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   JoniTx  A cute Christmas video...."Curious Goat Steals the Spotlight at Living Nativity Scene in Texas".....
December 24 at 12:53 EST .

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   Iacta alea est  I want to send my deppest, most hearfelt wishes to all the Ldotters for a very merry and BLESSED Christmas. This goes out even to our non-Christian friends and "Dotters". 2015 has been a very trying year for many of us and I sincerly pray that ALL OF US can have a day of peace and love together with everyone we love. I pray that EVERYONE can spend our day celebrating God's love for us and enjoying the peace that knowing Him brings to our lives. I am wonderfully grateful for all the people here who have helped me via thier prayers. For me, having all of you in my life has been the best gift of all. All my love to all of you. Merry Christmas, Love, Dom
December 23 at 21:04 EST .

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   Surfhut  You have been a blessing to us! Merry Christmas!
December 24 at 09:43 EST .

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   JoniTx  Here is a wonderful 'Feel Good' video (Merry Christmas! ):

The Air Force Band Surprised Guests At The Smithsonian With A Festive Flash Mob - December 4, 2015:
December 20 at 17:38 EST .

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   Gram77  I've always wished I would be at a place where I could be a part of such an experience. It must be a thrill!
December 20 at 18:13 EST .

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   MeiDei  How about this one at the DC train station:
December 20 at 20:34 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Gram77  It's a little after 5AM and it seems I'm done sleeping and I wake to find this. Once again, THANKS!!
December 21 at 05:20 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Mildred  Thank you for the links to these joys of the holiday season. This has always been my favorite
December 21 at 09:58 EST .

  3 people like this.

   MeiDei  And who can forget this one:
December 21 at 10:14 EST .

  3 people like this.

   JoniTx  Thanks for the's one more:
December 21 at 11:18 EST .

   MeiDei  These are such fun - the only disappointment is not being there when 'it' happens! Thank God for videos.
December 21 at 11:58 EST .

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   Surfhut  Thank you for all these videos. Just watched them all. Have a song in my heart and a smile on my face. Merry Christmas!
December 24 at 09:44 EST .

   Fireball27  I have had it with the media and the left! Every time I hear "Donald Trump is causing terrorists to join ISIS", I am going to counter with, "No it's Hollywood women showing their T and A! Lets all ask Hollywood to consider the feelings of Muslims, and quit showing women not wearing a burka. How about that liberals? Do not help recruit for ISIS, by wearing scoop neck blouses, showing cleavage, bare arms and legs, etc. Liberal women start wearing your burkas now. Don't give ISIS a reason to hate us! While we are at it, lets ask Hollywood to cut their "carbon footprint" and not produce anymore movies. We already have enough, thank you.
December 20 at 14:48 EST .

   4 people like this.

   Alice  I love this idea and will comment at lefty sites accordingly!
December 20 at 17:41 EST .

  4 people like this.

   Fireball27  Thanks Alice. I posted a comment on the site on the Hillary article complaining about the video of Trump.
December 20 at 19:31 EST .

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   Gerty  A very merry and blessed Christmas and the happiest of new years to all my friends on the Connection! I so miss you guys!!
December 19 at 03:19 EST .

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   MeiDei  Well Thank You, we missed you too. Welcome back, join us on the other walls. I left a recipe for you for when your
garlic harvest is pulled up.
May God's blessings be upon you & those you love this Christmas and throughout the New Year.
December 19 at 10:11 EST .

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   StormCnter  Gerty, how lovely to see you. I am glad you have returned. A very Merry Christmas and a warm and happy holiday season to you, also.
December 19 at 12:14 EST .

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   Tulsa  Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus.

I told the Suit we might want to discuss celebratory gun fire when o leaves office! lol

..and StormCnter, I left you a message at Computers & Tech Issues Wall. You can save your cash $ and lose CCleaner.
December 19 at 17:45 EST .

  2 people like this.

   StormCnter  Thanks, Tulsa.
December 19 at 17:55 EST .

   Iacta alea est  Merry Christmas to you and yours too Gerty....welcome back
December 20 at 01:56 EST .

  4 people like this.

   Surfhut  Hi, Gerty! Merry Christmas!
December 24 at 09:46 EST .

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   Suejeanne  Bernie Sanders was downright chivalrous in putting down discussion of Hillary's e-mails and this is the thanks he gets . . .

reinstate the IT guy that you fired, Bernie - apologize publicly to him - turn your sights on Hillary and the DNC -

Suggested verbiage for statement by Sanders campaign:

Out of an abundance of caution and a sense of fair play, we were worried about anyone in our campaign deviating from the standards of utmost ethical conduct . . . after investigating the matter further, we find that our IT staff was making the effort to demonstrate the parameters of the information leaked, in order to alert the DNC of the nature of the leak caused by the firewall going down. Now our integrity is being challenged and impugned by the DNC chairman while we are waiting for answers:

why was the firewall down, why did it go down in October, did the DNC take any comparable action in October and why is the DNC acting to block access to our own data?

Bernie, you could make a fabulous hit tomorrow night - the DNC has handed it to you - inadvertently - on a silver platter.
December 18 at 19:05 EST .

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   Sternben  Subj: Safe & Saving Money

I took down my Rebel flag (which you can't buy on e-bay any more ) and peeled the NRA sticker off the front door.

I disconnected my home alarm system and quit the Neighborhood Watch.

I bought two Pakistani flags and put one at each corner of the front yard. Then I purchased the black flag of ISIS (which you can buy on e-bay ) and put it in the center of the yard.

Now, the local police, sheriff, FBI, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security, Secret Service and other agencies are all watching the house 24/7.

I've never felt safer and I'm saving $69.95 a month.
December 17 at 12:39 EST .

   9 people like this.

   FlatCityGirl  LOLOLOL!
December 17 at 14:06 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Sternben  Home Defense Gone Wrong

A friend asked me what I thought he needed to defend his home

I suggested a 9mm, a couple clips, and a box of shells.

A few days later, he sent me this picture and asked how to make it work.

I'm not sure, but I suspect he is a Democrat and will vote for Hillary, no matter what.

   December 17 at 12:37 EST .

   8 people like this.

   FlatCityGirl  I suspect you're right!
December 17 at 14:07 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Safetydude  At last there might be some justice for his comrades who gave their lives trying to "rescue" him.

Hopefully he'll face a firing squad.
December 14 at 20:19 EST .

   3 people like this.

   Balogreene  I wouldn't bet on this administration. Remember, hey originally (the General in charge of the investigation ) ordered no charges. It seems like someone is bucking authority here.
December 16 at 18:45 EST .

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Sylvia Thompson column
Barack Obama is not seeking "legacy"

Sylvia Thompson
Sylvia Thompson
October 26, 2015
To the many gullible souls out there who truly think that Barack Obama is "legacy building" in his all-out assault on America, I implore you to bow out of the conversation because you are not seeing clearly.

The term legacy carries positive connotations of something bequeath that is to the receiver's benefit. Everything that Barack Obama does is calculated to destroy America, which he despises. This man no more cares about legacy than he fears being properly prosecuted by the white political leaders whose responsibility it is to remove him from office.

I focus on white leaders, because whites are still in the majority and they fill the majority of political offices. If the majority of political operatives were of some other ethnicity, I would lodge my complaint against that group. Ethnicity is an issue only because Obama is half-black and he uses that fact to intimidate guilt-conflicted white people. Otherwise, he would have been impeached and likely in prison for treason by now.

Barack Obama's sole aim has been, since he first entered politics and continues as he winds down this presidency, the complete destruction of America as it was founded.

It is an insult to the intelligence of all Americans who must listen to elitist pundits on Fox news and elsewhere, and political drones in either party endeavor to make Obama's behavior fit a pattern of normalcy. Attributing his destructive policies to "legacy building" is either self-delusion on the part of the people who make that claim or cowardliness.

This is my take.

Obama's nuclear deal with Iran has nothing to do with legacy but rather to enable a Muslim nation to wage nuclear war with America and Israel – the two nations that he most despises. Does anyone wonder why Russians praise Vladimir Putin despite what the rest of the world might think of him? Putin cares about his country, that's why.

Obama despises the American military because traditionally it has been a mainstay of America's strength, and our strength infuriates him.

Imposition of a polluting homosexual, anti-Christian agenda upon the military ranks destroys unit cohesion and literally terrorizes male members with the prospect of sodomy rape. Such rapes have increased since the forcing of open homosexuality in the ranks, against the will of a majority of members I might add. Couple that with an infiltration of women, for whom all standards of strength must be reduced, and Obama attains his goal of emasculating and demoralizing the forces.

He could not care less about a legacy of making the forces more diverse. Besides, President Truman diversified the military as much as it should be when he integrated it. Obama's objective is its destruction.

Obama reopened relations with Cuba because Cuba is Communist. Legacy is not his concern here either, but rather to scuttle America's attempts to keep Communist influence out of the
December 12 at 18:45 EST .

   7 people like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  Sorry for the long post.

Americas. That Cuba has major issues with human rights does not matter. Like his Marxist African father before him, he despises the West and all that it represents.

Obama lawlessly declares open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens, because he wants to overrun America with third-world people who bring little more than dependency with them. This tactic not only does not ensure a legacy, but rather it guarantees the eventual conversion of America itself into third-world status, if it is allowed to continue.

Bill Clinton started the travesty of increasing the numbers of third-world immigrants at the expense of culturally more suited immigrants from European and European-influenced nations, but Obama has taken the trend to lawless, destructive extremes. He is fully aware that many of these invaders have no intention of assimilating.

It is only the outcry of a majority of Americans that holds back this hateful invasion scheme, and Donald Trump's entry onto the political scene to oppose that scheme is a saving grace for our nation.

These are but a few instances of behavior that display the loathsome character of Barack Hussein Obama. And he is allowed to roam freely through the American landscape poisoning and polluting as he goes, sure in the realization that no one will stop him because he is "black."

The day that we no longer have to hear the prattle about his "legacy building" will not be soon enough for me.

Many, many Americans are thoroughly fed up with Barack Obama and the spineless crop of political leaders who ignore his criminality. It is yet unknown whether Republicans will ever garner the backbone to become a true opposition party and hold him accountable. Promising signs are the House conservatives' getting rid of establishment types John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy as House Speaker and Speaker hopeful, respectively, and Donald Trump's entry into the 2016 presidential race with enough money and testicular fortitude to tell the Establishment and the Left where to shove it.

Should these positive trends not continue and the 2016 election cycle yield no movement to counter all the harm that Barack Obama has done to this nation, I think there will be massive disruption. Those folks in the National Rifle Association ads currently running on television seem very serious to me, and that is a good thing.
Ms. Thompson is a copy editor by trade currently residing in Tennessee. She formerly wrote for the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley California Newsletter and the online conservative blog ChronWatch, also out of California.

She grew up in Southeast Texas during the waning years of Jim Crow-era legalized segregation, and she concludes that race relations in America will never improve, nor will we ever elevate our culture, as long as there are victims to be pandered to and villains to be vilified. America is better served without victims or villains.

© Copyright 2015 by Sylvia Thompson
December 12 at 18:47 EST .

  4 people like this.

   Safetydude  Another long article that helps to define Obama.
December 13 at 12:00 EST .

  4 people like this.


Ever wonder where those lovely ''so-called refugees'' have gone to?????
December 11 at 21:36 EST .

   6 people like this.

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