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   Jerseytomato posted on Faith  I am asking for prayer for my friend and neighbor, Kenny.

Kenny retired from the NYPD, and was at ground zero following the 9-11 attacks. Recently, doctors found spots on his lungs, and while he never smoked cigarettes, he's fearful breathing the air following 9-11 has caught up to him.

He's a devoted husband and loving father to three amazing children. Kenny and his family are asking for prayer - they are in need of God's comfort during this frightening time.
May 2 at 07:27 EST .

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   Tulsa  My prayers are with Kenny and his family. Tell them the Holy Spirit says: Jesus loves you.
June 2 at 23:41 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Blessings  I am posting a prayer request for my dear friend, Kenny. Devoted husband, and loving father to three amazing young adults.

Not long ago, Kenny retired from the NYPD. He was at ground zero during 9-11, and played bagpipes at many of the funerals that followed.

Doctors recently found spots on his lungs, and he is waiting for scan results. He's never smoked, and my friend fears that the effect of breathing the air at ground zero may have caught up to him. It's a scary time right now for Kenny and his family as they wait for diagnosis.

Kenny, his family, and I am asking for your prayers. May God have mercy on us all.
May 2 at 07:10 EST .

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   MeiDei  I'm so sorry to hear this. Special prayers for him, his family & you!
May 2 at 18:23 EST .

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   Gram77  So sorry for checking this site so late. Prayers for this family.
May 14 at 19:58 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Main Page The Lobby  Cleaning for a Reason

If you know of any woman who is undergoing chemotherapy, please let her know there's a cleaning service that provides FREE housecleaning - once per month for four months while she is in treatment. All she has to do is have her doctor fax a note confirming the treatment.

Cleaning For a Reason will have a participating maid service in her zip code area arrange for the service. This organization serves the entire USA and currently has 547 partners to help these women. It's our job to pass the word and let them know that there are people out there that care and will help. Be a blessing to someone and pass this information along. If you are able to volunteer your time to clean, that's great, too!
January 9 at 07:23 EST .

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   StormCnter  What a helpful and thoughtful tip to share. I will pass it on to my friend. Thank you.
January 9 at 09:33 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Main Page The Lobby  Just received an email from the dark side, featuring the Hillary Clinton 'Pantsuit T-Shirt.' The official PIAPS website, is selling these in an attempt to raise campaign cash. (cough, cough... )

The t-shirt is horrific. Specifically for those who are in denial, and completely oblivious of fashion, never mind good taste. Printed to resemble her 'iconic pantsuit top' - all for just $30.00

Check it out if you have a strong stomach.
May 27 at 20:24 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Main Page The Lobby  This morning on, the one of the Black Eagle eggs is in the process of hatching.

All birders can watch live!
May 27 at 07:30 EST .

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   Bettijo  Gosh! Wish I had know about this earlier as I think the eaglets have all hatched now. Went on internet and found more videos.

This is video of eagles at Berry College, but apparently the babies have "flew the coop" so to speak. Maybe they hatch sooner here in Georgia (warmer climate ) than up north. Notice the still pics below the video which have some interesting comments as Mom Eagle is bring fish to babies in nest.

These are in Florida; named Romeo and Juilet

May 27 at 08:58 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  And these eaglets are about to leave the nest any day now...I've watched this nest for years now. Hope you all enjoy as much as I do.
May 29 at 00:30 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Gardening & Landscaping  BirdsNest - I always say, you are a wonder! I haven't posted anything about my garden because after spending the day in my garden, I shower, take two motrin, and slip into a coma. Thank goodness for heating pads.

My question is - do you ever get a stiff back or sore arms? Could you tell us what kind of vitamins you take?
May 19 at 07:33 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Jerseytomato-you gave me the first and best laugh of this day....'and slip into a coma' !!! I did just that last night after being in the garden mostly all day and sweating buckets. I was just too tired to try to stay awake. I was fighting getting watermelon plants in the ground. What looked like an easy peasy job was a nightmare. A 10'x25' bed needed black plastic put down with a soaker hose beneath. Well I got it done, it looks like you-know-what and all I can say is I hope the plants live and grow quickly to cover up the look of the bed.

As for vitamins...just the usual Vit D3, calcium, magnesium, potassium, B complex and Turmeric curcumin.
And if leg cramps hint they are coming I pop 2 cramp pills and a muscle relaxer. Last night I slept really good, woke up at 5:30.

Stiff back? Yes. Sore arms? Absolutely. I just take an aspirin and go on.
May 20 at 06:54 EST .

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   Jerseytomato  Bird - I just slathered myself in Aspercreme, and now I'm heading out to do some morning weeding. later, I'm off to the vitamin store. I'm going to take exactly what you do, and see if that helps. Despite feeling like I've been hit by a truck, I'm not giving up. All these aches and pains may be due to 'early in the season.' You worked so hard yesterday - I'm sure your 10 x 25 bed is beautiful! Keep the faith, Bird! You are in inspiration to us all!
May 20 at 07:17 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Wednesday was a busy day of getting another row ready for planting. The ground was moist so the soil was a bit harder to rake , but when it came to digging the trench for the plastic, the soil was easy to dig up and easy to place back in the trench with the edge of the plastic. Got a 75' row planted with tomatillos, red lipstick peppers, and yellow lipstick peppers. Today I knew it was going to rain so I managed to rake a 75' row and get it marked off for putting down plastic. I had hoped to be able to get the pimento peppers in the ground, but all I could get done was 50' of the row. That part will be ready to plant tomorrow. It has rained 3/4" today so far. And it's cool. Hagar had 2 doctor appts today. Seems the surgeon wanted the pre op tests done here. So they are now all done, leading up to the surgery on the 26th. He is tired from all the running around today, can't say I blame him.
May 21 at 18:15 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Main Page The Lobby
March 13 at 19:20 EST .

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   Gerty  ? Please tell us more.
March 14 at 06:08 EST .

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   Papasparky  Seems to be a very important site -- if you have patriotic inclinations, you could spend half of your remaining life span at that site.

The effort of the people who researched all that info is mind boggling.
March 14 at 13:08 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Don't forget to check out Twenty four hours a day, seven day's a week.
February 18 at 08:13 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Gardening & Landscaping  My garden is asleep, covered in snow and ice. Never the less, I come to read BirdsNest posts for inspiration. Gertys, too. Surely, BirdsNest has the greenest thumb of us all.

I don't see Rake King. Is he on vacation?
February 18 at 07:58 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I think I merely have the desire for a green thumb. I have a rough time with houseplants, keeping them alive. We have lots inside this time and I keep my fingers crossed and hold my breath that they don't croak before warmer weather arrives. Garden plants are not always easy but I pray for guidance and hope that my dear departed father and grandparents watch me from above. Hagar helps keep me on the right path, he says my gardening is "shotgun gardening", I plant things all over. I merely tell him the plants tell me where they want to be. He doesn't buy it!!

As for RK, it seems he left the forum, I do not know the whys or any of that, he is missed. Wrightwinger left because many of his posts kept disappearing and he got frustrated I think. Lots fewer of us it seems, maybe lots lurking but it sure would be nice for some to participate.
February 18 at 09:09 EST .

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   Jerseytomato  BirdsNest, your garden posts are always a joy. Perhaps our fellow L-Dotter's are over on the main page. With the daily twists and turns, it's almost become a full time job just to keep up with everything that's going on. I miss our Rake King, and Wrightwinger, too. I pray they are in good health, and return soon.
February 20 at 08:35 EST .

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   Gerty  I'm still here, ladies! Even though I am hardly an inspiration for gardens these days. I miss my 50' x 50' plot at the Farmhouse---it was the talk of a County Rd. in Chenango county, NY. Not so much that it was a show piece--rather that it was accomplished my me (not from rural NY ).

Miss Birdie--plants like to be in a certain spot, you're right. I am happy to have a southern exposed window and the house plants love it! Gifts of potted orchids have been know to re-bloom 2 and 3 times. What a beautiful surprise when they do that.
February 21 at 18:53 EST .

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   BirdsNest  That's what I tell Hagar...and when volunteer plants come up I like to keep them, as a message from God that he wants me to have them. It makes Hagar crazy to have the backyard scattered with cherry tomato plants growing all over. I just keep remembering the year we had no other tomatoes, thanks to the crop duster plane that killed our beautiful tomatoes. Those cherry tomatoes got us through. Plus a dear old man that brought us 30 pounds of tomatoes at a time. He passed away a few weeks ago. I went to see him at the nursing home, the employees caught me before I got to his room, he has died that morning. I was stunned. I miss the old guy, he was ever so sweet to us. He is the reason we started making pepper relish to sell. He couldn't find any locally made and asked if I would make him some. So really we have him to thank for many things. Sorry for the drift.
February 22 at 09:02 EST .

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   Gerty  I know you don't like being made a 'fuss' over, Miss Birdie, so take the following as an observation---not just a compliment.
I takes a special kind of person to appreciate the connection between God and all living things--plants included! And I don't know many people who would take the time to go visit an elderly man in a nursing home (apparently not a relative ) because he showed kindness to you during his life.
You are blessed.
February 24 at 04:28 EST .

  11 people like this.

   Gerty  That would be, "...It takes a special kind..."
February 24 at 04:30 EST .

  7 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Thank you Gerty. He was not a relative but I really took to him. He was kind to many people but I fear most of those people did not appreciate him. He had lots of money at one time, but it seems that he spent most of it on those who were supposed to be taking care of him. I will always remember his beautiful smile and the gorgeous head of pure white hair. I will miss the heck out of him for so many reasons, mostly because he made me smile. And he was generous to us when we had no tomatoes.
February 24 at 07:39 EST .

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   Jerseytomato posted on Recipes  Here's the biscotti recipe for Surfhut!

Nouvelle's Biscotti

2 cups all purpose flour
3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup sugar
3 large eggs
peels from 2 tangerines, oranges, or lemons (one citrus - not all three )
1 cup dried cranberries
1 cup toasted chopped almonds, walnuts, pecans or pistachio's

In a large bowl, whisk together the cornmeal, flour and baking powder. In another bowl, beat the eggs, and add the sugar, and mix with an electric mixer - about three minutes.
Add the finely sliced citrus peel until blended. Same with the dried cranberries, and nuts.
Add the dried flour/cornmeal mixture until blended. Let stand five minutes.

Dough will be soft and sticky.

Set your oven to 350. Line your cookie sheets with parchment paper. Moisten your hands with water to shape two even logs, the length of your cookie sheets onto the parchment. The biscotti logs two to three inches wide.

Bake for 35 minutes until logs are lightly brown. Take them out of the oven, and cut diagonal slices 1/2 to 1 inch thick. (Some folks like these thin and some like them thicker. ) Lay the slices cut side down onto the parchment paper, and place them back into the oven for another twenty to twenty five minutes. Take them out, and turn them onto the opposite side for another ten to fifteen minutes.

After they are finished, let them cool.

Take a double boiler - or make one using a sauce pan and a metal bowl. Melt two to three cups of semi sweet chocolate chips. When chocolate is completely melted, dip one end of the biscotti into the chocolate, and then dip into chopped roasted nuts of your choice. Place on a sheet of parchment to cool. Should make three dozen, but they usually begin to disappear before you can count them.

These cookies can be stored in a coffee can or any air tight container. They freeze well, too. Note: You can use any dried fruit, citrus or nuts you have handy. If you don't care for citrus or fruit, you can add anise and nuts. There is no hard and fast rule - use what you have or what you like.
January 28 at 10:48 EST .

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   Surfhut  Thank you! I have always assumed biscotti would be hard to make, but this looks like something I can actually do.
January 31 at 06:47 EST .

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   Jerseytomato  Surfhut - Biscotti are far easier to make than chocolate chip cookies. Just remember to wet your hands to shape the logs. You can do it!!
February 9 at 09:50 EST .

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