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   Papasparky posted on Politics  The liberal media tosses out racist accusations like bubble gum when the Circus Parade comes to town -- and for the very same reason and affect!!
   June 9 at 10:46 EST .

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   MeiDei  Justice is supposed to be blind, the judge wants otherwise.
June 9 at 11:19 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Politics  The Grand Metaphor . . .
   May 17 at 04:19 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Politics  . . . thoughts post Wisconsin . . .

At the self check out station in Kroger's, as I scanned the six pack of my favorite brew and the lady in the machine said, "please show your ID to the attendant", the young lady who is my beam of sunlight every day came over and said with her all knowing smile, "I suppose, like last time, this is really for your grandfather who is too old to drive anymore?".

I replied, with a twinkle in my eye, "you guessed it", and she giggled like always and asked me if I really thought she believed that?

Walking to the car, I suddenly wished she new my mythical grandfather as I do. Too blind to buy his own beer but still able to clearly see "the hand writing on the wall".

To all my 80's plus buddies with mythical grandfathers, it is time we all stow our prejudiced opinions in Al Gore's lock box, or if full, John's suit case or Mitt's binders and quit diluting our beer with tears.

My mythical GF once reminded me of the man on the roof top, clinging to the chimney as the water lapped at his feet during Katrina. He was crying out to God to save him, and above the din of howling wind and crashing thunder he heard a voice clearly saying, "I sent John in his row boat, and you sent him on, and then I sent Mitt in his speed boat and you waved him off, what are you now expecting -- Gabriel in a helicopter?".

Maybe, just maybe, it could be time to second guess our preconceived, always infallible, cast in bronze wisdom extraordinaire, and give Donald a chance. What have we got to lose, except our country? Just asking . . .

   April 8 at 12:47 EST .

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   Safetydude  ???????????
April 9 at 21:18 EST .

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   Papasparky  Re 11x? -- just a swig of Maalox for us old timers who have heart burn over recent goings on . . .
April 16 at 03:27 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Faith  A thought for this very special day . . .
   March 27 at 07:56 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Main Page The Lobby  Re: Washington Post's (distasteful ) Nancy Reagan Obit written by Lois Ramano,

"Nancy Reagan had an undeniable knack for inviting controversy.
There were her extravagant spending habits at a time of double-digit unemployment, a chaotic relationship with her children and stepchildren that could rival a soap-opera plot, and the jaw-dropping news that she had insisted the White House abide by an astrologer when planning the president’s schedule."
~ Lois Ramano

   March 8 at 08:45 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Politics  Hillary comes away from Iowa with her second mulligan . . .
   February 2 at 00:48 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Politics  Hillary -- First Runner-Up in Iowa. . .
   January 30 at 02:15 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Politics  Finally, something they can agree on . . .
   January 24 at 11:15 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Main Page The Lobby  Donald Trump, and now with Sarah Palin, is rattling a lot of cages that have been needing rattled for a long time. Personally, I hope he will lose interest and exit stage right when his ego is satiated sufficiently, although he is absolutely much better than anyone the Democrats have elevated into power since probably Harry Truman. If he ends up being the nominee, I'm OK with it and will support him completely.

However, IMHO, what this nation sorely needs right now is a President with two outstanding attributes; he needs to be highly intelligent (which Trump is ) but also solidly grounded in the Christian faith -- a person who can put God and country ahead of personal desire. I think Ted Cruz fills that profile.

Again, IMHO this video displays such a man, or rather two such men -- father and son. I am particularly impressed with the father. I found this video to be very uplifting and reassuring.
   January 21 at 12:19 EST .

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   Balogreene  The thing I am worried about this time around is Love For Country and ability to get things done. I too am a Cruz supporter, I think he is eligible on both counts, and is also a strong Christian.

I will vote for whoever the Republican nominee is, and wouldn't mind at all if it is Trump. He is intelligent, loves America, and gets things done.
January 21 at 23:00 EST .

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   Clipped wings  All along, I have hoped that Trump would be the one out front saying the things others were too afraid to voice. He has been doing that and has fired up the often silent masses. My hope has been that before it goes too far, that he would step down and support Cruz totally and ask his following to do the same. Cruz - intelligent, one to understand and uphold the constitution, more conservative than the others plus so many other qualities.
January 22 at 12:11 EST .

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   Papasparky posted on Politics  ". . . and Jim Kenney just sailed over the edge . . ."
(maybe this belongs on the main page ?? )

   January 11 at 09:03 EST .

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