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The Range
2nd Amendment

   FlatCityGirl  Paul R. Beane is somewhat of a legend here in town. A long-time radio personality, and my former city councilman. He’s as Conservative as they come, and a huge 2-A supporter. Which brings me to my story: a few years back, the Mulatto was up on his high horse, blabbing off about the Gun Culture in America, and how gun owners had too much freedom, and how more Gun control is needed.

Now, Paul Bean doesn’t like 0bama even a little teeny bit. Doesn’t find any redeeming quality in the Mulatto whatsoever. Any talk of taking away America’s Second Amendment rights sets Paul off, and especially if it’s 0bama doing the talking.

I happened to catch the morning radio talker on my way into work on that particular morning. Paul Bene was guest host that morning, and I don’t remember who he had on with him, but both of them were going off about 0bama’s Gun Control push. It was pretty interesting, because both of them agreed that Gun Control was not really the object. Confiscation is what Libs are after.

They got off on a discussion of what Confiscation in Texas would look like if the Federal Government ever tried it. It was pretty funny listening to the two of them, both True Texans, both gun owners, both unrestricted Second Amendment supporters, and both of them speculating on what kind of a shooting war the Feds might have on their hands if they ever tried to disarm Texas.

The one guy said, “Look, Paul. I’m not kidding. I know a couple of people who actually have enough guns in their house to arm half of Texas.”

Paul Beane laughed and said, “Well, I don’t have enough for half of Texas, but I’ve got enough for everybody on my block.”

   May 20 at 13:50 EST .

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   GO3  Speaking of Texas, I noticed that two Academy stores I went to in Texas have stopped displaying ARs and other semi-auto military style rifles. Anyone else notice this?
June 20 at 05:59 EST .

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