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   Daisymay posted on Recipes  Good Morning!
I have a Recipe emergency. I am hosting a group of ladies on Monday and I want to serve a delicious Punch that used to be my "go to" recipe for Wedding and Baby Showers. Of course, it's been about 40 years since I hosted such an event and now I can't find the recipe. I remember it had Lime Shebert, 7 up and maybe a can of frozen Lemonade. Not sure (which is why is need the Recipe ).

I wonder if any of you Ladies remember making this Punch yourselves. If so, and you still have the recipe, I would really appreciate it if you would share it with me.

Thanks so much!
May 3 at 09:25 EST .

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   StormCnter  I think this may be the one you're looking for, Daisymay:
May 3 at 09:44 EST .

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   Daisymay  Thank you Storm. It looks delicious! I will definitely try it!
May 3 at 12:29 EST .

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   Daisymay  Thank you Storm. It looks delicious! I will definitely try it!
May 3 at 12:30 EST .

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   Daisymay  OOPS!
May 3 at 12:30 EST .

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   MeiDei  I do an orange punch similar to the above but it has a magnum of champagne in the ingredients - it's added at the end and with a large box of orange sherbet. Using a decorative bundt pan, fill part way with water, add thin orange slices that are in 1/2 moons - freeze til ready to serve. Ingredients: orange slices for ice form, 2 litre or larger orange soda, 1 large can frozen orange juice concentrate, 40-48 oz. frozen orange sherbet, magnum of champagne. Combine all in large punch bowl, reserving champagne to last, add sherbet as needed , adding more as the punch is served/disappears - it will foam up dramatically. Serve with a slice of orange, you can add slices of lime and some maraschino cherries, for color contrast, in the decorative form for ice block.
It's very smooth but you can leave out the champagne or use a 750 litre bottle instead.
May 5 at 16:36 EST .

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   Daisymay  Thanks MeiDei!
Your recipe sounds wonderful. Unfortunately, I'm serving this Punch at a gathering of Ladies who play Rummikub for the afternoon (we're all in our upper 70's ). If I would put Champagne in the punch we would never make it through the afternoon without a Nap! I will save this Recipe for a Social Gathering where we don't have to concentrate. We can just have a good time with a bit of Adult Beverage to pep the party up!

I did finally find the Original recipe for my Lime Punch.
It is:
One Quart Lime Shebert
One can of Frozen Lemonade (I don't know what size, so I'm going to start with 1/2 a can and then add if I think it needs more ).
One liter of a Lemon/Lime Soda (Sprite might be good ).

I haven't made this for so many years that I'm not sure, but I think you can easily add a bit more Soda if you need to stretch this beverage. I also think years ago we could get a small can of Lemonade which I did not see at the grocery store today. I think that's why the recipe didn't specify what size can. I will go by taste on the Lemonade!
May 5 at 19:25 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  So far this morning, every time I click on an Article, it says Article is no longer here! Anyone else having this problem? Is it Lucianne or my computer?
June 16 at 07:42 EST .

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   Daisymay  OOPS! In the time it took me to post this it appears to be fixed! Yay!
June 16 at 07:45 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  Is anyone else having trouble with the Search Function on Lucianne? I can't get to anything. The message is " did not send any Data". Hmmm Haven't ever seen that one before!
May 23 at 13:55 EST .

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   GO3  Search function has been off-on for me for the last two weeks. That and the slowness of the upvote and the site overall is a PITA.
May 23 at 20:43 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  I also noticed the lack of posts to read every morning. I used to spend an hour reading and posting, now it takes 10 minutes. Where did everyone go? I was one who signed on the first day Lucianne went online. I've always loved this site. I would hate to see it die out! A lot of the "Regulars" are gone, for various reasons, and Tulsa is right about us being 20 Years older. Health issues certainly can change the time we spend online. Does anyone remember another site a lot of us used to visit called Pipebombnews? I wonder what happened to a lot of those folks (Hennypenny comes to mind ). I remember going to a weekend gathering in Nashville to meet everyone. It was so much fun to put a face with the name.
March 27 at 19:32 EST .

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   Tulsa  Hello, Daisymay...that was MeiDei who said we're 20 years older, etc.

This was the worst primary I've experienced and I thought the one before and the one before that was worst. Well I forgive without fail, but I don't forget posters.

I read one or two comments stating they couldn't take the hostility on the board. It was too ugly for them. ..too unreasonable. They announced they were leaving for good.

Politics is fascinating. I love my Country, but living and breathing politics is not my life and never will be. I was disgusting with much of what I read. Love Lucianne and The Connection was a joy.

I believe a lot of us need a break. I know I do and I take them when I need them.

Currently signing in using the Firefox brower says The Connection and are not secure. I've written Luis, but haven't heard from him. I don't visit site that aren't secure.

I'm using the Edge browser(at this moment ) which shows no problem with Lucianne security. I trust FF, not Edge
March 27 at 23:29 EST .

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   StormCnter  Tulsa, I interchangeably use Opera, Chrome and IE. None of these give the "not secure" message. It is a Firefox glitch. The Lucianne site is secure.
March 28 at 05:24 EST .

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   MeiDei  I got that message using IE @ TCTH for about 2 weeks - something to do w/a security certificate not being filed.
March 28 at 10:18 EST .

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   Tulsa  s/b disgusted, not disgusting in my reply to Daisymay. You shall know me by comments with typos and misuse of words as I am forever too busy And I change thoughts mid sentence.

Mei, FoxNews is not secure, but I don't have to give them a user ID and password.

StormC...cyber friend of mine, it is not a glitch. You should laugh at what I am about to type: I would not touch IE or Chrome with 'your' 10 ft. pole. IE is The least secure browser on earth and is being replaced by Edge which is MS's newest browser which is also nothing about which to write home. Chrome is a google product and I distrust google. BTW, ATT is about to change from unsafe yahoo to unsafe google. KMN(Kill Me Now!!! ) Lucianne currently is not safe.

Lots of people come out to play during Potus primaries and no other time.

I love you all to pieces, but the thrill is gone, politics wise. I'd rather play freecell between housework and running the house. I'm tired To The Bone of being intentionally irritated by. This will pass or it won't. I never know.
March 28 at 11:43 EST .

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   StormCnter  I agree about IE and I rarely use it, but it's available if necessary. Opera has limitations, but I mostly like it just fine. Chrome is a second choice because I got too many conflicts using Firefox lately. There were too many warnings and cautions that I didn't get with other browsers. I had liked Firefox best of all, but gave up. Over the years I have tried many browsers but I try to have three at any one time. With good security protection programs, we shouldn't worry too much, I think. I run CCleaner to keep things tidy and Malwarebytes (thank you, KenM )to get rid of any unwelcome visitors. Kaspersky has done well by me for many years and I rely on that protection.
PS - I play Freecell, too, when I'm killing time.[grin]
March 28 at 12:27 EST .

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   Tulsa  I'm still in Edge to respond. You're a LOT of trouble. (LOL )

When I started receiving those share your location, etc. I went into the hamburger (in FF ) and put in a code that stopped the warnings and cautions. All of them were about sharing location. One line of code in the correct box, stopped it all. I'd be happy to share it.

I'm using Windows Defender in Win 10 and it's free. I love free stuff! Defender replaced MSSE.

Since I use DuckDuckGo as a search engine and they don't track or keep info and since FF doesn't either, there is no need for CCleaner. Instead, I go into privacy under the hamburger and delete browser cash when the Spirit moves me...once a month or two months or whatever.

The Suit's crest of arms says 'we trust no one' and in his business that's primo advice.

Just bc Edge shows Lucianne as safe means nothing to me. Edge is as stable as IE and Chrome. Just my opinion.

Lunch. Stay safe and well...that goes for all of you here
March 28 at 12:52 EST .

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   MeiDei  I currently have no choice I'm locked out of everything but IE - by my security system (windows 7 - all else lost or locked off when system restore was implemented ). The guy who got kicked off FF started his own version called "Brave" I don't know if anyone has tried it yet. I'm thinking of getting a tablet just for one or two functions. I seldom, if ever, visit Fox News (or Breitbart/Weasel Zippers or Gateway P as they take too long to load or regularly freeze on me )- the only place I give a password to is email & here. Don't go all missing on us Tulsa, we're several that share commandeering a ship called "Frustration" so far all have forgiven me my lazy use of grammar, misuse of brackets vs. parentheses & where quote marks go i.e., before or after periods ; ) Here I unwind or spiral at will w/an occasional apology.
March 28 at 13:29 EST .

  6 people like this.

   Tulsa  Ok, Miss're on my Trouble list now as I'm back in Edge! lol...MS did that to windows 7. They had no intention of supporting it until 2020.

First s/b coat of arms or family crest, not what I typed above. I need a nap or a pill or both!

Our security was MSSE (free ) and when that went, we bought new pcs. It was strange. We could get to email on the laptop and it was receiving security updates weekly only, but not the desktop...everything stopped working.

For me it's weather, comics, Drudge, Lucianne and The Connection. Also the bank and our investments. We use MS Outlook for email on our pcs, so we don't have to sign in on line. That is part of MS Office which we buy with the pc. I use Word and having Word gives us spell check in MS Outlook(not that it helps my misuse of words! ) The Suit uses Excel.

Also, anyone who wants to use FF and not get location annoyance messages, go to General under the hamburger.

You readying StormC???? Hello!

Check mark - Always check if Firefox is your default browser.

When Firefox starts: 'show a blank page'

Homepage: (type in ) %7C

(percent sign,7,C )

Your grammar is perfection! Anyone who reads me, reads Southern. Never attempt to diagram one of my sentences, you'll hurt yourself.
March 28 at 14:08 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  Thanks so much Tulsa. I will give it a try! Seems like the Gremlins have had a field day with my Laptop. I appreciate your help!
February 27 at 19:20 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  Question: Why am I getting a "not secure" notice on Lucianne when I try to post on any article I'm reading? Also, I'm no longer able to click off the pictures that are so annoying. What changed on my Laptop today?
February 27 at 08:38 EST .

   5 people like this.

   Tulsa  place your cursor on any ad at Lucianne and right click. When the box comes up click Adblock 'image'. Then another box comes up that is pre checked, click 'add' to lists and the ad should be gone. Repeat on all ads. If you have bars left from under ads, click the bottom line that says 'adblock bar' and repeat as above.

Above are the instructions for removing ads in Windows. I'm using Win. 10 and my browser is Firefox.

You may? have had an update that changed your settings.

You also rilly must check your security and privacy settings. It appears they are gone. Click the hamburger (three horizontal lines ) then options, then security and fix there, then go back to privacy and fix there.

You can also click help which is the '?' at the bottom of the hamburger page and do a search.

If you're using a mac or an 'i' anything, pls search the web. I'll check back later. Hope this helps.
February 27 at 10:03 EST .

  7 people like this.

   Tulsa  To answer your question, that 'usually' means the website certificate is out of date. I watch the address bar upper left as occasionally the few sites I visit have a caution (yellow triangle ) over the 'lock'....or worse, a red slash. I think? that's the other icon.

I x out and go back and the site is 'ok'. I have no idea why this happens.
February 27 at 13:01 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  We're inland, so it won't be as bad for us as for those on the Coast. We're told to expect 50-70 mph winds. Nobody here is planning to evacuate. I do know the Gas stations here have already run out of gas! I think they are expecting Tankers, but the News said the Tankers are all lined up at Canaveral trying to fill up and it's a mess there! We've only been through Hurricanes a few times, so we're still a bit edgy about the whole thing, but our homes are built to withstand high winds, so I think we will hunker down and see what happens!
October 5 at 16:04 EST .

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   Safetydude  We're south of Sarasota so unless the track reverses we're in pretty good shape.
Having said that; this is an opportunity for our Disaster Response Team to run an exercise over the weekend.
The Emergency Operation Center will stand up sometime Friday afternoon and the response teams will deploy late Friday and the EOC and response teams will operate through Saturday night into Sunday, sometime.
An opportunity to train new members in a "real" life scenario.

(I don't want this to sound celebratory while people are in real danger, that's not the purpose of this exercise.
We just want to take every opportunity to prepare ).
October 5 at 20:26 EST .

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   MeiDei  With as much rain expected I wonder about sink holes.
October 6 at 12:03 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  Today, about 12:40, I happened on to Drudge and there was a picture of Julian Assange and an article about Hillary. It said that he had e-mail proof that she was involved in selling American Weapons to somebody (I was skimming the article so fast due to a 1:00 appointment that I can't remember if it was Syria or who it was ). Anyway He said this happened while she was Sec of State. I had to rush off, so when I arrived home about 4:30 I grabbed my Laptop to finish reading the article and it was GONE! Right before I went out the door I told my Hubby about the Article. Now I wish I had taken a quick picture of it! Wonder if it's what he will say tomorrow, or if it was a Prank by someone! Strange!!
October 3 at 19:55 EST .

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   Calvinesq  As stated on the Home Page, this type of schtick only works once. Assange has put off releasing info. It may be an attention grabbing ploy on his part (no surprise ). Hope he really has the goods, but it could be he's got nothin. I hope it really slams Hillary, but if he doesn't produce, brace for the blowback.
October 4 at 09:19 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Recipes  I just bought Paula Deen's new "low fat" Cookbook. Have any of you looked at it? I'm wondering how many of her recipes I will have to use before I lose 20 pounds! Wish a small packet of Magic Pills had been included with the Book!
September 22 at 19:13 EST .

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   MeiDei  Sometimes it pays to rethink extra weight. I once remarked I'd like to lose 20# [& 20 years] to an elderly lady who told me her husband was fighting medical issues and would have lost his battle but for being a bit overweight. Don't skip good fats, i.e., avocado, flax seed oil, coconut oil, etc.
October 5 at 21:32 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Exactly MeiDei. Good fats. Eat butter not margarine. Get some fat in your diet to satisfy your hunger. Remember when Snackwells were all the rage? People were eating an entire box of the cookies at one time. No fat. But what about the calories? And even consuming a whole box of cookies did not satisfy the craving.
October 6 at 06:12 EST .

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   Daisymay posted on Main Page The Lobby  This never happened to me before! I just clicked on an article (something about the NYPD confirmed that Hillary wore an earpiece last night. When I clicked to read the entire article immediately an "Error Message" appeared and the article disappeared. When I went back to see what happened, the article was no longer there. Has this happened to anyone else? Or was it something I did?
September 8 at 10:34 EST .

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   MeiDei  There are several articles on it, one was scrubbed - might be the one you were reading. Try others.
September 8 at 10:38 EST .

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   StormCnter  I think their server crashed. Since, as Mei says, the information is available elsewhere, there'd be no reason to scrub it. It was nothing you did, Daisymay.
September 8 at 13:20 EST .

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