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   BirdsNest  Our friend Theresa lost her son in December in a car accident-she has been through heck these past few months. She goes by the cemetery every day and yesterday was the 9 months mark since his death. We saw her getting ready to leave work and she was sad about the day, heading to the cemetery as soon as she clocked out, but she looks great, skin colour is rosy and she even smiles now. Also she has a new grand baby-her first and it is a girl. So we looked at photos of the little beauty-she is 1 month old and the apple of Theresa's eye, for sure. It does my heart good to see her coming back to life. It has been a tough time for her.
Yesterday at 07:13 EST .

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   Carolina Kat  "Joy comes in the morning" - like the morning of new life - very restorative. Said a prayer for your friend Birdsnest, such an unimaginable sorrow to lose a child, I'm sure she is grateful for your love and support.
Yesterday at 09:42 EST .

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   Carolina Kat  The other day Phooey said I was missed over here. I had no idea. Took some time off due to illness and have been limiting my computing, but wanting to say thanks to Phooey. Her kindness definitely counts as a blessing.
September 15 at 12:28 EST .

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   Surfhut  I've missed you, too! Hope you are feeling better.
Tuesday at 19:42 EST .

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   Carolina Kat  Thanks Surfie, I've missed you all, too. I have medication, but good days and bad days, still. It's a blessing to have a good day.
Yesterday at 09:38 EST .

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   Phooey  Carolina Kat, I did because of the thoughtful comments you made on the 'Faith' wall during its early days.

BTW, also recall you had a horse that was in distress? and you asked for prayer. Forgive me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, welcome back! It's a blessing to us.
Yesterday at 19:04 EST .

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   Wrightwinger  And there will be no more tears... All the former things will be passed away...
   September 14 at 21:44 EST .

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   Surfhut  Simple pleasures. Remember way back when you prayed for my oldest and dearest friend Karen? She's been through a lot after brain surgery but is really coming back. Last night, for my birthday, she was able to cook dinner for me. She made my favorite thing of hers: meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans. She brought out old photo albums from waaaay back and laughed ourselves silly. Such a gift. Such a blessing.
   September 14 at 09:58 EST .

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   Phooey  Awwwww, so sweet.
September 14 at 19:09 EST .

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   NotaBene  Surfhut, I am so happy for your friend Karen. What a lovely way of spending your birthday. Happy birthday!!
September 14 at 21:20 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Wow!!
Tuesday at 20:56 EST .

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   StormCnter  It's raining! Rain is always a blessing. Have a lovely Sunday, friends.
August 17 at 08:16 EST .

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   Surfhut  Woke up to the blessed sound of rain this morning in OKC. It is so nice to be out of the August blast furnace for at least a day.
September 6 at 08:54 EST .

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   Surfhut  7:00 on Friday evening. Enjoying a glass of wine, some beautiful pasta and salad, after working hard all week.
August 15 at 20:06 EST .

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   NotaBene  What a nice way to unwind from a busy week. I would have added some music, it really relaxes me.
August 16 at 15:06 EST .

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   NotaBene  I have so many blessings, first of all my husband of 43 years, it is a blessing to share my life with him. My children and grandchildren, my faith, and last but not least my 93 year old mother. She has been a wonderful mother and a good friend all my life.

When I was young my mother taught me to always count my blessings; to be thankful for what I had and not worry about what I did not have.
That was a great advice.
August 11 at 12:31 EST .

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   Straitpath  Thanks, NotaBene for your uplifting comment.
August 12 at 21:10 EST .

  13 people like this.

   Linder  We are being blessed with the most wonderful gentle rain in southern Iowa. Our lawn was stressed and other rains these past days along with today's is bringing it back.
August 7 at 12:29 EST .

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   BirdsNest  This was posted on the local radio stations website about last Thursday's tornado.

Pam Morgan Lewis, her husband Tommy and their three year old grandson Ben decided to spend part of their summer at Cherrystone Campground this past week.

On Wednesday evening, the Lewis were made aware of the possible thunderstorms predicted for Thursday but nothing too alarming. They did not even bother taking in the awning on their camper because the winds were only predicted to be 10 miles per hour and being experienced campers they had been through some pretty strong storms throughout the years.

Pam says she went to sleep that night feeling safe-no worries-except for what to do with her precious, yet active 3 year old grandson for the day, should it rain.

Tommy left the campground bright and early for work on Thursday morning. Later, Pam was awakened by deafening thunder. She peeked outside to see a very dark sky. Moments later, an alert of a tornado warning came through her cell phone and then she saw the warning on the television. Within seconds things started to change. The wind started picking up and Pam Lewis knew without a doubt that a tornado was coming. She woke up her grandson and wrapped him in pillows, put his bike helmet (quick thinking! ) on him and began praying like never before. Panicked, she called her daughter Morgan and told her to come get them, but she knew she had no choice but to ride out the monster that was headed directly for them.

Pam then called husband who was coming from across the bay because she needed to hear his voice. She was frantic. She says she only heard a few words from Tommy before the noise of the tornado drowned out his voice completely. Tommy says all he could hear was his wife praying and telling him how scared she was. Pam Lewis had never felt so helpless in her life. She and Tommy were disconnected. The hail, pine cones and tree limbs hitting the camper was so loud she did not even hear when a limb came through the roof of her campers kitchen or the awning ripping off. Pam says she has never been that terrified in her life. She wanted to scream but then she when she would peer down at her grandsons big blue eyes and she would just tell him they would be alright. Pam Lewis never prayed harder in her life!

Then just as quickly as the storm came, it left and there was silence. They got out of the camper and by witnessing her surroundings; Pam knew, without a doubt, that she was lucky to be alive. Pam Lewis says she is grateful and blessed because things could definitely have been different for her and 3 year old Ben.

Pam also says that the amount of help from the community was phenomenal and adds we have some very well trained people on the shore. Within minutes she says there were fire trucks and other rescue
July 28 at 08:29 EST .

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   MeiDei  Thanks for posting this heart wrenching story. We pray for those less and as fortunate as she & little Ben.
July 28 at 13:15 EST .

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   Gerty  Thank you, Lord, for those remaining freedoms we still enjoy in these, the United States of America!

Please guide us to uncover those who will help regain what we have lost in the last few years.
July 4 at 23:04 EST .

   12 people like this.

   MeiDei  Amen.
July 5 at 12:48 EST .

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