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   Yottyhere posted on Nugoddess  You wanted cookies but.....let's do 'smores
   15 hours ago .

   Nugoddess posted on Coffee Klatch  Monday morning? For those of us who are retired, Monday doesn't hold the same level of distaste as for those who work. Pop used to say that retirement took all the fun out of weekends.

Carpe the daylights out of that diem!

   Monday at 07:00 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Nugoddess posted on Rollingcow  Ya know, it's just so appropriate sometimes ...
   April 13 at 21:23 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Rollingcow  I get this every single day.
Mrs. Cow
Tuesday at 03:51 EST .

   Nugoddess posted on Yottyhere  Baked a cake for you!
   April 13 at 09:26 EST .

   Yottyhere  I would have considered the first tase an accident.
That your finger slipped.
Yup that might have been accepted by me.
But as I was writhing around on the floor jerking around like like I had a bad case of St Vitus Dance for heaven sakes zapping me 2 more times threw that excuse right out the window.
You can hide all you want eventually your nosy nature will force you to come back near me .
And when you do ...............

and BTW the cake when in the trash knowing your sense of humor loading it up with laxative while I am still experiencing these occasional tremors would make you collapse in uncontrollable mirth. No way Jose
Monday at 13:47 EST .

   Nugoddess   But as I was writhing around on the floor jerking around like like I had a bad case of St Vitus Dance for heaven sakes zapping me 2 more times threw that excuse right out the window.

I snotted so hard at that! But you have to admit it was amusing watching you try to thread a needle.
Monday at 19:50 EST .

   Rollingcow  My next toy is going to be a taser. I really want one like the cops carry because you can just keep zapping every two or three minutes. Oh yeah. Ride the lightning, Charlie!
Mrs. Cow
Tuesday at 03:55 EST .

   Yottyhere  Me too MrsC if you find a good one let me know....
Yesterday at 23:11 EST .

   Nugoddess posted on Coffee Klatch  .
   April 13 at 09:21 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Nugoddess  Good morning!
April 13 at 09:21 EST .

   Surfhut  Good morning! Making some pancake muffins you posted on the Recipe wall (mine will be bacon & parmesan ). A Bloody Mary will be involved.
April 13 at 10:12 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Linder  Good rainy morning! You planted the seed.
Enjoying Kahlua and coffee...and the rain.
April 13 at 12:20 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Nugoddess posted on Yottyhere  .
   April 12 at 22:37 EST .

   Yottyhere  ahem (coughcoughcough )
Yesterday at 23:12 EST .

   Nugoddess posted on Yottyhere  Nice jugs, Yotty!
   April 12 at 20:37 EST .

   Yottyhere posted on Nugoddess   MrsC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nu hit me!!

   April 12 at 13:10 EST .

   Nugoddess  She started it, Mrs C! Psssst! No one likes a snitch, Yots.
April 12 at 20:35 EST .

   Nugoddess posted on Main Page The Lobby  Oops! I posted a movie review in the Lobby, moved same to the movie wall. Sorry about that!
April 11 at 13:27 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Nugoddess posted on Movies & Reviews   I caught A Majority Of One on TCM the other day and as much as I adore Rosalind Russell, she was horribly miscast as Mrs Jacoby.

This is a story of a Brooklyn widow who meets and falls in love with a Japanese widower. Both have a certain degree of prejudice; her son was killed during the Pacific conflict, his wife and daughter were killed in Hiroshima. Happy (if somewhat improbable ) ending but I was struck by the thought that Russell was trying too hard to achieve Jewish Mama shtick; almost as if she knew she was wrong for the role.

Mrs Jacoby was originated on Broadway by Gertrude Berg but because Russell was ''hot property'', they cast her instead. Alec Guinnes portrays Mr Asano, but (again ) he was miscast. Too bad the oh-so-yummy James Shigeta was not considered for this role because he would have been perfect.

A Majority of One won the Oscar for Best Cinematography, Color (Harry Stradling Sr. ) Still, it's an interesting movie and one I imagine was thought-provoking for 1961.

   April 11 at 13:25 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Gram77  Interesting, Nu. I too saw this because there was just nothing interesting going on. I didn't think any of the actors really "fit" their parts. I really didn't care for actress that played the daughter. Just my opinion.
April 11 at 17:15 EST .

 1 person like this.

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