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   MeiDei posted on Movies & Reviews  2007 mystery/thriller
Well-respected businessman Earl Brooks has a secret: Beneath his family-man facade lurks a murderous alter-ego named Marshall. Brooks struggles with his addiction to killing, but Marshall enjoys his grisly hobby too much to let go. Finally, Brooks resolves to commit one final murder, but a voyeur witnesses it and blackmails him to continue. With a detective ) hot on his trail, Brooks/Marshall must spin an increasingly elaborate web.*

   12 hours ago .

   MeiDei posted on Movies & Reviews  Good morning all! A bit of Tuesday Trivia, just watched a video of the opening of The Blue Box Cafe - meaning you can now actually have Breakfast at Tiffany's - Breakfast costs $29, Lunch $39 & High Tea $49 ...
   18 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Good morning to you. Let's do it, Mei. I'll meet you there Sunday morning.
18 hours ago .

   MeiDei  laughing here - better make that Someday morning although it is hard to resist truffled eggs for $29 ; ) What an incentive to work on my stamina.
18 hours ago .

   MeiDei posted on Coffee Klatch  Somewhere in this picture, there is a hidden horse. If you have the eyes of a hawk then you should be able to spot the filly in no time. Only 97% of people have what it takes though to find the horse in less than 5 seconds, are you game?
   Yesterday at 22:31 EST .

   MeiDei posted on Suggested Reading  There is a list of 17 books to read this Fall; Artemis is one, as well as a series of short stories in a book written by Tom Hanks and a surprise to me book about American WWII female code breakers: Code Girls: The Untold Story of the American Women Code Breakers of World War II by Liza Mundy. A Dan Brown novel, "Origin", is also listed - about the art world in Spain. I haven't checked out the last 3 books yet.
   Yesterday at 19:29 EST .

   MeiDei posted on Movies & Reviews  2001 mystery/thriller
Career thief Nick Welles is about to mastermind a nearly impossible theft that will require his joining forces with a clever young accomplice. The unlikely alliance, arranged by Nick's longtime friend and fence, Max, interrupts Nick's plan to retire from crime and settle down with his fiancée, Diane (Angela Bassett ). Worse, it requires that Nick violate his most important rule: Always work alone. Name title & 3 actors.

   Yesterday at 17:29 EST .

   MeiDei  3 very famous & acclaimed actors, tan suit no longer with us, he left after making an offer no-one could refuse.
17 hours ago .

   StormCnter  De Niro at left, Brando at right.
12 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Right you are! Gram's fav is in the center.
12 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Ed Norton center; the movie is "The Score" - a good one.
7 hours ago .

   MeiDei posted on Movies & Reviews  2002 mystery
Regina meets charming Joshua while vacationing in Martinique, as she contemplates ending her whirlwind marriage to enigmatic Charlie. Then upon her return to Paris, she finds that both her apartment and her bank account have been emptied, and her husband has been murdered. The more Reggie learns, the more she realizes the scope of the puzzle, which she must solve to protect herself from ever-increasing danger.

   Yesterday at 10:47 EST .

   1 person like this.

   MeiDei  Thandie Newton & Mark Wahlburg above, with Stephen Dillane & Tim Robbins in "The Truth About Charlie".
17 hours ago .

   MeiDei posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Places in the USA that cater to you and your pet dog ...
Yesterday at 07:55 EST .

   MeiDei posted on Movies & Reviews  1990
To the Los Angeles elite, F. F. is known as "Mr. Rock 'n' Roll Detective." This loudmouthed ladies' man serves an exclusive rock star clientele, who depend on his keen eye and smug discretion. So when a heavy-metal musician dies mid-concert, F.F. is on the case before the lights come up. But things turn shocking when radio personality Johnny Crunch hires him to find a missing groupie mere hours before he is electrocuted live on air.* Title, Actors?

   Yesterday at 07:24 EST .

   MeiDei  Any gents here able to identify this 1957 car?
Yesterday at 15:03 EST .

   StormCnter  Gents? How about an old lady? I was 16 years old in 1957 and this is a Ford Crown Victoria. My small rural high school was agog with a local boy left for overseas military service and let his girlfriend keep his Vic. She drove it to school every day and every day high school boys gathered around it slobbering all over it. Hers was turquoise and white.
Yesterday at 16:29 EST .

   MeiDei  You're 1/2 right - it's a Ford Fairlane (500 ) easily confused with the Fairlane Crown Victoria, Fairlane Custom, Fairlane Ranchero, etc. After all this the movie is "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" starring Andrew Dice Clay - I couldn't watch more than 1/2 hour. Gilbert Gottlieb was the guy who got electrocuted. Also in cast was: Wayne Newton, Priscilla Presley, Lauren Holly, Morris Day, Robert Englund & Ed O'Neill.
23 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Of course it is missing the "crown". I spoke hastily and was wrong.
18 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Very easy mistake to make - they are so similar to one another especially in the years between '55 & '57, I didn't research beyond those dates. I was heartbroken when mine died, built like a tank it was, trunk capacity big enough to house two overly endowed people with room to spare (probably not, exaggerating here, but it did take 2-1/2 full sets [4 pcs. small to xlg] of American Tourister hard case luggage ). The Crown Vics were used by the police back then.
17 hours ago .

   MeiDei posted on Movies & Reviews  An easy one to end the night with: 1954 triller
A newspaper photographer with a broken leg passes time recuperating by observing his neighbors through his window. He sees what he believes to be a murder, and decides to solve the crime himself. With the help of his nurse and girlfriend, he tries to catch the murderer without being killed himself. Actors & tile?

   Sunday at 19:52 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Safetydude  This was on TV a couple of days ago; "Rear Window" starring GEN Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelly(not pictured ). Also with Raymond Burr.
Sunday at 21:06 EST .

  2 people like this.

   MeiDei  Well done! Yes, it was on recently and I watched it again - not one cuss word! Thelma Ritter (his nurse ) and Wendell Corey as his detective friend.
Yesterday at 07:18 EST .

  2 people like this.

   MeiDei posted on Movies & Reviews  Due for release in Dec. "Just Getting Started" Tommy Lee Jones, Morgan Freeman & Rene Russo.

Sunday at 19:49 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Gram77  Saw previews at the theater last week. Looks good.
Yesterday at 06:19 EST .

  2 people like this.

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