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   RedWhiteBlue  I use Firefox for internet use. All was going well foryears and all of a sudden it will not stick with the homepage that I selected. It keeps bouncing to some wierd page. I looked at the tutorial that mozilla has about this and of course they talk as itf if I understood what the heck they are talking about. These gooky writers need to get out of the cloud and live on this planet for a while. Also, why is there not a much simpler fix to a problem they obviously messed up on.
Anyone have a VERY simple and easy fix for this thing. Of course....I have Windows 10 (UGH! and it keeps pushing me over to CHROME. It really takes a lot of work to set up things the way you want and like them so I really don't like to change things around.
Seeking help AGAIN. thank you in advance.
November 14 at 09:16 EST .

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   StormCnter  RWB, I had a problem with that for a few days, it bounced to a music page. But, I have Windows 7 and my fix might not match yours. I'll do a little research and get back.
November 14 at 09:21 EST .

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   StormCnter  This is on the Firefox answer page:
"Open a tab with the web page you want to use as your home page.
Drag and drop that tab onto the Home button on your toolbar.
Click Yes to set this page as your home page."
Are those the instructions you are trying to follow? And if so, where do you get confused?
November 14 at 09:23 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  This is on the Firefox answer page:
"Open a tab with the web page you want to use as your home page.
Drag and drop that tab onto the Home button on your toolbar. (when I do that the window switched to that site. )
Click Yes to set this page as your home page." I don't have that option to click YES
Are those the instructions you are trying to follow? And if so, where do you get confused? No they are not the instruction ... and when I tried these instructions none of it is what you describe. I guess Win 10 works (not works! ) differently. And just as I was doing these instruction there was an so-called update to Firefox and things are looking different AGAIN! SIGH! Thanks so much for your help. I will keep trying.
November 14 at 10:33 EST .

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   Tulsa  Storm, RWB is correct. Nothing in 10 is where it was in 7. Things have been eliminated althoghter. Things have been consolidated. Things have been renamed.

I had an 'update' this am and 'bookmarks' were replaced with 'other bookmarks'. I was doing laundry, freezing stew beef and thinking bad thoughts about FF. lol

Thankfully The Suit calmly read help and found the shortest shortcut to the closest thing to normal. It's still not as it was, but it will do. I was ready to forsake FF and use Edge which I have set to my liking or Brave, ditto on settings to my liking.

I liked Ff as I prefer to browse in private. Which means I open FF with a right click, select a website and
surf/read. FF has complicated what was a very good browser unnecessairly. Do not like the update.

I'm rattled. Excuse typos and misused words.
November 14 at 12:10 EST .

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   StormCnter  What a mess! I'm sympathetic, y'all, but I have no solutions, since my Win7 is different. I will nurse my four year old computer probably until both of us die rather than get a new one with 10 installed.
November 14 at 12:16 EST .

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   Tulsa  RWB. This 'seems' to be the answer. You decide. I seriously suggest you save the link and read all before making changes.

Good luck.

Oh and I deleted the Chrome browser when I was forced into Win. 10. Just delete it and you can not be forced to use it. I also deleted Cortena?....that thing that wanted to be my Momma!
November 14 at 12:26 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  OK, has anyone gone from Win10 back to Win7 with these easy instructions? It looks easy enough but i'm so afraid anymore with these technologies and i'm afraid I'll lose stuff, etc. You know the story. LOL. So has anyone tried this method? I" needed to get a new computer cuz I got that dreaded blue screen last month. So we signed up with the geeks to try and recover my old stuff from the my computer and put it on the new one. Well, I can't find too much of it and my new computer looks so different that it makes me feel uncomfortable.
November 14 at 17:51 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  OOOPS, I forgot to paste the instructions! LOL

Go to start, click on settings, then the update & security icon,then the recovery button, go to windows 7 or 8.1 what ever you had hit that. Then hit Get started.
November 14 at 17:52 EST .

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   Tulsa  No. I recovered from hating Win 10 in a week. I had our tech remove everything I didn't want on the desktop and the laptop. I had him fine tune both. He transferred all our favs., our address book, our emails. Then I messed with it and deleted things until I had it like I wanted it.

I never have to mess with it now. I never even think about it, I just use it, which is a massive relief after the mess Win 7 turned out to be.

Win 7 is not receiving updates ...not for the system or security updates to protect it and has not been for a long time. Why lose a new machine to an unsupported program?

We even purchased Office 365 and shared it. It can be shared on 5 devices, 5 times. So for $99 it was a deal. It cost hundreds of dollars to by Outlook, Excel, Word and 2 other things plus, which we always buy for just the two of us.

The problem I had today was a browser update and had nothing to do with Win. 10. Win 10 is basic stuff. It is far less complicated than Win. 7. All the bells and whistles are junk and easily deleted. I missed the games...Freecell, Hearts, Chess, etc. but I found 2 out of 3 at the windows store without ads and simply tape up a piece of paper to cover the ad on the 3rd game. ...More than 1 way to skin a cat, as they say.

Just buy Win 10, get it right and forget it. Just my opinion and I was livid at the prospect of being forced to do it.
November 14 at 23:25 EST .

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   StormCnter  I'm happy with Win7. I've always had the MS updates turned off, so I don't get the installations I don't want. I'm not afraid of Win10. I know how to clean out the c**p that comes with a new computer and I know how to transfer my files. But I've heard too many complaints about 10. I'll get it when I have to, but not until then.
November 15 at 05:26 EST .

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   Tulsa  I was answering RWB's question about buying a new Win 7 more than anything.

I've had no probs with Win 10 after turning off what I didn't delete.
November 15 at 10:42 EST .

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