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Veterans' Page
& Militaria

   Balogreene  Yesterday, I spent an hour or so with a young man (40-ish ) I work with. He was a Ranger in Afghanistan. He was also in his late 20's when he joined the army. He is currently reserve, and in OCS. The things he said about the people in Afghanistan were shocking. I thought I knew things from people and experiences, but, I knew nothing. He told me, as American soldiers drive down the roads in their Humvees, or tanks, or Strykers, young children are thrown in front of the truck. If the Americans stop, they are ambushed and killed. So, they keep going. Pedophilia and bestiality are a fact of life because according to Islam, that is not sex.

This is why so many suffer from PTSD. And in the meantime, Diane Feinstein releases a report on American behavior.
December 12 at 20:31 EST .

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   Safetydude  Balo...

I've never heard anything about Afgan children being thrown in front of our vehicles. But then I've not been there and what I know is second or third hand. The guys I know that were there were at Bagram Aibase, not in the field. Your information may be more current than mine.

However, at 40-ish your young colleauge would have a tough time getting into Army OCS because the upper age limit is thirty-three(with as a minimum a BA degree )and you must accept your commision prior to age thirty-four. Also OCS is at Ft. Benning GA. and lasts twelve weeks, no leave, so I don't know what..."and in OCS" means. Being in OCS is like being pregnant, either you are or you're not.
4 hours ago .

   MeiDei  A bit of history regarding the yacht Delphine and the meeting of the Allies in Teheran.
December 3 at 00:22 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  Tomorrow (two minutes from now ) will be Veterans' Day. To all my brothers and sisters in arms, I say "Thank you. I have been proud to stand with you."

I have many good memories of 22+ years of active duty and Reserve service. Sometimes I am sad that they are gone.

However, my oath of enlistment has no expiration date, and my resolve is as strong as it ever was.
November 11 at 00:01 EST .

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   Balogreene  I write Tech Manuals for the Armed Forces. Thursday we had a couple more in our building to look at one of our systems, and do a LORA (something about how much maintenance to put on what soldiers ). May I salute "my" guys, who help me write my books, approve my books, and use my books when I give them to CASCOM. I love when the green suits come in and bring a dose of reality to my job.
October 18 at 22:30 EST .

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   Safetydude  I served with SMS Jimmy Swartz for many years.
October 7 at 21:03 EST .

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   Gram77  This family needs prayers and may God watch over them.
October 8 at 22:04 EST .

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   Bettijo  Another soldier heard from
   September 19 at 06:19 EST .

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   MeiDei  One marine's opinion
   August 29 at 14:31 EST .

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   Bettijo  Stole it!
October 9 at 08:59 EST .

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   Guard SGT (ret)  I retired on 19 January, 2009. This was because I never wanted to serve under a Usurper. His orders would never be lawful since he is Constitutionally banned from ever being President. He isn't and can never be a Natural Born Citizen.
And just look at what the Usurper did to Lt. Col. Lakin when he legitimately raised this question.
October 10 at 12:30 EST .

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   Allsogreat  from CPO Harold Gailey's photo album - USS Oklahoma
   August 29 at 12:55 EST .

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   Allsogreat  from CPO Harold Gailey's photo album - USS Oklahoma
   August 29 at 09:43 EST .

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   Allsogreat  from CPO Harold Gailey's photo album
   August 29 at 09:40 EST .

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   Allsogreat  USS New Mexico
August 29 at 09:41 EST .

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