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   Rollingcow  I am posting this here to get some input from all of you. I have gotten several e-mails from various quilt groups I belong to on-line, all of them want me to send them quilts for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. As many people here know, I am not adverse to giving quilts away-in fact it seems to be my 'thing'. I have heard horror stories about these efforts-the organizers selling quilts donated on e-bay or etsy, dividing them up for themselves and on and on. I also have some problems with sending my 'babies' to total strangers who could care less, a lot of work and money goes into each quilt I do so it bothers me to hand them out. I would gladly send one to Lucianne, Luis (for his efforts here ) and to our own Alicia Colon, but does it make me selfish not to want to participate in this?
Mrs. Cow
November 9 at 12:40 EST .

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   Balogreene  No, Mrs. Cow. You don't really know these people, or how they intend to donate. It's a great idea, and they need blankets, but you have to have access to the people to be able to donate. And, if you just walk around a neighborhood handing them out, how do you know who is going to get the quilt.
November 9 at 12:45 EST .

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   Hollyhock  Mrs. Cow if you are feeling unsettled about it then you shouldn't sacrifice your hard work. And it does not make you selfish.
November 9 at 12:58 EST .

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   Nugoddess  Guilt is a totally man-made emotion and these groups are playing on your generous nature. You are not selfish to be wary of people or groups that want you to donate your work.

Strictly basing my opinion on my knowledge of human nature, I agree with you that there may be some shenanigans going on with these organizers.
November 9 at 13:00 EST .

 1 person like this.

   ALynnMcW  Mrs. Cow you are a most generous woman. Not sending quilts in no way changes that fact. Your quilts are made of hard work and love and need to be used for those you care about most. Ronald Reagan said "Trust but verify" I say don't send them.
November 9 at 13:23 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Ynaught  Trust your gut instincts! I would love to know if the Salvation Army is active in helping out in the area. I trust them to make sure help and goods get where they are needed most.
November 9 at 13:23 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Yottyhere  I would offer a donation of $$ and pass over the suggestion of donating your beautiful quilts.
I'm sorry although their original idea of making quilts for these victims sounds like a wonderful idea I think we can all admit we have seen "good intentions" go right out the window when high monetary values enter into the picture.
I've seen first hand coats and clothing discarded in trash barrels because it didn't suit the person receiving it. I dug the damned coats back out of the trash and took them back to the Salvation Army too.

I wouldn't do it.
November 9 at 13:23 EST .

 1 person like this.

   TXknitter  RC, I agree with Yotty. Your lovingly-made gorgeous quilts are too special to risk being part of some scam. Operation Blessing, Salvation Army, Samaritan's Purse all being ignored by media but are on the ground doing all they can. They sure need $$$' though.
November 9 at 13:50 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Choey  The only way to be sure is to donate to organizations of unquestioned integrity. I prefer Catholic Charities, Salvation Army, Goodwill and Mormon Relief Society. Note that I did not include the Red Cross especially after my experience with them when I was in the army.
November 9 at 14:01 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Prudente  I've become so cold and harsh I sometimes shock myself- tho once a year I pretend to care and give to the Salvation Army.
November 9 at 15:18 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Gerty  I am in total agreement with the above. Please, Mrs.Cow, if you must give something, let it NOT be one of your quilts. The masterpieces of yours require such intense labor--I don't think those who are asking for them realize this.
November 9 at 15:52 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Rollingcow  I've already given money to the Salvation Army and these people are all quilters themselves so I'm sure their hearts are in the right place (yes, I can be Pollyanna-like on occasion ). I love it here, it seems we all have the same internal radar. It's not like the neighbor's house burning down, I know what they might need and can guess the sizes they'd take in clothing-a quilt or two would go without saying in that case. Thanks for the input, makes me feel better.
Mrs. Cow
November 9 at 16:09 EST .

   Tulunk  You are not selfish. You are using good sense. If you want to donate a Wal- Mart blanket or even money, I'm sure your church would see that it got to a sister church in the disaster area. They would see it was placed where it was needed. Bless you! Those hand-stitched quilts are priceless!
November 9 at 18:25 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Angelesgift  I absolutely believe that you should give your quilts to someone who both deserves them and appreciates them. We all need to go back to personal giving, not generic charity that people take for granted instead of appreciating.
November 9 at 18:51 EST .

   Wytammic  My mom took up quilting almost 10 years ago and there is no gift my daughter and I enjoy receiving more than one of her handmade quilts. A quilt is very personal and not just a "blanket". I'm in agreement with the rest of the advice in this thread and you are certainly not selfish but instead you are good steward with the talents God has blessed you with.
November 9 at 20:04 EST .

   Jerseygal  Please not Catholic Charities. I am a Roman Catholic but I wouldn't give a dime to Catholic Charities. They are a left wing arm of the church. Maybe Salvation Army?
November 9 at 20:10 EST .

   Surfhut  Mrs. Cow, you are not selfish. You are a kind woman with a big talent and an even bigger heart. Keep giving $$ donations to whom you feel deserve them. Keep giving your heart-sewn quilts to those who you KNOW you can bless the most. You and God know who those people are. God bless you, Mrs. Cow. Words fail me in my respect for you.
November 9 at 21:56 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Cat2  I am not a quilter, but can well appreciate how much work it takes to make one. It seems to me that disaster relief is an inappropriate use of a a handmade quilt. The exigencies of life in those circumstances will be very hard on the quilt and may ruin it. What is really needed are sturdy blankets that can be washed repeatedly and discarded if torn or soiled. You are definitely right to be reluctant to donate a quilt -- I don't understand a quilting group that would expect you to do so! Romantic notion -- not at all practical.
November 9 at 22:08 EST .

   Montanabound  I agree with all. Manufactured blankets would fill their needs.
November 10 at 01:52 EST .