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Movies & Reviews

   MeiDei  1994 comedy/drama Title/actors
Donald "Sully" Sullivan is an expert at avoiding adult responsibilities. At 60, he divides all his time between a local bar and the occasional construction job. When his estranged son, Peter, arrives in town, bringing with him a son of his own and a sob story about his failed marriage, Sully finds himself assuming the roles of both father and grandfather. After a life of unchecked self-indulgence, he wonders if he is up to the task.

   February 13 at 10:35 EST .

   Tulsa  I looked up this one. Knew who she is (Meg Ryan )but could not get a proper reading on the male. Took several different pictures to arrive at the answer. I want to see this movie. Thank you for posting this quiz. I'm desperate for entertainment until regular programming returns end of Feb./beginning of March and the thrill is long gone from politics. Pls if you have more suggestion like this one or can tell me how to find movies like this one, pls, pls advise. Thank you bunches, sincerely and very much.

Anyone having problems with ads at Lucianne should download browser. Free browser. No ads. I hope Hope and Glory sees my note in the Lobby. Kono just found my note and is happy. Phooey before that. It does no good to leave a note in the Lobby for Luis or Mrs. Luci about ads. They must need the revenue or the ads would not be there, I guess. I hate them.
February 13 at 11:14 EST .

   MeiDei  I'm glad you find this movie interesting enough to look for, good cast. BTW - she's not Meg Ryan although, like Meg & Cher she had weird lip enhancement.
February 13 at 11:27 EST .

   Tulsa  No, of course, it's Melanie Griffin. she was beautiful. Too much surgery...far more than Cher, imo. Just mixed the names in my head. Been on chat with direcTV. I can get Hidden Figures this Sat as they are giving free viewing for three days. Can not get the above as it's on Encore and I will not add every channel they offer for one movie. A 1994 movie for crying out loud. I told them I would leave DirecTV the second I could find a better offer. We have been faithful to att and them not at all to their customers.

I want to see Guarding Tess again. Not available at all. 1994 movie. I'll ad Netflix or hulu. I'm going to do something for Summer and when the o's are on and when it sports, sports, sports and tv is useless.

Hope and glory saw my note on I'm so thankful. forgive typos and misused a huge hurry.
February 13 at 14:15 EST .

   MeiDei  As for him, have you tried his spaghetti sauce, salsa, cookies, etc.?
February 13 at 18:23 EST .

   Tulsa  Paul gave it away. My favorite product of his is Newman's Own Vinaigrette (sp )
February 13 at 23:12 EST .

   MeiDei  This one is "Nobody's Fool" starrin sPaul Newman, Jessica Tandy, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith, Dylan Walsh, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Gene Saks, Josef Sommer, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Philip Bosco.
Tulsa names the two in the photo, nicely done.
February 14 at 00:24 EST .

 1 person like this.

   StormCnter  "Nobody's Fool" was a good book, too, as are most of Richard Russo's.
February 14 at 05:59 EST .