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   Lonestar Jack  After you post a comment on the second set of items -- you are returned to the first set of items. It would be nice to return to the second set or better yet -- to the one you posted to.
September 26 at 11:57 EST .

   44 people like this.

   Bettijo  I would like a button "Go to top of page." Many sites have this and it saves slowly scrolling up. Thanks.
July 29 at 11:21 EST .

   49 people like this.

   MeiDei  Do you have a "home" key on your keyboard? Or "Page Up" it's what I use.
July 30 at 11:20 EST .

  44 people like this.

   StormCnter  The Home button works perfectly, as MD said.
August 4 at 08:00 EST .

  41 people like this.

   Bettijo  Thanks, Mei and Storm, I never thought to use those keys. I have been scrolling up, slowly, all this time.
August 10 at 18:38 EST .

  44 people like this.

   MaxWedge  I was just thinking this morning how nice it would be to have a "go to top of the page" button. I didn't know about the "Home" and "Page Up" keys. Thanks everyone.
September 21 at 10:33 EST .

  40 people like this.

   Bettijo  That is fine for my computer, but my iPad has neither of these keys.
October 9 at 09:17 EST .

  29 people like this.

   MeiDei  How about a "Brain Teasers" wall?
July 24 at 19:41 EST .

   51 people like this.

   StormCnter  For those who fare better at such things than I. My husband is a whiz at figuring them out. I am a bomb.
July 25 at 06:43 EST .

  33 people like this.

   MeiDei  Bomb? You have been right up there with the best of them on the Movie wall.
August 28 at 11:08 EST .

  40 people like this.

   Safetydude  This is to 'Admin' or 'Louis', whoever that is; why can't we post an image in the
"Write a Comment" field?
May 23 at 18:59 EST .

   43 people like this.

   MeiDei  Gram & I took advantage of StormCnters offer to give instructions.....and it was successful; give Storm a try.
August 7 at 11:48 EST .

  41 people like this.

   Shimmer128  Stormcnter, I've always thought of you as StormCenter. Although I've guessed that it's StormCounter. I still think first of Center. LOL
November 28 at 18:56 EST .

  32 people like this.

   Safetydude  ??????????????
November 7 at 20:18 EST .

  6 people like this.

   BirdsNest  We need a crafts wall as suggested by another member. There are many who are talented, this would be a nice addition to the Connection.
April 1 at 09:15 EST .

   64 people like this.

   Surfhut  Agreed. Remember when Joshua didn't think a gardening wall would get any attention?
April 1 at 20:21 EST .

  56 people like this.

   Yottyhere  third the motion : )
April 14 at 11:34 EST .

  45 people like this.

   Gram77  A craft wall would be great, but even when it's a good idea it seems to take a long time for it to happen. How come?
May 3 at 09:50 EST .

  45 people like this.

   NotaBene  Yes, I asked today about a craft wall in the Main Lobby. I did not know BirdsNest had requested it too. I am supporting her proposal. We had a lot of fun on the coffee klatch today showing our knitting/crocheting masterpieces.
May 4 at 23:58 EST .

  47 people like this.

   Carmen  Is it possible to alert us as to when there is a response to a subject we have posted on? I know this is done through email for other forums. It would be nice because sometimes I post on a subject that is months old and it probably is never seen. If the OP knew someone responded it would be nice.
March 30 at 16:33 EST .

   47 people like this.

   Bettijo  Yes, please.
June 25 at 07:01 EST .

  34 people like this.

   Hurmie84  Have you watched the channel showing our Congress at work? Is anyone fighting? Has the speaker been given a right to the jaw lately? Is there mayhem on the house floor? Well you just wait because this is all going to change. If you are to believe the pledges made by our political candidates there will be a lot of fighting going on.
“I’ll fight for you; I’ll fight for lower taxes; I’ll fight for border control; I’ll fight for eliminating Obama Care; I’ll fight to recoup our great American Values; I’ll fight if you vote for me.”
The last batch of fighters we sent to Washington turned into wimps and I expect the same type of performance from this next group.
The biggest continuing Ponzi Scheme on record is conducted by members of our Congress. Promises, promises, promises and yes, even some sworn oaths are made and broken repeatedly. Our constitution is ignored and no one is impeached. Our laws are violated and no one is held to account. Prejudice, favoritism and discrimination is flaunted without a single blow being struck.
Don’t expect any change from this next bunch of potential fighters. None of them have the backbone or determination to really bring about a change. They will readily mix with the sewer that is Washington and no one will bring any Drano to the table.
February 28 at 11:12 EST .

   46 people like this.

   Mildred  What happens to our comments when they are deleted within 24 hours? I wrote a comment yesterday on the main page (by mistake ). I really meant to post it here. I looked this morning to see if I got an answer. No comment, no replies. Who gets to decide which comments stay and which go? It wasn't rude or objectionable in any way. Just a question.
February 5 at 10:10 EST .

   47 people like this.

   StormCnter  I wish we could edit our comments on the mother ship, as we can do here. Way too often, my fingers go faster than my brain and I end up with an embarrassing messup.
January 12 at 07:10 EST .

   43 people like this.

   Safetydude  How about a "Music Wall" ?
October 20 at 20:36 EST .

   50 people like this.

   Gram77  Hot dog! And bring on Russian composers, please.
October 20 at 22:55 EST .

  43 people like this.

   Safetydude  That would pretty much fill the Wall.
October 21 at 16:03 EST .

  49 people like this.

   ArchbishopofAberlour  Absolutely! Remember the response some months ago when there was a music thread?
October 29 at 21:33 EST .

  45 people like this.

   Steph_gray  As a recently retired computer person, now a full-time musician, I'd love it. Also a Dating Wall. Also a How to Spend The Rest of Your Life Fighting Obammunism Wall. Oh, wait, we have that one, it's! ;- ) For which I am eternally thankful...
March 9 at 14:30 EST .

  36 people like this.

   Steph_gray  Oh my, here I am showing my ignorance on my very first Connection post - there IS a Music Wall. Emily Latella moment. Sorry staff! (But as a red gal stuck in a blue state I would still love a Dating wall :- )
March 9 at 14:37 EST .

  35 people like this.

   Shimmer128  I met the best friend I've ever had in my life here on This was many years ago (2002 ) and I used to post in color. He wrote me and asked how I did that. (groan, as I thought of having to explain to another noob how to do something on the computer ) But I was polite and answered and he kept asking me things and I kept answering and talking and we talked for years. We were like two peas in a pod. Oh the memories.
November 28 at 18:59 EST .

  10 people like this.

   Olhokie64  I would like to see us able to show our email address on our profile, if we choose.
October 12 at 17:02 EST .

   54 people like this.

   StormCnter  This is possible on the main forum, because mine is visible. Do you mean here on The Connection? If you want to do it on the home site, email me at and I'll tell you the easy steps.
October 13 at 09:19 EST .

  47 people like this.

   Olhokie64  From what I hear from StormCnter Luis has fixed this feature. Will try it later. Time to walk the puppy.
October 15 at 21:23 EST .

  51 people like this.

   StormCnter  Olhokie64 is right, Luis fixed the problem on the main forum with profiles and email addresses not showing up when a username is clicked. However, I have no idea how to access that info here on the Connection. Anyone?
October 16 at 06:38 EST .

  51 people like this.

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