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Veterans' Page
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   GO3  Feb. 21 in military history:

49BC - Caesar captures Corfinum, and 30 Senatorial cohorts
1797 - British capture Trinidad from the Spanish

1916 - Battle of Verdun begins which lasts 302 days. This battle stemmed from German General Erich von Falkenhayn’s edict to elicit major bloodshed from the French defense of the fortress complex around Verdun. German forces initially advanced quickly claiming Fort Douaumont and Fort Vaux after brutal subterranean melees. Despite coming within two miles of Verdun cathedral, the Germans called off their offensive in mid-July, and Falkenhayn was relieved of command. The French retook their forts and pushed back the line, and by the time their forces ground to a halt in December, both sides were left with more than 600,000 casualties. Painting by the French artist Thiriat: The French counter-attack at Verdun.

1918 - Australians capture Jericho from the Turks
1942 - Burma: the British 7th Armoured Bde reaches Rangoon, as the 17th Indian Div holds the Sittang River line against the Japanese
1942 - Timor: Dutch & Australian troops begin guerrilla resistance to the Japanese
1943 - Russell Islands: Elements of the 43rd Infantry Div land unopposed
1944 - Japanese resistance on Engebi and Eniwetok ends.
1944 - Prime Minister Tojo takes over direct control of the Japanese Army as Chief of Staff.
1945 - British Army liberates Goch, Netherlands
1945 - Fierce Japanese resistance encountered on Iwo Jima
1973 - Israeli fighters down Libyan Airlines Boeing 727 over the Sinai, 108 die, 5 survive

   Yesterday at 00:55 EST .

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   GO3  Date corrected.
Yesterday at 00:56 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 19 in military history:

1634 - Battle of Smolensk: Wladyslaw IV of Poland defeats the Russians
1814 - USS 'Constitution' captures British brig 'Catherine'
1915 - First British attempt to force the Dardanelles: A feeble probe alerts the Turks to the weakness of their defenses
1942 - FDR orders the internment of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast
1942 - Japanese Vice-Adm Nagumo's aircraft raid Darwin, NW Australia, inflicting heavy casualties

1943 - Battle of Kasserine Pass: Rommel's panzers hit US troops hard. The battle was the first big engagement between American and German forces in World War II. Inexperienced and poorly led American troops suffered many casualties and were quickly pushed back over 50 miles (80 km ) from their positions west of Faïd Pass. After the early defeat, elements of the U.S. II Corps, with British reinforcements, rallied and held the exits through mountain passes in western Tunisia, defeating the Axis offensive. As a result of the battle, the U.S. Army instituted sweeping changes of unit organization and replaced commanders and some types of equipment. Photo: Men of the 2nd Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. 1st Infantry Division march through the Kasserine Pass.

1944 - Fighting continues on Engebi and Eniwetok atoll, the Marshall Islands.
1945 - US Marines land on Iwo Jima

   February 18 at 22:24 EST .

   GO3  Feb. 15 in military history:

1898 - Havana Harbor: Battleship USS 'Maine' blows up from undetermined causes, 258 die.
1915 - "Sepoy Mutiny" at Singapore: c. 800 Indian troops run amok until subdued by loyal troops and police
1942 - Japanese airborne naval troops attack Palembang against heavy resistance

1942 - Singapore surrenders to the Japanese; greatest disaster in British military history. British forces in Singapore surrendered unconditionally to the Japanese seven days after enemy troops first stormed the island and only two weeks since their onslaught on the Malay Peninsula. The British and Japanese commanders-in-chief, Lieutenant-General Arthur Percival and Lieutenant-General Yamashita Tomoyuki met in the Ford motor plant at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill to sign the surrender documents. Photo: British troops surrender to Japanese forces.

1944 - Italy: Allies commence bombing & shelling the Monastery of Monte Cassino
1945 - Philippines: As US troops land on Bataan, Japanese troops in Manila are surrounded
1948 - China: People's Liberation Army occupies Jenan

   February 14 at 23:03 EST .

   GO3  Feb. 12 in military history:

0 - Feast of St Julian the Hospitaler, Patron of Knights.
1861 - Arkansas state troops seize US arsenal at Napoleon.
1862 - US Grant begins the siege of Ft Donelson, which surrenders on the 16th after an unsuccessful break out attempt.
1893 - Lt. Col. Joseph Joffre and a column of French troops capture Timbuktu.
1934 - Sporadic fighting breaks out across Austria between Socialist supporters and security forces, initiating a four day civil war.
1942 - The "Channel Dash": German battleships 'Scharnhorst' & 'Gneisenau', & heavy cruiser 'Prinz Eugen' escape from Brest to Germany.
1944 - Burma: British begin moving to support the 7th Indian Division.
1944 - U.S. Marines occupy Umboi Island, west of New Britain.

1945 - US sub Batfish (SS-310 ), sinks its 3rd Japanese sub in 4 days (I-41, Ro-112, & Ro-113 ) making the Batfish the champion sub killer of the war in the Pacific. Over the course of seven war patrols, the sub claimed a total of 15 ships sunk for 37,484 tons, and damaged 3 other ships. The crew also rescued three pilots. Photo: USS Batfish on patrol somewhere in the Pacific.

1955 - Pres Eisenhower sends US advisors to South Vietnam

   February 12 at 02:18 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 10 in military history:

1258 - Hulagu Khan's Mongols sack Baghdad and end the Abbasid Caliphate
1943 - Guadalcanal: Marine and Army troops mop up Japanese stragglers
1943 - Battle of Krasny Bor: The Soviets attempt to break the siege of Leningrad, but defending German and Spanish troops hold
1944 - Aussies seize Huon Peninsula, make contact with U.S. forces near Saidor
1945 - Baltic: German ship 'Stüben' torpedoed, over 3,000 die
1954 - Eisenhower warns against US intervention in Vietnam

1962 - USSR swaps U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers for spy Rudolph Abel. Twenty-one months after his capture, pilot Francis Gary Powers was exchanged in a spy swap for Soviet KGB Colonel Vilyam Fisher (aka Rudolf Ivanovich Abel ) at the now famous Glienicker Bridge (Bridge of Spies ). American student Frederic Pryor was also released at the same time at Checkpoint Charlie. Abel was an English-born KGB man who had been caught spying in New York in 1957. Photo: Powers (L ) and Abel.

1964 - Australian carrier 'Melbourne' collides with the destroyer 'Voyager', which sinks, 82 die

   February 10 at 03:25 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 7 in military history:

0 - Feast of St. Theodore the General, Martyr in the Eastern Church
1238 - The Mongols sack and burn Vladimir, Russia
1800 - Frigate USS 'Essex' becomes first U.S. warship to cross the Equator

1864 - Union Amphibious Attack on Jacksonville: RAdm John Dahlgren with five warships covers the landing of Brig. Gen. Truman Seymour's 7,000 troops. The Union hoped to gain control over east Florida. However, on February 20 Confederate and Union forces clashed at the Battle of Olustee, which was the largest Civil War battle in Florida. The Confederates stopped the Union invasion of the interior, driving the Northern troops back to Jacksonville. Photo: Union gun boat Ottawa; one of the ships used during the assault on Jacksonville.

1881 - Battle of Ingogo: Boers defeat the British in the Transvaal
1941 - Kufra, Libya: Gen. Leclerc's Free French besiege Italians (falls Mar 1 )
1942 - Bataan: Filipino and US troops begin clearing Japanese pockets and beachheads.
1943 - Chiang Kai-shek commits China to a new offensive in Burma
1943 - Guadalcanal: U.S. troops advance on both coasts, as the Japanese complete the evacuation of their troops from the island.
1944 - Italy: Germans launch counteroffensive at Anzio
1945 - General Douglas MacArthur returns to Manila
1948 - Omar Bradley succeeds Dwight Eisenhower as Army Chief of Staff
1965 - US begins sustained air operations against North Vietnam

   February 6 at 21:56 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 5 in military history:

1864 - Union troops occupy Jackson, Mississippi
1865 - Battle of Hatcher's Run/Armstrong's Mill/Dabney's Mill, Va
1918 - Stephen W Thompson becomes the first US pilot to down an enemy airplane
1918 - The transport 'Tuscania' is torpedoed off Ireland by the U-boat 'UB-77', around 210 died, the heaviest loss of American troops to a submarine in WW I
1941 - Battle of Keren begins in Italian East Africa: Italian and colonial troops hold off Commonwealth and Free French forces until April
1942 - Singapore: Final elements of the British 18th Div arrive, by sea, as Japanese artillery bombards the city from across the Straits of Johore
1944 - US declares Kwajalein secured: Japanese 5,100 KIA, U.S. 142.
1945 - New Britain: Australian troops land, further sealing off Rabaul

1973 - Funeral for Col William Nolde, last US soldier killed in Vietnam. Born in Menominee, Michigan, Nolde served in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, acting as an advisor to the South Vietnamese forces in the latter. Among his awards were the Bronze Star and Legion of Merit. Nolde was killed by shell fire at An Loc eleven hours before the cessation of all hostilities in accordance with the Paris Peace Accords. He was the last official American combat casualty of the war - the 45,914th confirmed death during the conflict. Nolde was buried in Section 3 of Arlington National Cemetery and his widow, Joyce, was buried beside him in 2005. Photo: Col William Nolde.

   February 4 at 22:05 EST .

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   GO3  Feb. 2 in military history:

0 - Feast of St. Cornelius the Centurion, the first Gentile Christian convert
880 - Battle of Lüneburg Heath: Frankish King Louis III is defeated by the Norse
1848 - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War
1864 - CSS 'Florida' begins a commerce raiding cruise (to Oct 7th )
1915 - Turks attack the Suez Canal from the Sinai (retire on the 3rd )
1933 - Chancellor for only two days, Adolf Hitler dissolves the Reichstag
1942 - Bataan: Filipino and American troops mount a counterattack
1942 - LA Times urges security measures against Japanese-Americans
1942 - US ceases production of private cars to convert to war production
1943 - End of the Battle for Stalingrad: The remnants of the German Sixth Army surrender to the Soviets
1944 - US troops advance rapidly on Kwajelein and nearby islands.
1945 - Mass escape attempt at Mauthausen concentration camp

1989 - Soviet troops leave Afghanistan, ending nine years of war. Soviet armoured vehicles traveled the 260-mile (418km ) journey to the USSR border while other soldiers left aboard an Ilyushin 76 transport aircraft. The last troops had been scheduled for a five-day airlift out of Kabul, but were delayed because of snow. Photo: Soviet troops cross the Friendship Bridge en route to the USSR.

   February 1 at 22:15 EST .

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   GO3  Jan. 31 in military history:

1804 - VAdm William Bligh's (of HMS Bounty fame ) squadron captures Curaçao
1865 - Gen Robert E Lee named General-in-Chief of all Confederate Armies (a tad late to matter )
1915 - Battle of Bolimów: The Germans stage the first major poison gas attack while fighting on the Eastern Front (Poland ) in WWI, however the Russians hold.
1917 - Germany notifies US that U-boats will attack neutral shipping
1942 - Malaya: Last British troops withdraw to Singapore Island
1943 - Guadalcanal: The Composite Army-Marine Div (two Army regiments and one Marine regiment; CAM ) advances to the Bonegi River.
1943 - New Guinea: Australian troops mop-up at Wau, as the Japanese 20th Div completes concentration at Wewak
1944 - U.S. troops land on Kwajelein and nearby islands in the Marshalls

1945 - 11th Airborne Div lands by sea at the south entrance to Manila Bay. The 11th Airborne saw its first action by taking part in the invasion of Luzon. The two glider infantry regiments operated as conventional infantry, securing a beachhead before fighting their way inland. The parachute infantry regiment was held in reserve before conducting the division's first airborne operation, a combat drop on the Tagaytay Ridge. Reunited, the division participated in the liberation of Manila. Also, two companies of paratroopers conducted an audacious raid on the Los Baños internment camp, liberating two thousand civilians. Photo: Liberated prisoners from Los Baños internment camp disembark from Amtracs after their rescue.

   January 30 at 22:32 EST .

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   MeiDei  Amtracs - short for amphibious tractors?
February 1 at 11:14 EST .

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   GO3  Yes. Little known factoid: We often think of Amtracs as being solely in the Pacific, but they were also used in great numbers for Monty's assault across the Rhine in 1945.
February 1 at 21:52 EST .

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   GO3  Jan. 29 in military history:

1814 - Battle of Brienne: Napoleon defeats the Russo-Prussians in northeastern France, temporarily halting the coalition invasion.
1861 - SecTreas John Dix orders loyal Revenue Service officers "If anyone attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot."
1863 - The Bear River Massacre: Col. Patrick Connor and 200 California volunteers slaughter 250 Shoshone men, women, and children just north of the Idaho-Utah boundary in retribution for a Shoshone raid on white settlers.
1915 - Irwin Rommel is awarded the Iron Cross, First Class, for action in the Argonne
1916 - First German zeppelin raid on Paris
1942 - Malaya: Under Japanese pressure, the British pull back into Singapore, as their 18th Div arrives by sea
1944 - Heavy Luftwaffe raid on London
1944 - USS 'Missouri' (BB-63 ) is launched in Brooklyn
1945 - Luzon: 38th Div lands near Subic Bay and moves southward toward Bataan.

1991 - Battle of Khafji, Saudi Arabia: Saddam Hussein's elite Fifth Mechanized Division and Third Armored Division launch their only organized assault on Allied ground forces during the war. A formation of Iraqi tanks approached with their cannons facing in the opposite direction — an international signal of surrender. With fingers on triggers, Marines and Army Special Forces watched as Iraq's Third Armored Division suddenly swung their cannons forward and unleashed fire in their direction. Allied forces immediately retaliated, but the Iraqis gained an initial upper hand — pushing the Allies back and taking control of Khafji. By the morning of January 31, Iraq's entire offensive at Khafji had been shut down. However, the three-day battle had exacted the sacrifice of 25 U.S. personnel; Allied Arab losses totaled 10 killed and 32 wounded. Iraqi casualties were more than 2,000 killed, and 400 were taken prisoner. Photo: US Marines take cover during the Battle of Khafji.

   January 28 at 21:33 EST .

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