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Veterans' Page
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   GO3  March 9 in military history:

1226 - Massacre of Tbilisi, Georgia: King Jalal ad-Din Mingburnu the Khwarazmian slaughters thousands of Georgian Christians for refusing to convert to Islam.
1847 - Winfield Scott lands an army at Veracruz, Mexico, and begins a siege.
1862 - Battle of Hampton Roads II: USS 'Monitor' fights CSS 'Virginia' to a draw, preserving the blockade
1864 - Ulysses S. Grant promoted to lieutenant general and commanding general
1943 - New Guinea: Japanese aircraft conduct a major raid on Wau.
1945 - Indochina: Japanese attack French garrisons, massacring thousands.
1945 - Waiting for ideal weather and sufficient winds, US B-29s drop 1,665 tons of incendiaries on Tokyo on the night of 9-10 March creating a firestorm. By dawn on the 10th, 80,000-120,000 have died, the highest toll in a single air raid, exceeding even the atomic bombs. Photo: Tokyo after the firebombing.

   March 8 at 21:51 EST .

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   GO3  March 6 in military history:

1836 - Santa Anna's Mexicans storm the Alamo, after a 13 day siege. Poem by Joaquin Miller:

The Defence of the Alamo

Santa Ana came storming, as a storm might come;
There was rumble of cannon; there was rattle of blade;
There was cavalry, infantry, bugle and drum --
Full seven thousand in pomp and parade.
The chivalry, flower of Mexico;
And a gaunt two hundred in the Alamo!

And thirty lay sick, and some were shot through;
For the siege had been bitter, and bloody, and long.
"Surrender, or die!" -- "Men, what will you do?"
And Travis, great Travis, drew sword, quick and strong;
Drew a line at his feet. . . . "Will you come" Will you go?
I die with my wounded, in the Alamo."

Then Bowie gasped, "Lead me over that line!"
Then Crockett, one hand to the sick, one hand to his gun,
Crossed with him; then never a word or a sign
Till all, sick or well, all, all save but one,
One man. Then a woman stepped, praying, and slow
Across; to die at her post in the Alamo.

Then that one coward fled, in the night, in that night
When all men silently prayed and thought
Of home; of to-morrow; of God and the right,
Till dawn; and with dawn came Travis's cannon-shot,
In answer to insolent Mexico,
From the old bell-tower of the Alamo.

Then came Santa Ana; a crescent of flame!
Then the red escalade; then the fight hand to hand;
Such an unequal fight as never had name
Since the Persian hordes butchered that doomed Spartan band.
All day -- all day and all night; and the morning? so slow,
Through the battle smoke mantling the Alamo.

Now silence! Such silence! Two thousand lay dead
In a crescent outside! And within? Not a breath
Save the gasp of a woman, with gory gashed head,
All alone, all alone there, waiting for death;
And she but a nurse. Yet when shall we know
Another like this of the Alamo?

Shout "Victory, victory, victory ho!"
I say 'tis not always to the hosts that win!
I say that the victory, high or low,
Is given the hero who grapples with sin,
Or legion or single; just asking to know
When duty fronts death in his Alamo.

   March 6 at 05:50 EST .

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   GO3  March 4 in military history:

0 - Feast of St. Adrian of Nicomedia, Roman Guardsman, martyed as a Christian by the Emperor Galerius, Patron of Soldiers, Guards, and Arms Dealers
1238 - Battle of the Sith River: the Mongols under Batu Khan obliterate the Russians under Yuri II of Vladimir-Suzdal, near Yaroslav
1519 - Hernando Cortez, adventurer and lawyer, lands in Mexico

- Battle of Longwoods: Americans defeat the British, near Wardsville, Ontario. The battle took place during the War of 1812. A mounted American raiding party defeated an attempt by British regulars, volunteers from the Canadian militia and Native Americans to intercept them near Wardsville, in present-day Southwest Middlesex, Ontario. The British suffered 14 killed, 51 wounded, one wounded prisoner and one missing. The Americans lost four killed and three wounded. Diorama: View from behind the American lines at the Battle of Longwoods.

1942 - Two Japanese flying boats, refueled by sub at French Frigate Shoal, raid Oahu
1945 - Princess Elizabeth of England (later Queen Elizabeth II ), 18, joins the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service as a driver.
1991 - Gulf War: Iraq releases Allied POWs: six US, three British, and one Italian

   March 4 at 01:54 EST .

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   GO3  March 2 in military history:

537 - Goths besiege Rome
1776 - Americans begin shelling British troops in Boston
1836 - Texas declares independence from Mexico
1859 - Paddle steamer USS 'Saginaw' commissioned, the first American warship built on the West Coast, at Mare Island
1865 - Battle of Waynesborough: Jubal Early's Rebels defeated
1915 - Vladimir Jabotinsky forms a militia to defend Jewish settlements in Palestine
1938 - US 15th Infantry leaves China after 26 years in garrison at Tientsin & Peking.
1942 - Action South of Java: USS 'Pillsbury' (DD-227 ) sunk by Japanese heavy cruisers

1943 - Battle of the Bismarck Sea: Japanese convoy attacked by USAAF and Royal Australian Air Force. In a three-day air campaign Allied airpower completely destroyed a Japanese convoy attempting to reinforce New Guinea. Consisting of eight troop transports and eight destroyers, the Japanese lost all eight transports, four destroyers and between 3000-7000 men. A controversial series of attacks were made for several days after the battle, when Allied aircraft returned to the scene and attacked survivors in the water. Particularly devastating were the modified B-25 Mitchell bombers which today we would call "gunships." Painting: Modified B-25 gunships during the Battle of the Bismark Sea.

1945 - Philippines: Japanese resistance on Corregidor ends.
1969 - Sino-Soviet border clash, 70 die

   March 2 at 02:49 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 28 in military history:

1246 - Ferdinand III of Castile liberates Jaen from the Moors after a long siege
1836 - The Battle of San Patricio: Mexicans defeat Texians in a surprise cavalry attack
1847 - Battle of the Sacramento River: US forces under Alexander Doniphan defeat the Mexicans in Chihuaua
1864 - Kilpatrick's Raid on Richmond begins (to 10 March )

1893 - USS Indiana (BB-1 ) launched, the first American first class battleship. USS Indiana (BB-1 ) was the lead ship of her class and the first battleship in the United States Navy comparable to foreign battleships of the time. She was a small battleship, but had heavy armor and ordnance. The ship also pioneered the use of an intermediate battery. She served in the Spanish–American War (1898 ) as part of the North Atlantic Squadron, and took part in the battle of Santiago de Cuba. Although unable to join the chase of the escaping Spanish cruisers, she was partly responsible for the destruction of the Spanish destroyers Plutón and Furor. After the war she quickly became obsolete despite several modernizations, and spent most of her time as a training ship. Photo: USS Indiana.

1933 - Hitler bans the German Communist Party
1942 - Dutch East Indies: Japanese land on Java, last Allied bastion in the East Indies
1944 - Alamo Scouts are withdrawn from Los Negros, as Allied air strikes continue
1945 - Philippines: U.S. forces land on Palawan

   February 27 at 23:38 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 26 in military history:

1775 - Battle of Salem, Mass.: British expedition to seize colonists' arms is turned back peacefully
1916 - German U-Boat sinks the French liner 'Provence', 930 die
1916 - Russian troops occupy Kermanshah, Persia
1918 - Col. Douglas MacArthur accompanies a French patrol on a trench raid near Luneville, for which he is eventually awarded the Croix de guerre and the Silver Star
1925 - Islamic extremists declare Jihad against the Turkish Republic
1942 - Aircraft transport USS 'Langley' (AV-4/ex-CV-1 ) sunk off Java with 32 aircraft aboard.
1942 - Werner Heisenberg informs Nazis of the possibility of nuclear weapons
1945 - Burma: British open an offensive against Mandalay and Meiktila

1945 - Heavy bombing of Berlin. Berlin was subject to 363 air raids during all of the Second World War. It was bombed by the RAF Bomber Command between 1940 and 1945, by the USAAF Eighth Air Force between 1943 and 1945, and the French Armee de l'Air between 1944 and 1945. It was also attacked by aircraft of the Red Air Force, especially in 1945 as Soviet forces closed on the city. British bombers dropped 45,517 tons of bombs; the Americans dropped 23,000 tons. On 26 February 1945 a massive raid left another 80,000 people homeless in addition to the devastation wrought by previous raids. By May 1945, 1.7 million people (40% of the population ) had fled. Photo: Berlin, May 1945.

1952 - PM Winston Churchill announces that Britain has the atomic bomb
1990 - Moscow begins pulling 73,000 troops out of Czechoslovakia
1993 - Islamist terrorists bomb the World Trade Center, 7 die

   February 26 at 00:36 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 23 in military history:

0 - Red Army Day/Day of the Soviet Army and Navy (1923-1990 ) in the USSR, now Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia
1778 - Baron von Steuben joins the Continental Army at Valley Forge
1836 - Santa Anna lays siege to the Alamo, which is stormed on March 6
1847 - Battle of Buena Vista/Angustura: Superior artillery enables Zachary Taylor's US forces to defeat a stronger Mexican army under Santa Anna
1903 - US leases Guantanamo Bay from Cuba for $4,000 a year; the checks have not been cashed since 1959
1917 - Caporale Benito Mussolini, 11th Bersaglieri, seriously wounded in a mortar accident
1940 - Russian troops capture Lasi Island from Finns
1942 - USS Enterprise (CV-6 ) raids Marcus Island
1942 - Japanese submarine 'I-17' shells Elwood, California and oil depot at Goleta to no effect.
1944 - TF 58 begins raids on the Marianas (Saipan, Tinian, Guam )

1945 - Iwo Jima: the 28th Marines raise the flag on Mount Suribachi. The 28th Marines closed in and around the base of the volcanic mountain employing flamethrowers, grenades, and demolition charges against the Japanese hidden in caves and pillboxes. 40 Marines finally began a climb up the mountain, which was smoking from the constant bombardment, and at about 10 a.m. on February 23, a half-dozen Marines raised a small American flag on the peak which was the first flag raising. The second flag raising photographed by Joe Rosenthal was done by Marines who he was able to gather at the time, because he couldn't find the Marines from the first flag raising. Photo: Rosenthal's photo on Mt. Suribachi.

1945 - Operation Grenade: Gen Simpson's US Ninth Army attacks the Ruhr
1945 - Liberation of the captives in the Japanese internment camp at Los Baños, the Philippines

   February 22 at 22:30 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 21 in military history:

49BC - Caesar captures Corfinum, and 30 Senatorial cohorts
1797 - British capture Trinidad from the Spanish

1916 - Battle of Verdun begins which lasts 302 days. This battle stemmed from German General Erich von Falkenhayn’s edict to elicit major bloodshed from the French defense of the fortress complex around Verdun. German forces initially advanced quickly claiming Fort Douaumont and Fort Vaux after brutal subterranean melees. Despite coming within two miles of Verdun cathedral, the Germans called off their offensive in mid-July, and Falkenhayn was relieved of command. The French retook their forts and pushed back the line, and by the time their forces ground to a halt in December, both sides were left with more than 600,000 casualties. Painting by the French artist Thiriat: The French counter-attack at Verdun.

1918 - Australians capture Jericho from the Turks
1942 - Burma: the British 7th Armoured Bde reaches Rangoon, as the 17th Indian Div holds the Sittang River line against the Japanese
1942 - Timor: Dutch & Australian troops begin guerrilla resistance to the Japanese
1943 - Russell Islands: Elements of the 43rd Infantry Div land unopposed
1944 - Japanese resistance on Engebi and Eniwetok ends.
1944 - Prime Minister Tojo takes over direct control of the Japanese Army as Chief of Staff.
1945 - British Army liberates Goch, Netherlands
1945 - Fierce Japanese resistance encountered on Iwo Jima
1973 - Israeli fighters down Libyan Airlines Boeing 727 over the Sinai, 108 die, 5 survive

   February 21 at 00:55 EST .

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   GO3  Date corrected.
February 21 at 00:56 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 19 in military history:

1634 - Battle of Smolensk: Wladyslaw IV of Poland defeats the Russians
1814 - USS 'Constitution' captures British brig 'Catherine'
1915 - First British attempt to force the Dardanelles: A feeble probe alerts the Turks to the weakness of their defenses
1942 - FDR orders the internment of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast
1942 - Japanese Vice-Adm Nagumo's aircraft raid Darwin, NW Australia, inflicting heavy casualties

1943 - Battle of Kasserine Pass: Rommel's panzers hit US troops hard. The battle was the first big engagement between American and German forces in World War II. Inexperienced and poorly led American troops suffered many casualties and were quickly pushed back over 50 miles (80 km ) from their positions west of Faïd Pass. After the early defeat, elements of the U.S. II Corps, with British reinforcements, rallied and held the exits through mountain passes in western Tunisia, defeating the Axis offensive. As a result of the battle, the U.S. Army instituted sweeping changes of unit organization and replaced commanders and some types of equipment. Photo: Men of the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division march through the Kasserine Pass.

1944 - Fighting continues on Engebi and Eniwetok atoll, the Marshall Islands.
1945 - US Marines land on Iwo Jima

   February 18 at 22:24 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 15 in military history:

1898 - Havana Harbor: Battleship USS 'Maine' blows up from undetermined causes, 258 die.
1915 - "Sepoy Mutiny" at Singapore: c. 800 Indian troops run amok until subdued by loyal troops and police
1942 - Japanese airborne naval troops attack Palembang against heavy resistance

1942 - Singapore surrenders to the Japanese; greatest disaster in British military history. British forces in Singapore surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese seven days after enemy troops first stormed the island and only two weeks since their onslaught on the Malay Peninsula. The British and Japanese commanders-in-chief, Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival and Lieutenant-General Yamashita Tomoyuki met in the Ford motor plant at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill to sign the surrender documents. Photo: British troops surrender to Japanese forces.

1944 - Italy: Allies commence bombing & shelling the Monastery of Monte Cassino
1945 - Philippines: As US troops land on Bataan, Japanese troops in Manila are surrounded
1948 - China: People's Liberation Army occupies Jenan

   February 14 at 23:03 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 12 in military history:

0 - Feast of St Julian the Hospitaler, Patron of Knights.
1861 - Arkansas state troops seize US arsenal at Napoleon.
1862 - US Grant begins the siege of Ft Donelson, which surrenders on the 16th after an unsuccessful break out attempt.
1893 - Lt. Col. Joseph Joffre and a column of French troops capture Timbuktu.
1934 - Sporadic fighting breaks out across Austria between Socialist supporters and security forces, initiating a four day civil war.
1942 - The "Channel Dash": German battleships 'Scharnhorst' & 'Gneisenau', & heavy cruiser 'Prinz Eugen' escape from Brest to Germany.
1944 - Burma: British begin moving to support the 7th Indian Division.
1944 - U.S. Marines occupy Umboi Island, west of New Britain.

1945 - US sub Batfish (SS-310 ), sinks its 3rd Japanese sub in 4 days (I-41, Ro-112, & Ro-113 ) making the Batfish the champion sub killer of the war in the Pacific. Over the course of seven war patrols, the sub claimed a total of 15 ships sunk for 37,484 tons, and damaged 3 other ships. The crew also rescued three pilots. Photo: USS Batfish on patrol somewhere in the Pacific.

1955 - Pres Eisenhower sends US advisors to South Vietnam

   February 12 at 02:18 EST .

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