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   Saguni posted on Movies & Reviews  I can't understand what the producers or director were thinking casting the shrimp, Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, were they unable to read Lee Child's description of his main character?? I can almost forgive Lee Child, because the author often signs away any input into the movie, but I will NEVER spend a penny to see this atrocity.
   December 11 at 19:54 EST .

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   Nugoddess  There is a ''plastic'' aspect to Tom Cruise; his acting is forced and puerile. Cruise does not have the ability to convince me that the sun rises in the east. I have no idea why this guy is as successful as he is - he really kind of creeps me out.
December 11 at 20:29 EST .

  38 people like this.

   Balogreene  I just don't like him, or think he's attractive. I keep thinking Scientology is responsible for pushing him. They seem to have pull in Hollywood.
December 12 at 19:17 EST .

  38 people like this.

   Saguni  2 pieces of trivia from the imdb page for this movie:

1 )The character Jack Reacher from Lee Child's book series is described as 6'5" tall and weighing between 210 and 250 pounds (Tom Cruise is 5'7" tall ).

2 ) Brad Pitt, Hugh Jackman, Vince Vaughn, Jamie Foxx and Will Smith were considered for the role of Jack Reacher before Tom Cruise was cast.
December 12 at 20:30 EST .

  42 people like this.

   Rake King  I like the description "Shrimp". To be a leading man, you should not have to stand on a box to kiss the leading lady.

As to Hollywood not following novels, they have a history of doing it "My Way". I will say this, screen writers who take novels and turn them into movies is a huge chore creating dialogue scripts for actors to say lines, as with the Set Decorators finding, or creating the scenery. Ask Surf, she worked for one on the top studios before returning to her home town of OKC.
December 13 at 11:55 EST .

  38 people like this.

   Saguni posted on Comments Suggestions  Will we be able to "look up members" again soon?
November 18 at 17:37 EST .

   52 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Would be nice if that feature was back...hint, hint.
December 10 at 07:39 EST .

  48 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  would appreciate the return for the option of viewing newest posts too, I miss that the most. Who has time to scroll through each wall hunting for new posts?
December 10 at 18:39 EST .

  51 people like this.

   Kono  I visited this wall specifically to ask if those functions actually went away. While relieved it's not just another case of me being oblivious, I wonder whether the loss (or suppression ) of those features doesn't undo the 'connection' mission of this site.

Can't help thinking it might be yet another casualty of our liability-obsessed culture, since user lookup could, conceivably, be used for stalking and harassing purposes.
December 12 at 15:47 EST .

  48 people like this.

   Saguni  About a decade before this site was created, we used to be able to click on a poster's "name" and--if they made it public--see that poster's email address. I've been on the main site since long before the blue dress, in all that time I've had ONE bad email...that person railed about the stupidity of something I'd posted to an article. I searched back through my posted comments for the previous few days and could not figured out which one he meant. But, as a defense, I went to a free email site and created a new email ( ) for use on these sites only. Perhaps there are stalkers out there, but I doubt if they are members.
December 21 at 14:51 EST .

  49 people like this.

   Saguni posted on Main Page The Lobby  I thought about putting this on the "Politics" wall, but maybe more will see it here. I know my memory isn't what it once was, but I seem to remember, about 4 or 5 years ago, 0bama being interviewed and the subject of taxes was brought up, the interviewer said raising tax rates would lower tax revenues, that has happened numerous times in the past. To which 0bama said, "I know, but in the interest of fairness, I will still raise taxes, even if it does lower revenues." Can someone tell me how to research for that interview or quote or how to find a clip of the exchange?
November 11 at 19:54 EST .

   37 people like this.

November 11 at 20:06 EST .

  34 people like this.

   Montanabound  Wow, you were fast, Nu.
November 13 at 00:49 EST .

  37 people like this.

   Saguni posted on Events  For the L-dotters and Connectors within driving distance of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, I would like to invite you to come to the Friends of the Metropolitan Library's Annual Booksale, February 25 and 26. It is held in the Oklahoma Expo Hall at the State Fairgrounds. Free entrance on Saturday and Sunday. In the bigger "General" room, all hardbacks are $1 and paperbacks are 50 cents. In the other room, is "Collector's Choice," books in much better condition, this year's bestsellers and antique or First Editions, individually priced and great bargains! Our booksale is one of the top five in the country, all work is done by volunteers and all proceeds go back to the library. The branch librarians send us a "wish list" for programs, art or improvements not in the county budget, and the profits pay for these items. Our website is-- --and it has pictures of previous sales. I will be at the back of the "General" room, working at the Volunteer Tables.
January 16 at 12:50 EST .

   63 people like this.

   Surfhut  Darn! Would loved to have come to the sale and met you!
January 28 at 06:20 EST .

  79 people like this.

   Saguni  Whachoo talkin' 'bout? The sale is NEXT weekend! We're taking the boxes of books to the fairground could come out and help set them up on tables...lots and lots of tables full of books.
February 18 at 18:33 EST .

  65 people like this.

   Surfhut  Well, I just came from the book fair and met Saguni in person. (Saguni, I looked for you again after shopping and couldn't find you! ) Can't tell you how much fun it was to meet a Connector in person!
February 26 at 15:15 EST .

  73 people like this.

   Surfhut  PS. It was pretty funny, going to the table and trying to explain why I was there and who I was meeting. I didn't recognize Saguni ... the police officer was staring at me ... when I finally said we met online via Lucianne, she jumped up and we had a hug-fest! Great fun!
February 26 at 15:19 EST .

  73 people like this.

   Saguni  I'm sorry I missed you, they pulled me to help serve lunch for the volunteers who are there from 8 to 3. The police officer sits there because it is in front of the "financial room," at the end of the sale I found out our total this year was just over $230K! We have been trying to break 1/4 million for several years, but don't quite make it, but that's not bad for a 3 day sale.
February 26 at 23:31 EST .

  82 people like this.

   Linder  Great story.....Surf, did you buy some books at those great prices?
March 10 at 21:39 EST .

  69 people like this.

   Saguni posted on Wish List  I wish every one has a safe home where they are warm, fed and happy and have a great and prosperous New Year.
December 25 at 23:18 EST .

   40 people like this.

   Saguni posted on Main Page The Lobby  My letter did appear on Dec. 18th and is not posted at the paper's website:
December 19 at 18:31 EST .

   33 people like this.

   Saguni  And I can't even spell "now"
December 19 at 18:31 EST .

  32 people like this.

   Rocket-j-squirrel  A well researched response! I'm sure you discombobulated the elite asses who discount the mouth-breathing minions as bereft of cognizant thought...Stay feisty, my friend!
December 19 at 20:20 EST .

  37 people like this.

   Yottyhere  I enjoyed your letter immensely. Well done!
December 19 at 20:50 EST .

  36 people like this.

   Magdalene posted on Saguni  Hey Saguni, we're neighbors! I live in Edmond. (Agree with you about that silly Letter!)
December 13 at 23:44 EST .

   39 people like this.

   Saguni  I live about a mile from the Fairgrounds, which makes it handy in February, when the Friends of the Library have our big book sale.
December 14 at 20:08 EST .

  38 people like this.

   Magdalene  Really! The first house we owned was on Villa between 17th & 18th streets. We were there 10 years. My husband works at 20th & Classen. Small Ldot world, eh?
December 14 at 22:09 EST .

  38 people like this.

   Saguni  I'm closer to 10th & Tulsa, however, I sometime drove past your old house when I worked at Shepard Mall for awhile. I would take 16th and Villa to avoid the traffic on 23rd.
December 16 at 20:21 EST .

  37 people like this.

   Magdalene  Well heck we oughta get together on of these times!
December 17 at 23:09 EST .

  38 people like this.

   Saguni posted on Main Page The Lobby  In deference to Ms. L's request below, I've placed a rant on my wall about my local paper's Letters to the Editor.
December 13 at 18:07 EST .

   34 people like this.

   Saguni  Yesterday I read a Letter To The Editor and decided to correct a mistaken statement. I've checked the website, and they are behind on the letters, so I will type it below, the bold are the statements I dispute.


In response to Lawrence to Lawrence M. Neumann (Your views, Dec 5) Do I believe American courts should ever apply Sharia Law? No. But mo American courts are applying it. The pointless state question passed by Oklahoma voters is only a political misdirection that works when people don't take the time to learn the truth about a matter. The vote was based on fear and emotion, not on rational judgment and fact. If individuals wish to abide by Sharia law in their personal lives, they can do so. That's called liberty. That's what America is all about.
This is the place where people can live with religious freedom by choice, even if that choice is Sharia law (or any other unpopular religious tenet). Suggesting that they have to leave the state or nation to do so isn't American. Our courts have never applied Sharia law here.

So I wrote my own letter and submitted it by email:

I have to disagree with Kenneth Bethune (That’s Called Liberty 12/12/10) while Sharia Law has not been used in Oklahoma courts, judges in other jurisdictions have relied on it in over a dozen cases. A simple internet search will find many instances detailing cases where the judge sided with a Muslim, usually male, against the requirements of US or state laws.

Our courts rely on laws passed by our politicians, no other religion is allowed to use their religious laws in preference to our laws. Mr. Awad says that to deny him Sharia Law is in violation of his First Amendment rights, as a US trained attorney, he claims he can not write a will that complies with both US Laws and Sharia Law. In all the decades that Muslims have lived in this country, complying with our laws, has this ever been a problem? He does not give an example.

For several decades the ACLU and Freedom From Religion as well as other groups, have argued that the First Amendment prohibits any mention of our religion, Christianity, in any public venue, children can’t pray on their own, and monuments must be torn down. There must be a “Wall of Separation.” Now, in 2010, that same First Amendment that forbids Christians a place in public…is to be used to force us to allow Islam’s Sharia Law in preference to our laws?

Am I the only person who has a problem with this deception?

Today I got an email from the "Your Views Editor"

The only case I know of relying on Sharia was in New Jersey and it was overturned on appeal. What are the other cases? What is your source for this information.

J.E. McReynolds
Your Views editor
The Oklahoman

It is sad that the editor--even if he's just the letters editor--does not keep up with the news. Perhaps that is why
December 13 at 18:03 EST .

   39 people like this.

   Saguni  It is sad that the editor--even if he's just the letters editor--does not keep up with the news. Perhaps that is why the paper has published so many letters against the "Save Our State" question, and few in favor of it. However I must admit I do not get the paper every day. So anyway, I answered his email with this link to the American Thinker here:

Thanks for allowing me to vent. I even exceed my space on my Wall!
December 13 at 18:04 EST .

  39 people like this.

   Saguni posted on Jokes  While creating husbands, God promised women that good and ideal husbands would be found in all corners of the world.

And then he made the earth round.

(Just a joke; I know we all have good husbands, but the catch-phrase here might be "ideal." LOL)
November 13 at 22:32 EST .

   38 people like this.

   Yottyhere  hahahahahahaha!!!
November 14 at 00:49 EST .

  35 people like this.

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