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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  Please, NeverTrumpers, Please consider this article...
July 30 at 15:55 EST .

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   MeiDei  A good read/perspective.
July 31 at 08:50 EST .

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   Gram77  OK, TexasRose, I will see if I can't see something about Trump that I may have missed, but I can't promise anything yet. Thanks very much the article.
July 31 at 15:18 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  And it's now a choice of good and EVIL....and The Beast is EVIL! TRUMP 2016.
July 31 at 15:30 EST .

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   NotaBene  Thank you TexasRose for your post. We cannot afford to have the Clintons in the White House again. Please, please listen to TexasRose and vote for Trump. We must save this beautiful country.

TRUMP 2016
July 31 at 22:20 EST .

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   Balogreene  Gram, I met the man once, he is not what the press or the rhinos make him out to be. He is sincere. He does not need this, he is rich, he has fame. He wants his country to be great again, kinda like Reagan, without the happy optimism.
August 4 at 17:55 EST .

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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  Found this insightful article...Vassar Bushmills, retired lawyer, once an ardent Cruz supporter, has written several excellent articles on uniting, now, behind Trump. This article is long but worth reading because he connects the Constitution, the Common Man – who the Constitution was written for - and Donald Trump, who is very much one of them... .
April 25 at 13:23 EST .

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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  This is a very good article on why someone who is a war vet is turning his back on the conservative movement over the way he and others have been treated about supporting Trump. I don't know what this blog is, but the article is excellent!
March 4 at 16:05 EST .

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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  Oh, y'all just gotta see this! Oberlin Choir responds to the ruckus made about Christina Sommers saying facts that might hurt someone's feelings. (which they created a "safe space" for with play doh and puppy movies:
May 11 at 09:07 EST .

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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  Thought some Ldotters might think this interesting:
September 24 at 23:17 EST .

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   TexasRose  It's on how crazy it is that we are expected to view a man as a woman if he feels like he is one or vice versa. Progressives do not help these people but they use these people to tear down our country.
September 24 at 23:19 EST .

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   Gerty  This was a sad reading.

While some may take pleasure in reading the sensational headlines or gloat in the strides made by man in the control and expression of his sexuality, some of us differ.

It is sad to see mankind use its God-given intelligence to thwart nature and its laws. No matter what form of life it is; no matter what stage of life it finds itself in; no matter what it thinks or how it behaves---Nature will have the final say in its DNA!

Live with it.
September 25 at 11:26 EST .

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   TexasRose  Some may find this article interesting (I did! ):
February 17 at 23:37 EST .

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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  This is a very good article:

A lot of what the left is doing is trying to get us to abandon the Repub. party (I wonder why! ). The communists took over the democrats - easily, it seems. I know that there is a fight right now going on in the Repub. party. The conservatives need to win this fight. It's too easy to just give up. Yes, Bonear (Whatever ) is a wimp. Not when he fights against us. But, the fight is winnable if we don't just hand it to the left.
August 20 at 20:44 EST .

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   Safetydude  When we, my parents, older brother and I, emigrated to the US from Sweden we left because my dad saw economic and personal freedom in America that was being taken away in Sweden. My Dad was not some wide eyed visionary, he was an engineer, well educated, and our family was very well off. This was in the early fifties but my Dad had already recognized what was happening to Sweden, how it was becoming a Socialist country and he wanted no part of it. In Sweden there was no place to go, politically. It was basically a single party government; a 'democratic Monarchy' with a 'loyal opposition'.
Guess where this country is heading? A single party government divided by an aisle. One side the Democrats and on the other side the Republicans, two branches on the same tree, swaying to the prevailing wind from the electorate.
And a President who is willing to give the masses what they want...somebody will pay for it.
I'm afraid that sooner or later(hopefully sooner )Atlas will shrug but by then it may be too late and the the greatness of America will end up on the dustbin of history.
My hope is that Governor Palin will form a third party. Something that we, the grass root, conservative, Tea Party voters, can flock to. Let's get rid of Bohner, McCain, McConnel, King, Christie,et al, who are nothing but RHINOS.
Forget about Ross Perot splitting the vote, that's history. There are enough Conservatives today to to elect a true Conservative.
Governor Palin can rally the Tea Party and the commited Conservative Republicans and the 'darling' independents to her and that's why the establishment, blue blood, country club Republicans are so afraid of her. She is a true Constitutional Conservative and can tip their little red government wagon.
The same thing with the Democrats; you can always tell who they fear by how much they set out to destroy them.
If Sarah Palin was such a boob wouldn't the Democrats want her as their opponent in 2016? They should support her, instead they do everything they can to denigrate and destroy her to keep her from having a chance to be our candidate.
My nickle on the grass.
August 21 at 22:27 EST .

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   Belwhatter  I am greatly encouraged to read your thoughts - I too feel Sarah is the hope of the future - there is nothing left to throw at this good woman -she is honed to steel after what she has endured - There are some really good people who could join her and make up a fabulous administration and cabinet. Boehnor should do the decent thing and resign, but he is far too vain and corrupt, therefore he must be beaten by better leadership and honest conservative philosophy.
August 23 at 03:38 EST .

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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  I just wanted to share this that I got in my email from Herman Cain (and esp. the last sentence ). I don't know if he wrote it. Talking about the "middle class":

If class is anything, it is a mindset. I’ve always had an upper class mindset because I knew what was in myself, and I didn’t limit myself to what it said on my paystub or on my bank statement. People who have an upper class mindset want freedom above all else, because they know what they’ve got in themselves. If folks think, in order to survive, they need free stuff instead of freedom, then survive is the most they will ever do."
August 12 at 21:51 EST .

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   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  Copied from FB: Brilliantly thought out and eloquently delivered:

Laura Hollis, Nov 08, 2012

Laura Hollis is:
Current: Associate Professional Specialist and Concurrent Associate
Professor of Law at University of Notre Dame.
Past: Director at Gigot Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Associate
Director and Clinical Professor at University of Illinois at
Education: University of Notre Dame Law School, University of Notre Dame.
Summary: She has 20+ years' experience in curriculum and other program
development and delivery.

I am already reading so many pundits and other talking heads analyzing the disaster that was this year's elections. I am adding my own ten cents. Here goes:

1. We are outnumbered. We accurately foresaw the enthusiasm, the passion, the commitment, the determination, and the turnout. Married women, men, independents, Catholics, evangelicals - they all went for Romney in percentages as high or higher than the groups which voted for McCain in 2008. It wasn't enough. What we saw in the election on Tuesday was a tipping point: we are now at a place where there are legitimately fewer Americans who desire a free republic with a free people than there are those who think the government should give them stuff. There are fewer of us who believe in the value of free exchange and free enterprise. There are fewer of us who do not wish to demonize successful people in order to justify taking from them. We are outnumbered. For the moment. It's just that simple.

2. It wasn't the candidate(s ). Some are already saying, "Romney was the wrong guy"; "He should have picked Marco Rubio to get Florida/Rob Portman to get Ohio/Chris Christie to get [someplace else]." With all due respect, these assessments are incorrect. Romney ran a strategic and well-organized campaign. Yes, he could have hit harder on Benghazi. But for those who would have loved that, there are those who would have found it distasteful. No matter what tactic you could point to that Romney could have done better, it would have been spun in a way that was detrimental to his chances. Romney would have been an excellent president, and Ryan was an inspired choice. No matter who we ran this year, they would have lost. See #1, above.

3. It's the culture, stupid. We have been trying to fight this battle every four years at the voting booth. It is long past time we admit that is not where the battle really is. We abdicated control of the culture - starting back in the 1960s. And now our largest primary social institutions - education, the media, Hollywood (entertainment ) have become really nothing more than an assembly line for cranking out reliable little Leftists. Furthermore, we have allowed the government to undermine the institutions that instill good character - marriage, the family, communities, schools, our churches. So, here we are, at least two full generations later - we are reaping what we have sown. It took nearly fifty years to get here; it will take another fifty years to get back. But it starts with the determination to reclaim education, the
January 4 at 20:15 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  I agree with her points but not with her statement that we were outnumbered, the numbers that reelected zero were the result of over 70,000 cases of fraud. ( dead, duplicates, machine malfunctions, it was everything, everywhere, he out 'ground-gamed' us. A legitimate voter roll, would have had a different outcome. True The Vote had their hands tied, ORCA was sabotaged, Voter ID denied , all of this by the unJustice Dept of the zero regime
January 4 at 21:05 EST .

  14 people like this.

   Belwhatter  The perfidy of those who would destroy the USA is beyond bounds.
January 5 at 04:53 EST .

  14 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  As Mr Harvey would say "The Rest of the Story"
January 5 at 08:55 EST .

  12 people like this.

   TexasRose posted on Main Page The Lobby  Didn't see this posted, so hopefully, I didn't just miss it. This Texas Lady gives a very good response to why there should be no gun free zones. She lived it (Luby's cafeteria shooting ). She also gives a good response to why there should be no assault weapons ban. Apparently, it had been put to good use at least once!

December 20 at 10:59 EST .

   17 people like this.

   Ole buzzard  Her last sentence NAILS it. The Second Amendment exists to make sure we have the means to protect ourselves from our government!!
December 20 at 11:19 EST .

  11 people like this.

   Charactercounts  Someone said to me last week, "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away."
December 27 at 21:53 EST .

  15 people like this.

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