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Movies & Reviews

   MeiDei  2015
An elite assassin, who was genetically engineered from conception to be the perfect killing machine, is known only by the last two digits on the bar code tattooed on the back of his neck. He is the culmination of decades of research and earlier Agent clones -- endowing him with unprecedented strength, speed, stamina and intelligence. His latest target is a mega-corporation that plans to unlock the secret of the Agent's past to create an army of killers whose powers surpass even his own. Teaming up with a young woman who may hold the secret to overcoming their powerful and clandestine enemies, he confronts stunning revelations about his own origins and squares off in an epic battle with his deadliest foe.

   5 minutes ago .

   StormCnter  Title? Actors?
   7 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Movie trivia: Every time John Travolta is in the bathroom in Pulp Fiction something bad happens.
   7 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Who played the uncredited role of the narrator in Alive (1993 ), the true-life adventure of Uruguayan rugby team survivors in an Andes plane crash who had to resort to cannibalism?

Peter Coyote
Ethan Hawke
John Malkovich
Kevin Spacey
   7 hours ago .

   StormCnter  She made the filmdom history books when she was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar. Who is she?
   7 hours ago .

   HopeandGlory  Is she Dorothy Dandridge?
4 hours ago .

 1 person like this.

   StormCnter  Yes, Hope, she is the lovely Dorothy Dandridge, who was the first black actress to win a Best Actress Oscar nomination. It was for her performance in "Carmen Jones".
3 hours ago .

   MeiDei  1972
Saved from near death by a young Mexican girl, a former outlaw sets himself up as sole arbiter of the law in a small town. The town prospers as the Judge robs and hangs anyone with money that comes through it, but his haven becomes less secure when his Mexican companion dies and the townsfolk begin to turn against him.

   23 hours ago .

   Gram77  I think he is Paul Newman.
19 hours ago .

   MeiDei  You think rightly.
16 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Anyone with the title - of his life & times?
11 minutes ago .

   StormCnter  Title? Actors?
   23 hours ago .

   Gram77  Blythe Danner and Robert Duvall in The Great Santini. He was a difficult man in this movie.
19 hours ago .

   StormCnter  The book was good, too. Gram wins and the great Santini salutes her.
7 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Who is Ennis Del Mar?
Yesterday at 09:40 EST .

   MeiDei  Heath Ledger I think, if not him then Jude Law in "a cold one" [wink, wink]
23 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Mei correctly identifies HL's role in "Brokeback Mountain".
7 hours ago .

   MeiDei  1997 Title? Actors?
Childhood friends Julianne Potter and Michael O'Neal had a deal to marry each other if they were still single by age 28. Now, four days before her 28th birthday, O'Neil announces that he's marrying a gorgeous 20-year-old named Kimberly. Suddenly realizing that she's actually in love with him, Julianne vows to stop the wedding at all costs. However, when she is appointed maid of honor, things get even more complex.

   Yesterday at 09:23 EST .

   MeiDei  This one is "My Best Friend's Wedding" with Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett.
8 minutes ago .

   StormCnter  Name that movie:
1. Great big thing stays above water for a while.
2. Locally popular maiden faces adversity but bravely looks toward tomorrow.
3. Unsophisticated beauty gains polish and sings about it
4. Teenager fruitlessly rages against status quo
5. Fleeing female is fatally showered
Yesterday at 06:33 EST .

   MeiDei  Must need coffee, not feeling too sure of my guesses but here goes:
1. Titanic
3. My Fair Lady
By the time I typed the first sentence I lost a better guess at #5; my first thought was Runaway (Fleeing ) Bride (showered ) but tossed that for "Fatally" - maybe the better guess will return.
Now to make a pot of coffee ....
Yesterday at 09:20 EST .

   MeiDei  OK - is 5 Psycho? That was my better guess. Have been toying with the idea that #2 is Annie (the sun will come out tomorrow ) but not fully committed to it : )
Yesterday at 09:25 EST .

   StormCnter  Yes on #1, #3, #5. You're too good, Mei. I'll have to work up some new ones. #2 is not meant to be Annie, although she does almost fit.
Yesterday at 09:38 EST .

   MeiDei  Good clues Storm, good clues ... I tossed out Cinderella (not locally popular ) and Miss Congeniality for Annie. Leaving #2 & #4 for those who are far better movie goers than I am.
Yesterday at 10:12 EST .

   StormCnter  22 hours is plenty long enough for a quiz to be unanswered. #2 is Scarlett O'Hara, #4 is "Rebel Without a Cause".
7 hours ago .

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