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   Bmoc posted on Suggested Reading  I hope no one minds if I promote my last book. I belong to the "Rave Review Book Club" or #RRBC on Twitter and it was named the club 'Book of the Month' for January. It is almost an autobiography of sorts dealing with child abuse. I was a paramedic and later an ER RN and I saw far too much abuse. I was also a severely abused child and right up until the end of the first section, everything that happened, happened to me.
If you look at the tabs in the image, you can see my tabs. For as long as I can remember, my tabs have been my email, Drudge, and then Lucianne.

   January 10 at 19:32 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Main Page The Lobby  Hopefully I am posting this in the proper place. My fifth audio book was just released a few days back. This one is a children's book for kids and adults alike. It was a tale told to me by my seven-year-old grandson and is about the love between the two of us. It's also in e-book and paperback form on Amazon. This story is only 50 minutes long and sells for $3.95. You don't need a special tablet, or device as you can listen from your pc or device. The name of the story is "Johnny Robot - Space Alien."

Thanks for reading!
Bmoc here
   April 21 at 09:17 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Main Page The Lobby  Hopefully I am posting this in the proper place. My fifth audio book was just released a few days back. This one is a children's book for kids and adults alike. It was a tale told to me by my seven-year-old grandson and is about the love between the two of us. It's also in e-book and paperback form on Amazon. This story is only 50 minutes long and sells for $3.95. You don't need a special tablet, or device as you can listen from your pc or device. The name of the story is "Johnny Robot - Space Alien."

Thanks for reading!
Bmoc here
   April 21 at 08:22 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Main Page The Lobby  Having decided to sit out the crazy season of politics until November and being recently retired from covering the local dirt track races, I've decided to use my time and equipment to do some coverage of the beautiful outdoors. Back in the late 1960's and 1970's, there was a program called, "Michigan Outdoors" that was about all things wonderful about the Michigan 'wilderness.' From fishing, hunting, and camping lore, it was a weekly favorite of mine. I have five Canon XL2 camcorders and several people who will be doing some filming for me of things like 'the search for the morel mushroom and how to cook it' and if nothing goes goofy, coverage of the Holland (MI ) Tulip festival. We have several west side (of Michigan ) wonders like all the lighthouses, the Hartwick Pines, the Mighty Mac, Michigan International Speedway, the Pine River near Baldwin, all kinds of fishing videos, now and in the winter, the Fred Bear Museum, the Meijer Gardens, and many other historic sites in the state, and we haven't even talked about the Upper Peninsula yet with places like the Tahquamenon Falls and the train ride across the area by Paradise, MI.

I have a friend who lives near Charlotte, NC, who is a history buff like I am and he has offered to go film a lot of sites for me. We would take our raw video and put it up on one of our websites or on one of our Roku channels. I'm not really in this to make money, but rather to please myself. I'm almost 63 and all my life, I've done what other people wanted. Starting this spring, I'm doing what I want. I'll keep you posted.
   April 10 at 15:36 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Very ambitious, please keep us informed.
April 10 at 17:21 EST .

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   Texpub  I used to watch "Michigan Outdoors with Mort Neff," who was the guide. It was a particular favorite in our household! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I have great memories of that show. Check out the trout fishing on the North Branch of the Au Sable river!!! Beautiful country
April 10 at 20:21 EST .

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   GeelaBeela828  Sounds wonderful...good luck!
April 10 at 20:25 EST .

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   Bmoc  Thank you all! I was on a show with Mort Neff on January 22nd, 1970. Nice man. When I have more time, I'll tell you about how that came to be.
April 11 at 11:25 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Main Page The Lobby  I saw my normal cardiologist this morning and he gave me the final thumbs up on my surgery. I'm a walking miracle. THANK YOU to all of you who sent up prayers and well wishes. Today, I officially begin the next chapter of my new life. Prior to my January 22nd visit to a cardiac specialist, I had resigned myself to dying. Four days after that visit, I had a nine hour cardiac surgery that has saved my life. From here on out, my life is all a gift.
March 25 at 21:37 EST .

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   BirdsNest  That is great news. You must be so very happy. Always keep a positive attitude.
March 25 at 23:52 EST .

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   HopeandGlory  I hope you have a long and happy life Verwayne . . . God be with you and yours.
March 26 at 14:24 EST .

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   Bmoc  Thank you! I appreciate everything from here on out, be it a rainy day or one filled with sunshine. Short of a democrat win in November, nothing can ruin my day.
March 26 at 16:22 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Politics  This is by request for MeiDei...,29307,2069208_22

Obama is clearly photo-shopped into this pic.
March 14 at 19:20 EST .

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   MeiDei  Right! Thank you, that's the reportedly photo shopped one from the bin Laden take down - not to be confused with Benghazi, the latter being the one I thought you meant.
March 14 at 22:10 EST .

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   Bmoc  Sorry... still under the fog of anesthesia I guess! At least it works as a good excuse... for now.
March 14 at 22:26 EST .

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   MeiDei  No apology needed, we're with you. : )
March 16 at 18:07 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Main Page The Lobby  I heard the words I desperately wanted to hear today, "Everything seems to be looking extremely good!" from my cardiac surgeon, Dr. Pridjian. I am healing very well and I haven't felt this good in over two years. My story is below but I am very happy tonight!
March 10 at 20:59 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  Standing ovation. I hope the improvement continues. Unabated.
March 10 at 21:25 EST .

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   MeiDei  It's always good to hear prayers were answered, your ordeal over & to celebrate your continued recovery.
March 11 at 07:01 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Main Page The Lobby  Staff... I'm not sure if this is the proper place to put this and if you need to move it, I understand.

Back in mid January, I posted that I was finally going to have the surgery I needed and numerous L Dotters asked me to update them. Here is the post I made on FB to my friends.

So what have I been doing the last two months? Pull up a chair and listen. Life is funny sometimes. Those who have known me and followed me faithfully have known that for at least two years know I had to have some serious heart surgery. I had a huge aortic aneurysm and unbeknownst to me, my old mechanical aortic valve (replaced in 2001 ) was failing big time. All I knew was that if I walked to the bathroom, I needed to take a nap. I had begged and begged my doctor to do a particular cardiac test but he said that due to the new FEDERAL regulations, it wasn't "indicated."

Well, on December 22nd, he finally does that test and another cardiac echo cardiogram. During the stress test I was having, he stopped the test about three minutes into it, yelling to the tech, "STOP THE TEST! STOP THE TEST! STOP THE TEST!!!!! Hmmmm. During the echo, I could clearly see my implanted aortic valve waving around like one of those stupid wavy arm balloons you see in car lots and the tech was struggling to isolate it. Not being stupid, on the way home, I knew I was in trouble.

My next visit was January 22, 2016. First words out of their mouth were, "You are in serious condition, maybe even critical condition." I giggled a little because the last time I was there, I told them, "I am going to die. I can feel it." Well, I'm sent to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing on January 26th and after a couple rather invasive tests, I'm admitted with the idea of doing surgery (the one they told me for over two years I didn't need!?!?! ) on the following day but they couldn't get everything and everyone in place in time. I was kept in hospital until January 31st and finally allowed to go home and see my family before my surgery planned for February 3rd. It was nice to see them again.

I guess I hadn't realize the amount of 'courage' I had worked up to have this surgery after each visit by a doctor told me that this procedure was going to be, in their exact words, 'very risky,' but when I had to go back, I knew that it was going to take everything I had inside me to remain calm for me and for my wife. Judy is still very emotionally 'brittle' and had demanded she be with me. While I am glad she was there, it took everything I had to remain calm for me and maintain the emotions of my wife by exuding a calm

   March 3 at 19:59 EST .

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   Bmoc  Apparently, there is a word limit... "Continued."

While I am glad she was there, it took everything I had to remain calm for me and maintain the emotions of my wife by exuding a calm and cool exterior.

To be honest, I was terrified but I didn't show it. President Reagan gave a speech once about the man who went into the river over and over on a frigid February day to save survivors after a plane crash. The man saved five others before being over come by the cold water. Reagan defined a 'hero' as someone who was just as scared as everyone else but manged to keep that fear under control just a few moments longer than everyone else. I'm not saying I was a 'hero,' but I will tell you that the initial sedation medication came along just as I was about to crack under the pressure. Five minutes after that, I don't remember spit.

I was the first surgery of the day but I was the last one finished that day. I was in surgery about eleven hours. They had cooled my body temp way down so as to make my heart stop and then they put me on a heart lung machine. They replaced about 11" of aorta (the main artery coming off the heart ) and then did a monstrous 'valve job' to cut away all of the weakened tissue holding (actually NOT holding ) the old artificial mechanical valve and then replaced it with a bovine (cow ) valve (so I am in reality 'full of bull.' ) This involved a massive slicing and dicing of my heart, almost to being cut in half... and then things got fun.

I started bleeding... and bleeding, and bleeding... and they couldn't stop it. I'm told that this went on for about three hours. They were recycling my own my own blood and gave me multiple units of blood. I heard a double digit figure amount but am not sure of that. The biggest fear was I was developing "DIC," a situation where the body can just start clotting all over the place or just stop clotting altogether. They were reporting back to my wife and with her massive medical background in mind, the concept of DIC was a huge fear. She had worked OB for over 40 years and had lost many patients to it. Once it gets started, there is no stopping it.

Finally, the bleeding just stopped. After about almost eleven hours, I was taken to recovery. I was still intubated (a breathing tube in my throat ) and had over 18 IV lines in place. Judy told me she had never seen so many IV lines before. Problem was, I wasn't regaining consciousness. I had surgery on Wednesday and it was Monday before I awoke. In my mind, I was battling a strange dream and I finally wrote a story about it. I'll post it later.

I talked my doctor in sending me home before he wanted to
March 3 at 20:01 EST .

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   Bmoc  I talked my doctor in sending me home before he wanted to and of course, he was right and I was almost fatally wrong. I got home about 4PM and I felt good napping in my own recliner... until I woke up about 2AM with what I thought was just a runny nose, but it wasn't a cold but rather a massive bloody nose. Why did that worry me? If my nose was bleeding, what else in me was bleeding? I had hundreds of internal stitches and if one of them started bleeding, I knew I was gonna die. I called the surgeons on call service and as luck would have it, the PA calling me back knew who I was and 'talked me down' a bit.

About the time I was talking to him, I realized that I was having difficulty swallowing fluids and that my left hand was quivering and my left foot was not responding to commands. All signs of a stroke. He told me what to do and I went into the local ER a bit later. Which reminds me of why I tell people to not just go to the ER for goofy stuff. I was in the ER for two and a half hours. I got a bill for $6500. I was sent by ambulance (cost me $1100 ) to Sparrow ER where I was further considered and was then readmitted.I am thinking of starting a 'go fund me' page as my wife I now make $24,000 a year.

Long story short, I was in the hospital for 23 days. The folks at (Lansing ) Sparrow CCU, the Cardiac Step-down unit, and ER were spectacular. I ran into no one that treated me badly or was less than ultra caring. My doctors and their PA's all were caring and polite to me... and I am not always the most polite to some doctors... you know the ones... those that won't answer your questions or give you complete info... and then send you a bill for $65,000? My doctors explained to me every single question I asked. Dr. Karve and Dr. Pridjen are my saviors. I literally owe them my life. Their PA's were extremely knowledgeable and they also spent time with me to answer my questions. THAT is a rare situation any more.

In the aftermath, I have problems that will take several months to a year or more to overcome. The stroke I had still affects my left hand and foot. I use a cane most of the time now. I have to type with just my right hand because my left hand flops like a beached catfish on the keyboard. It will come along with time but I think the days of me typing 50 words per minute with just one or two errors are gone forever. My right hand does ok but this is going to be a real pain for a while. After laying down for 23 days, my stamina and muscle tone
March 3 at 20:04 EST .

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   Bmoc  Hopefully the end..

After laying down for 23 days, my stamina and muscle tone is completely gone. When I 'exercise,' it isn't my heart making me want to get back to my chair, but rather my lack of stamina. My heart actually is doing quite well and I am thankful.

In closing, let me say this. My wife Judy was an angel and an unexpected tower of strength. I love her so very much. I'll have another post about here maybe later tonight. I'm 90 minutes into writing this and I am whipped! My son, Skip came to visit me numerous times and he gave me a huge lift. There are numerous others and if I tried to list them all right now, I'd leave someone out and they would be hurt and with friends so scarce, I don't want to lose one.

I'm becoming mentally sharper every day, I'm becoming emotionally sharper a few days behind the mental part. It is well documented that people on a heart/lung bypass machine for anywhere near as long as I was, are emotionally affected for months. When the heart is stopped, it sends signals to the brain and the brain begins to 'terminate the program.' I was on the machine for almost five hours, an exceptionally long period of time. Fortunately, my wife and I are aware of this problem and we are coping with it.

I still have problems swallowing anything. My left hand and left leg are uncooperative most of the time and walking is a major issue. I've fallen several times. Talk about, "Help, I've fallen and can't get up!" My activities for the next year or so will be severely affected. For those that know me well, I haven't written anything of substance since mid January. Compare that to my normal habit of writing 1500 words a day. However, I did write the story of the dream I was having while unconscious for four days after surgery. I'll post it soon. The one thing I have to remind you about is something my father used to tell me. "God takes care of children and fools. You are covered either way." I expand on that in my coming short story, "The Clock."
Take care!
March 3 at 20:06 EST .

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   Alice  Words fail me. What an ordeal you have had, Bmoc. May your recovery go beautifully!
March 5 at 22:22 EST .

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   Bmoc  Thank you to all who have responded. This is the story I wrote posted on my own website and server... no ads and no formatting... just simple html.
March 6 at 15:16 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Amazing. Glad you toughed it out. I am sure your wife is very pleased. Keep getting better.
March 6 at 17:15 EST .

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   HopeandGlory  Prayers for continued healing Verwayne . . . God be with you and yours.
March 7 at 16:33 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Blessings  It's been a while since I have visited 'The Connection' as I've been busy working on a lot of things but, I return today to once again ask for the prayers of my fellow friends. Back in May of 2001, I made a small post in a comment section and I was amazed at the reaction. Lucianne posted the email I sent to her on what used to be called "Lucianne's Short Cuts." I came through that surgery quite well but again, I was amazed on the cards (Penney, I lost your card going home and I could never get through to you to say "thank you!" but I do it now. Your card meant a lot to me. Oddly enough, I was doing a web search for another site and found a post from the Lucianne archives. Within a minute, I found the page that had my post.

Well, due to another heart infection, the valve put in fifteen years ago has worked its way loose because of that heart infection and I am being admitted to the same hospital on the morning of January 27th to have it repaired. The doctor has told me several times that this is going to be a 'risky' surgery due to the damage from the heart infection. I'm not looking for sympathy, but rather prayers. Besides the fact I love my family, I'm not quite finished with my next book! (Just kidding but I do have a number of books, e-books, and audio books up on Amazon: ) Most are based on truth.

Take care and I hope to return soon. I love this place and the people who visit it. Since I found it, this site has been my home page. Carry on... I know you will!
January 25 at 16:09 EST .

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   HopeandGlory  Prayers going up for a successful surgery Verwayne . . . God be with you and yours.
January 25 at 18:57 EST .

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   MeiDei  Prayers from here also, for you, your family & all medical attendants. We look forward to welcoming you back sooner rather than later. Be at peace.
January 25 at 19:01 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Blessings and prayers for you and yours.
I will look you up on my Prime Amazon acct, but at the moment can't read, they removed the cataract from the long distance eye but not the near sight, ( complications from Lasik )
February 5 at 17:39 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  PS: opened you in new tab and Bookmarked for favorites, looking forwarded to reading again, EC
February 5 at 17:41 EST .

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   Bmoc posted on Suggested Reading  I need some input from my fellow L-Dotters. I'm working on a 'book' that I am tentatively calling "The Last Slice of American Pie" inspired by the song "Slice" by Five For Fighting.

I was talking with my 12 year old grandson and I began to explain to him how things were when I was growing up. After a couple hours of chatting back and forth with him, he said to me, "Grandpa, you should write all of that stuff down." So the project was started.

I'm looking for topics that are "Must Reads" in a book that deals with the things we had as kids that our kids and grandkids will never see or experience again. I'm about 20,000 words into it and I've covered a few topics but the folks that are steady readers at are smart people and I would value your ideas.

Thank you!
March 28 at 17:31 EST .

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   Balogreene  What percentage of sales do we get for our memories?
March 29 at 18:42 EST .

  14 people like this.

   Bettijo  One thing I remember was "safety." We played outside in our neighborhood of low middle class section of Atlanta (not a small town ) until the "street lights came on." That was our summons to go home. Until then, our parents did not know exactly where we might be, just "in the neighborhood." When I entered the sixth grade, I would walk with friends to the street car line and for 5 cents ride the street car to the nearest stop of my junior high school, then walk from the street car on to school. Of course there were usually several of us, but still...would you allow your 12 year old to do this today? We never locked our home; we never worried about a break-in. Of course we did not have much worth stealing, but even overnight while we slept, I don't remember the house being locked. When it was hot (no air conditioning in those days ) I would often sleep on the open front porch.

Is this the type thing you are looking for?
April 7 at 21:23 EST .

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   Bmoc  Yes. I am looking for the kind of things that just are done, just aren't common, like they used to be. The kind of stuff we wish our children and grandchildren could experience but will never do so. Time goes on, things change but seldom for the better. Thank you.
April 13 at 23:43 EST .

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   Clipped wings  Are you looking for things such as: watching your grandmother bake bread in a wood stove and savoring the aroma and taste; the churning of butter;the reverence of Sundays without cellphones, etc; county and street fairs where everyone could walk around with safety and the tallest ride was less than 1 1/2 stories; the world when we could believe the things we saw on television and didn't have to censure the offerings? That type of thing or the stories that we heard our relatives tell of the old days? Do you need the stories of the depression and war years and the dust bowl? Where people left their doors unlocked and crimes were almost nonexistent? That's what we refer to as the good old days. But the most important story to relate is that during our past we had honor, faith, a work ethic and a love of country .
April 16 at 20:44 EST .

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   Bmoc  All of those types of stories, remembrances, and memories! If you have anything you'd like to send me, please send them to my email address ( ) with the subject line of please! I get several hundred emails a day in my business in websites and such. If you want to be mentioned in the story, please tell me how you want to be mentioned, ie "Stephanie L. from Michigan recalls ..... "

I've been a L dotter from nearly the beginning, with a front page mention by Lucianne herself back in the innocent spring of 2001 when I sent her an email expressing my amazement at how thoughtful my fellow L Dotters were. I found it on the "Wayback Machine" and still treasure it.
April 19 at 09:07 EST .

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