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   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  The ending scene from "To Sir With Love", where he decides to stay. Please note Lulu has lost an earring [grin]

12 hours ago .

   1 person like this.

   MeiDei  I always liked Lulu's music, she surprised me when she married Robin Gibbs.
12 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Who are they? Yes, Gram, one's a profile, but a recognizable one.
   12 hours ago .

   MeiDei  far left - Rock Hudson : )
12 hours ago .

   Safetydude  And the other guy is Robert Mitchum.
11 hours ago .

   Gram77  Yep this is one profile I know......Marilyn Monroe on the right. The other gal is Terry something. Have to say I was never fond of her.
11 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Terry Moore
10 hours ago .

   StormCnter  You three ran the board. Nicely done, too.
9 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Best Picture Oscar Winner. Title? Actors?
   19 hours ago .

   Gram77  That cute little boy is Dean Stockwell and the adult is Gregory Peck. Haven't a notion as to the movie.
18 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Gram is right. The film is "Gentleman's Agreement"
12 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Movies with a reference to weather in the title:
The Perfect Storm
20 hours ago .

 View all 14 comments.

   MeiDei  Purple Rain
Snow White
18 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Wind River
Twister or Storm Hunters
15 hours ago .

   Tulsa  Red Dawn. I am stuck on color instead of weather. HEP!

There is no hep, I'm right right brain I need a road map to the left brain.
15 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Rainmaker
the Sunshine Boys
Little Miss Sunshine
13 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Singing in the Rain
13 hours ago .

   Tulsa  Rain Man, Gone with the Wind.
13 hours ago .

   StormCnter  The Man From Snowy River
12 hours ago .

   MeiDei  The Snows of Killimanjaro (sp? )
12 hours ago .

   MeiDei  The Winds of War?
12 hours ago .

   Gram77  The Rains of Ranchapur. Forgive my spelling. : )
11 hours ago .

 View all 14 comments.

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  2013 Movie Ad Tagline: Where her book ended, their story began
Yesterday at 12:37 EST .

   StormCnter  Think Mickey Mouse's father.
18 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Saving Mr Banks
9 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Did you see "Out of Africa"? Did you enjoy it, maybe love it? Did you read the book? You might like this 2015 piece from the Telegraph about the movie and about Kenya.
Yesterday at 10:09 EST .

   MeiDei  Redford's 81st b'day was a few days ago. I saw this film; I confess I don't remember much more than a few scenes and feeling quite sad when his character died. It's a film that would appeal to a romantic. I'm not sure but did Streep have anything to do with Redford's 27 year marriage breaking up ... there have been some suggestions of a romance between hem. I lost interest in him after that.
Yesterday at 13:02 EST .

   MeiDei  Forgot to mention I enjoyed the article!
Yesterday at 13:04 EST .

   StormCnter  I don't know about Streep/Redford and a romance, but I do have a friend who has met Robert Redford and she says he is a total jerk.
Yesterday at 14:28 EST .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Screen shot from 2016 film. Can you name it?
   Yesterday at 07:06 EST .

   GO3  Arrival. Didn't see it; just the previews.
Yesterday at 07:37 EST .

   StormCnter  Yes! Amy Adams in the shot.
Yesterday at 09:21 EST .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Do you recognize this screen icon?
   Yesterday at 07:02 EST .

   StormCnter  She doesn't want any company.
20 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Garbo?
17 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Ta-da!
17 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Remember when we thought Dean Martin would have no career after the duo breakeup? Jerry Lewis was supposed to be the one with a future. Well, we were wrong. I loved Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis not so much. I've read memoirs of each of these men and there were surprises in those books. Anyway, here is a tribute to Jerry Lewis, with a lot of Dean Martin, in the clips.

Yesterday at 06:59 EST .

   1 person like this.

   MeiDei  Who can resist smiling when Dean is on screen?
Yesterday at 17:41 EST .

   StormCnter posted on Recipes  Whew! I made Turkey-Rice-Raisin Stuffed Bell Peppers yesterday and they are really scrumptious. However, it took a couple of hours from start to finish and a really messy kitchen to clean up. I can't cook in a messy kitchen, so part of the two hours was consumed by my washing up and wiping down. The recipe included toasted walnuts, lots of mozzarella and feta cheese, oven time and broiler time, too. As I said when I started this comment...whew!
Sunday at 09:46 EST .

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