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   Kono  Here is the 'toon of which I inquired in August, and found the answer in September. It seems the political cartoonist is Henry Payne.
   October 29 at 16:13 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  Does anybody recall the Must-Reads cartoon this last week featuring a media guy echoing loudly the familiar "America keeps blacks from making it" refrain, while whispering to the 8 or so U.S. gold medalists (smiling in triumph ), "you guys are making this awkward", or something like that?

I loved that cartoon and meant to save it but didn't get it in time, and now I can't figure out which cartoonist's archives to search for it. Did anybody catch that one?
   August 28 at 21:48 EST .

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   Gram77  I saw that and thought it was great but I can't remember who the cartoonist is was. Sorry.
August 29 at 09:45 EST .

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   Kono  I did manage to track down this one and never did follow up on this to reflect that. Not possible to attach it images to replies, only to initial posts (!? ), so will post a new comment for that.
October 29 at 16:07 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  "You almost won the nomination, just by promising more and more free s--t?"
"Yeah! But you got a blank ream of paper enacted simply by promising they could keep their doctor if they like him?"

(Image taken from sfgate's home page this a.m. where it came with no credits or attribution )

   June 9 at 21:35 EST .

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   Miss Lamb Chop  Love this! How about O: "Did you see her in that pantsuit? Woof!" B: "And that cackle, Oh my God!
June 10 at 10:13 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  This is the cartoon panel of the day on lcom right now. I love it.
I'm not familiar with the artist. The name looks like 'lisa', but there's there's no 'lisa' in Wikipedia's world list of political cartoonists. Could someone help me out, please?

   December 5 at 04:04 EST .

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She is Lisa Benson.
December 5 at 05:42 EST .

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   Kono  Thanks! You made this ugly cat purr.
December 8 at 18:50 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  Just wanted to take advantage of the break between Christmas Eve Masses to wish everybody here a very Merry Christmas. May you have a joy-filled season and a blessed new year.
   December 25 at 01:02 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  Thought this might provide a few chuckles. A friend emailed it to me yesterday.
   April 13 at 02:00 EST .

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   Mike PHX  "Ah, so..Cyndie escape my plepah, plepah...
April 13 at 03:28 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  Was going through the few notes from Kevin that I saved; came across a story I thought might be fondly remembered by those of you with whom he also shared it (and enjoyed by the others among us who missed this one ).

Tuesday, June 14, my grandson and I were headed to Texas A&M on a long-planned road trip to take him to his JROTC summer drill camp. At 9:30 in the morning on I-40, two hours outside of Barstow, a drunk with three times the legal limit (.255 ) caused a horrific accident which resulted in my airbags deploying before my rented camper-van went over the embankment and down about 60 feet (And did not roll over!!! ). My last words before going over the edge were, "Lord Jesus Christ don't let anything happen to my boy." He answered that in spadesI Immediately after our abrupt halt, which caused my seatbelt to crack my ribs, my grandson slid out of his seatbelt, found the fire extinguisher, and extinguished the flames coming through the large crack in the firewall. Another miracle: CDF was a dozen vehicles behind us and saw the whole thing develop. They came racing down the Hill with all sorts of firefighting gear only to have this cloud of extinguishing powder from my grandson erupt in their face. They asked him what happened he said, "I don't really know. I was reading and I heard my grandpa cuss. He doesn't cuss, so I looked up and Bam!"

(I think I dropped the F-bomb ).

It took them another hour to extricate me using the Jaws of Life. And I had minor scrapes, and contusions! And the drunk walked!
March 31 at 23:04 EST .

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   Timber Queen  I remember this post. Kevin certainly had a great skill in telling a story. "I heard my grandpa cuss. He doesn't cuss, so I looked up and Bam!" That line made me laugh again, like the first time I read it. And I would like to echo Kevin's prayer that day, "Lord Jesus Christ don't let anything happen to my boy." So that his grandson grows to be a man that emulates his grandpa.
April 1 at 13:42 EST .

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   Lana720  Timber Queen, I love your comment about Kevin's grandson.
I remember that wreck and how grateful he was that he was the one with the injuries. What a role model that young man had.
April 3 at 01:44 EST .

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   Kono posted on Lana720  Since your question was in a reply to someone else's post, my answer didn't automatically get to you, Lana. So if you'll forgive a lazy copy/paste here...
Beautiful tribute! I remember when they did that for President Reagan's funeral.
Does anyone know what is planned for Kevin, Marine Cap's service?

13 hours ago . Like . Flag

Lana -- the post you added to the Blessings Wall to share Melissa's sad news about Kevin gave us a link to the obit, which shows a memorial service in a few weeks:

April 27, 1-3pm
Peninsula Bible Church
3505 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA

Interment (date TBD ) at Skylawn Memorial Park
(at the top of hwy. 92 between San Mateo and Half Moon Bay ).
March 30 at 15:21 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  Thank God for the gift of meeting Kevin here and a couple of times in person, and for giving Kevin the gift of living to see his grandchildren and completing his ministry formation. He spoke of both things with similar joy and reverence. May he experience now the fullness of life in God, in whose loving grip he was so conscious of being. His erudite and passionate comments here have been missed in recent months, and this brings a certain permanancy to that.

Thanks to LCom for announcing this, though. Neither major local paper has a death announcment for him yet.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord...
March 30 at 14:18 EST .

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   Kono posted on Main Page The Lobby  Did anyone happen to save Lcom's home-page image from yesterday? (Its caption was, "If I had a dog, it would look like the dog Obama ate." )

Didn't realize 'til today that I wish I'd saved a copy of it...
April 23 at 13:10 EST .

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   Kono posted on NellVada  Just a follow-up on our comments in the story about that Muslim 'Sacred Sex' thing (on Lcom at ) ... to add this there would probably be considered 'chatting' -- verboten on Lcom.

The story of the virgin birth of Christ is in the Gospels, which are canonical books for all Christian churches. The story of Joseph being chosen by God to be Mary's guardian until she came of-age (the whole scene with his staff sprouting a lily flower ) isn't in the Bible at all, though. That's from the book, The Protoevangelium of James, which was deemed apocryphal and rejected from the canon. (That's why I admitted that Joseph's taking care of Mary when she was still underage may not be an appropriate example for the topic we were discussing. )

Sorry for the confusion, all of which could have been avoided easily if I'd been more precise about what I was labeling 'apocryphal'.
January 27 at 01:20 EST .

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