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   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  I want to propose something to you. The Republican party should stop this Tea Party vs. Establishment. It only feeds the Dem's press. We should have a CONTRACT FOR AMERICA 2.0. The entire Republican party should itemize 5-10 activities they would do IF THEY WIN THE HOUSE AND SENATE IN 2014. The Contract swept the Dems out of power for the first time in 40 years in 1994 and one could do the same in 2014 if the idiots in Wash. DC would stop fighting each other and us and develop a plan for our country
November 9 at 16:51 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  They won't do that, because it means surrendering too much power to the people. All of them, (R ) and (D ) alike, are so drunk on their power. Look at Mitch McConnell, saying he is going to withhold consulting contracts to those firms that support Tea Party candidates or issues. Extortion, plain and simple. We need to get rid of the whole lot of them. If it's not done at the ballot box next November, we may have to resort to another box.
November 10 at 18:18 EST .

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   Phooey  Ole buzz, I want to be in the jury box when that day comes.
November 11 at 16:40 EST .

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   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  I do not support non compliance as a strategy. I am a supporter of the Tea Party and I believe there is still great support for the movement, however, what we need is a leader!!!! I have attended several events (protests ) and the people mill around waiting. Waiting for what? Some one to take charge and direct our efforts. I know that there are numberous "Tea Party" chapters, or groups with "self appointed" or "leaders by default", but it does not work. We need a NATIONAL MOVEMENT with a National (well known ) Leader. I thought of people like Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin. Some one who could go on the Sunday Talk Shows, represent us on "debates" on c-span, or organize state chapters. Give us a common agenda, a strong leader and an articulate spokesperson. We CAN NOT meet this crisis in a passive manner. WE NEED A LEADER.
December 22 at 15:58 EST .

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   Timber Queen  I agree we need leadership on a national level, but where are they? Sarah? Newt? DeMint? Mike Pence? The GOP? The Tea Party Movement has gone about as far as it can with local volunteers. Without a strong national voice defending conservative principles, what can patriots do to protect and defend their personal liberty against the regulatory onslaught? I don't think intentional non-compliance could be considered passive. It will take courage and ingenuity. The alternative is to comply with their regulations without taking a stand. That I see as passive.
December 22 at 22:30 EST .

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   Montanabound  I just read an article about Newt telling us to become Democrats Lite, so I think he's out. Mark Levin is working on strategies concentrating on states rights.
December 23 at 00:50 EST .

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   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  I hope everyone is writing to there Representatives and telling them to HOLD FAST! If we give in I fear for our country
December 12 at 10:19 EST .

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   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  Barbara, GOOD, we need people who can go on the Sunday Talk Shows, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, etc. and speak and tell our side. I also think we should have some "Late Night" Talk Show hosts. I suggested Greg Gutfeld and the fellow from Imus' morning show. they are funny, articulate, and conservative. We are losing the COMMUNICATION BATTLE. We also will lose our country if something is not done and soon.
December 3 at 16:00 EST .

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   Barbarian Heretic  "BarbarIAN"...

While I agree that a guy like Gutfeld is useful, he's already serving his purpose. I think Hannity and O'Reilly are stereotyped and not useful to speak to a new audience that considers them buffoons. I'd like to see young minority voices from outside politics. And I'd like to see the RNC advertise with these spokespersons year 'round. Just make the case for liberty like an ongoing PSA series.
December 4 at 10:38 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  I think it will be a cold day before the RNC get any conservative voices on board. Boehner has just purged conservatives from all committee chairs. No, if conservatives want to be heard, we need to either

a. forcibly take control of the RNC in which case we would still have to deal with the "inside the beltway" types, or

b. render the Republican Party irrelevant by forming a third party that speaks for the conservative majority in this country.

The Republican Party does not speak for conservatives anymore. They have no desire to fight for our liberties.
December 4 at 15:02 EST .

 1 person like this.

   70huey  Amen and Amen! On going advertisment/education of conservative princibles with increased effort to inform during poicy battles like this would help. GOP purge of the usual suspects who helped create this and other crisis would help. Rendering(Rendering in this case a process that replaces waste political hacks with stable, conservative minded God fearing country loving folks )the GOP useful.
Or we could all go out and buy a pitchfork, put on our hiking shoes and head for wahington. I would like to stretch my legs!
December 5 at 19:48 EST .

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   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  Several weeks before the election I wrote to this group and shared my fear for the future of our country. I am now writing to say that fear has turned into panic. We need A SPOKESMAN. We need not just one person but a group of leaders strong enough to get our position known and acceptable. While I was walking this morening I thought Who Could Do This??? Newt, Sarah, Anne C. Lara Ingran et al. These people have the ability to get the MSM and Fox to listen. Boehner (sp? ) and McConnell (sp? ) are good, but they are politicians caught up in the negotiations. We need a LEADER and a SPOKESMAN.
December 3 at 10:26 EST .

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   Barbarian Heretic  Sen Rubio, Sen Ayotte, Cong Ryan, Sen Paul, Gov Jindal, Gov Haley, Gov Christie... there ya go. 4 Legislators, 3 Executives.
December 3 at 12:02 EST .

  2 people like this.

   MissBlue  Love ya, Mr. Heretic, and love your suggestions! I got really fond of Congressman Ryan during the campaign, as well as Bobby Jindal. And of course, Gov. Haley (not to mention Haley Barbour ).

Miss Blue
December 3 at 23:30 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Barbarian Heretic  Hello, Blue!
December 4 at 10:38 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  I am not a regular reader or contributer to this site, but I looked down thru several sections and was amazed to find NOT ONE reference to the new book "Throw them All Out"! We, as Americans, Democrats and Republicans should be in the streets demanding that our representatives and Senators address this scandal. I do not mean the law just passed, I mean the prosecution and impeachment of those guilty of fraud and theaft. It is a crisis and will be terrible if WE as citizens do not stop it.
February 22 at 10:42 EST .

   Struan  There's a reference now.
February 22 at 11:19 EST .

   Allsogreat  Our elected criminals just don't seem to care that we know their stealing from us, because though all the favors they grant each other they've become immune from prosecution....where's old Thomas Jefferson when we need him....H
February 22 at 11:32 EST .

   Escaped commieny  We were in the streets, they ignored or ridiculed us, so we regrouped and are working on a more personal level with local reps. The marches and petitions let others know they have support, but as zero said, Get In Their Faces, with local editorials, attend every town council meeting, educate your neighbors and throw them out one by one. Anyone still working doesn't have the time to research like we do. Here's a note for those wondering what we are talking about:
In the Spring of 2010, a bespectacled, middle-aged policy wonk named Peter Schweizer fired up his laptop and began a months-long odyssey into a forbidding maze of public databases, hunting for the financial secrets of Washington’s most powerful politicians. Schweizer had been struck by the fact that members of Congress are free to buy and sell stocks in companies whose fate can be profoundly influenced, or even determined, by Washington policy, and he wondered, do these ultimate insiders act on what they know? Yes, Schweizer found, they certainly seem to. Schweizer’s research revealed that some of Congress’s most prominent members are in a position to routinely engage in what amounts to a legal form of insider trading, profiting from investment activity that, he says, “would send the rest of us to prison.”
February 22 at 11:37 EST .

  2 people like this.

   MsCharlotteVale  Actually, that book's been mentioned on the main site several times. I haven't read the book but I'm familiar with it and Schweizer's previous works. One of his great books is something like Do as I say, not as I do, or words to that effect. He sheds light on celeb cockroaches like Michael Moore and Babs Streisand, who preach one thing but practice another. Moore, of course, has a thick, healthy wealth portfolio.
February 22 at 17:17 EST .

   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  Lucianne et al. if I offended anyont with my previous "rant" I apologize. I am so frightened with the danger to our country and society I am not always rational. I tried to join the local Tea Party and that has not been too successful. I write letters and go to all the local meetings I think will act, but I feel helpless and frightened. I did not realize there was a Politic site. I realize that site is what I have been looking for, however, just people with talking with people of like-beliefs is not enough. The OW's, our President and the Democrats in Congress are so much more aggressive than we are I am afraid we can not compete. Again excuse me for a misunderstanding.
December 27 at 10:10 EST .

   Straitpath  You were not offensive. You stated your feelings and that is what we do here. You are among friends. All here are working to elect conservative candidates. Do your best and then have faith in God; He loves this country and is aware.
December 27 at 11:02 EST .

   Hollyhock  Martinsh, you didn't offend me and you don't have to apologize. We are all entitled to an opinion which Ms Lucianne so graciously allows us to voice. I agree with you that there are forces that are working within to attempt to destroy our precious America. I also agree with Straitpath that God is ultimately in control. He has a plan for our country. It is not over yet.
The people who are here are so well informed and share a wealth of information. Like minded and patriots, all.
December 27 at 11:20 EST .

   Texastealady  Martinsh ~ I can't imagine anyone here being offended but I am concerned that you need to calm down. As SP and Holly said, God is in control. Perhaps this outlandish, incompetent, extremist administration was allowed by Him to wake us all up! I said before, we are enjoying a little respite now from the insanity on the hill & in the WH. It won't help to be frightened or intimidated by the crazies - rather, calm down, knell down & pray for God's wisdom & direction. THEN we will stand up and fight the good fight ~ We don't even have candidates yet, but when we do - then stand up or get out of the way! Meanwhile relax and be assured we are patently aware of the road ahead and realize histrionics in these perilous times is counter productive. Again, relax......... for a while.
December 27 at 11:42 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Your are welcome here and we all know the fear and frustration, the important thing to know you are no longer alone Even before the connection, there was an L-dot network discussing these matters, but we used email and had to depend on forwards to reach others. Coast to coast and North to South. This forum can educate and motivate thousands. We have a few that came to this country, leaving socialism, they recognized the threats, we have others with a background on the islamic threat, financial, law and on, on. Visit Politic Wall, Belwhatter teaches the 5000 yr leap. Email me, I'm listed, just click on my name.
December 27 at 11:48 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  Martinsh, please contact me, put Connection in the subject line so the spam filter doesn't block you. It doesn't matter what part of the country you are in, we can help
December 27 at 15:58 EST .

   Martinsh posted on Main Page The Lobby  I have not looked at this site for some time but I read Lucianne daily. Today I read some of the blogs and became so frightened about the future of our country I decided I had to do something to SAVE our country. I decided to look at "the place Eagles" chat and what do I find? A feel good chatty place with no substance. People, People, we have to get serious, the Democrats will win if we do not unite and WORK!!!! Believe me, they are working....
December 26 at 10:25 EST .

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   Struan  Or "How To Make Friends & Influence People." Might want to look a tad deeper and maybe read a little more of the site banner. "Where Eagles CHAT , schmooze & have some FUN - A CHAT Salon and a touch of saloon." Rest assured, we'll get off our lazy butts, off our drunken malingering and get back to saving the Republic after the New year. Oh, BTW - welcome aboard. (Italics mine )
December 26 at 10:59 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Gerty  Welcome to the Connection, Martinsh!

We are, indeed, a feel good chatty place--thanks for the compliment.

However, '...with no substance.' is a weighty conclusion even if you did pick the day after Christmas to judge.

May I bother you to read the whole of the description for the Connection "Where eagles flock to chat, schmooze and have some fun".

Please hang around some; contribute some of what you want to chat about. I, for one, am interested in what you have to contribute.
December 26 at 11:01 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  Struan, Gerty you beat me to it, had to login. It was designed to be a feel good chatty place! We share our lives, losses, loves and fears here for the specific purpose of having like minded EAGLES that have extensive knowledge of what is happening to our country for SUPPORT in our battle to save this country. We can't chat on the Mother site, this gives us an opportunity to inform but also blow off frustrations with jokes or a reminder that life goes on with Recipes or Nostalgia or Furry critter antics. Yikes, you are welcome to contribute to any wall but if you want serious discussion participate in the POLITIC wall, share your wisdom, fears and ANSWERS
December 26 at 11:09 EST .

   Rollingcow  Welcome, Martinsh. This is the place to come and laugh before you tear your hair out in frustration. We're serious folks who laugh in the face of adversity, stick around we do get serious.
Mrs. Cow
December 26 at 11:12 EST .

   Escaped commieny  Interesting that the search feature for comments on the mother site return with no results for Martinsh
December 26 at 11:15 EST .

   Balogreene  Most people here have worried for years about the state of our country. It seems Martinsh, you just woke up. Welcome. Use the Politics wall for political information you want to post, share books on the suggested reading wall,check the blessings wall to bless those who serve us. Then vent with a little fun on the other walls.
December 26 at 11:34 EST .

   7generationTexmom  Martinsh is right...I need to work harder at schoozing and chatting...
December 26 at 11:38 EST .

   Nugoddess  Welcome, Martinish! This is a great place and one where you will get quite an eye-opening education. This area is the Main Lobby where we keep things pretty much more or less serious - political comments, questions, observations, etc. The other walls are where we get pretty goofy and sometimes our of control.

So sit! Relax! Enjoy! Schmooze! And know as above Connectors have pointed out, we're keeping an eye on the enemy and we'll save the Republic, probably after New Year's.

BTW, has anyone seen Mabel? She was just here !
December 26 at 11:44 EST .

   Gram77  Always nice to see a new name. Please jump in and share with us.
December 26 at 11:47 EST .

   Gerty  Good point, Miss EC!
December 26 at 11:55 EST .

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