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Wi cynic

   WI Cynic posted on Main Page The Lobby  The timing was horrible. I had no idea how often I lurked here for enjoyment until the election was going on and the Connection was off. Withdrawel symptoms... not pretty.
November 8 at 23:21 EST .

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   Hollyhock  Like you I come here often. Left a big void when the Connection was off. Don't post much anymore but still enjoy reading. Glad it's back. Thanks to Luis and the crew.
November 8 at 23:39 EST .

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   Prudente  Most know I rarely post - I'm so glad the site is back up and I can enjoy all the comments. Thanks loads.
November 9 at 00:15 EST .

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   Montanabound  I didn't realize it was back. I missed it. What a horrible couple of days we've just had!
November 9 at 00:29 EST .

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   WI Cynic posted on Veterans' Page & Militaria  In memory of my shipmates lost 25 years ago on USS Stark (FFG-31 ), May 17, 1987. I'm getting older, but they never will.
May 18 at 18:45 EST .

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   Rake King  Permit me to give a hand salute in honor to your shipmates.
May 19 at 08:36 EST .

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   WI Cynic posted on Computers &Tech Issues  For you users of Windows 7...

Some cheapskate around here hasn't bought a new PC in quite a while; it's still running Windows XP (when it's not running linux ). It may be time to replace it with something a little newer.

Did you have XP before 7? How do you like 7 in comparison?
April 20 at 19:00 EST .

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   BubbaEuler  I like my Win 7 HP x64 very much and for many different reasons. I loved my old XP but the new 64 bit Win 7 is easier to use and easier to maintain. I would not go back to XP unless ... well, I just wouldn't!
April 21 at 10:45 EST .

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   Balogreene  As a writer, and therefore Word Processor, I hated 7 when I first got it. They changed all the menus and nothing seemed intuitive any more. I took a day, all 8 hours of it at work, to set up my own shortcuts bar, and really learn it. I am once again a power user, but, I still don't like it. Today it took me 10minutes to figure out how to "insert" a comment. It's under "review", I added it to my shortcuts bar.
April 25 at 18:34 EST .

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   WI Cynic  Outcome: the new (comparatively ) PC will have Windows 7, mostly because the maker doesn't have any XP drivers for it. Enthusiasm = low.
May 8 at 07:30 EST .

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   Phooey  I switched to Win7 from Win98. What a shock! Talk about cheap!
May 16 at 18:20 EST .

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   Bob913  Here is some help for Word

I do not like Office 2010
For Word and Excel you can use this UBitMenu toolbar. It puts back the Office 2003 toolbar you are familiar with. Free.

You all will hate Windows 8!
June 3 at 18:32 EST .

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   WI Cynic posted on Veterans' Page & Militaria  In Memorium, KIA on USS Stark (FFG-31), 17 May 1987. We haven't forgotten you, guys.

SN D. H. Bolduc

BM1 B. O. Brown

FC3 J. L. Calkins

SN M. Caouette

BM3 J. Ciletta, JR.

SN B. Clinefelter

OS3 A. A. Daniels

ET2 C. Deangelis

IC3 J. S. Dunlap

STGSN S. T. Erwin

RM2 J. B. Farr

QMCS V. T. Foster

RMSN D. D. Grissett

FC3 W. R. Hansen

GMG2 D. Homicki

OSSN K. Janusik, JR.

OS1 S. E. Kendall

EMCS S. G. Kiser

SM1 R. G. Lockett

GMM1 T. MacMullen

EW3 C. T. Moller

DS1 R. E. Pierce

SN J. L. Phelps

GMG3 J. Plonsky

ET3 K. R. Quick

FCCS R. L. Shippee

SMSN E. P. Ryals

SMSN J. C. Sibley

OS3 L. Stephens

TM2 J. R. Stevens

ET3 M. J. Supple

FC1 G. L. Tweady

SN V. L. Ulmer

EW3 J. P. Watson

ET3 W. R. Weaver

IC2 L. A. Wilson

OSSN T. D. Weldon
May 17 at 08:10 EST .

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   Surfhut  Thank you, on behalf of a grateful nation. I will never forget you.
May 18 at 00:00 EST .

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