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   Eljay posted on Main Page The Lobby  when are conservatives going to pool some capital to purchase, say, nbc, and fire the loathsome andrea mitchell, david greory, et al. and rejuvenate that organization with a conservative credo?

telecommunications is to the culture what gunpowder is to armed conflict and conservatives still fight with only spears. what am i missing? thank you for comments.
November 9 at 13:03 EST .

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   Eljay posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  also introducing speedy tortellini
   November 4 at 17:46 EST .

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   Nugoddess  I love the name!
November 4 at 18:21 EST .

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   Texan at Heart  Love it (him? her?)! I had a painted turtle for many years - raised from a quarter-sized hatchling we found in our yard (we lived across the road from a pond in a state park). Yertle even made the trek from NY to TX for a 2-yr. sabbatical with us! He liked Lubbock, but stayed indoors in the AC... :)
November 5 at 06:31 EST .

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   Eljay posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  pleased to introduce kansas, albert, and cosmo!
   November 4 at 17:45 EST .

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   OnTheBall  Eljay, is Kansas a Sulphur or Mulucan cockatoo? I have a B&G like Cosmo, myself. He'll be 19 on January 1st. I cannot wait for him to turn 20 and get out of his teens. What a pain in the butt they are in their teens! Just like human kids in their teens!
November 4 at 23:24 EST .

   OnTheBall  Ooooh from looking at this larger pic of Cosmo, he is just a baby isn't he! I hope that stand isn't near that balistrade, to where they can reach it. Especially Cosmo! B&G's go thru wood like it is candy!
November 4 at 23:26 EST .

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   Eljay  kansas is an umbrella 'too, hatched july 4, 2005! cosmo is almost 4 and he is a lovable thug. albert (einstein) doubles us up with laughter 7 days a week with his talking. we've taught him to "sing" "respect": r-e-s-p-e-c-t, find out what it means to me! sock-it-to-me . . . etc. thank you for the comments. p.s., a vet friend told us we'll have 3 perpetual 5-year olds !!
November 4 at 23:52 EST .

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   Eljay  p.s., have you had your B&G from "chickhood"? 19 years of macaw-dom qualifies you for sainthood!
November 5 at 00:02 EST .

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   OnTheBall  Yes, I've had him since fuzzdom. I'll never forget the funny laugh from my friend when I asked how I would know when he was finished eating his babyfood. One day when I fed him his babyfood he just slung it all over me and the kitchen. I thought maybe he'd gotten it down the wrong way, so I tried it again. More food all over me and the kitchen again. He was finished with babyfood, that was it. LOL
November 5 at 00:09 EST .

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   OnTheBall  Yes Cosmo being under five he is still a little toddler, still a baby in so many ways. Enjoy it while it lasts. ;-)
November 5 at 00:11 EST .

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