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   Tangles posted on Main Page The Lobby  This is my first time being here so be nice when I don't do things right.
I am sick of the blowhards on TV telling me what happened in the elections last night. I am not an expert pollster but it doesn't take much brains to see that when you stab your President in the back? (Bushes ) You are own your own and don't deserve to win.
The rest of the limp Republicans need to remember this election that when they so smugly forget why they are in office and just who they work for.
November 8 at 16:13 EST .

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   StormCnter  Ed Gillespie won a larger percentage of the vote than any Republican candidate for governor of Virginia ever, and he won the Independent vote. But, the Dems took a lot of the Virginia GOP vote this time. We'll see if the Dems can parlay anger against Trump into national victories next year. In the meantime, we better be winning some fights in Congress and getting some important stuff passed so voters have a reason to trust us.
November 9 at 08:34 EST .

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   Tangles posted on Main Page The Lobby  Someone needs to look into the family car franchises that had to shut down. Could it be because they were conservative? The whole GM thing stinks, too!
May 16 at 08:54 EST .

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   Gerty  I agree!
May 16 at 10:25 EST .

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   Bettijo  I think it was because those dealers contributed to Republicans. And, yes, the whole GM thing stinks. My brother was a middle-level manager at GM when this went down and he was appalled. He said some of the dealers who were forced to close, were more successful than many that were allowed to remain in business. Then when brother retired, he lost much of his "promised" retirement because of the "government-sponsored" bankruptcy. And don't forget the Delphi employees! They were really screwed; not to mention the teacher's retirement fund (I forget what city ) that was practically wiped out. By normal bankruptcy laws, they should have been paid first. But the unions came out smelling like a rose! This whole administration scares me to death. I posted a video by Glenn Beck (above ) that is very frightening.
May 16 at 12:58 EST .

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   Tangles posted on Main Page The Lobby  Good morning to a whole bunch of my new best friends!

From election returns and results here on the left coast~ I am truly out of touch with the reality they are telling me I missed. Without being rude I don't let the lefties blow smoke at me. I hope that when they grow up they will choose to be like me and not the old hippies.
November 6 at 08:51 EST .

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