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   Uno  Found this in email today. Has anyone else seen this one? Description reads: “This is not a book about the decline of America, but rather about the rise of everyone else.”
Snopes sez: Real Photograph, inaccurate description.
OK then, I'm not going to nit-pick the description of whether the book is about this or that, but would anybody argue that the Obamboozler is acting as an enabler to reduce or even out that ratio of America VS everyone else? Once again, a mistake or two is just that, a mistake. Three or four, well chalk it up to incompetence. After that it's intentional. I'm guessing were way past incompetence and well into intentional...

   January 17 at 18:12 EST .

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   Saguni  The book is real, written in 2008, and updated (release 2.0 ) in 2011, per my library's website. Fareed Rafiq Zakaria is a writer, former Newsweek editor and star of his own CNN show. The book pictured is the first edition.
January 17 at 19:25 EST .

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   Labrador Heaven  Labrador Heaven Zakaria...the author .... was caught plagarizing by CNN and his other employers. He's a massive globalist and unapologetic about his America-loathing. His bashing show runs on CNN on Sundays. He lost his "shine" with the rest of his camp when the plagiarizing charges were proven true, but was only banished for a short while. It's quite fitting that the America-loathing and destroying Zippy would be reading his works. What else would be telling is what else is read by Zippy...what populates those WH bookshelves that were formerly occupied by Presidents that loved the US? Reagan, Bushes, Kennedy, Eisenhower, etc. Long ago, far away and gone forever, it seems.
January 17 at 19:51 EST .

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January 17 at 19:54 EST .

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   Labrador Heaven  Zakaria's show and guests seem to speak otherwise, very, very much so. His show - opposite from what is SNOPES-presented as his brand and worldview. He is dishonest, as his admitted plagarizing attests, and he is a globalist with ideas about a capitulating US, not a leading and empowered US. This guy does NOT love the US, and his guests and questioning on his CNN show alone reveal that, but his writings separately in multiple places should reveal enough about his globalist leanings, none of which are pro-US. SNOPES is left wing crap and proven so - push 'em against a wall, and they scream liberal every time.

And as for Zippy's reading....can only believe it when actually seen from the inside out.....

Cannot believe Snopes when they have been outed as leaning left when they can, trying to do so even when they cannot legitimately do so with the subject.
January 17 at 21:16 EST .

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