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   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  I don't very often post here, but I do visit daily...and have for years. So to me---this is important

I am very disappointed.... after all these years of helping to FEED THE BANDWIDTH BEAST--- of being a member... and of supporting Especially after having been invited by my friend, Josh G, I always felt a certain loyalty... but sadly...and rudely, not anymore--- Intellectual Froglegs is not welcome on

OF course that is their right. But in the meantime... videos of vulgar liberals like Bill Maher, George Lopez, Madonna ETC appear regularly.

I sure hope one day---conservatives start promoting conservatives...instead of their Big-Name Liberals, socialists and other malcontents.

From hereon, I'll remember my friend Josh from a distance. God Bless.
February 8 at 12:34 EST .

   5 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  sent you an email.
February 8 at 15:00 EST .

  6 people like this.

   GO3  Joe, can you clue me in on what's happening? I guess I didn't follow this issue so please explain. Is IF banned from posting as news articles? Or from the links page? Thanks.
February 9 at 22:13 EST .

  4 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  Sorry I don't get over more often...I've been busier than a fat kid with chocolate cake, LOL>. Anyway... I hope you guys will check out the latest INTELLECTUAL FROGLEGS. Too many conservatives are playing 'political patty cake" rather than making serious efforts to save this country.

August 19 at 19:28 EST .

   20 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  Hey guys, last week I was nominated for BEST VIDEO BLOGGER at this week's CPAC because of my Intellectual Froglegs series. Hope you guys will join me. Sign up for Show Alerts, and help share if you approve.

March 10 at 17:44 EST .

   22 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  I did Joe, it was a toss up between you and Ross, but you got my vote, Keep On,keep'in on, can't go wrong with the Politichicks, !!
March 10 at 18:32 EST .

  25 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  Hope you guys can check out the new Intellectual Froglegs! Please share if you approve. Thanks!

February 18 at 00:52 EST .

   28 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  Excellent, too bad other hosts won't archive like Mark.
February 19 at 08:21 EST .

  23 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  Fresh out of the oven----Some fresh 'turkey flavored' Froglegs for the holiday weekend. Happy Thanksgiving...

November 22 at 00:31 EST .

   20 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  Joe, you should have titled it Strengthing the Case for God in your post, it would have brought more comments. Good one to send on, thanks
November 23 at 09:55 EST .

  16 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  Hope y'all like this one...

November 10 at 11:59 EST .

   22 people like this.

   Rollingcow  See, now that's why I love you Joe Dan, some how you live in my head. Well, maybe we just have the same thoughts.
Mrs. Cow
November 10 at 14:03 EST .

  14 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  Signed up for your email alerts, Dan, thanks.
November 10 at 16:48 EST .

  16 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  God gets boo'd at the DNC

September 6 at 12:11 EST .

   21 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  With the DNC kicking off this week–what better time to have something besides a congregation of lying liberals to watch. In this exciting episode of 'non-stop ninja action'— we have a tribute to Clint Eastwood, Meet the Obama’s & who IS this Conservative Crusader?

September 5 at 12:48 EST .

   20 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  This will be a hard one to beat.
September 5 at 14:16 EST .

  20 people like this.

   MissBlue  Claude Balls: isn't he the author of "Tomcat's Revenge?"
September 5 at 21:22 EST .

  17 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  My latest column: "Liberal Churches - Liars, Bigots and Hypocrites"
I used to naively believe there was an ‘invisible line’ that most folks, regardless of ideology… would never cross when it comes to a universal respect of God and the Holy Bible— like not pretending to be a church—but I stand corrected. Now this invisible line does exist… but fewer and fewer see it, and even less than that respect it.

And liberals respect nothing but their agendas… not even the future of their own children, who they continue to selfishly and voluntarily bury under mountains and mountains of unnecessary debt. But that’s another story…

   August 21 at 16:41 EST .

   24 people like this.

   Montanabound  I have found that church liberals cannot be reasoned with.
August 24 at 00:31 EST .

  25 people like this.

   JoeDanMedia posted on Main Page The Lobby  Join me on a journey into the Liberal Brain. Don’t worry it’s a short trip. LOL----Plus: Obama loves China, Janet Reno & Lurch sing a Duet AND the Chinese Fish Woman. All in this one video. And it’s FREE! LOL

August 13 at 22:48 EST .

   18 people like this.

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