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Pet Peeves

   Gram77  Ever get backed into in a parking lot? Hubby and I did 3 weeks ago. My peeve? When in the dickens is this thing going to get settled and our car repaired? A root canal would be easier!
June 20 at 07:24 EST .

   StormCnter  Gram, parking lots are the worst place to get into fender benders. And, also they are fertile spots for scams. A couple of those have been tried on me. You know, the old "hey, that dent in my fender wasn't there when I left my car". And, "You must have bumped me because my headlight is busted". Don't fall for them.
June 23 at 08:40 EST .

   Gram77  The driver that hit us had the nerve to get out, look at a smashed in rear passenger door and then tell us it's not too bad and they have a really good place for us to get it repaired. I thought that only happened on those TV court shows. Guess not.
June 23 at 12:25 EST .

   MeiDei  You don't even need a car, or drive, to have a scam foisted on you. A few years after my Dad died I got a call claiming my father hit his car & offered to pay cash for damages rather than use his auto insurance. I explained that my Dad hadn't driven in years and someone was playing a joke on him. The calls stopped when I told the fellow that I taped the call, had his # and was doing him a favor by giving the info to our local police for follow-up. After the 1920's my dad had no reason to drive what with taxis, buses, subways & trolley cars in nearby abundance.
June 23 at 12:41 EST .

   StormCnter  Mei, I had to clean up a scam on my own father after his death, too. Mine didn't turn out as well as yours. My dad had gotten a letter from a lawyer representing a person who claimed her car was damaged in a parallel parking spot by my dad's car. There was a photo of the two vehicles (hers and my father's ). My dad's car was unoccupied. When he got the letter he knew he had done no such thing, it was a rip-off, and he foolishly ignored the lawyer's letter. Then he died and as executor of his estate I had to pay the default judgement the woman received. Always respond, even if it's a scam.
June 24 at 07:14 EST .

   Calvinesq  Here is the latest, that is annoying me more and more. Those who make change, whether in a fast food restaurant, gas station, convenience store, grocery store, other restaurant or diner and any other establishment, who insist on giving me my change - bills, hard change and receipt - balancing it all in one pile and thrusting the pile at me. Now, I have fairly good manual dexterity, but I would like to get the bills first - placed quickly into the wallet, then the change and the receipt. I don't know how many times at a drive through window, the hard change from the "pile" ends up on the ground, outside of the car. Grrr.
June 7 at 16:19 EST .

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   Gram77  You're fortunate to have your change placed in your hand. Many times I have received my change by having the clerk lay it on the counter. Now that is insulting!
June 8 at 07:45 EST .

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   Calvinesq  I agree. I find that insulting as well.
June 8 at 15:36 EST .

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   StormCnter  My favorite carwash prices the various levels of service at 9.99, 19.99, 29.99, etc. They had a cashier for a while who wouldn't return the penny. If I gave her a ten, she took it, placed it in the register, thanked me and closed the cash drawer. I always asked for my penny, which obviously annoyed her. One day she chastised me, saying no one else ever asked for the penny. I went to the manager, telling him that if his basic car wash costs ten dollars, then don't list it at 9.99. She was fired eventually, but I wondered how many floating pennies she accumulated first.
June 13 at 09:14 EST .

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   MeiDei  It's a good day just getting change back : )
Saturday at 09:58 EST .

   StormCnter  What is it about the modern design of square tissue boxes that too often give us a wad of tissues instead of just one? It happens with all the brands, but Puffs work a bit better than Kleenex. In the olden days of flatter rectangular boxes, when we wanted one tissue, we got one tissue.
May 25 at 05:16 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Today's aggravation is a coffee decanter that simply won't
pour without spilling all over. When I get ready to throw it away I will tape a quarter to it. That way I can say I threw something away.
May 22 at 06:55 EST .

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   MeiDei  I have one of those too! I have to pour a cup of coffee over the sink but filling the water reservoir is often, but not always, messy. Save your quarter. : )
May 25 at 09:04 EST .

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   BirdsNest  WalMart used to be at least 50 cents cheaper on certain items than the local Food Lion. They have been inching their pricing to within a penny of the FL prices. I have been buying small cans of whip cream, their brand for .89 cents for several weeks. Yesterday it was $1.37. The cashier said she had the same wake up call for an item she buys frequently. I think FL sells a name brand can of whip cream for the same price. Time to fleece the tourists I guess.
April 26 at 06:35 EST .

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   MeiDei  That's a 50% price increase! What is so strange is that I was able to buy high end meats & seafood during the Carter years that are unaffordable today - I had 1/3 the income than I do now but today's $$ are worth less - inflation must only happen during a Republican in the WH [sic].
April 29 at 23:26 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Our WalMart is discontinuing their price match policy. Says they will lower prices. Fat chance.
May 31 at 06:54 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  My Pet Peeve Of The Week: people who chose to move to a foreign country because that country is so much better than the United States of America, then gripe when they get there because that country does not resemble The United States of America.

I watch House Hunters and House Hunters International a lot, and I’ve seen this A LOT.

I understand when a person’s livelihood depends on resettling in a foreign country, but people who chose to leave the US because the country they are going to is more diverse, the educational system is better, the country has more “culture” –what ever that is, better health care, more things are “free,” etc., etc., and then gripe their heads off because they can not find housing they can afford, and/or that is equal to or better than what they had in the United States.

Last week a couple for Coos Bay, Oregon chose to move to Wellington, New Zealand for all of the above-mentioned reasons, then proceeded to find fault with every place the realtor showed them that met their very limited budget. VERY limited budget!

Apparently, on a whim, the couple decided to uproot their three kids and move them thousands of miles away to a foreign country without ever researching the housing market. I guess no one ever told them that a person can go on the internet and even in the most remote parts of the world, find what the housing market is like. Not to mention the information you can learn about climate, government, healthcare, etc.

The couple said they wanted an ocean view, and the first thing the wife said when the RE Agent took them to a seaside home was that it was too close to the water and she was afraid a tsunamis.

People are always amazed when a realtor shows them a house that meets their "Wish List" and the rent is hundreds of dollars over the budget.
April 10 at 11:50 EST .

   2 people like this.

   FlatCityGirl  Oh, yeah. Another thing I see a lot with people moving to other countries is The Cost Of Living is so much cheaper in this or that foreign country. People never bother to learn that the Standard Of Living is also a lot less in the country they are moving to. They didn't bother to learn that the city they are moving to in some South American Hell Hole still has open sewers running beside the streets?

Sometimes I'm just stunned at what I see people do.

Not long age, I saw a first Generation Chinese couple --both sets of parents had escaped Communist China and the children were born in the US, immigrate to Communist China. They wanted their children to know their heritage.

And you guessed it, when the realtor started showing them places to live in whatever city in China they had chosen, nothing measured up to the place the had lived in Seattle.
April 10 at 12:57 EST .

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   StormCnter  For years, my husband thought we should move to Lake Chapala in Central Mexico after we visited there and spoke with the ex-pats in residence. I resisted, loudly and vehemently sometimes. Why leave Texas to live among other ex-Texans in substandard housing, sketchy hygienic conditions, with water we couldn't drink and sometimes risky food sources, just because we could do it cheaply and the climate was nice?
Now, of course, the threat to physical safety makes the whole idea a no-go, thank goodness.
April 12 at 10:41 EST .

 1 person like this.

   FlatCityGirl  One thing that would scare me to death if I was considering buying rather than renting, is the conditions under which you "purchase" property in Mexico and South and Central American countries.

I've researched it. Not because I was planning a move, but because I was curious about it; what people are getting themselves into and what they are putting at risk. If you "buy" in most places around the world, your property is subject to being seized at the whim of whatever political regime is in place at whatever particular time.

Don't even get me started about purchasing in Paris. A half million dollars for a space the size of a one car garage. But hey, it's Paris! The absolute center of some people's universe.
April 12 at 11:59 EST .

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   Wetenschapper  Hm, I daresay my experience is quite the opposite. I moved to Belgium almost 30 years ago because I had a job that seemed like it'd be temporary - but wasn't - then married a Belgian in the process, and have been here ever since. My problem is that I love both Belgium and Texas. The people in both places are wonderful (and surprisingly alike ). There are things to like about both places, and few to dislike. Only problem, when I'm in Europe, I feel like an American, and when I'm in America, I feel like a European - a sensation that one doesn't entirely fit in in either place.
April 23 at 17:17 EST .

 1 person like this.

   FlatCityGirl  you don't watch a lot of HGTV, do you? I think you missed the point of my original post. You didn't move to Belgium because you thought it was a superior place to live, compared to the United States.

I'm referring to those who, using Paris as an example: declare that they are moving to Paris because everything is FREE, and Paris is more cultured than the United States, and the language is superior, and the schools are exemplary and the food is better --and when they arrive in the City of Lights, they learn that housing isn't FREE, and the $1,500.00 per month they budgeted for rent will barely get them a decent hotel room for a couple of nights, much less put a permanent roof over their head. All of that "culture" comes at steep cost, and big surprise, they can't afford it!

Housing is basic in any city, in any country. It's a good idea to learn what it's going to cost you before you get on the plane and buckle up.
April 30 at 13:43 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Alice  This seems to be the Era of Ugly Eyeglasses, mostly on women. It seems that no matter what the bone structure, coloring, or style, unbecoming black frames seem required. And it has gone on so long!

Years ago now (10? more? ) I saw video of Meryl Streep at the Academy Awards podium wearing black-framed, plain, unbecoming glasses with an evening gown. How could such a wealthy woman appear to have only one pair of glasses, and those so awful???

And yet the style persists, though now I see it mostly on those [videos of] misbegotten leftists at university protests. On any woman, no matter how beautiful, those glasses look like graffiti you have to look past to see the human behind them.

:- ) Thanks. Now I feel better.
April 8 at 22:58 EST .

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   Gerty  You know.....I am a big user of Google. It wasn't always that way. But more and more I find I need clarification of things I thought I already knew! So, Google is a good thing.


When they choose to ignore Easter after glorifying all kinds of silly things, they have gone way too far for my taste!!

Show some class, Google! Recognize the BIG holidays for a majority of people in the USA!!
March 27 at 19:06 EST .

   3 people like this.

   Alice  Amen, Gerty.
April 8 at 22:45 EST .

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   Gram77  I'm sure this peeve isn't happening only in Florida, but the city I live in here in Florida is absolutely famous for never moving over for fire trucks or ambulances. I watched an ambulance yesterday with siren going and the driver using the horn in order to get a lane clear while everyone either sat glued to the street or kept driving in the way of the ambulance. Then I saw something I never saw before, the driver went over the curb and into the grass to get by. And then the famous question......where's a cop when you want one.
January 28 at 10:24 EST .

   1 person like this.

   MeiDei  Not only pull over for ambulances, police & firemen - while waiting for the procession to go by appropriate prayers are said for all concerned. It's he right thing to do I think.
February 2 at 20:30 EST .

  3 people like this.

   Balogreene  I've been in one of those ambulances. I can't see ahead, but can here the horn, the siren, and feel we aren't moving.
February 8 at 21:35 EST .

  4 people like this.

   FlatCityGirl  My cousin, now retired after 31 years as a police officer here in this city, told that the first thing you learn as a newly minted recruit out of the academy is that a siren is merely a suggestion that traffic should move out of your way, you have an emergency to get to.

And sometimes I don't know where emergency vehicles expect traffic to move to. I sat the intersection at a red light not long ago, in a turn lane --one of those intersections with two lanes turning, I was on the inside lane, and a fire truck came screaming out of the fire house a block back, and into the turn lane.

I thought fire, ambulance, etc., were equipped with remote clickers that turned red lights green. Apparently not, or this guy's clicker wasn't working.

The light was red, and it's a looooooong light. The driver laid on the claxion horn and the siren. It was deafening.

And frightening.

The cross traffic just kept motoring on, paying no attention whatsoever, and we in the turn lanes had no place to go. We had to sit, or get hit by cross traffic.

So nothing moved until the red light caught cross traffic and our turn light turned green.


And the worst of it was, then trying to get out of the way of the fire truck once we could move.

I had cars in front of me and four or five between me and the fire truck behind, and everyone of us was so unnerved by the horn and siren of the fire truck that I was afraid we were all going to run over one another trying to get out of the way!
March 3 at 10:33 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Balogreene  I am really late to this, but, I find on talk radio, at rush-hour, I keep hearing sirens in the ads. I look all around before I realize it is on the radio.
March 10 at 21:20 EST .

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   Balogreene  My 85.5 year old mother went to the doctor yesterday. The Doctor had to let her know of a new government protocol. Because she takes Vicodin for severe arthritis (she is eligible for, but refuses to go onto Oxycodin ), she must submit to frequent urine tests to prove she is actually taking the vicodin, and not selling it on the black market!
January 16 at 18:48 EST .

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   MeiDei  Wait, it gets better - something new from the pharmacy, a special quarterly report showing whether you've been renewing each of your prescriptions on time via a bar graph - with lapses noted. I don't know if it's sent to the feds also. I wish I could get more than 30 days on two of my prescriptions, especially after the winter we had last year - but have been turned down.
January 19 at 23:47 EST .

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   Balogreene  Mom can get Vicodin for 90 days, but my sister usually goes to pick it up, and has to sign away her first born son! But, yes, since mom has Kaiser, the Dr. and the pharmacy both track that she uses it. They won't mail it, has to be picked up. Sometimes the prescription renews part way through her visit to my sister in Tulsa! It's horrible trying to get that one to her.
January 20 at 22:24 EST .

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