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   Mildred  Tulsa: HELP. I've had more ads on Lucianne in IE 11 and can't find that panel with the 'debugger' tab. I had problems getting on the internet this morning and when it started working, the ads appeared again. I tried everything I know how to do to get that tab so if you have any 'magic' clicks, I would really appreciate it.
June 24 at 10:50 EST .

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   Tulsa  I tried to look below to see if I could find your notes. I remember you said you clicked 'debugger'. Try placing your cursor on any ad and right clicking and see if that screen comes on up on the bottom half of the page. See if after clicking debugger, right click again on any ad and see if you get a drop down screen with options.

I just can not remember what the options were but it's pretty much common sense. There are only 4 or so choices, so you can try them all until you hit pay dirt and then do each ad. I'll say a prayer for you.

Also try the ABP icon and see if there are options there in IE....but if I remember correctly there were none. I just don't understand IE 11.

Please consider going to Firefox and save yourself!

I'm in Firefox, but was never rid of the ads in IE ll.
June 25 at 00:14 EST .

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   Tulsa  Ok. Right click on any ad and you should get a box and one options is 'Inspect Element (Q ) that and you get the bottom screen full of code and 'debugger' is one of those.

I don't know what to do after that in IE, but hopefully it will come back to you. If it does...make notes, so you'll have them if it happens again.

I don't know what I'd do without notes! Oh I pray this works for you, Mildred. Will check tomorrow.
June 25 at 00:20 EST .

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   StormCnter  I abandoned IE for doing much of anything because it crashed so frequently. I have Chrome, Opera and Firefox, too. I use Firefox for with ADP and have no ads.
Mildred, is it possible you have picked up an intruder? There are good free programs for detecting and removing that sort of thing. LDotter KenM tipped me to a couple that I hadn't known about.
June 25 at 06:27 EST .

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   Tulsa  Good Morning, StormCnter. I came by to see if Mildred was successful, big help that I was last night (not ).

Pls share tips KenM gave you. I know about Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy. Thank you.

Mildred, 'send word', as our people say.
June 25 at 08:54 EST .

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   StormCnter  And good morning right back.
A few months ago, I had strange things going on in my computer and couldn't find the reason. Nothing worked to clear it up. Ken sent a list of programs he had found helpful and had thoroughly checked out:

I already had CCleaner, so chose Malwarebytes from his list, installed it, ran it, allowed it to delete the problems it found, and then my own computer mess was cleared up.

I have Malwarebytes set to run nightly on my computer now. I run CCleaner and Spybot manually when I think about it.

All is running well now. It's good to have L-Dotter friends who know more than we do. [grin]
June 25 at 09:11 EST .

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   Mildred  Finally got back on Lucianne this morning--it's only 6:30 am here! I tried all the right clicking before I commented and nothing worked. I tried different settings also. When I filter by Easy List the only thing I get when I right click is the usual Windows list--copy, print, etc. When I had the other problem a few weeks back I cleaned up files I don't usually use and forgot I had deleted Malwarebytes. I'll try that this morning. Maybe that's the file I need. I'll get back to you later, after some breakfast and coffee! I did use CCleaner but that didn't help although I'll also try that this morning and clear the registry. Thanks for caring so much and getting back to me so quickly.
June 25 at 09:51 EST .

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   StormCnter  CCleaner is useful, but it mostly just clears out the clutter. So, it serves a different purpose than the programs that search out aliens.
June 25 at 10:41 EST .

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   Tulsa  Thank you Storm C for the info.

...and Mildred so glad you're at least back at Lucianne.

I know you are attached to IE, but you could eliminate all this heartache by switching to Firefox. The only time I use IE is when I need to print a document..a bank stmt for instance. IE is not even close to the security offered in Firefox. ...and no I don't own stock in Firefox. I truly hate to see you having these problems repeatedly.

StormC is correct CCleaner will not remove a virus. Run Malwarebytes.

And to find that screen with debugger in the tool bar last night I was in Firefox and right clicked on a faint list of numbers where the ads used to be at Lucianne. I think? you may right click on blank space. Then a box comes up and click on 'Inspect Element (Q )'...then you'll see jibberish code and that tool bar with debugger on the bottom half of the page. Try to take it from there.

I'll check back.
June 25 at 11:19 EST .

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   Mildred  Tulsa and StormCnter: Thanks so much. My free trial of Malwarebytes has expired and I'm 'frugal' so decided to try anything else that is free first. (I only have one computer and all the offers usually include multiple computers. ) I then installed Spybot. Ran the search and destroy--all okay. Cleaned the cookies and temp files, etc. It was a busy morning. Finally I decided to check the right click on ads that Tulsa has been telling me about. I can't believe it but I found the Inspect Element near the bottom of the list and clicked on that. How stupid could I have been!!! There was the debugger. After clicking on debugger, I clicked on the red button that had a '5' (that's how many ads I had ) and I'm ad free. Tulsa, I am writing those notes down so I won't forget. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Lucianne friends are the best. Have a great weekend.

P.S. I have Firebox installed and find it is so much faster than IE and use it for quick searches. I've used IE for so many years, it's hard to change at this age.
June 25 at 11:35 EST .

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   Tulsa  I'm jumping for joy. Good for you.

First Malwarebytes has a free edition. Once the trial addition expires you don't buy the premium, you update the definitions I think and carry on. Just don't click buy or try premium anything else and you'll be fine'll revert to the free addition.

If you plan to install Malwarebytes again, do not, repeat Not, try the premium addition...skip to the free addition. You'll have to look carefully and not bubble or unbubble premium addition and install the trial addition from the beginning. Then you update the definitions before you use it.

I don't like change either, but you will find you don't get bugs in Firefox like you do in IE. You won't lose ABP and get ads. It will not let you make mistakes. It warns you about sites and software so you have to think twice and you avoid problems.

It's hard to help like this. I can't show you screen shots, but we can take this to the computer/tech wall and I'll help all I can with questions about Firefox. That little hamburger icon has all the goodies in it.

And isn't it amazing you just saw the 'right click on ads'. I find if I read instructions several times I get it...sometimes. lol. In person conversations are so much easier especially if I can show you on a pc screen.

This isn't easy, but you have done beautifully.

Be advised I am not a tech in any sense of the word.

Praise the Lord Jesus for helping Mildred.
June 25 at 12:18 EST .

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   Tulsa  'and install the trial addition from the beginning'

s/b install the free addition from the beginning. ...not the trial premium version. Install FREE Malwarebytes and watch the bubbles....check or uncheck where necessary.

sorry about that typo.
June 25 at 12:22 EST .

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   WAN2  "...then you'll see jibberish code and that tool bar with debugger on the bottom half of the page. Try to take it from there." So how to I debug? Or...delete? I get no magic red number...only a page of jibberish. What do I do next?
June 26 at 19:56 EST .

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   Tulsa  Wan2. IF you have ABP (AdblockPlus ) installed and IF you're using Firefox you simply RIGHT click ON any ad and a small window appears.

I can not remember the choices as it's been too long ago. It was common sense or I wouldn't have figured it out. the line that makes the most sense and a second box appears Pre ok and the ad goes poof.

Repeat on each ad on the home page and then scroll down and you'll see ads side by side. Repeat process above twice On each ad...once for the ad and once for the 'bar' under the ad.

So it's four steps total for the side by side ads.

It may? be block ad and bar ad.

I honestly don't think debugger helped at all in Firefox, but it helped Mildred in IE 11. She clicked debugger and then the ABP icon I believe?

Lucianne is the only place I get ads, so I can't even experiment to help you. Daisymay figured it out from the drop down boxes with my limited instructions, so I hope you can too.
June 26 at 23:41 EST .

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   Mildred  Wan2: I got the ads back again so this time I wrote the instructions that work. In IE, right click on ad and you get a long drop down list. Near the bottom click 'Inspect Element'. You should get a large panel at the bottom of the panel. Click on 'debugger' and then a number with an 'X'. You may need to click on the number next to debugger and then the number under that near the gibberish. Experiment. All the gibberish should disappear. X out of the panel and close Lucianne, any other sites you have open and finally IE. Reload IE and go to Lucianne. Hope that works for you. You only need to do that once for all the ads to disappear. The ads will reappear only if you change something on your computer. It's annoying but it's also quick and you don't have to see the ugly body ads, etcc. Good luck.

I'll check back later to see if you are still have problems. I'm using IE 11 so it's possible if you are using an earlier version of IE, you may have to try other routine. Let me know and I'll try to help.
June 27 at 09:20 EST .

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   Tulsa  Thank you, Mildred for helping Wan2. I hope Daisymay will comment as she is in FireFox and may remember the steps.

I'm going to turn off ABP and see if I can get ads again, so I can write down the steps. I'll be back! heh
June 27 at 10:00 EST .

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   Tulsa  Nope. The ads reappeared. Clicking 'Inspect Element (Q ) made the code and tool bar with debugger on it appear.

Clicking debugger in Firefox did nothing. That works in IE.

The correct thing to click was obvious on the first screen and the second.

Paging Daisymay.
June 27 at 10:10 EST .

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   Tulsa  Found my notes a few pages back!!! Whoo Hooo

'If you have ABP and you have Easy List, just place your cursor On any ad at Luciannne and Right click. When the box comes up click Adblock 'image'. Then another box comes up that is pre checked, click 'add' to lists and the ad should be gone. Repeat on all adds. If you have bars left from under ads, click the bottom line that says 'adblock bar'.
June 27 at 10:25 EST .

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   WAN2  Safari and Firefox have ads that keep coming back. Chrome has none. Odd. Also, in Safari, clicking on the red number after DEBUGGER does nothing but change the screen with more gibberish--in a different color. How do I CLEAR all the gibberish? Or...stay with Chrome.
June 27 at 15:57 EST .

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   WAN2  Dang! Now ads showing up on Drudge using Chrome! Me thinks we're losing the battle.
June 27 at 16:33 EST .

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   WAN2  Dang! Now ads showing up on Drudge using Chrome! Me thinks we're losing the battle.
June 27 at 16:33 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Tulsa  That jibberish is code for the ads. The top line is the 'tool bar'. At the end of the top line/tool bar is an 'x'. Click that and you will exit the jibberish.

We have only been successful in removing all ads in Firefox and IE 11. We have not even attempted this in Safari or Chrome.

Did you see the instructions for ad removal using the Firefox browser? Here they are again.

'Using Firefox with ABP installed place your cursor 'On' any ad at Luciannne and Right click. When a window/box comes up click Adblock 'image'. Then another window/box comes up that is pre checked, click 'add' to lists and the ad should be gone. It does not come back. Repeat on each add. If you have bars left from under ads, click the bottom line that says 'adblock bar'

You might go the Lucianne home page and try clicking on the red ABP icon and click 'report issue on this page'. ABP will tell you if you have the wrong or insufficient lists installed and offer to fix it for you. Say yes.

There are no ads at Drudge ever. In any browser.
June 27 at 17:54 EST .

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   WAN2  Drudge on Chrome (Safari ) HAS ads...scroll down...on the bottom right. Find cluster.
June 27 at 19:47 EST .

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   Tulsa  The ads, popups or otherwise are likely in your browser. You need to clear cookies, internet history, internet files, etc. Your pc should be set to clear all of that every time you exit the browser.

When you go to a website the ads are triggered by that visit. They are not actually at the website, they are embedded in your pc. Following?

You can also try downloading and running free Malwarebytes to clean your pc.

After cleaning reboot your pc.

As I said no one here has tried to remove ads in Chrome(Safari ), as no one has mentioned using that browser. So far we can remove all ads in IE 11 and Firefox. So as long as you're using Chrome (Safari ) you may see ads.
June 27 at 20:51 EST .

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   WAN2  "You need to clear cookies, internet history, internet files, etc. Your pc should be set to clear all of that every time you exit the browser." On a Mac, how do I set to clear all of that whenever I exit? Also, Malwarebytes does not touch ads from Revcontent. And am now getting ads on Safari, Chrome and Firefox. I can wipe them as described, but they re-appear at my next visit.
June 28 at 14:11 EST .

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   WAN2  O.K. Help? I have an iMac. Wifey has her own iMac. I also have an iPod. ALL THREE are now infected with Revcontent and assorted ad malware. Hacked WiFI modem?
June 28 at 16:09 EST .

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   WAN2  To clarify: The DrudgeReport now has ads on the side on my iMac, my wife's iMac, and my iPod. My DSL company thinks The Drudgereport has begun to sell these spaces to stay in the black suggesting that Adblock Plus might need to update their software to keep up...
June 28 at 16:46 EST .

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   Tulsa  Sir I can not help with a Mac or an iPod. We are windows users. I do wish you had mentioned this 25 or so comments earlier.

I seriously suggest you call a tech. The Geek Squad would be better than no one.

There are no ads at Drudge. I repeat. None. Your ISP is sadly mistaken. Your Macs and iPod are infected.
June 28 at 17:32 EST .

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   Tulsa  I searched 'How do I clear browser cache on a Mac?' I used DuckDuckGo search engine. Search engines are very smart. Ask it anything. You still need a tech immediately.
June 28 at 18:04 EST .

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   Lucky4  About a month ago I started getting ads on Lucianne. No other websites. Only Lucianne. I use malaware and all kinds of tools since I work on computers. These ads are not an infection. I ran everything and came up clean. Also how an I only see ads on one website? I do not have this with any other sites I go to.
I use Adblocker Plus, Adblocker and Ghostery. This is on FF, Chrome and IE. I was going to add Safari, but I never use that one and I just tried it, and no ads. Hmm. That is very interesting. Something strange is happening for sure.
July 2 at 17:11 EST .

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   Lucky4  Attention! I found the problem. I turned off all my extensions in Chrome, leaving one adblock program and the ads were gone. Then I turned each extension back on and tested it. For me the one that broke adblock is: Facebook AdBlock 1.0.19.
For some other people it may a different one. But it is not malware or an infection. It is a extension conflict. Hope that helps people. This has been driving me crazy the last month. Those ads are so ugly and gross on the site. I wonder why they do not go for nicer looking ads? I understand they need to make some money, but join a good ad network with nicer ads. I run several websites with a few ads too. Though I get that ugly blood pressure man with a stick up his nose on my sites sometimes. lol
July 2 at 17:30 EST .

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