no longer answer the door to uninvited strangers of any stripe (sorry Girl Scouts). However, we are also armed. When seconds count, police are only minutes away.
March 9 at 08:37 EST .

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   MadMac posted on The Range 2nd Amendment  For future reference:
   January 30 at 09:38 EST .

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   Starlifter Nav  Thank you. That very badly needed to be said.
February 1 at 18:50 EST .

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   MadMac posted on The Range 2nd Amendment  Not all Americans handle weapons correctly.
   January 27 at 08:58 EST .

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   Loosbolt  true that...
January 27 at 15:04 EST .

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   MadMac posted on The Range 2nd Amendment  Response to Persecutor 2: Only a few states and localities have bans on high-capacity (hi-cap) magazines. California has a statewide "ban" that limits magazine capacity to ten rounds on all firearms. That means companies like Glock have to make down-sized magazines to comply with California law in order to sell their pistols in that state.

All Glock 9mm pistols can accept higher capacity magazines. The Glock models 17, 19, 26 and 34 can all accept the 33-round magazine designed for the Glock 18: a fully automatic Glock handgun not available to US civilians. However, you can buy the 33-round magazine itself and it will fit into any Glock 9mm pistol. However, it is a cumbersome magazine and sticks out way below the pistol grip as you would assume. It throws off the balance and ergonomics of an excellent handgun.

I am getting ready to go out, and have a Glock 19 in a holster on my hip under my sweater as I type. I have a standard 15-round magazine loaded up with Gold Dot JHPs. It conceals nicely and is quite legal.

I doubt the witness statements - especially about time - are completely accurate. Times speeds up when someone is shooting. Also, someone experienced with the Glock platform can swap out a magazine in a Glock in the blink of an eye. Pressure on the magazine release immediately drops the empty magazine onto the floor, and (if you've practiced this part), you can pop another one in, rack the slide, and you have a fresh 15 (or 17, or 33 depending on which magazine you have) new rounds ready to go.

The fact Loughner had the 33-round magazine just shows his intent to cause maximum mayhem. He wasn't trained, and he wasn't trying to conceal his firearm.

   January 14 at 09:57 EST .

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   Persecutor2  Thanks for the info--Interesting comment re the witnesses' statement re time--IIRCthe one I heard said that it seemed like forever even tho it was a short time--like 8-10 seconds.
January 14 at 12:12 EST .

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   OnTheBall  Folks don't realize how fast you can unload a semi-auto just by pulling the trigger fast. I've spent three and a half yrs in Law Enforcemnt and during our montly qualification shooting at the range. I practiced firing as 'fast' as I could, knowing full well, that when I was faced with a life or death shootout face to face with the big bad wolf, I'd be firing that way. I was able to empty a 15 round magazine with one in the barrel for a total of 16 shots, in FIVE SECONDS or less! In in-service we did a quik-draw fire two rounds routine as they timed us with a stop watch. I tied with another guy for FASTEST on the P.D. as I was able to fire two kill shots in .33 of a second. IF I took the time to actually 'aim' I put two IN THE HEART circle at 1.30 secs. At seven yrds = 21ft. You ~must~ practice this to be able to DO it.
January 14 at 20:40 EST .

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   OnTheBall  I spent three and a half DECADES in L.E.! D'oohh I hate typos.
January 14 at 20:41 EST .

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   WRR0369  I've had to go through this for years with Friends of NRA about what's legit. in Kalifornia as opposed to the rest of the world. It's a real head scratcher.
January 15 at 20:05 EST .

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   MadMac posted on Main Page The Lobby  Will the GOP Congress blow it again? Time will tell. I am not over sanguine they won't. In case you're wondering what to tell you new representative, consider this:

We need smaller, more efficient government.
We need less onerous regulations on businesses.
We need to ease the tax burden on ALL business.
We need to eliminate waste in ALL departments - yes, that means Defense, too.
We need to ease the tax burden on ALL Americans - yes, ALL.
We need to return to the Constitutional roles of the federal government.
We must be willing to say "no" - as Chris Christie has so eloquently shown us.
We must encourage people to work in the jobs that will be created.
We need to control our borders just like Mexico.
We need to fine businesses that hire illegal workers.
We need to stop paying ANY social benefits to illegal aliens.
No public education or other educational resources for illegal aliens.
We need to strictly enforce voting laws to ensure only legal Americans can vote.
We need to stop all voter fraud and enforce all the voting laws on the books.

Now that's a tall order. When your representative decides he/she wants to start a fight over gay marriage, DADT, stem cell research, prayer in public schools, or wants to honor the Confederacy, you can ask them if they've taken care of these other issues already, and now have time to dabble in this minutiae.

For Republicans to govern effectively, they need a big tent. As Governor Christie has shown in a liberal state, this principled stance garners voter support. There is no longer any room for Republicans who want "reach across the aisle" Big Government.

If they follow the likes of Mitch McConnell and look to use their legislative power to reward a handful of their constituents, they must go, or risk a fractured conservative base. I will be part of the fracture if it comes to that.

   November 10 at 06:32 EST .

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   MadMac  No comments? I guess I should just post some smark about Michelle Obama's clothes.
November 10 at 13:55 EST .

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   Kelsey  MadMac, this post deserves much more comment that it has gotten in the 18 hours (as of now) that it has been on this board. My comment is "Dittos." You are right on. I see you addressed the problems with the illegals. I would only add "no amnesty" and changing gears here, "no abortion."
November 11 at 08:11 EST .

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   MadMac posted on Main Page The Lobby  Here comes Glenn Beck!
   November 9 at 16:34 EST .

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   Thwarkmaster  Maos, Stalins, Pol Pots, and Hitlers do come along now and then.
November 9 at 16:41 EST .

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   MsCharlotteVale  Glenn's team is just rounding up knowledge that's available if anyone has the time and interest to put it all together. People don't want to believe that there are really dangerous people out there who want to hobble or own this country. It's taken the left a long time because we Americans are wild and unpredictable and yes, we are armed.
November 9 at 18:19 EST .

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   MadMac posted on The Range 2nd Amendment  Thanks for this page, Joshua! A ccw-er here, and proud to be a long-time member.
November 9 at 15:20 EST .

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   MadMac posted on Main Page The Lobby  Avatar checking. Great to be here, folks. More kudos to the techies!
November 3 at 16:19 EST .

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   MadMac  Woo Hoo! Wanted to be here on Day One!
November 3 at 16:18 EST .

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