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&Tech Issues

   Grahamcracker  For the past 2 days when I click on an article on this site, the screen turns gray, 8 thumbnails pop up with a little message "sponsored links", and a white X to close out in the top left corner. What is this? It only happens on my iPad.
November 3 at 15:29 EST .

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   StormCnter  I have an odd problem. Or, it seems odd. My FIOS connection is with Frontier, previously with Verizon until Verizon sold out. I very rarely had Internet disconnect problems with Verizon, but now with Frontier, once a day (no more than that ), the Internet is disrupted but comes back very quickly. My computer, however, has to be rebooted in order to re=access the Internet. It's possible the problem is in my computer, but I can't locate any intruders and even if one exists, I would think the disruption would be more often than once per day. Frontier is no help, telling me they don't have evidence of a "problem in your area", but admitting a quick glitch might not continue to show up when it restores. Anyone have any ideas about this?
October 26 at 08:02 EST .

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   Tulsa  Frontier is fiber optic. I searched. Att (our provider ) is also. I can look at our cordless phone and it says 'no line'. We also lose internet. While it does not last long it is more frequent than once a day. Then again we go weeks with no problem.

I can also be on the phone and it will go dead. 'no line'. I just wait for the connection to return.

I can reconnect internet by clicking the icon lower right and reestablishing a connection.

If our alarm is on instant and is set off accidently, our phone goes dead. 'no line'.

Att acknowledges it, but says there is no remedy.
October 26 at 09:12 EST .

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   Tulsa  Sorry. I just remembered you are probably still in Win. 7 and your reconnect is not where mine is in Win. 10. Everything was moved and consolidated and removed all together.

Why not give your tech a call and ask if there is a solution in lieu of a reboot or anything new to stop the interruption.
October 26 at 09:31 EST .

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   StormCnter  Tulsa, thanks. It's nice to know someone else shares the Frontier misery. I'll talk to the tech. He's a great guy.
October 26 at 15:41 EST .

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   Mildred  The ads are returning. I have had a good few months with no ads on Lucianne. Today, I can't get rid of the ad for Ivana Trump's new book. I'm a Trump fan but I don't want to see that ad on every page. Anyone know how to get rid of it? I've tried all your suggestions on both Internet Explorer and Firefox and no luck.
October 24 at 16:50 EST .

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   Tulsa  Mildred with APB in FF I do not get the ad. In Edge (the replacement browser for IE ) with APB enabled I do get the ad.

Have you tried Brave. browser. No ads. I did install ABP (AdBlockPlus ) on all browsers. I never use IE. It's the most faulty, holey, lousy, malware ridden browser out there. Microsoft stopped updating it and you;re asking for trouble using it. Just what I've read.

Hope you are exceedingly well.
October 24 at 17:37 EST .

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   Mildred  Thanks Tulsa. I am using ABP and Microsoft Security Essentials and so far my computer is performing well. I am also still using Win 7. Can't stand Win 10. Only site I ever have a problem is Lucianne. I use both Explorer and Firefox (back and forth ) and until today have had no ads. I looked at Brave but did not install it. I think I'll try it. Actually I'm thinking of getting a Mac. Any thoughts? My daughter has never used anything else.

Thanks also for your good wishes. I hope the same for you. I've had an especially bad year but things are getting much better.
October 24 at 19:03 EST .

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   Tulsa  I'm sorry to hear you've had an especially bad year. I never want to hear that. You are in my prayers.

The only way I come out the other side is by surrendering to the Lord. I just submit completely to Him and put one foot in front of the other. Then I praise Him for his love and mercy and for delivering me.

I don't want to learn a Mac and never plan to do so. I like Windows and am in Win 10.

Keep in touch my friend. I'm here infrequently.

Family in SC had major surgery. Praise the Lord, did beautifully. We've had two out patient surgeries here, recovery is 3 less than that, so it's simply agonizingly slow and boring.

And then there is blood work for another matter. This too shall pass.

Hold on, Mildred. It's going to be ok.
October 24 at 23:25 EST .

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   Mildred  Tulsa, a quick note to thank you for your prayers, My prayers are for you and your family also. I find that prayer is sometimes the only way to make it through the day.

Getting back to the computer stuff, I still can't get rid of the stupid ad for Ivana Trump's book. I'm sure we will start getting more and more ads if Lucianne doesn't get smarter and then there will be fewer site visitors. Fewer people are even looking at the Connection now.

I decided I would try a Mac because I hate Win 10 and don't know what is coming next. Win 7 won't keep working much longer. If and when I change to a Mac I'll let you know if I can maintain my sanity!

I'll be thinking of you, Tulsa. Best wishes.
October 25 at 13:07 EST .

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   Tulsa  Update: Released by dr. after 3 wks instead of 3 months for 2 out patient surgeries! Miraculous healing here. Praise the Sweet Lord Jesus.

And picked some highly experienced brains and now know how to deal with the phlebotomists (a person who draws blood in a lab ) who insists on slapping or thumping arm/s veins to engorge small veins which never cooperate this irritating, upsetting practice.
October 26 at 13:24 EST .

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   Mildred  Tulsa: Great update. So glad your out patient surgeries were so successful. I haven't had trouble with drawing blood. I point to the left arm and everything is quick and easy. However, I feel like a pin cushion--have been having monthly blood tests and monthly injections. UGH! Things are stable and improving. Can't complain. Prayers to you.
October 28 at 15:00 EST .

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   Chillijilli  Ohhhh nooo. I've had nothing but problems on lucianne for the past 2 months. I've sent Luis numerous email but have never received a reply---which is most unusual, based on past behavior. The latest harangue is that while scrolling to read I suddenly get loud dinging and a pop up that tells me the " certificate is invalid" and the URL might be "pretending to be" I also have a red dot that is present along the right side of the text.
I'm an Apple person, and this same thing happens on my iPhone, iMac, MacBook, iPad---but ONLY on other URL. My different devices range from old---> brand new. All have current Safari updates and all sync. I have reset, reloaded, run Malwarebytes, cleaned my Mac, used Firefox instead of Safari, done everything possible...but still these certificate validation windows keep popping up. I'm not a giver-upper, but my tolerance is running really low on this. Thought some of you guys may have experienced similar issues and could help? Thanks tons
October 4 at 10:53 EST .

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   MeiDei  I occasionally get messages that Lucianne is not a secure site; sometimes malware warnings [apparently bogus]and yes, the red dot to the right of my screen is often present - but the ads are gone.
October 4 at 18:55 EST .

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   Tulsa  Chilli, this was posted by another Ldotter some time ago. I failed to note the moniker or I would attribute it.

'In regards to the certificate problem: One-my login password is unique to Luci so I don't worry about that. And don't log in any where else that is not secure.
Two- I click on the circled "i", arrow over to More Information, then click on permissions and block all except images for the Connection, and block everything, including 'load images' on the mothership. You will see the icons of items you blocked in the address bar. Works for Drudge too. I continue to use Firefox w/Adblock'

The above poster is correct. After reading those comments and doing as suggested, I am no longer concerned bout Luci's certificate. It is not secure, but she or her staff could check my ISP if anyone used my moniker and password. I don't post trash or profanity and I believe they know that.
October 5 at 16:26 EST .

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   Tulsa  FYI, just in care anyone doesn't grok the 'i', it's top of the page, left with a circle around it. um....the address bar.
October 5 at 16:29 EST .

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   Tulsa  One other suggestion. Turn OFF your sound. Mine is never on unless I turn it on. Then I turn it off again.

Doing the above that I re-posted by another ldotter should block the images and red dots.

I have written Luis and Luci about the certif. also and received no response.
October 5 at 16:46 EST .

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   Mildred  Anyone else having problems logging on to Lucianne? Recently, whether the home page or the connection, it takes forever to open. I've tried using IE and Firefox and both are extremely slow. In fact sometimes it won't open at all. First it was just Saturday afternoon, now it's almost every time I try to open it. It's really annoying.
September 27 at 11:47 EST .

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   Tulsa  To support my two comments that there are no ads, here is a comment from Kono on 8/8.

Kono  Mysteriously, this morning all the ads that made the mother site so ugly for the past week or two are no longer there.

The ad-deployment technique that evaded blocking looked pretty impervious to me, so as much as I'd love to hear that ABP caught up to them with a new detection/filter technique, I'm inclined to guess that LCom staff (maybe even our dear Lucianne, herself ) decreed a back-out of the ad code to the earlier method (that ABP was capable of handling ).

Even if this is just a one-day reprieve, I'm grateful for the freedom to read news without having to mentally block out the visually-disturbing images every page, at least for the moment...

August 8 at 12:34 EST . Like . Flag

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September 12 at 17:11 EST .

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   Tulsa  The above comment is down the page or perhaps now on the next page.
September 12 at 17:12 EST .

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   Rama41  To clarify my earlier comment, AdBlock and AdBlock Plus are different products developed by different companies.
September 12 at 14:03 EST .

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   Dcbroome  After desperately reading everyone's comments after the unreadable Lucianne site, I stumbled upon something that I had control over on my mac running Safari. Go to "Safari" --> "preferences" --> "privacy" --> choose "always block" under cookies section. Use that setting to view Lucianne. NO ADS!!! I will just change if I need to view a site with cookies.
September 11 at 19:11 EST .

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   Rama41  1. I've had luck lately with Firefox and AdBlock. (Note that AdBlock is different from AdBlock Plus. )
2. I've checked out Brave, but have not yet adopted it. Brave is a product of Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, who was forced to resign for having donated $1000 to California Proposition 8, opposing same-sex marriage.
September 12 at 10:59 EST .

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   Tulsa  There have been no ads at Lucianne since August 7th or 8th.

I'm on a Dell pc. I'm in Win. 10. I have AdBlockPlus on Edge(Win 10 browser ), on FF and on Brave. I have no ads using any of those browsers since the date stated. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Have you visited Lucianne everyday since August 7/8? There are no ads.

I sincerely hope Ms. Luci doesn't start using ads again, but right now, the site is wonderful and has been since early August.
September 12 at 11:51 EST .

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   Dcbroome  After desperately reading everyone's comments after the unreadable Lucianne site, I stumbled upon something that I had control over on my mac running Safari. Go to "Safari" --> "preferences" --> "privacy" --> choose "always block" under cookies section. Use that setting to view Lucianne. NO ADS!!! I will just change if I need to view a site with cookies.
September 9 at 10:59 EST .

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   Tulsa  There have been no ads at Lucianne since August 7 or 8.

I wrote and thanked her.

No ads using Firefox or Edge (Win. 10 browser ) or browser that blocks all ads. I'm using a pc., but Brave works on a mac too I believe.
September 10 at 23:35 EST .

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   StormCnter  Ok, Chrome users. Do you find you can't view all videos? What have you done to fix this. I've followed all the instructions from Chrome and nothing solves it. It's not a big deal since I can switch to another browser, but it is an ongoing annoyance.
August 14 at 17:08 EST .

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   GO3  I avoid Chrome now and forever more.
August 15 at 07:49 EST .

  8 people like this.

   StormCnter  Since I posted my query, I found a solution. There is an IE tab which can be installed to fool Chrome into viewing sites, videos, etc., as if it is IE. Believe it or not, it works.
August 15 at 08:53 EST .

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   Tulsa  Jansgraphix. It occurred to me you are logging into The Connection straightaway and not surfing first. That is why you are getting timed out at The Connection.

I recommend you have Lucianne saved in Favorites and have The Connection saved in favorites. That way you don't log in either unless you plan to comment. That way you are not timed out at The Connection.

You can get to The Connection the first time from Luci. Then save The Connection to favorites. That way you can get straight to the Connection; read walls and log in only if you wish to comment.

Was that at all clear or helpful? lol I do hope so.
August 10 at 11:14 EST .

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   Jansgraphix  Thanks Tulsa. Actually I do have both Luci and The Connection saved to bookmarks. And I generally do surf first on Lucianne before coming here. Not sure if that is what you are referring to. But I don't think I've been automatically logged out more than once or twice over a rather extended period of time. Maybe I'm wrong.

I used to use the Brave browser several months ago on Windows 7. But I am currently relegated to WinXP on my dual boot system, so Bravo won't work here. I have to get a different video card. This one is made for Windows 7 but the fans won't spin. But it works fine on XP except there are no drivers for XP. So I'm hoping to find a card that supports both. I used to multi boot with Win XP, 7, 8.1 and 10. But I have learned to somewhat loathe 8.1 and 10. So, no more. But as soon as I can find another good card that supports WinXP and 7 like they used to do, I will be trying Brave again.
August 10 at 14:15 EST .

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   Tulsa  I'm in Win. 10 and alternate between Edge, FF and Brave.

You are so far ahead of me tech wise it's ridiculous. I know what I know from watching techs set up our pcs and reading on line.

You are in excellent shape. My best to you.
August 10 at 17:09 EST .

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   Jansgraphix  I got to use my Win 7 again. Installed the Brave Browser and used it. I must say it is performing excellently! Much, much better than when it first came out. I luv it. Thanx for the reminder and the heads up.
August 12 at 06:47 EST .

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   Tulsa  Oh Good. I've had several updates and they call for a 'refresh'. It's not a reboot. I'm just removed from the site I'm visiting and then returned.

It is out of beta and is first edition.

Have you noted Lucianne has removed ads for the last 5 days? How wonderful.
August 12 at 10:04 EST .

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