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   Kono posted on NellVada  Just a follow-up on our comments in the story about that Muslim 'Sacred Sex' thing (on Lcom at ) ... to add this there would probably be considered 'chatting' -- verboten on Lcom.

The story of the virgin birth of Christ is in the Gospels, which are canonical books for all Christian churches. The story of Joseph being chosen by God to be Mary's guardian until she came of-age (the whole scene with his staff sprouting a lily flower ) isn't in the Bible at all, though. That's from the book, The Protoevangelium of James, which was deemed apocryphal and rejected from the canon. (That's why I admitted that Joseph's taking care of Mary when she was still underage may not be an appropriate example for the topic we were discussing. )

Sorry for the confusion, all of which could have been avoided easily if I'd been more precise about what I was labeling 'apocryphal'.
January 27 at 01:20 EST .

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   NellVada posted on Main Page The Lobby  How can I destroy the data on some 3-1/2 inch rigid floppies? The material is confidential and I do not want to throw the disks away until they are erased. I no longer own a computer with a floppy disk drive.
   November 7 at 00:12 EST .

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   Jimincalif  Smash them with a hammer.
November 7 at 00:15 EST .

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   Pouncer  Bonfire of the Vanities party!
November 7 at 00:30 EST .

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   Dickdot  A couple of staples thru the case works nicely
November 7 at 00:52 EST .

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   Yottyhere  We had some rigid floppies and I did like Jimincalif suggested.
Smash them with a hammer. We had a small size sledge hammer[a hammer will do fine] and it took me 15 minutes to get rid of all of them...they had been sitting on a desk for months. Then I didnt have to worry about them anymore.
November 7 at 00:53 EST .

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   BaseballFan  I got rid of mine some years ago by splitting open the plastic cases, and then tearing the film-like magnetic disc away from the metal spindle in the middle, and then I put the magnetic disc through my paper shredder.
Piece of cake!
November 7 at 01:00 EST .

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   OnTheBall  To be safest, BURN them, then crush up the remaining ashen pieces with a hammer. Lots of smart crooks burned incriminating documents, failing to crush the ashes up and law enforcement recovered enough info from the burnt paper to convict them. Also when I was in Army Intelligence, I got stuck supervising Top Secret document burn detail. We used a wire cage that looked like a bbque rotisserie. We placed the paper in the basket, squirted it with highly flammable liquid, hit it with a match, closed the wire door, and as it burned ...rotated the wire barrel. This effectively broke up the burning ashes into itsy pieces. Also each document had a notation at the top like T.S. (codeword) Series 245 #1 of 15. Then followed by Series 245 #2 of 15, #3 of 15 and so forth, til you reached #15 of 15. Burn it, then crush it, that is the golden rule of destroying sensitive documents of all kinds. Inside the secure buildings there were always two trash cans by each desk. One for classified materials, not on a registry list. This usuall consisted of forms and other documents used for daily work stuff incoming and outgoing message forms and drafts. They always have the current Top Secret & codeword, Secret & codeword and Confidential & codeword. Every so often they alter the three codewords that go with their respective level classification. Next to that classified material trash basket always with a paper liner, indicating IT MUST BE BURNED, there was a standard trash can. God help you if you threw something classified into a regular trash can. Granted IF you were one of their favorites, they'd only warn you. If you were just a grunt and you absently minded stuffed a FORM document with a classified codeword on it in your pocket and they checked you walking out the security gate in a spot check and found it on you; at the very least you'd get an Article 15 (Army or Air Force, in the Navy a Capt's Mast). Generally you'd get a reduction in grade one step, and be removed from access to Top Secret materials for LIFE. Which is why I get SO infuriated at how Sandy Berger could STEAL reams of Top Secret codeword materials and only lose his access for three yrs!!
November 7 at 01:04 EST .

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   Lana720  Place a big, strong magnet on top of one, do some housework and every time you walk into the room, remove one and set another one under it. I erased a couple dozen the other week like that. If you want, take a large pair of scissors to your softer floppy discs. Bottom line: always protect your info.
November 7 at 01:16 EST .

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   Nugoddess  Then sprinkle them with holy water. ;-)
November 7 at 04:21 EST .

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   DoktorFranken  Oh, Joshua, you sweet-talker, you!
November 7 at 13:49 EST .

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