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   Mike PHX  Thanks for getting my AOL back up and running again, Okie. Now back to the news...

Is there anyone...on the face of this earth...dumber than Dana Perino?
Thursday at 22:21 EST .

   GO3  Bob Beckel?
Yesterday at 03:11 EST .

   StormCnter  Dan Rather
Yesterday at 06:01 EST .

   Seminolesecure  Is she dumb or just twisted in NeverTrumpism?
Yesterday at 06:41 EST .

   RedWhiteBlue  Can't expect much from a RINO...a Dana PeRINO!
Yesterday at 14:31 EST .

   Gerty  Tony Snow cannot be looking kindly on what she has become.
12 hours ago .

   Mike PHX  GO3: Beckel is mentally's not fair.
Storms: Rather is from Houston and mentally's not fair.
18 minutes ago .

   Tulsa  In Win. 10, with ABP installed (semi useless for some time now ) in FireFox, clicking 'refresh' on the Lucianne homepage no longer removes ads.

The Edge browser in Win. 10 does block all ads, for now.
Thursday at 09:02 EST .

   Mildred  Hi Tulsa: Decided to check in with Lucianne/Connection (after many months of avoiding the site because of the objectionable ads )and saw your comments. I've been using FireFox with Win 7 and ABP per your suggestion several months ago. I still prefer IE 11 for most browsing but installed FireFox for Lucianne and have not had any problems with ads here. I don't know what I'll do when Win 7 becomes obsolete. I tried Win 10 when it first appeared and hated it! At this point I may take my daughter's suggestion and get a MAC. Thanks for all your help with the 'stuff' that makes using a computer a challenge.
Thursday at 11:06 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Tulsa  Good to read you, Mildred. I do hope you are well, happy and safe. Win 7 stopped working in pieces on the lap and desktop last Fall. We purchased a very basic dell lap and desktop in Win 10. Tech removed all the tiles, ads, etc. and added MS Office. I unpinned more things and turned off all help and notifications. We have blue screens w/overlapping bubbles. It's very pleasant, actually. I do believe the kinks had been removed by the time we were forced to us Win. 10. Cameras now use card readers, which is new. I have the 4 games I have always played. They are free, but 2 have ads. I simply taped a piece of paper over the ad space. The games have a different look, but the 'players' no longer cheat in Hearts. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

We don't even rate a casual pc users. So we can't justify paying thousands of dollars times 2 for macs.

I'm getting ads as of today on Lucianne in Firefox. Edge is the browser replacing IE that comes with Win. 10. Edge blocks all ads at Lucianne. So now I will use Edge only.

Att has dropped yahoo and joined with google. Kill Me NOW! ..tho both are equally lousy, imo. ATT is our internet, phone and DirecTV provider, which work fine most of the time.

ABP sold out and white listed all ads that don't flash, blink or move. ABP is being paid by companies to show ads.

Ok, ramble off...must scoot. I check in, so leave a message if you need something. Wish you the best as always.

Forgive typos, I have several distractions which have reached critical mass!
Thursday at 11:53 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Kono  As an occasional lurker, occasional participant, I always saw this site as (a ) a tribute to Joshua, and (b ) a place where we could both bring up topics not directly stemming from a recent news story, and converse about them.
Recently (for lack of a better purpose, perhaps ) it's become a sort of tech support for people who want to escape advertiser oppression.
I can't help wondering if Ldotters got so divided over Trump that there just isn't a sense of community anymore. (Or maybe the hostile divide is over our brother Jonah's controversial turn a year ago... )
Thursday at 15:26 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Clipped wings  Kono, I have wondered why a lot of the tech issues aren't in the computer and tech "room".
Secondly,I used to visit a lot and post comments sometimes. Got the feeling I was unwelcome. The conversations seemed to grow stale.
Yesterday at 12:12 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Daisymay  Is anyone else having trouble with the Search Function on Lucianne? I can't get to anything. The message is " did not send any Data". Hmmm Haven't ever seen that one before!
May 23 at 13:55 EST .

   Tulsa  Just saw your message. Checked. Search is working as of 4PM Central.
May 23 at 17:00 EST .

   GO3  Search function has been off-on for me for the last two weeks. That and the slowness of the upvote and the site overall is a PITA.
May 23 at 20:43 EST .

   Escaped commieny  In Honor of all our Veterans and their families:

May 22 at 07:46 EST .

   Mike PHX  No one shows up here used to be like a real salon, erudite and gifted writers, sharing ideas. Now...not so much.
Thanks for the technical advice on my 8-track...
May 20 at 22:26 EST .

   1 person like this.

   GO3  I suspect there weren't that many regulars to begin with, and health issues can take us away from time to time. I was out for about three weeks for health problems. Participation have an ebb and flow given life circumstances.
May 20 at 22:56 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Gram77  As I look back, I remember quite a few regulars. Health issues are always something that gets in our way, however, as I look back over
the 8 years I have been around there were some really neat people who posted regularly and indeed offered really interesting ideas. Times and issues change and people change and move on. Sad but a fact.
May 21 at 08:14 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Fireball27  I was a lurker for a long time, until I learned how to sign up for a login. I've posted many comments in the past, but just don't have that much interesting things to say these days.
I have a word of advice for those of you looking forward to traveling when you retire. Travel now. When you reach my age, 70, you don't want to put up with the flying or the long driving trips. We just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and neither of us wants to go through the mess they have made of the airline industry. We only go away for a day or so at a time, and it is usually within a couple of hours drive. So as I said, try to travel before you retire, before traveling becomes such a chore. I'm glad we got around quite a bit before retirement because I would not go to the places we have been to if we were going to go now.
May 21 at 17:29 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Safetydude  Two comments:
First to Mike..."No one shows up here anymore", reminds me of a Yogi'ism...'no one goes there anymore 'cus it's too crowded'.

Second to Fireball..
I retired after serving in the AF for 28 years and at first we traveled 'space a', a lot, but after some trips to Europe, Canada and Hawaii we decided we'd had about enough.
I'm with you; for a special occasion Miss Tina and I may drive up to Tampa or Destin for a couple of days or down to Fort Myers Beach or Naples and stay in a hotel or at a resort. No more more than an afternoons drive, either way.

(even on I-75 )
May 21 at 19:34 EST .

 1 person like this.

   GO3  Agree on the travel chore comments, unfortunately job requirements require regular international travel and physically it needs to end for me soon. I will say though that I agree with Mark Steyn when he commented on the recent airline incidents. I'm paraphrasing, but he said I'm the most islamophobic guy around but no US airline stacks up against any airline from the GCC region. I personally vouch for Qatar, Saudia, Emirates, Etihad, etc. I think even the budget airlines in the region such as Flynas, Fly Dubai and others provide a much better travel experience than US carriers. Thank unions, political correctness and disconnected CEOs for the mess.
May 21 at 20:38 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Mike PHX  When will we all tell the airlines to shove it?
May 22 at 03:31 EST .

 1 person like this.

   GO3  In the race to the bottom if I had the wherewithal to buy a US carrier, I would buy United cheap and bring in a management team and do the following:

1. Airlines are the ones responsible for seat configuration, so I would conduct a phased change to allow for more legroom in coach, perhaps along the lines of premium comfort seats (US style, not Euro style which is more luxurious, but costs an arm and a leg ). The fare would be nominally higher, but we wouldn't nickel and dime passengers to death to make a profit. One simple, albeit higher price. I think we'd make the difference in increased customer passenger numbers over time.
2. Institute height/weight standards for pilots and flight attendants. The union will pitch a fit, but this is not only an aesthetics issue but a safety issue. If a flight attendant can't get down the aisle without turning sideways and still hitting passengers in the face with her large behind (happened to me ) then we have a problem if there is an emergency. And if I had to poach flight attendants from foreign airlines, I'd do it.
3. Conduct a complete review of our routes and cities served. Podunk, Indiana might not get air service anymore if the market dictates we go somewhere else. Things change with the economy on the ground, but airlines run on fear that the other guy will rush in to fill the void. Who cares? let that guy take the loss. Currently, airlines react like molasses in winter.

This all might seem far fetched or unworkable, but tell me United investors, are you that optimistic about your airline staying on the same, stupid path?
May 22 at 04:43 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Clipped wings  In the old days, we had weight and height restrictions. If you were overweight, you couldn't fly until you lost a few pounds. Then the unions became more powerful and anything goes.
Airline travel is not desirable anymore, we'd rather drive if possible. GO3 has good ideas.
Yesterday at 12:17 EST .

   GO3  Clipped: Thanks. The airlines themselves are another example of the continuous growth model carried to the extreme. In order to reach every nook and cranny in the market they have to promote their services as just another bus trip across town, which of course, it isn't. Now the public is stuck with flying cattle cars with the US carriers on domestic routes. If more people drive, this should get the message across.
21 hours ago .

   Tulsa  We have an email program on our lap and desktop. It's part of MS Office. Iows, we don't have to go on line and sign in to check email. My point?

Att used to be att/yahoo. Yahoo was sold to Version. So if you're with Att you need to update your favorite's link to att/google. You have till June 8, but there is already a redirect and a new site for att/google. We keep the link in favorites in case there's a problem with our mail program.
May 18 at 23:27 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Fireball27  Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there. You are who we all count on when the chips are down, and it seems like everything is going against us. Mom always makes things better.
May 14 at 12:24 EST .

   4 people like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  It seems to take an awful long time to ''vote'' on a reply on the mother page. I may vote on one...maybe two but then just give up. Do others have the same experience or is it just my computer that's so slow?
May 14 at 10:37 EST .

   3 people like this.

   GO3  Happens to me, too.
May 14 at 10:43 EST .

  3 people like this.

   Calvinesq  Yes. It is slow. However, if you click the "like" button you can close that window, and the vote will still register. In fact, you can vote for other posters at the same time, even if the first one has not been registered. It is slow, but manageable.
May 17 at 21:48 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Tulsa  See Computers and Tech Issues.
May 12 at 23:28 EST .

   3 people like this.

   Suejeanne  Hi, fellow L-Dotters on "The Connection" -
I hope that someone knows of the e-mail address for writing to RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel -

My mother received a phone call recently from the RNC - they told her that she had pledged to send $100.00 which she did not do, because she has been upset with the way the RNC has failed to pull everyone together to help President Trump.

Then during that phone conversation, she was switched over to someone else when she asked to speak to a supervisor and she thought they had gotten that corrected (while she also told them why ).

Today, my mother received a letter from Chairwoman McDaniel - asking about that "pledge" again of $100 - that, plus the content of the letter itself, talking about how we have to win in 2018 and what the Democrats are doing:

"The Democrats have the liberal media and liberal professors in every college campus in America adding new voters to their party consistently throughout the year. We have to make sure we keep up the pace with them to ultimately win future elections such as the 2018 midterms!"

Mrs. McDaniel, WE won the 2016 election in a big way - across the board - no thanks to your uncle, Mitt and a myriad of other so-called Republicans and conservatives -

My mother wanted to write a letter to let them know she is not sending $100.00 - first of all, she told that assistant she wasn't going to do so, then she gets this stupid letter - so hell can freeze over before she will ever send another dollar to the RNC -

the RNC is useless . . . for example, why do they let John McCain continue to run for Senate? Why don't they ever have anyone to replace him? What has he ever done for Arizona? Big military hero but he is apparently unashamed that the Phoenix VA is one of the worst.

Don't tell us about what all the liberal professors do to help the Democratic Party - at least they stick together, Republicans run around and hide like a bunch of scared little bunny rabbits.
May 10 at 00:07 EST .

   4 people like this.

   Allsogreat  I certainly hope she sends them nothing. The RNC / Republicans are the do nothing party. Our elitist Republicans are ineffectual because they want to be ineffectual. Even though they now control our Government, they're still allowing the Dumacrats to run things. Almost insisting on it. Why, because the Dumacrats are doing exactly what the Republican want.....and they get no blame for the mess we're in. They, the Republicans, want us dependent on Big Brother for every thing just as the Dumacrats do. Congress and a few of the late presidents have so fragmented our society, that now, we cannot amass a dissenting group large enough to oppose them.
May 13 at 09:51 EST .

  3 people like this.

   Namma  I just received one of those letters. I took a marker, crossed off donation sums, and wrote all over the letter on how the RNC did not really support Trump and they don't now. Also said they should get rid of McCain Ryan and McConnell and all the other rhinos. When they do I will support the RNC. Until then my donation goes directly to the candidate of my choice. The best part is I put my letter into the pre-paid envelope and put it into the mail. Don't know if anyone of importance sees the reply, but the RNC has to pay for the letter. I have my family doing the same thing. I also never pledge anything over the phone. They say I did I know they are lying. It's maddening when they do under handed things like this.
May 13 at 14:14 EST .

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