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The Range
2nd Amendment

   Safetydude  I really did spend an hour at the range yesterday with my Ruger SR-45
after I had the Crimson Trace laser installed. What a treat.
You don't aim, just point and pull. Right hand left hand, doesn't matter.
Later this week I'm going to the outdoor range to check out how far out
I can still hit a target.

   May 19 at 12:44 EST .

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   Bettijo  Is this gun too heavy for an elderly woman?
May 28 at 17:09 EST .

  19 people like this.

   Safetydude  That's a question I can't answer in a venue like this.

Here are some thoughts, not instructions.
If you can hold the weight of the gun, which is about two pounds, most of which is in the slide, you should be able to fire it.
However, since most of the weight is in the slide this gun tends to be a bit front heavy, even with a full magazine, so a stiff wrist is required to hold the barrel up. Also, it's a .45; it means a pretty heavy recoil. I use a 'modified' Weaver grip with my left hand wrapped around and supporting my right wrist, about where a watch would be worn. I let my right hand pivot up at the wrist to absorb most of the recoil. By trying not to move my arms I can keep a basic sight picture through the recoil.

So back to your question; no, I don't think the gun is too heavy for an 'elderly' woman. Being able to pull the trigger and handle the gun safely might be something else.
May 30 at 21:19 EST .

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   Fireball27  Bettijo check out the Colt Mustang 380. This is a small gun I'm sure you would be able to handle. With a laser sight, it should do the trick. Some gun ranges will rent you a gun like this so you can tell if it will work for you. I might get one myself.
August 1 at 13:44 EST .

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