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   Heidicat  This is a true story. When my husband Tom was 42 years old he suffered a major heart attack and spent 6 weeks in a hospital.(This was 6 years before I met him ). Someone, I never knew who, gave him a little plant (I think it's called a Corn Plant, but not sure ). He brought it home with him and became quite attached to it. It grew and grew, and for some reason Tom equated his own health with that now not so little plant. He told me once that if that plant dies, he will die too.
We moved it to our offices in Haverford in 1980, and it flourished, but one 4th of July long weekend when the temperatures hit 100, the air conditioning system shut down. When we arrived the morning after the holiday, it was lying on the floor and looked dead. Tom turned white...he really was starting to believe his own "legend". We administered water and the air conditioning came back on and miraculously it perked up and eventually became healthy again.
When we closed the office around 2001 it moved to our living room where he made sure it was watered every week. Even after he developed dementia, he continued to attend to his plant. It started to get a little spindly, so I lopped off the top in the hopes that it would fill did, but it caused him no small amount of grief at first.
As Tom's health declined, the plant grew stronger and healthier. When he eventually had to go into nursing home, I continued to water the plant, every now and then noticing that it got stronger as he got weaker. So much for his predictions.
When Tom died (last month ) I was so sick I didn't get out of bed much for a day or two. Eventually, about a day after he died I remembered the plant. Humph, I'm thinking, so much for you, Mr. Plant of destiny.I went to check on it, and thought I was seeing things. There appeared to be some kind of blossom that I had never, and remember I've lived with this plant for over 35 years, never seen before. Then I thought, maybe that's how a new leaf begins, and kind of forgot about it. About a week later I was watering plants and almost fainted when I looked at it. Please look closely at the attached pictures and notice the blossom like growths in several different places on the plant. In the 42 years that this plant has been alive, nothing like this has ever happened before. You be the judge, but I choose to believe that Tom is telling me that all is well, that he is happy and is watching over me, over all of us. May God bless us, every one. Merry Christmas, Maureen
When Tom died (last month ) I was so sick I didn't get out of bed much for a day or two. Eventually, about

   December 26 at 10:24 EST .

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   Rollingcow  Sounds to me like God is letting your Tom tell you all is well with him.
Mrs. Cow
December 26 at 10:43 EST .

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   Ynaught  I think you are right. Tom is speaking to you through his wonderful plant and he is looking out for you. This is a lovely story about his love for you. Have a very blessed new year!
December 26 at 10:44 EST .

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   BirdsNest  So very sorry for your loss, it must be heart wrenching to lose a spouse. If it is a corn plant, they do not bloom for everyone and it takes years for them to blossom. Hagar knows more about them than I. Our local Mexican restaurant has one and it bloomed for her last year, she was beyond excited! Wishing you better times ahead, stay connected with your LDot family, there are many wise and loving people here.
December 26 at 10:50 EST .

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   Pickle1  I am sorry for your loss too. It's odd how your loved ones help you through their deaths. After my mother died I was driving near the Will Rogers Coliseum while crying. All of the sudden the skies became bright and that blue color used in childrens bible books. Then my mothers voice said she was okay. i was startled; but very much at peace.
December 26 at 12:57 EST .

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   Heidicat  Thank you all so much for your kind comments. The P.S. got cut off, so I'll give it to you now. About 2 weeks ago I noticed that it smells like a heavenly scent, like a flower shop, or a sanctuary at Easter, almost a honeysuckle scent. When I walk in the front door it is overpowering. Still letting me know all is well. God bless you all for your kindness...Happy New Year.
December 26 at 17:07 EST .

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   Gerty  Hope I never grow too old to believe in little miracles like this! Thank you so much for posting this wonderful story, Miss Heidicat.

Happy New Year!
December 26 at 19:04 EST .

  13 people like this.

   Surfhut  I'm a widow, too, and am so sorry for your loss. That plant is, indeed, a gift from God and your dear Tom. Enjoy the wonderful memories and this beautiful gift. It will help when you have those moments of grief. Thank you for telling us this beautiful story.
December 26 at 19:11 EST .

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   Rake King  Memories are like the mortar that holds up a brick wall....and the human spirit.
December 27 at 07:59 EST .

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   Charactercounts  What a beautiful story, Heidicat. I am sorry for your loss, but I do believe your dear husband is sending you a message. He wants you to know that he is here with you in spirit this Christmas season. Have a blessed New Year.
December 27 at 21:38 EST .

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