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   Escaped commieny  For any snowflakes you may know:
   August 1 at 16:48 EST .

   21 people like this.

   Papasparky  The only thing new in the world is the history you haven't read yet . . .
~Harry Truman

   July 20 at 09:13 EST .

   13 people like this.

   MeiDei  I tried to zoom in to verify dates & distribution but it's unreadable; perhaps someone else has a better zoom image control - can't vouch for the accuracy.
   July 15 at 09:29 EST .

   11 people like this.

   Mike PHX  Thank God I don't live with the dumbasses where the paper on the right is sold.
Poor saps...they're also probably poor.
July 15 at 11:01 EST .

  13 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  H/T JoeDan Gorman newsletter:
If congress were farmers the crop would fail, the livestock would die and the weeds would be over the top of the barn.” Charlie Daniels

   July 7 at 18:48 EST .

   20 people like this.

   Gram77  Not too much activity here but I try to comment in the right subject spots. Anyway, did anyone think McCaine's questions/behavior was a bit strange when speaking to Comey on Thursday?
   June 9 at 05:46 EST .

   17 people like this.

   Mike PHX  Not really. He was trying to pin tiny 6'7" coward Comey into explaining how you "stood up" to Trump.
Yet you fainted in front of Lynch.
It ain't easy to admit you have no balls.
June 10 at 00:46 EST .

  12 people like this.

   Jerico  I think his behavior is always strange.
July 4 at 19:13 EST .

  19 people like this.

   Papasparky  . . . can't wait for this rally -- similar solution took care of horse thieving in Old Dodge City over a century ago!!
   June 8 at 11:57 EST .

   15 people like this.

   3XALADY  Ain't this the truth!
   June 3 at 20:52 EST .

   8 people like this.

   Gram77  Am I getting too old to understand all this? I remember when this red head was on a fun sit-com and enjoying success. Then came what I call sick comedy and it seemed to be successful and accepted. Then, several years ago she came to Van Wezel in St. Pete, FL and a large number of the crowd walked out on her performance. Still she continued to perform. Hopefully she is done for good.
June 4 at 09:05 EST .

  7 people like this.

   3XALADY  There is a photo out there of her and two other ladies posing with OUR PDJT in 2010. How things change. I understand she is a multi-millionaire so doubt she will be reduced to eating dog food. Probably Whoop-arse will invite her on The View and SNL will do a skit, then she will be in like Flynn again. That's how they work.
June 4 at 09:25 EST .

  10 people like this.

   Papasparky  In order for "The Five" to truly live up to its name, Juan Willaims would be needing to sit in Bob Beckel's lap on each broadcast . . . the other way around might not work out so well!
   April 26 at 09:04 EST .

   10 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  I just had to login, to be able to hit LIKE
April 27 at 10:15 EST .

  10 people like this.

   Seminolesecure  they are not right in new time slot.
May 6 at 12:25 EST .

  10 people like this.

   Mike PHX  Beckel, gladly, has been tossed away, like the fat piece of garbage that he is. Dana Perino is still as dumb as a river rock; same for Juan Williams. Guilfoyle still rocks it w/ the cleavage and legs. And I still tune in because Watters and Gutfeld are funny.
June 3 at 14:02 EST .

  13 people like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  “A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing,” a chilling look at the impact of Community Activist Saul Alinsky ...
IN light of what is happening in our country this is well worth watching.
Share with friends and family...
March 25 at 17:00 EST .

   5 people like this.

   Papasparky  . . . a rework of a poll poster regarding party preference that's making the rounds on the net . . .
   March 14 at 10:32 EST .

   6 people like this.

   Jerico  It seems to me that many democrats changed their registration to independent because they wanted to avoid being identified as one.
March 22 at 04:50 EST .

  8 people like this.

   John C  Milo disappeared from the news rather quickly, Has he got a job? Did he land on his feet. Is he back in the UK?
February 28 at 03:42 EST .

   5 people like this.

   MeiDei  Scroll down a few to see feb 27 milo post
March 7 at 13:47 EST .

  8 people like this.

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