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   Carmen posted on Gardening & Landscaping  Check out if you like to play in the mud. I made a bunch of wild flower seed balls for a large meadow that needs color. Seems like a much better idea than just broadcasting seeds (which seldom works ).
December 8 at 15:30 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Gardening & Landscaping  We moved from Northern IL to Tennessee in January. I left my wonderful garden behind and couldn't dig up and bring anything along since the ground was frozen. We have 13 acres (mostly wooded ) here and the most horrible soil I have experienced. It is hard rock clay in some areas and white sand in others. I want to get someone to till over a garden plot for me and need ideas of what to do as far as amendments go so I will have a growing place in the spring.

This is so very frustrating --- we didn't realize how lucky we were with our beautiful black crumbly soil in IL.
August 30 at 13:31 EST .

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   BirdsNest  First best thing to do is contact your county extension service. You will want to take a soil test. Let them guide you as to what to do. They are experienced with the soil in the area and can help immensely.They will probably save you a lot of wasted energy at guesswork. I was talking with Hagar on the phone and I read him your post, this is what he told me to write.
August 30 at 20:34 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Oh, and another thing.
November 20,2015 there will be 10 hrs and 1 minute of daylight. Plant life stops growing at 10 hours.
August 30 at 20:36 EST .

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   Carmen  Thanks so much for the quick response. We just got two 4'X 8' and four 4'X 4' rustic cedar raised planters from a lady who is moving and gave them away. They are rough sawn cedar and just perfect for our log home! So, for now I will be filling and planting the raised beds. I have plenty of chicken poo and have a large amount of compost cooking just since January so should be able to amend some top soil that we will fill the beds with.

With the longer growing season it will be fun to have some fall greens.

We also have contracted for a local man to plow a 40 X 40 planting bed that I will amend over the winter. As far as a soil test, I have done that in the past and didn't find it real helpful. I know I have acidic soil because blueberries grow wild in the woods and my hydrangeas are bright blue!
September 1 at 17:27 EST .

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   Balogreene  Carmen, when my sister moved from NJ to OK she was unable to take plants from daddy's funeral, and plants my Grandmother had cultivated for years. It broke everyone's heart. They've been in OK a ton of years,

Now, my dad grew up gardening in GA red clay, then the beautiful IL soil. He was able to modify the soil in both NM and VA to have good gardens. His daughters, killed everything he'd done in VA, not knowing what we were doing. I couldn't tell you acidic from alkaline, but, it sounds like you do. Good luck. It was so great to have daddy's gardens when we moved. And, daddy enjoyed the gardens and the birds.
The longer growing season will mean more enjoyment!
October 2 at 17:40 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Suggested Reading  Just finished Robert Crais 'Two Minute Rule' ---- wow - keeps you interested right from the beginning. I am starting 'Hostage' by Crais now. Love this writer.
August 13 at 12:06 EST .

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   Gram77  Crais is my favorite too. Can't wait for his new book in November.
August 14 at 09:18 EST .

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   Balogreene  I was just looking him up since you recommended him, have either of you read the Elvis Cole-Joe Pike series?
August 14 at 16:33 EST .

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   Carmen  Yes, love the series! Read the books in order for more enjoyment.
August 30 at 13:20 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  We had to cull two roosters from our little flock today and it is sad. We had 9 hens/3 roos and now that they are laying (and sexually active ) we had to get down to just one rooster to care for the hens. Today, the 10 left are very lethargic. They are sad I know, because two of their flock is missing. I know it won't take long before they are happy chattering birds but it does tell us they have feelings.
August 13 at 12:03 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Roosters just can't get along. One always wants to be in charge. We have several young birds and I will wager a bet that more than 50% will turn out to be roosters. As long as they don't have a bad attitude I am sure I can find good homes for them.

Make sure the flock gets extra goodies, to take their minds off of the change in number and to boost their energy levels.
August 13 at 21:48 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  I used to raise Bantams as a 4-H project years ago. I let them range free on the farm. Because I used them as show birds at county fairs, I couldn't trim the roosters' spurs. There were several nasty courtship battles.
August 18 at 14:07 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I got up close and personal with the spurs of a rooster one time. Another time when I was moving one of the moveable pens the rooster freaked and tore a spur off. Blood everywhere and more pouring out. I had to catch him by getting into a 3 ft high closed pen, grab the bleeding spur and get out of that pen while holding him. It must have been 98F outside and I was sweating buckets. Brought him to the house and opened the door to tell Hagar to grab me a silver nitrate stick and a paper towel. I sat outside with him, swabbing the spot with the stick to stop the bleeding. Once it stopped I put him in a cage by himself to make sure he didn't open the wound again. That was intense. He was alright the next day so I put him back with his flock that night after everyone got sleepy.
August 21 at 07:04 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Coffee Klatch  Am I getting old (yes ) or do even young people have to turn on 'closed caption' on so many TV series these days? I used to just have problems with a British accent and Jive but now it seems to be more often than not that I am missing lots of the conversation.
June 7 at 10:34 EST .

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   BirdsNest  We have friends from NY/NJ and I have such a hard time understanding him when he gets excited, he talks a mile a minute. It's a bit easier in person but on the phone? Fugetaboutit.

I was thinking about you this morning when I was up here posting, glad to see you are still around.
June 7 at 12:08 EST .

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   StormCnter  I don't know about tv series being hard to understand, Carmen, but I have trouble with a lot of movies at home. I think the movies are designed with surround-sound theater speakers and so the dialogue and music are easier to understand. That is only a theory, but I'm with you. I always get closed caption with a British film.
June 8 at 10:37 EST .

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   Balogreene  I use closed-captioning all the time, and I am only 63! Been doing it for years.

But, one of the guys I work with is from Puerto Rico, and admittedly speaks Spanglish. One day, another guy at work needed information, I told him to email my friend, but also gave the phone number. He came back to me later and said since they both spoke Spanglish, the phone was easier than email!

They both are foreign born, both U.S. citizens, and both U.S. vets. I still need them to slow down, but, laugh at the language barrier. So much better than someone who just came here for the money.
June 8 at 19:38 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  I use close captioning all the time due to hearing loss, and a loud TV doesn't bother other people in the house.
June 8 at 20:40 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Coffee Klatch  Don't know if I mentioned it but we moved to SW Tennessee from Northern IL in January after selling our house and land there. We were tired of the winters and VERY TIRED of the unbelievable property taxes we were paying. We are in our 70's and retired. So we packed up our two Labs, 5 outdoor cats in separate dog carriers in our camper and headed south. What an experience (especially traveling and moving with outdoor cats! ) We are pretty much settled-in now and the 5 cats are just now starting to go outdoors and wander the woods on our property. The move freaked them out much more than us or the dogs.

We are working to make this property "ours" including re-doing the kitchen, replacing toilets with high rise ones and making good use of the home warranty that came with the house. It had been sitting empty for over a year and we needed a new furnace, hot water heater, elect. and plumbing work. Made good use of that warranty! The air conditioner is ancient and we are hoping it will go out before the year-long warranty ends.

There is a Amish settlement very near us and we are getting to know some of the families. Husband built us a state-of-the-art chicken chalet and we have babies that are now 2 weeks old and living in the camper in a large dog crate. Excitment, Excitment for these two oldsters in retirement.
April 25 at 14:06 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Now this is exciting news!! Living that close to the Amish is great for they have vast knowledge of self sufficiency. And baby chicks are wonderful, what kind??
April 25 at 16:46 EST .

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   Flaming Sword  Carmen,
I'm excited for you. I think you made a wonderful choice. Better area by far, prettier countryside and I think you'll soon feel that way about the Tennesseans too. Upgrade on all counts. Bonus points every April 15.
April 25 at 20:40 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Carmen, you need to 'talk' to Gabula, a L-dot that is in your new area, the most amazing yard, she left Pa and now works at a nursery for wonderful plants and gardens. I don't want to post her email here, but you can reach me through the mother site and I can forward.
April 26 at 04:22 EST .

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   Carmen  The chicks we got are: 5 black Australorps, 5 Barred Rock and 2 unknown brown pullets. We are hoping to end up with 5 hens and one roo. We will take the rest to the Amish to process once they are of laying age. Yumm.
April 26 at 09:13 EST .

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   Carmen  I'm trying to post a pic of the great chicken chalet my husband built but am having no luck. Help?
April 26 at 09:27 EST .

  5 people like this.

   Carmen  Escaped Commieny - how do I contact you through the mother site --- I am pretty much computer illiterate.
April 26 at 10:43 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Crafts  Just discovered Create TV on public TV. We are having our kitchen remodeled and we are cooking and eating in the camper. So, I started turning on the TV while making lunch and discovered Create TV or Lots of good ideas on there. I am not normally a daytime TV watcher but just might start taping some episodes that look interesting.
April 25 at 13:55 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Household Hints  Storing those evil plastic grocery bags: I'm even thinking of hoarding them for when they become illegal everywhere. I use them for all sorts of things ---- cleaning the litter box, picking up dog poo, wrapping paint brushes, trays and rollers in them to store in the fridge (for latex paints/freezer for oil based stains ). Then, of course they are useful to line small waste cans.

So - to store them, I use empty Kleenex boxes. You can get about 50 bags in one of those. For storage in the pantry, I use a quart sized wide- mouth canning jar. You can stuff an unbelievable number in those and they tend to be more attractive sitting on a shelf than a Kleenex box. It is handy to have the storage boxes/jars in various areas for convenient use.
April 25 at 13:51 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I use the empty tissue box idea too,but I also like the qt jar trick.
April 25 at 16:51 EST .

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   Balogreene  In about 1990, my BIL had the brilliant idea of canvas grocery bags, with 4 stored in a canvas holder. We, of course, bought some from him, but the idea of reusable/washable grocery bags just didn't catch on then. Not only do we still have and use the bags, we have the holders. I've hung them from our hall-closet door, and stuff the plastic bags inside them. The canvass grocery bags are in the trunk of my car, for when I grocery shop.
May 14 at 18:39 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Hot Spot time again. Every year about this time our lab, Boomer gets hot spots on his bod. Some years it is better than others, but nothing seems to take care of the problem. If anybody experiences this and has suggestions, I would appreciate it. I have a feeling it is 'creek related' since when it starts getting warm, he goes swimming daily. No way to keep him from doing this and impossible to bathe him after every adventure. (He weighs 95# and HATES baths. )
May 16 at 10:31 EST .

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   Carmen posted on Pet Peeves  I absolutely HATE laugh tracks on sit-coms. It is so nice when you can sit back and watch a funny series without someone suggesting you should laugh.
April 24 at 10:46 EST .

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   Carmen  They even add laugh tracks on shows that are filmed before a live audience. What's up with that????
April 24 at 10:48 EST .

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