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   Ynaught posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Whoda thunk that bats could be so darn cute!

16 hours ago .

   Gerty  Is this "for true"?
13 hours ago .

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   Ynaught posted on Jokes  Safari

A wealthy man decided to go on a safari in Africa. He took his faithful pet dog along for company. One day the dog starts chasing butterflies and before long he discovers that he is lost. So, wandering about he notices a leopard heading rapidly in his direction with the obvious intention of having lunch. The dog thinks, "Boy, I'm in deep doo doo now." Then he noticed some bones on the ground close by, and immediately settles down to chew on the bones with his back to the approaching cat. Just as the leopard is about to leap, the dog exclaims loudly, "Man, that was one delicious leopard. I wonder if there are any more around here?"

Hearing this the leopard halts his attack in mid stride, as a look of terror comes over him, and slinks away into the trees. "Whew", says the leopard. "That was close. That dog nearly had me."

Meanwhile, a monkey who had been watching the whole scene from a nearby tree, figures he can put this knowledge to good use and trade it for protection from the leopard. So, off he goes. But the dog saw him heading after the leopard with great speed, and figured that something must be up.

The monkey soon catches up with the leopard, spills the beans and strikes a deal for himself with the leopard. The cat is furious at being made a fool of and says, "Here monkey, hop on my back and see what's going to happen to that conniving canine."

Now the dog sees the leopard coming with the monkey on his back, and thinks," What am I going to do now?" But instead of running, the dog sits down with his back to his attackers pretending he hasn't seen them yet. And just when they get close enough to hear, the dog says, "Where's that monkey. I just can never trust him. I sent him off half an hour ago to bring me another leopard, and he's still not back!!"
Yesterday at 07:14 EST .

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   Gerty  Me thinks there is a moral in this story--I like it.
13 hours ago .

   Ynaught posted on Main Page The Lobby  Lewiston Idaho
Veterinarian's Letter to the Editor re: Ebola, Nails it!

The present Ebola crisis in the world is frightening. I have submitted the following letter to the editor of the Lewiston Morning Tribune:

Editor, Lewiston Morning Tribune:

If I wish to import a horse into the United States from Liberia or any African country other than Morocco , the horse needs to undergo a 60 day quarantine period at a USDA approved quarantine facility prior to mingling with the general population of horses in this country. Africa has a disease called African Horse Sickness that does not exist in the US ; this is the way we have kept it out of this country. African Horse Sickness does not cause disease in people, only horses; our government has determined that it would be devastating to the US horse industry if it were to come here.

The United States (and virtually all other countries ) require a myriad of tests and often quarantine prior to bringing in a foreign animal.

I can’t legally cross state lines in the United States with a horse or cow without a health certificate signed by a USDA accredited veterinarian stating that the animal has been inspected and found free of infectious disease. In most cases blood tests are also required. In fact I can’t legally cross the Snake River and ride my horse in Idaho without a health certificate and a negative blood test for Equine Infectious Anemia.

I’m not complaining; the United States of America , the States of Idaho and Washington as well as the other 48 states take the health of our livestock very seriously, and we have a very good record at keeping foreign animal diseases out of our country. I am happy to do my part to maintain biosecurity in our animal population.

If I am a resident of Liberia incubating Ebola, to enter the United States all I need to do is present a valid visa, and lie when asked if I have been exposed to Ebola. Within hours (no quarantine required ) I can be walking the streets of any city in the United States .

I feel very fortunate to live in a country that values our animals so highly.

David A. Rustebakke, DVM
Yesterday at 07:08 EST .

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   Ynaught posted on Coffee Klatch  How smart is Your Right Foot?

Just try this. It is from an orthopedic surgeon............

This will boggle your mind and you will keep trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your foot, but you can't. It's preprogrammed in your brain.

1. WITHOUT anyone watching you (they will think you are GOOFY...... ) and while sitting where you are at your desk in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with you right hand. Your foot will change direction.

I told you so.

And there's nothing you can do about it.

You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done you are going to try it again, if you've not already done so.
Yesterday at 20:16 EST .

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   Gram77  I tried a bunch of changes directions.
19 hours ago .

   Ynaught posted on Jokes  Richard the Pourer

Years ago there was a baker's assistant whose sole job was to pour the dough mixture for making sausage rolls (apparently the royal family loved sausage ). Because people were identified by their professions, he was just called Richard the Pourer.

One day Richard ran out of some key ingredients, namely a secret spice he used in the batter. He called his apprentice and sent him to the store to buy more spices.

When the apprentice arrived at the store, he found that he had forgotten the name of the ingredient. Hoping that the storekeeper might be able to figure it out, he described it to him . . . it's for Richard the Pourer for batter for wurst.
Monday at 22:20 EST .

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   Ynaught  *ducking and running*
Monday at 22:20 EST .

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   Gerty  Good call, Miss Y!
Yesterday at 19:31 EST .

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   Wrightwinger  Ooooh! This is a Henway!

(About 4 lbs )
Yesterday at 22:35 EST .

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   Ynaught posted on Jokes  "Hi. This is the President. Is Senator Lieberman in?"
"Not today, sir. This is Yom Kippur."
"Well hello, Yom. Can I leave a message?"

   Monday at 19:23 EST .

   6 people like this.

   Gerty  YES !!
Yesterday at 19:33 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Ynaught posted on Coffee Klatch  In my email:

When I was a kid, my Grandma liked to make breakfast food for dinner every now and then. And I remember one night in particular when she had made breakfast after a long, hard day. On that evening so long ago, she had placed a plate of eggs, sausage and extremely burned biscuits in front of my Granddad. I remember waiting to see if anyone noticed!

Yet all my Granddad did was reach for his biscuit, smile at my Grandma and ask me how my day was at school. I don't remember what I told him that night but I do remember watching him smear butter and jelly on that ugly burned biscuit. He ate every bite of that thing... never made a face nor uttered a word about it!

When I got up from the table that evening, I remember hearing my Grandma apologize to my Granddad for burning the biscuits. And I'll never forget what he said: "Honey, I love burned biscuits every now and then."

Later that night, I went to kiss Granddaddy good night and I asked him if he really liked his biscuits burned. He wrapped me in his arms and said, "Your Grandma put in a hard day of work today and she's real tired. And besides - a little burned biscuit never hurt anyone!"

As I've grown older, I've thought about that many times. Life is full of imperfect things and imperfect people. I'm not the best at anything, and I forget birthdays and anniversaries just like everyone else. But what I've learned over the years is that learning to accept each other's faults, and choosing to celebrate each other's differences, is one of the most important keys to creating a healthy, growing, and lasting relationship.

And that's my prayer for you today... that you will learn to take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of your life and lay them at the feet of God. Because in the end, He's the only One who will be able to give you a relationship where a burnt biscuit isn't a deal-breaker!

We could extend this to any relationship. In fact, understanding is the base of any relationship, be it a husband-wife or parent-child or friendship!

So, please pass me a biscuit, and yes, the burned one will do just fine.

And PLEASE pass this along to someone who has enriched your life. Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.
October 26 at 22:02 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I love this. When our days are filled to bursting with work, music to my ears is when Hagar says, "I am too tired to eat, let's just grab a peanut butter sandwich and call it dinner". I could just kiss his feet!!
Monday at 07:45 EST .

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   Balogreene  For a few months my daddy and I lived in Albuquerque, before mom sold the house in IL and moved out. I made Tuna Casserole one night, and told mom, after dinner daddy told me he liked it. She told me he hated Tuna Casserole, but, never would say so if someone cooked it for him. The worst he ever said to her was "don't save that recipe on my account."
Monday at 17:08 EST .

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   Ynaught posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  

October 26 at 07:19 EST .

   WAN2  Petey would be given Ritalin were he a tyke in school... THIS guy demands attention or a hellion for sure.
October 26 at 18:23 EST .

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   Balogreene  I've owned many dogs, loved my Greyhounds, shepherds, maltese, etc. There is no better dog than a Border Collie. They are beautiful, smart, and loving.
Monday at 17:16 EST .

  5 people like this.

   WAN2  Did not mean to denigrate--only to point out that this is not a dog for couch potatoes.
Yesterday at 09:01 EST .

  3 people like this.

   Ole buzzard  WAN2, you are absolutely correct. My dad had a customer years ago that bred and trained border collies. Even when they were just in their kennels, they were constantly on the move.

She used sheep as training aids, but had to replace them every year because they would learn the dogs' moves and start anticipating them.
Yesterday at 14:37 EST .

  4 people like this.

   Balogreene  Just have to give them a job, and a yard. Our first love ball, and my dad with great patience would plant a flower, throw the ball, plant a flower. . .
10 hours ago .

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   Ynaught posted on Jokes  Religious Squirrels

A small town had three churches Presbyterian, Methodist, and Baptist. All three had a serious problem with squirrels in the church. Each church in its own fashion had a meeting to deal with the problem.

The Presbyterians decided that it was predestined that squirrels be in the church and that they would just have to live with them.

The Methodists decided they should deal with the squirrels lovingly in the style of Charles Wesley. They humanely trapped them and released them in a park at the edge of town. Within 3 days, they were all back in the church.

The Baptists had the best solution. They voted the squirrels in as members. Now they only see them at Christmas and Easter.
October 24 at 10:18 EST .

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   Ynaught posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Fable of the Porcupine

It was the coldest winter ever. Many animals died because of the cold.
The porcupines, realizing the situation, decided to group together to
keep warm. This way they covered and protected themselves; but the
quills of each one wounded their closest companions.

After a while, they decided to distance themselves one from the other
and they began to die, alone and frozen. So they had to make a choice:
either accept the quills of their companions or disappear from the Earth.

Wisely, they decided to go back to being together. They learned to live
with the little wounds caused by the close relationship with their
companions in order to receive the heat that came from the others.
This way they were able to survive.

The best relationship is not the one that brings together perfect people,
but when each individual learns to live with the imperfections of others
and can admire the other person's good qualities.

The moral of the story is:

Just learn to live with the Pricks in your life!

   October 23 at 13:41 EST .

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