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   BirdsNest posted on Pet Peeves  Straight Talk. Lousy internet. Lousy phone. Only reason I have it is (1 )
Cant afford anything else (2 ) anything else won't work.
The business on the corner( a stone's throw from me ) has DSL.
Tried it here....dead zone.
Wednesday at 08:59 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Health & Diet  Tried posting a link to a article from today's email but I botched it. About medical marijuana and chronic pain.
Wednesday at 07:04 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Coffee Klatch  Where is everybody????? How can I live vicariously through your active lives if you don't post??

It has been an awful Spring/Summer for me so I have not had much joy to post anywhere. Trying to keep busy but there is a huge void in my life.
Wednesday at 06:29 EST .

   Gram77  We seem to come and go a lot more around here then we used to. I check constantly but sometimes have nothing much to offer. It depends on where I'm at the time. Please keep watching, BirdsNest. Take care. Gram
Wednesday at 09:09 EST .

   MeiDei  You don't want to live my life Bird, it's been nothing but stress since April & today is the first day I could fit into my shoes in 28 days ... wish I could post happy, productive events ... confined to the movie wall and a few others trying to keep I light and fun.
Wednesday at 15:07 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Gardening & Landscaping  Finally, I have something growing and ripening....FIGS.
I was surprised by ripe figs this afternoon. There aree quite
a few on the trees but did not think any were ready. Picked a gallon.
Hagar would be so pleased.
August 22 at 19:33 EST .

   MeiDei  What do you do w/your figs once picked?
August 23 at 06:27 EST .

   Escaped commieny  Birdy dehydrated some figs and I ordered them. YUMMY
I ate them like potato chips, couldn't stop !
August 23 at 06:51 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I have a breadmaker with a "jam" cycle so I have been making fig jam. It has to be refrigerated once cooled because I am not going to hot water bath 1 pint or 2 half pints. It only makes a small amount. I am making them to gift to friends. Hagar loved the fig trees and since our anniversary is coming up I wanted to gift the fig jam. I will also likely dehydrate them once they start ripening in quantities. They don't hold long as fresh. I LOVE to eat fresh figs.
Wednesday at 06:38 EST .

   MeiDei  I switched from hot water baths to steaming. Same times. When I have pints & 1/2 pints I use my large fry pan that has a separate cut out ring for egg cups [minus cups] w/about an inch or so of water in pan; bring to a boil, put in jars leaving cut outs clear & top with the bottom of largest pot from set as a cover and start timing. Works the same as the dedicated steamer - located somewhere in my attic crawl space ; )
Wednesday at 07:26 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Main Page The Lobby  The picture on Drudge of HRC is the worst one I
have ever seen of her. Need eye bleach, quick!!
August 22 at 19:28 EST .

   1 person like this.

   BirdsNest  Of course that picture is no longer there but if you saw it you certainly would remember it. Maybe Trump should use that IS pretty scary. Most Presidents age quickly once in office, can you imagine what SHE would look like. Ewwwww.
Wednesday at 06:23 EST .

   Safetydude  Go to
ands open your eyes one at a time...
If that link doesn't work the picture is on the August 23rd edition. You can find it in the Drudge Archives.
Wednesday at 10:44 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Recipes

Now is the time for scapes...
June 20 at 12:13 EST .

   2 people like this.

   MeiDei  Have you ever had fiddleheads? They're a spring delicacy around here, I've not had the pleasure to try them.
June 24 at 19:43 EST .

 1 person like this.

   BirdsNest posted on Health & Diet  This only takes a few minutes to read....
June 19 at 20:00 EST .

   2 people like this.

   MeiDei  Copied the recipe! Now, if we can only get some decent lemons in the markets I can try this and get on with making lemon curd & canning.
June 20 at 07:32 EST .

 1 person like this.

   BirdsNest  I am as interested in this for ridding the body of inflammation. Having recently had surgery my feet and legs are still very puffy even with me taking Lasix. The doctor never mentioned I'd look like the Pillsbury Doughboy. I have to wear jeans 2-3 sizes larger than usual for now. I am healing and the fluid is leaving but I would like it to get gone. I am on restricted duties for 6 weeks. And no driving for another week, so he says. But if I can push down on the brake and not feel pain, then I can drive. I am hoping to be able to go to the tracks on Saturday for just awhile to visit my friends. Everyone says I look great, I think that's because I have been very active prior to surgery. The 2 weeks before surgery I was wound up tight. All kinds of things pop up in your head. In pre op I had a melt down, no one there with me made it all too real, Hagar was not there except in spirit and I did feel that. The nurses were superb, both of them had lost husbands too. What a "club".
June 21 at 16:14 EST .

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   Balogreene  Birdie, I've started wearing "compression socks",

I wear them at night, and keep my feet up while at the office. They really do work. At Amazon, Compresion sock with zipper.
July 15 at 22:06 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Balogreene  Sorry, the link doesn't work, but I gave you the search parameters.
July 15 at 22:07 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Escaped commieny  Had to wear them about a month, try this, many styles to chose
July 17 at 14:35 EST .

 1 person like this.

   BirdsNest posted on Coffee Klatch  THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FOR 2016 WAS TOO CLOSE TO CALL.
Neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump had enough votes to win.
There was much talk about ballot recounting, court challenges, etc.,
but a week-long ice fishing competition seemed a sportsmanlike way to
settle things.
The candidate that caught the most fish at the end of the week would
win the election.

After much back and forth discussion, it was decided that the contest
would take place on a remote frozen lake in northern Minnesota.
There were to be no observers present.

Both candidates were to be sent out separately on this isolated lake
and return at 5pm with their catch for counting and verification by a
team of neutral parties.

At the end of the first day Donald Trump returned to the starting line
with 10 fish.
Soon Hillary returned with no fish.

Well, everyone assumed she was just having a bad day or something and
hopefully, she would catch up the next day.
At the end of the 2nd day, Trump came in with 20 fish and CLINTON

That evening, the democrats got together secretly and said, "I think
Donald Trump is a low-life, cheatin' son-of-a-gun. TOMORROW, DON'T
BOTHER FISHING. Just spy on him and see how he is cheating!"

The next night (after Trump returns with 50 fish ) the democrats got
together for the report of how the republicans were cheating.



Not too many things make me laugh out loud anymore, but this one hit my funny bone.
June 2 at 06:39 EST .

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   BirdsNest posted on Pet Peeves  Today's aggravation is a coffee decanter that simply won't
pour without spilling all over. When I get ready to throw it away I will tape a quarter to it. That way I can say I threw something away.
May 22 at 06:55 EST .

   1 person like this.

   MeiDei  I have one of those too! I have to pour a cup of coffee over the sink but filling the water reservoir is often, but not always, messy. Save your quarter. : )
May 25 at 09:04 EST .

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   BirdsNest posted on Gardening & Landscaping  Hamster Dance time!!!! My garden will be tilled 9am Friday. Oh boy. Just in time for Sat rain. That's okay. Today I potted up 17 giant pots of tomatoes. These go in the front yard. Now I have an excuse to go in the front yard. Wish the guinea would go in the front and eat the ticks. I found another one.
May 19 at 16:03 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I am up to 24 big pots of tomatoes and 7 hot peppers. Around 9am the tractor came to till. He worked for an hour or so, the soil was wet but not soggy. He did the one half that was well planted last year and said he wanted to let the soil dry and come back later. And bring a bigger tractor with a bush hog. Where I had grazed the chickens and ducks all last year, the weeds were thick. I heard him a bit later, I was on the phone and could not get off so once I did I went to investigate. He was cutting the side yard all the way to the garden and getting the areas in the front that he could reach without tearing up anything. He said the kid would come back next week with the grass cutter and take care of the yard. After school, the kid was brought by to re-till everything. He went over each part several times. The plan is to let it rain on the garden, then next week re-till the left half so it looks as smooth as the right half. Do I live in a great place or what?? He was happy to devote most of his busy day to helping me out. There are so many people here like that.
May 20 at 22:37 EST .

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