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John c

   John C posted on Computers &Tech Issues  Cleared history, No pop-ups yet.
Thank you
May 26 at 12:10 EST .

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   Tulsa  I am so tickled you said something. Thank you for letting me know what worked.

You can set your Mac to delete all browsing history, cookies, internet files, etc when you leave the web. I don't know Mac settings, but I bet you do.
May 26 at 17:24 EST .

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   John C posted on Computers &Tech Issues  John C i am using older Mac (2009 ) with a 20 Inch screen Ver. 10.11.6 . Have put in an additional memory chip in it
*reads 2.66 GHZ duo core. Memory is 8 GB* It is still slow. I am also being annoying pop up ad
for "MacKeeper". When I log on I get the pop up ad. Other then buying the offered software or
a new computer, is there anything I can do?
May 23 at 09:35 EST .

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   Tulsa  I hope a Mac user can help you. ITMT, do a websearch for "how to block popups on a Mac' And select a link that shows the browser you are using.

You could try deleting web history (internet files, history, cookies ) The popup is likely embedded in your Mac and is triggered when you come to Lucianne. You could also download AdblockPlus for Macs. no longer blocks all ads, but it does help.

If all else fails, call a tech.
May 23 at 10:05 EST .

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   John C posted on Politics  Milo disappeared from the news rather quickly, Has he got a job? Did he land on his feet. Is he back in the UK?
February 28 at 03:42 EST .

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   MeiDei  Scroll down a few to see feb 27 milo post
March 7 at 13:47 EST .

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   John C posted on Computers &Tech Issues  I have an Apple Mac, My top site listing has eliminated the Drudgereport. Where do I go to get it back. I have tried tying it in repeatedly but it get crappy sites like Yahoo etc
November 20 at 03:08 EST .

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   StormCnter  John are you still missing Drudge? Could you have had the problem when Drudge got hacked? Maybe you can save it again now.
January 5 at 10:20 EST .

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   John C posted on Main Page The Lobby  Love you all.
I have been with the site since shortly after you went live. Think I heard it
on Rush. Working all weekend is dedication and I appreciate it. You are my home page!
John c
October 21 at 19:40 EST .

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   John C posted on Main Page The Lobby  I want to thank everyone who post on this wonderful web site. I forward many article to local MA democrat politician, who are puppets of the unions or leadership. Many have been in for years and are just waiting out their generous pensions. Could this be the year they are retired. I can hope.
September 15 at 04:57 EST .

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   John C posted on Computers &Tech Issues  Thank you.
September 3 at 04:58 EST .

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   John C posted on Politics  Thanks. Took an hour of research and editing and I really could have included more.

1 Watergate: Fired for being a ‘liar’ As a Judiciary Committee
staffer in 1974, Hillary Clinton helped investigate Watergate. She was fired
as an “unethical, dishonest lawyer.”
2 Bill’s sex scandal: Hillary formed the Bimbo eruption group. Kathleen
Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Jaunetta Broodrick, etc
3 Bill: impeach for lying under oath
4 Hillary Health: At least 26 times during an FBI interview last month,
she claims she couldn’t recall after her December 2012 fall that left her with a
concussion, an admission that will surely stoke concerns about Clinton’s
health and physical fitness to serve in the job of president.
5 Clintons turn IRS into ‘gestapo’. 900 records delivered to WH
6 Covering Bill’s dirty deeds Hillary reportedly aided her husband by
publicly defending him, Right Wing Conspiracy
7 Looting the White House After Clinton’s second term came to a
close, the couple reportedly attempted to take roughly $190,000 worth of
furniture and other items.
8 Filegate: FBI files on GOP enemies The Clintons reportedly gained
confidential tax records on many of their political rivals,
9 Hillary’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood connection via Huma Weiner
10 Vince Foster’s 1993 death She emptied Foster’s office before the
room was sealed.
11 Emailgate: Hillary Clinton’s admitted use of a personal email server to
share official correspondences during her stint as secretary of state.
12 Chinagate: Sale of high-tech secrets
13 Travelgate: Clintons reportedly laid off the White House travel office
staff so that they could fill the department with family members and friends.
14 Whitewater: Jail for friends, but not Clintons investigation into a real
estate deal that later encompassed accusations of improper campaign
15 ‘Landing under sniper fire’ in Bosnia. didn’t happen
16 Hillary’s ‘missing’ law firm billing records More than 100 pages of
pertinent information went missing in 1994 federal investigation Turned up in
her reading room.
17 Pardongate: Hillary received contributions: from those Bill pardoned
18 Hillary’s cash cows and 9,987 percent profit
Between 1978 and 1979, a $1,000 investment turned into a $100,000 profit.
19 Clinton body count: In addition to those who met untimely deaths
many others on their wrong side also ended up behind bars. see Paul below.
20 Hillary’s radical pal, Saul Alinsky: Wellesley Paper done by Hillary
on Alilnsky She later worked for Alinsky’s group, the Industrial Areas
Foundation, for decades after the radical activist’s death, and worked for
Black Panthers
21 Hillary laughs about defending child rapist
22 Hillary cashes in: Iranian fundraising the Clinton Foundation
reportedly received numerous financial contributions from a group accused
of being agents of Iranian government.
23 Clinton Foundation: accusations of tax fraud and a secretive deal
believed to have facilitated the release of nuclear material to Russia.
24 Benghazi: 4 American lives lost A scandal that continues to incite
passions involves inaction before, during, and after a 2012 attack that killed
four Americans in Libya, then lying as to its cause to families and media.
25 Peter Franklin Paul: Hillary friend goes to prison, Paul was an
entertainment executive he contended was retaliation for calling attention
to fraud within Clinton’s fundraising methods.
September 2 at 20:51 EST .

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   Surfhut  Good work! Of course, you are preaching to the choir. Our job as choir members is to educate those who will blindly vote for HRC either because she has a D after her name or is a woman and/or get their political news only from MSM.
September 3 at 12:59 EST .

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   MeiDei  #16 above; "coincidentally" her maid found the billing records days, or weeks, after the statute of limitations ran out - as The Church Lady would say "How convenient".
September 5 at 09:25 EST .

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   Bythegates  Someone is putting together a long list of controversies for both candidates here:

Looks like 100+
September 10 at 02:22 EST .

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   John C posted on Household Hints  Kitchen has been invaded for tiny, fast running ants. I have sprayed and used lysol wipes. A couple of days later they are back. Aside from a bomb any suggestions?
August 27 at 05:30 EST .

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   Gram77  Ace Hardware carries a product called TERRO. Those little buggers can't get to it fast enough. It takes 3-5 days before the parade stops but I'm quite sure you will be rid of them. Good luck.
August 28 at 04:24 EST .

  16 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  I never use Google, Ixquick is my searcher: just type in kitchen ants and get lots of hints: ex:

take your pick, depending on the type of ants
In Florida I use a 12 month spray by Ortho - Home Defense
make sure it drys before kids or fur babies are about. Also, Food Grade - diatomaceous earth - not the pool stuff from the hardware store - safe around pets and kids ( if you don't mind white powder around. ) I use that all around the entry points. Both 4 legged kids like to roll in the fresh cut grass and sometimes bring unwanted no-see-ums into the house.
September 3 at 20:40 EST .

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   John C posted on Computers &Tech Issues  When i log on to my Apple screen runs on me. I have to toggle back up to the article. I thought
I would check to see if anyone else has the problem. Doesn't happen with other sites.
August 26 at 05:53 EST .

   4 people like this.

   Tulsa  That has happened to me, but rarely, on a thread. It doesn't run far. It's like someone scrolled for me. What is that? I may look it up.

It happens at ...bout half way down the page you're sent back to the top in one swell foop. Second time you arrow down, it does not happen.

I don't hate this as much as I hate auto refresh at Drudge.

Both interrupt reading.

Best wishes.
August 26 at 13:08 EST .

  2 people like this.

   John C  Just opened up and the darn page scrolled down down 3 items. annoying is right.
August 27 at 05:27 EST .

  4 people like this.

   Tulsa  If you'll search 'phantom scrolling' you may find how-to instructions for your Apple device. I found several possible solutions yesterday. Be specific when you product name and phantom scrolling. See if that helps.

A poster asked about the problem and it took many comments for anyone to 'get it'. Others thought he had a bad mouse. I knew exactly what he meant....The screen moving without the user touching the mouse or down arrows.

The answer for a Dell pc may? be a driver that is not updated in the Monthly MS patches.
August 27 at 09:12 EST .

  3 people like this.

   Tulsa  John C, also lookup 'auto scrolling'. And use the help menu on your Apple devise. Don't search the web, tho you may be redirected there...which is fine.

I understand there are some super sensitive touch pads. I use a desktop with Windows and no touch so you'll have to do your own research. Hope some of this helps and wish you the best.
August 27 at 09:50 EST .

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