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Suggested Reading

   FlatCityGirl  The Survivor, Kyle Mills.

This is the last Vince Flynn book before Flynn passed away; he had completed two chapters. Mills finished it.

It is a very good book in my opinion.

Spy novels are not my thing. I don't like them at all, but I picked up my first Vince Flynn book on Rush Limbaugh's recommendation many years ago. Flynn had just published a new book and Rush had stayed up all night reading it. Couldn't put it down, and couldn't stop talking about it.

I don't remember which book in the series it was, but I bought it and was immediately hooked; went back and read the previous books, and then waited like every other fan for the next installment.

Flynn told a story about crossing paths with George W. Bush, and USA Today wrote it as follows:

"His fans included George W. Bush, who called Flynn "a little too accurate" because Flynn's books are often so true to CIA actions around the world. Once, while catching a ride in Bush's limo from Andrews Air Force Base, Flynn was grilled by the then-president on where he gets his information.

"I started to stutter," Flynn said."


Mills has a contract with the Flynn Estate to write two more Mitch Rapp books.

Every time that Mulatto in the Spite House dumps on America, or sides with Terrorists against us, or sides with #BLM against police officers, or bows to another despot in some third world hell hole, or he and the Sasquatch hop on AF1 and fly off for another multi-million dollar vacation at taxpayer expense, I think, "Where is Mitch Rapp when you really need him?"

Long Live Mitch Rapp.

   June 17 at 11:16 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  Update: October 11, 2016 is the release date for Order To Kill, the next book in the series.
June 17 at 11:42 EST .

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   Daisymay  Thanks for the suggestion FCGirl. I'm not one who enjoys this kind of reading, but I ordered it from Amazon to be sent to by Brother who just had By-Pass Surgery a few weeks ago. He's somewhat restricted and is suffering from major boredom. I thought this Book would be perfect for him. He loves a good Mystery/Spy Book!
June 19 at 13:39 EST .

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