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   Jj1319  NPR is good for 2 stories a year, as far as I can tell. I'm sure there are others, but 2 stand out to me.

The first, I posted several days ago, Christmas anecdotes as told by a Macy's Elf (David Sedaris ), a wickedly funny essay that really is conservative in nature.

The second is an essay written and told by a wonderful raconteur, John Henry Faulk. Say what you will about Faulk, but this story does a very nice job of spreading Christmas Spirit. One of my favorites.

Take a listen. You'll be glad you did.

Merry Christmas, everyone,

December 25 at 17:26 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Go to the Coffee room, Bettie needs some hugs and kisses. We are Family.
December 24 at 17:44 EST .

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   Iacta alea est  A very Merry and most blessed Christmas to all the LDotters. I am not even going to try and list the folks I "know" best for fear of leaving out one of you dearhearts. I say it often, but will say it once all are the finest kind. With love, Dom
December 24 at 12:14 EST .

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   Fireball27  Merry Christmas LDotters. We are going to have a great year! Can't you just feel it? The media is being called out all over the place and just plain folks are starting to notice just what the heck is going on. Even the liberals can't escape the common sense answers to what is going on. It's kind of like they are asking "who are you going to believe, us liberals or your lying eyes?"
December 24 at 17:53 EST .

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   MeiDei  Peace, Love & Joy multiplied back at you 100-fold!
December 24 at 18:37 EST .

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   JoniTx  Todd Starnes All-American Christmas Special
December 23 at 15:58 EST .

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   Bettijo  PAY RAISES?


A majority of U.S. military service members will receive a 1 percent pay raise in their basic pay beginning in January 2015, the Pentagon announced on Monday.

However, those enlisted members further down the military totem poll will see no pay raise, according to the announcement.


Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI ) beneficiaries will receive a 1.7 percent COLA for 2015.
December 23 at 06:40 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  and yet our goobermint gives millions and billions to countries that hate us, I received my first SS check this month, I have been working since I was 16. It might cover the Publix grocery bill. Our Military deserve SO much better than this regime.
December 23 at 10:17 EST .

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   Balogreene  Well, I work for a Federal Contractor, and it's going on three years without a raise (except I got a promotion - after 8 years - so I got a 0.5% raise ). I'm going backward. And all the contractors here in the DC suburbs are laying people off, and not giving raises.

It really is tough out here too. This is an expensive place to live, we have several bases here, Belvoir, Meyer, Aberdeen, Edgewood, Quantico, and those soldiers have to live on that pay, here. Buy homes, etc.
December 23 at 14:39 EST .

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   Balogreene  WW, my sister is a VERY liberal speech pathologist for a school district, her husband is a science teacher in a Middle school. She has lately posted things on Facebook about how wonderful Barak is. Life is so much better, pay is great, social programs are great, so many people are working, you know the drill.

I actually had to tell her that just isn't my world. Our neighbor had her house foreclosed on. Several people at my work have been put on part-time, or just let go, I know so many people who can't find jobs, a group of people I know were recently told half the work force would be cut.

It's weird at my company, we don't get raises because if we did, they won't make the goals they promised stock holders! But, the CEO can still make $11 million, and get bonuses. I'm tired, I'm 62, I should be making the best money of my life, I should have people working for me, so I don't have to work 14 hour days (getting paid for only 8 ).

When I got my promotion, my boss told me, he hated me, he can't fire me when he gets mad at me, cause I do my job so well, and our clients like me so much. He actually loves me, but does get frustrated some times. Even so, it took 8 years to get a promotion! I so hate business, I understand, they have to make money, but, I agree with you. Why don't those of us at the bottom, get the recognition we deserve?
December 23 at 20:03 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Uh oh, looks like WW's post has gone missing.

Just think how bad it will be when those millions of illegals get to look for work, many more citizens will be out of a job. BHO promised he would fundamentally change the USA. There you go.
December 24 at 08:41 EST .

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   Iacta alea est  A friend of mine for over 30 years is a detective on the NYPD. 2nd generation, his Dad served with distinction for 30 years too. We spoke tonite to wish each other Merry Christmas. He told me his Christmas has been ruined. In all the years I have known him I have never heard the intense contempt and disgust in his voice when he spoke about DeBlasio, Obama, Holder and the execrable Al Sharpton. The NYPD is deeply mourning their murdered comrades. I am not a big fan of boycotts. But we the good people of America, and I do mean good people, must boycott anything to do with NBC, MSNBC and the parent company GE until that human compost heap who soils the title of "Reverend" is taken off the air. "What do want?....Sharpton off the air!....When do we want it? NOW!
December 23 at 00:40 EST .

   18 people like this.

   MeiDei  Sorry about your friend's Christmas let-down. Hope yours is better with your family intact. As for the NBC, etc., I'm not supporting GE but they sold their interest to Comcast a few years ago. Comcast + 0bama + Sharpton are a trinity = braided together. The truth about their union is starting to filter out.
December 23 at 02:43 EST .

  7 people like this.

   Iacta alea est  Thanks Mei. My buddy says his entire precinct is apoplectic about DeBlasio & Sharpton. And thanks for the heads up about GE dumping NBC. Probably the smartest think they did since Jack Welch retired. And to change the subject I hope things are better for your son & yourself.
December 23 at 09:16 EST .

  9 people like this.

   Alice  Thanks for telling us this; I hope you will convey to your NYPD friend that people across the country share his feelings of grief for his murdered comrades, and we feel deep contempt for the leftists occupying the presidency, AG, and NY mayor's office, and the man you mention who words have preceded violent deaths of police officers for decades.

May your friend find some peace in the Christmas story; we live in a fallen world, but God loves him and the rest of us. And the rest of us also appreciate his work and sacrifices as a police officer.
December 23 at 18:41 EST .

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   Balogreene  A wonderful book: Unbroken, and a new movie of the book. Here is an article about the story:
December 23 at 00:39 EST .

   17 people like this.

   Gram77  You've no doubt seen my comments about this book. It's a beautiful story of a man who would not give up and there is much to be said for the author. She told Louie's story with honesty and heart. I have a friend that works at Books-A-Million and she said this book is being purchased in numbers for Christmas gifts. Excellent choice.
December 23 at 08:45 EST .

  8 people like this.

   Labrador Heaven  I read when it first came out. Please read the NYT Mag of this Sunday about Laura H., the author. READ how much she has gone through herself and exactly HOW she researched for this book. And God, please bless dear Louie in his new home, with all those who went before him. Some of them performed acts they knew were their last on those planes...unimaginable heroism. The book...I had stopped in certain was too emotional. But this book has NEVER left me. Everyone should read it and then, see the movie.
December 26 at 19:09 EST .

  7 people like this.

   Hollyhock  Our police have been heavy on my heart. They need our prayers for protection. This was on another site by the late Paul Harvey.
December 22 at 10:40 EST .

   19 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  FTA:
“He runs files and writes reports until his eyes ache to build a case against some felon who will get dealt out by some shameless shamus. The policeman must be a minister, a social worker, a diplomat, a tough guy, and a gentle man. And of course, he’ll have to be a genius, because he’ll have to feed a family on a policeman’s salary.”
My Family, including my brother was/were a policeman, this is an excellent article.
December 22 at 14:11 EST .

  17 people like this.

   MeiDei  Just read the following and thought it fits here - a personal blog of the wife of a LEO that went viral ...
December 22 at 17:00 EST .

  20 people like this.

   Gerty  Before we all get caught up with Christmas chores, I should like to wish all staff and members of The Connection a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years!

You bring so much to my daily life. Thank you.
December 21 at 09:53 EST .

   24 people like this.

   NotaBene  Merry Christmas all including Ms. Lucianne and staff and all Ldotters and the best wishes for a very Happy New Year. Going to spend Christmas with the grandkids,
December 21 at 11:25 EST .

  15 people like this.

   Hagar  Miss Gerty, I wish Bird & I could think of a better way of putting the words in your post, But you knocked it out of the park!!
December 21 at 16:02 EST .

  16 people like this.

   Gram77  A Merry Christmas from Gram to all!
December 22 at 09:44 EST .

  10 people like this.

   Straitpath  Thank you all, staff and posters. You help in my happiness and joy. Merry Christmas.
December 22 at 12:52 EST .

  14 people like this.

   Alice  Yes! Gerty put it perfectly! Thank you all, staff and members. Merry Christmas!
December 23 at 14:32 EST .

  7 people like this.

   Iacta alea est  Yeaaaaaaaa!!!! My 2 wonderful daughters are here in NY with us for the Christmas holiday and are staying for New Year's. The best gift of all this year.
December 21 at 09:32 EST .

   23 people like this.

   Straitpath  I am glad for you.
December 22 at 12:53 EST .

  11 people like this.

   Iacta alea est  Thanks Straitpath....a Merry Christmas to you and yours.
December 23 at 09:18 EST .

  6 people like this.

   Gram77  On a lighter side, hubby and I decided to visit an opening of a very high end shopping center yesterday. He wasn't the least bit excited about this but I wanted to see the decorations. Goodness knows I couldn't afford anything. Well, it was crowded and I found it very interesting that everyone was polite, excusing themselves if they bumped someone in the crush and often I saw someone move out of the way or help someone elderly get where they were going. An extremely refreshing treat.
December 21 at 09:28 EST .

   18 people like this.

   Gerty  Ironic, isn't it, Gram--it costs not a penny to be well mannered. (Lesson learned ages ago in a grade school run by Nuns. )
December 21 at 10:18 EST .

  14 people like this.

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