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   Timber Queen  Tales from the forest. Sometime Tuesday night a HUGE tree fell across the creek during a rainstorm. I heard a funny "thwamp" sound Tuesday night, but not until Thursday morning did I notice that the view from the deck seemed more open. First we've got to get the branches and debris out of the creek bed and get the water flowing freely again. However, it appears that this is a blessing in disguise. For years we have wanted to bridge the creek so we could easily access the other side, which is where a majority of our parcel is located, but there always seems to be another priority for funding. While we have envisioned a bridge wide enough to accommodate the tractors, it may be that a foot bridge has landed in our laps, so to speak.
   April 10 at 17:08 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  TQ, last night my login didn't work, you really need to post Trooper and Remington s pics on the dog & critter wall, they will be a great help . GOD BLESS AMERICA
April 10 at 18:19 EST .

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   Gerty  Be careful on that "bridge", Miss TQ! It looks beautiful.
April 10 at 18:39 EST .

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   Timber Queen  EC - Remington and Trooper photo posted on the Critter wall.

Gerty - The Timber King is planning many improvements to make our bridge safe to cross; it will be limbed and cleaned up, the top of the log will be planed flat, and it will have hand/guard rails. We have my life-long best friend and her husband coming for their annual two week visit at the end of April into May, and I know they'll be all in to help on the bridge project. For years the four of us have been scouting the creek for possible crossing points. We always rejected this site because the bank on the other side was so high. I just love it when the Lord provides!
April 10 at 22:17 EST .

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   Gerty  That settles it! You must keep us up on this anticipated project. The Lord does, indeed, provide.
April 11 at 10:08 EST .

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