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Movies & Reviews

   StormCnter  What was the first film that comic Jerry Lewis made solo after breaking up with his long-time partner Dean Martin, after the duo had successfully teamed together and made sixteen films for Paramount?
The Delicate Delinquent (1957 )
Hollywood or Bust (1956 )
Rock-A-Bye Baby (1958 )
The Sad Sack (1957 )
8 minutes ago .

   StormCnter  Elvis's last feature film was...?
Change of Habit
Tickle Me
9 minutes ago .

   Richdet  I will leave my quizzes open a few hours, just in case some Ldotters wander in here to escape the malls, and want to play.
16 hours ago .

   14 people like this.

   StormCnter  Rich, great quizzes. The rest of us thank you.
16 hours ago .

  12 people like this.

   StormCnter  How fun were those! Rich is a treasure of movie facts and info.
12 minutes ago .

   Richdet  Poor Judy also got fired from a high-profile movie in the 60s, based on an even higher-profile best-seller whose author was for a time a household name. Anyone know the movie/book?
16 hours ago .

   15 people like this.

   Susannah  Could it have been Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susann?
13 hours ago .

  3 people like this.

   Richdet  Yes, it could. It does seem a bad idea to have Judy Garland playing a role in a story that was supposedly partly based on her life, or the gossip about her life. She was replaced by Susan Hayward.

Your prize is a copy of the indelible lyrics to "I'll Plant My Own Tree," the song Judy did not get to sing in the movie.
10 hours ago .

   Richdet  Judy Garland got fired from a high-profile musical in the 1950s. Which of the following pink-slipped Judy?

Annie Get Your Gun
South Pacific
Seven Brides for 7 Brothers
The King and I
16 hours ago .

   15 people like this.

   Richdet  Annie Get Your Gun. I believe there is a cd available where you can hear Garland singing the tracks for the movie before she got dumped. Betty Hutton took over, and didn't have a great time herself making that movie.
10 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Garland would have made a great Annie. I never enjoyed Betty Hutton very much.
16 minutes ago .

   Richdet  Sinatra had to lobby to get the role of Maggio in "From Here to Eternity." Another actor seemed to have a lock on the part. Who of the following felt Sinatra breathing down his neck?

Jose Ferrer
Rod Steiger
Eli Wallach
Dean Martin
16 hours ago .

   15 people like this.

   Susannah  I'm betting Eli Wallach.
13 hours ago .

  3 people like this.

   Richdet  You bet correctly. Depending on the source, Wallach either gave up the part on his own volition in favor of a stage role in New York -- or Sinatra's wife Ava Gardner used her influence to convince Columbia pictures to replace Wallach with her husband.

For getting the right answer, Susannah will not find a horse head under her bedcovers tomorrow morning.
10 hours ago .

   Richdet  Deborah Kerr was a last-minute replacement in "From Here to Eternity." Who of the following was originally supposed to play Karen:

Virginia Mayo
Joan Crawford
Ava Gardner
Rita Hayworth
16 hours ago .

   15 people like this.

   StormCnter  Joanie, I believe. She might have been very good in the role.
16 hours ago .

  11 people like this.

   Richdet  Yep. The usual explanation is that she got into a dispute with the director over Karen's non-glamorous wardrobe, and abandoned the part before filming. Others say Crawford began to feel uncomfortable about the prospect of playing an adulterous wife, and the wardrobe was the least of it.
10 hours ago .

   Richdet  Almost forgot your prize. You get to choose between a walk along the surf with Burt Lancaster or an excursion to Joanie's closet which you can raid for any clothes you like. Decisions, decisions ....
10 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Oh, I'll take the stroll with Burt. I'll keep him vertical so I don't get sand in my hair. Crawford's shoulderpads are soooooo yesterday.
14 minutes ago .

   Richdet  Remakes. Garbo did it the first time, Katharine Hepburn did it about 20 years later. What movie? (Title changed for the Hepburn version. )
17 hours ago .

   14 people like this.

   Richdet  Garbo's "Ninotchka" in the 1950s became a Hepburn/Bob Hope comedy called "The Iron Petticoat." Hope's production company owned the distribution rights to the movie after its initial release. So unhappy was Hope with "Petticoat" that he kept it off American tv during his lifetime, nor was it available on video. Only in the past couple of years has "Petticoat" suddenly started turning up on TCM, and may be on dvd (not sure about that ). The original script was by Ben Hecht, and Hepburn felt Hope and his personal comedy writers messed up Hecht's script. The two stars did not enjoy working with each other.
11 hours ago .

   Richdet  Quiz time. Storm and Mei are busy (I hope ) baking Christmas treats, so let me take over while they are distracted.

Who is this fellow? It is said that during his heyday, which went on for decades, there were few leading roles for which he was not considered, so admired was this guy.

A short list of roles he might have done, chose not to: Ninotchka .... The Lost Weekend ... Around the World in 80 Days ... Sabrina .... The Bridge on the River Kwai .... The Music Man ... My Fair Lady.
17 hours ago .

   15 people like this.

   Richdet  The answer is Cary Grant. Billy Wilder said that he pretty much thought of CG as the potential star of just about anything he wrote for the movies, and the irony was Grant never appeared in one of his movies. Grant once agreed to do a reading of the "Star Is Born" script (the Judy Garland version ) at George Cukor's house, and Cukor said Grant would have been wonderful in the part, and that it was painful to watch him perfectly act out a part in a private reading that he had no intention of accepting.
11 hours ago .

 1 person like this.

   Richdet  Meant to post this earlier this week, but "Sound of Music" fans have been treated to two versions of the show this weekend. Last night NBC re-ran the live-tv version with Carrie Underwood, and tonight ABC is doing their annual holiday re-run of the Julie Andrews movie, this time as a "sing-along" version. (This may or may not be a good idea, depending on your tolerance of relatives' singing skills. )

I know in some precincts of the Internet it is fashionable to treat the Carrie Underwood version with contempt, even hostility. Which is nuts. I think the live-tv version is charming and fine on all counts. Very few young performers could have faced the challenge CU took on doing that piece live, and the entire cast is good. It is interesting to hear the original score and to see some of the clever scene transitions the production people came up with. Even without all the beautiful scenery and production values of the movie, the musical play holds up on its own.

And the Andrews loyalists still can see their beloved movie. So it's a win-win as far as I can see. The ungenerous, to me uninformed, attitude toward Carrie Underwood has rankled me. No one complained when Andrews took over the Mary Martin role in the first place. I get the feeling some Andrews fans don't know "SOM" had a life prior to Miss Julie.

Interesting (? ) trivia: I read once that Mary Martin made way more money off the movie of "Sound of Music" than Andrews. She and her producer husband bargained what turned out to be a lucrative deal, where she got money not just from the movie but also from the sales of the soundtrack record, which of course was huge. Clever Mary.
17 hours ago .

   15 people like this.

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