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&Tech Issues

   Tulsa  I just saw the comments about ads returned to the homepage. Here is the org. instruction to get rid of them:

Place your cursor on any ad at Lucianne and right click. When the box comes up click Adblock 'image'. Then another box comes up that is pre checked, click 'add' to lists and the ad should be gone. Repeat on all ads. If you have bars left from under ads, right click on the bar and repeat as above (adblock ‘bar' ). Another box comes up that is pre checked, click ‘add’ to lists and the bar will disappear. Repeat on all bars.

I've reported the issue to ABP. If I click 'refresh', the ads disappear. I may have to hit refresh every time I return to Lucianne...don't know yet. They are disgusting, I agree.
April 20 at 20:49 EST .

   Tulsa  I went from here to Lucianne and the ads reappeared. I clicked 'refresh' and they disappeared.

I have no idea what is going on....why they are back. I know there is a big fight between ad blockers and advertisers. I don't know if Lucianne even knows they are there. It depends on the browser used, settings...several things.

All I know is I hate ads and telemarketers. I record everything I watch on tv and fast forward thru ads. I'm a big girl. I know where to buy things. I don't need pushy ads. They are actually turning people off, not enticing people to buy.
April 20 at 21:00 EST .

   RedWhiteBlue  So here I go again....Win 10 Updated/upgraded my computer and left my email and internet NOT the way they found it. WHY do they do that? I'm having a hard time reconstructing those pages!!! Makes me not accept any more changes from them. StormCnter gave me instructions once before and I LOST them! Bwah!HELP!
April 19 at 22:22 EST .

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   Tulsa  I believe she tells people to turn off automatic updates. MS only puts them out monthly. I know you can search for monthly updates and pick and choose which ones to download, if any.

We both had to upgrade to win.10 as everything stopped working in win. 7..thx to MS.

I'm getting ads all over the home page and I have ABP enabled. I've reported it to ABP once. All that needs to be done to remove them is to click 'refresh' and they disappear. The ads are disgusting.
April 20 at 18:18 EST .

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   Daisymay  I'm the last person to give advice on Computer stuff, but I can tell you that I finally couldn't take those nasty ads anymore, so I downloaded Firefox as my Browser. BOOM! Not a single ad! I'm happy to sign on to Lucianne again! Worked for me.
April 21 at 11:14 EST .

   StormCnter  Tulsa is right. I have had Microsoft updates turned off for a very long time. That prevents accidental upgrades I don't want. I'm running Windows 7, RWB, so I can't help you recover from Windows 10. I don't think you can roll the computer back to an earlier date because the system has been changed with the update to 10.
But if your question was about turning off updates, go to Control Panel and Windows Update. When it comes up, click on Change Settings from the menu on the left. When this comes up, Click on the little bar and from the menu, choose Never Check for Updates. Then click Ok and exit.
You can always go back and check for an update you need without allowing MS full access to your computer.
April 21 at 14:47 EST .

   Tulsa  I do want to say that we turned off downloads in Win 7 when MS was pushing 10 and Updates for MSSE stopped working, MS updates stopped working for Win 7, then Win. Live Mail in 7 stopped working.

The updates build on each other. And updates for Security and MS Office which included mail, Word and Excel are all packaged together. They could not be sifted out for download.

So instead of helping, Win 7 stopped working, which meant buying a new desktop and laptop with Win 10.
April 21 at 17:39 EST .

   StormCnter  I don't use MS Mail or Windows Firewall, but I do use Excel and Word without any problem with those programs from my blocked Windows updates. I did, however, have to abandon Mozy because its latest update wouldn't work without one particular Windows driver. The driver apparently couldn't be downloaded as a stand-alone. So, I cancelled Mozy and signed up with Carbonite for my huge backup requirements.
April 22 at 06:29 EST .

   Tulsa  We don't have a firewall as we're a whopping secure network of 2. I am amazed 7 is still working for you. I wish we had been able to keep it. The laptop lasted idea why.

10 wants to be my Momma. lol Our tech deleted all tiles. I turned off all notifications and deleted more things after the tech set us up. He did a great job. 10 isn't bad. It is overkill on everything and I resent MS forcing it on us. Cortena? is nothing but a link to Bing. Deleted that. The screen is plain and simple like Win. 7

If we had used the mail program on the web and paid for virus protection, we still lost MS Office. Rock/hard place.

Must use a card reader for pictures, so we bought an extra mem. card I can erase after each use...for show and tell to our peeps in South Carolina.

We like MS Mail on the pcs so we never have to sign in. MSSE is gone and replaced with Defender, which is free.

Always good to get your input.
April 22 at 10:29 EST .

   StormCnter  When my Win 7 finally succumbs, I may have a computer built instead of having to upgrade or buy a new one with Win 10. There's a local computer repair/refurbish shop with a very competent manager who insists he can build a better one for me than I can buy. I don't have enough know-how to build one myself, but every tech I have ever asked (no matter the employer ) has told me he/she built his/her personal computer. But, I don't have to think about it yet.
April 23 at 05:18 EST .

   Tulsa  That is an excellent idea. I have no doubt any pc tech would build their own.
Sunday at 09:36 EST .

   Planononna  Can someone please tell me how to get rid of the disgusting ads and pictures on the main page; i.e. toenail fungus, ugly pictures, Barron's IQ, Ivanka's boob job, etc. Please help.
Thank you....
April 19 at 09:40 EST .

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   Daisymay  Oh my gosh, I'm so happy to see someone else is having this problem. I thought it was only me. I've tried everything to get rid of these horrid pictures that surround the mail page. Hope someone can guide us because the things I did before to get rid of this stuff isn't working now! Help!
April 19 at 16:26 EST .

 1 person like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  YES, someone here helped out with this mess once (StormCnter? )before and it worked great. Seems like you had to right click on the pictures and then it brought up some other box thing that you had to click on...I know, I no big help,eh?
April 19 at 22:17 EST .

   Daisymay  This mess also started with a Win 10 upgrade. The "Right Click" thing no longer works for me to get rid of the horrid pictures. They actually appear Under the Lucianne Header, then down both sides of my screen. Ugggg!
April 20 at 08:35 EST .

   RedWhiteBlue  It looks like The mother page can't seem to do with the overtaking of their website. I usually log in and then inundated with the photos and I leave.
April 20 at 13:49 EST .

   Tulsa  If you use the FireFox browser and have ABP installed, just click 'refresh' and they disappear. I have to click refresh every time I return to Luci.

No idea what is going on. The steps at the top of the page that I posted removed ads permanently for a very long time.
April 22 at 11:41 EST .

   Ramona  Here's a question I'm sure will generate expert advice from Ldotters: Verizon is getting out of the email business so I need to choose a new provider. I could go with AOL and transfer my current verizon email. What advice do you all have for an email provider that is reliable, good at eliminating spam, not too expensive? Thanks a bunch!
Ramona (the Pest )
March 20 at 14:22 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Hey Pest, some have gone to (at )
Put a picture up of cap on Faith. L
March 20 at 15:55 EST .

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   Ramona  HI EC, yes I checked out but too many negative reviews - that would have been my first choice!
March 20 at 17:48 EST .

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   GO3  I have had for several years and no complaints whatsoever on their web mail service. However, their iPad/Phone app is garbage. Tried it twice and would never recommend it.
April 12 at 01:40 EST .

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   GO3  Anyone having trouble updating avatars figured anything out yet? Just tried it again about five minutes ago and it still doesn't work for me.
January 13 at 02:16 EST .

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   StormCnter  I've had to abandon my favorite browser, Firefox, because all of a sudden, Firefox doesn't like Google and I haven't been able to set a different search engine for Firefox. Too bad. Anyone else had this problem? I'll just use Chrome from now on.
January 5 at 10:22 EST .

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   Tulsa  Google and Chrome spy/track/collect data. We use DuckDuckGo. It doesn't track. Hope it works for you. F Fstill works thankfully.

long story short: MS win 10 anniversary download blew up Win 7 downloads, MSSE updates and Windows Live Mail. Our tech has been trying to repair for over a week.

We had to purchase win10. Ordered a laptop and new desktop today. We'll have to replace our printer and our camera too as neither will work with win. 10.

BTW, Defender is replacing MSSE.

Almost sounds as if MS never planned to support win 7 thru 2020 as promised, doesn't it.
January 9 at 23:20 EST .

  2 people like this.

   StormCnter  I knew about the automatic Win 10 download making problems. I don't download anything from Microsoft without looking at it first. Windows doesn't like the Don't Download setting and fusses at me regularly with messages, but I don't want Windows 10 to sneak in. My tech guy says he never installs Windows updates because they are usually (1 ) not necessary and (2 ) sneaky.

I'm sorry you are having to purchase new hardware. That's a bummer and Microsoft has no idea what hard feelings this sort of thing leaves in us.
January 10 at 05:24 EST .

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   Tulsa  The problem not downloading Win. 7 updates is it also patches holes in Office, IE, which many businesses unfortunately still use, in addition to other necessary software. If Win 7 updates don't work, Win.Live Mail stops working and so does MSSE.

I'm two finger typing on The Suit's laptop. It's still working sorta.
January 10 at 09:43 EST .

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   John C  I have an Apple Mac, My top site listing has eliminated the Drudgereport. Where do I go to get it back. I have tried tying it in repeatedly but it get crappy sites like Yahoo etc
November 20 at 03:08 EST .

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   StormCnter  John are you still missing Drudge? Could you have had the problem when Drudge got hacked? Maybe you can save it again now.
January 5 at 10:20 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Perhaps someone can help. Since the whole hacked Yahoo mail event, I have changed my PW on the house computer. But I cannot access my mail from my cellphone no matter if I use the new PW or the old one. Help!!
October 6 at 06:25 EST .

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   Wattkid  New ad-free browser
October 3 at 23:38 EST .

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   GO3  So, have you tried this? Does it work?
October 13 at 02:07 EST .

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   Tulsa  Bulletins Rated Critical (by MS )

Microsoft bulletins MS16-104, MS-105, MS16-106, MS16-107, MS16-108, MS16-116, and MS16-117 are rated as Critical in this month's release.

MS16-104 and MS-105 are this month's Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge bulletins, respectively. These bulletins address a total of twenty-two (22 ) vulnerabilities comprised primarily of memory corruption and information disclosure vulnerabilities. Six (6 ) vulnerabilities are shared, affecting both IE and Edge. The most critical vulnerability affecting both products is a memory corruption vulnerability, CVE-2016-3295, concerns how objects are handled in memory. By directing the user to a specially crafted web page, an attacker could achieve remote code execution.
September 14 at 14:00 EST .

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